Developing Enterprise Apps is a Time-Consuming ProcessTraditional techniques and methods used for creating software are indeed time-consuming.There are now several innovative techniques, like low-code mobile app development platforms, feature-driven app development, and rapid web and mobile development which enables robust development and deployment.However, the basic concept of having a mobile app is delivering focused and specific functionality to targeted users.Most of the mobile apps that want to kill multiple birds with a single shot, end up being bloated, slow and consume a lot of mobile memory and battery.While high-end graphics are very helpful, users of the business app are looking for ease of use and functionality in the app.There are several other factors which contribute to the success of an app and bring excellent ratings.
Here are benefits that speak to the worthiness of hiring a dedicated offshore mobile app development company for your business:Better AttentionThe one word that best describes services provided by mobile app development companies, is ‘dedicated’.Be it from your region, or an offshore service, you can be assured that your business app will receive a good deal of attention and care from its developers.This is because, unlike freelancers, the services from companies that comprise dedicated Android app developers, take on a fewer number of projects, thus allowing them to distribute a good deal of attention to each.Easy on CostsApp development company services, such as those from hiring dedicated Android app developers, present a significant labor charge.You can, therefore, take a cue from the entire ‘mobility’ premise, and look at outsourcing your app development project into the able hands of an offshore app development company.This also implies that your enterprise mobile app development project will get underway sooner, and with less hassle.Less DistractionOne thing for you to remember while hiring dedicated Android app developers is that mobile app development requires a great deal of technical skill, such as programming/coding pace, as well as finesse.In such a scenario, it may become somewhat problematic to have app development teamwork at your company office.
And one of the best ways to acquire an app like this is by availing the services of an Android app development company.This is because, when it comes to both web and mobile applications, Android app development is significantly less complex, as definitely doesn’t break the bank.No matter if you’re a small company or an MNC, hiring the services of an Android application development company can prove to be one of the wisest business decisions you make.If you’re looking to hire a mobile app development company that can help you have an effective and engaging Android app, then you should look to hire the services of HokuApps.This is because every app created by the company is developed on their very own low code platform — something that allows your app to be created in a matter of days, not months.If you are planning to get your in-house IT department to work on the Android app you have conceptualized, you will surely miss out on all the important resources usually offered by an Android app development company.
iOS app development companies are offering a variety of unique alternatives.Moreover, with the help of simple, yet cutting-edge, development software offered by HokuApps, brilliant iPhone apps can be created in an inexpensive, fast and efficient manner.Yet, the general verdict is that Swift is easily the more powerful open-language and employs increasingly advanced features as compared to its predecessor.Swift offers an array of advantages over other object-based languages like having to write fewer codes, less maintenance of the iOS app as well as a higher resemblance to the simple English language.It has been lauded for its clean syntax, making it extremely user-friendly for iPhone app developers.However, iPhone apps like Weather, Yahoo, and LinkedIn have completely migrated to Swift.
With mobile phones becoming a necessity, the people of the world have divided themselves, identifying by the operating systems that work on their smart devices.Android has quickly risen in popularity in developing regions such as India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Japan etc.To convert iOS app to Android, would require coding of a whole new application which would take up time and a lot of money as well.Simplify With a Mobile Application Development Platform A great option to accomplish that would be to hire a mobile application development company that can offer a platform which can automatically run on any operating system, without requiring major changes in the coding.HokuApps is a iOS application development company which offers cutting-edge technology development.The iOS app development platform lets you create applications that are cross-platform.By eliminating this need to convert iOS app to Android, you would save a lot of money and precious time.
The remarkable and much-famed communication device iPhone has progressively being proven a means of immense profitability for prime iPhone Application Development Companies. Every Smartphone user dream of owning Apple devices across the globe, thus global demand for iOS applications is on rising on the iOS platform. Our tech experts, business analysts with domain knowledge, and iPhone app developers have impelled us into a one-stop destination for iPhone/iPad Application Development company to the last stride of the application development process. HokuApps is a trusted iPhone application development provider offering precise technical evaluation, scoping of the app development projects, best in the industry pricing, flawless and dynamic iPhone Development Services among iOS development companies. As per the requirements & necessities of the clients, we have delivered varied iPhone applications across 22 industries spawning multiple complex business workflows. Other than that, our app development solutions have helped many organizations to digitally transform their workflows.
Follows are 6 unique things that enterprise apps built on the Android platform brings to the table: 1.Android is open-source and provides a high return on investment (ROI)What makes Android app development services extremely easy to obtain is the fact that Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for free, which results in minimal costs on software licensing.As it is royalty-free, as well as open source, it gives Android app developers, as well as businesses the freedom to engage in enterprise Android app development without having to worry about exorbitant costs of development.Enterprise Android app development helps you have a single development packageIt’s very common for an enterprise to have multiple entities under its umbrella.Android app development for enterprises helps with business integrationIt is extremely important for a company to have its departments linked to one another when tasks need to be executed, in order to avoid overall failure.As enterprise Android apps become a link between the various departments in an organization and can be used by the employees individually or collaboratively, they enhance the integration of a business.
And since Android is considered as one of the most popular and used app development platform, there is always a need for android application development.And as what we have mentioned a while ago, the competition when it comes to developing application particularly in the Android platform becomes challenging.Actually, if you have avoided these common mistakes rest assured you will come up with an app that offers the user the best experience.Nevertheless, let us find out some of the many common mistakes that every developer should avoid when developing an Android app.Rewriting existing source codesArguably, one of the common mistake made by developers is rewriting an existing code.As an app developer, it is important that you should always concentrate your app’s unique functions and features.In fact, these reports may possibly result in poor customer reviews and it will damage the app’s rating.
 Here’s why iPhone app development offers higher ROI:OS and Device QualityiOS is a closed platform controlled by Apple.This contributes immensely to the entire user experience, setting the perfect backdrop for app adoption.App QualityApple has stringent guidelines in place for reviewing and accepting apps to its App Store.This drives iPhone application development to incorporate industry-leading practices to make it past Apple’s screening process.Less ComplexiOS is a stable and user-friendly OS, helping developers achieve superior functionalities and high-quality user interface.Also, such an OS requires less code to be written, which makes future updates easier.
With over 3.3 million apps on the Google Play Store, Android application development boasts of access to the largest user base globally.Hence, any business looking to expand its customer base should consider Android application development as a part of its marketing strategy.All business managers are deliberating on newer and more innovative ways of reaching out to new consumers.Since a large percentage of the population has access to Android OS supported smartphones, the latter becomes an easy channel of simultaneous access.Moreover, a robust enterprise admin backend gives real-time details on multiple facets of the business online thereby amplifying faster decision-making.Exemplary DevelopmentA major driver for long-term success in any business is customer retention, which is possible only if customers receive support and assistance from the company as and when they need it.HokuApps has built an underlying communication framework to support any app built on its platform.
Ease of deployment, security, device configuration, support, software/app development and integration are some of the main reasons for companies to increasingly choose Macs and iOS.So, if you’ve begun your search for an iPhone app development company or are setting out a budget for iOS app development, here are five tools you must know about that can help create a high-quality and innovative app.5 Best iOS App Development Tools Xcode: Xcode is Apple's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both Mac and iOS.Xcode offers a complete toolset with a wide range of new features that can enhance iOS app development and the overall quality of an app.In just four years since its release in 2014, Swift gained as much popularity as its predecessor, Objective-C.Jazzy is a great open source tool developed by Realm Developers that can produce Apple-style documentation for the code for an iOS app.
The mobile app market is growing by very rapid and bounds and there are many people who look forward to see their apps successfully published on iTunes.Since iPhone is popular for its cutting edge technology and top-notch apps, many app developers prefer this platform to publish their apps.However, if you aren’t a skilled programmer or developer, you must consider engaging iPhone application development services.Following are the main benefits of hiring such a service provider:Cost-EffectivenessCarrying out the hire iphone experienced staff to do the activities involved, you may have to purchase iOs and iPhone software and buy iPhone app updates when needed.On the other hand, HokuApps providers charge a reasonable fixed amount and additional fee for extra services.The iPhone app development processes offer protection against malware, intervenes, and viruses.Better App QualityThe iOS platform accepts only good quality apps and if you managed to get your app published on iTunes, it is really going to be a big boost for you.
This is because even despite being behind Android in terms of market reach, iOS offers the potential for greater in-app purchase revenue.Follow this link All said and done, however, Swift is yet to gain a good deal of traction in the iPhone app development community, as a great many developers still find comfort in using the older Objective C languages.At such a juncture, it is only prudent - for the sake of beginner developers - to shed light on some common mistakes to be avoided during iOS app development: MVC EthicsMVC (Model View Controller) is a concept that most in the app development community will be aware of.Sometimes, however, developers (especially the new ones) exploit the capabilities of the Controller, in order to fit in extra code from either of the other two layers, mainly to try and save on time.This, however, leads to serious long-term problems, such as hindrances in activities such as ports.Caused by lack of proper threading security, this leads to the creation of bugs that are as unique, as they are complicated to fix.
It is likely that you made this decision after researching the market to find out which mobile app development platform is best for you. Yes, the iOS platform does have numerous benefits. Swift is a low code, an open-source programming language that has made iPhone app development a much easier task, which is why it has started to be used to create almost all iPhone apps, thereby making it a necessary skill for every iPhone application developer. This is because UI and UX play a vital role in your app being liked and adopted by your target audience. After all, Android occupies a good 80% of the market share, and so, an iPhone application developer who can code for Android will prove to be an extremely valuable asset. An iPhone app developer who has been exposed to agile methodology is capable of developing an application that meets all the client’s expectations, as well as every deadline.
 Here are some features of iPhone app development that will help you maximize your business revenue:1.In the app universe, this feature is considered vital in terms of revenue generation since it provides easy accessibility to goods and services as well makes payment seamless and simple.This helps users gain access to app subscriptions or content services with ease.This Apple feature is particularly useful for local apps or e-commerce stores to maximize sales.3rd Party APIs: iPhone apps provide access to many 3rd party applications that brings in users through affiliate marketing and search engine ads.These can significantly impact the digital revenue for your business.
Anyone with malicious intent can copy your app’s code, modify the code or attack it with malware. In the worst-case scenario, hackers can gain access to data and steal sensitive business information or user details. These businesses may have spent thousands of dollars on Android app development but would greatly repent the decision if data leaks caused damage of trust, loss of reputation and revenue losses. Beware of Bugs So, how do businesses unknowingly expose their sensitive data via mobile apps? Most businesses use the traditional approach of Android application development, which involves endless lines of code being written from scratch. The focus of enterprises is on getting powerful features and an amazing user interface, with very little attention to security concerns.
There are several challenges faced by the developers on a regular basis.Hardware and Software CompatibilityAs Android is the most popular mobile operating system, even the number of devices that feature this platform are in abundance.While this can be a severe challenge for an inexperienced developer, skilled and experienced Android application developer shouldn’t find this very difficult.While this can be advantageous for new developers, unavailability of stringent guidelines serves as an invitation to hackers who can do innumerable things to your app and business reputation.This is often easier said than done as apart from defining the target audience, developers and the company also need to make sure that the market is large enough to deliver the revenue stream that the business is expecting or achieve the goal set by a business.Companies can monitor some important metrics like app downloads, CAC (Cost to Acquire Customers), ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), average session lengths, etc.Selecting the Development TechnologyA crucial technical challenge for Android app development is picking the right development technology for its creation and decide whether the app would be a Hybrid, Native, or Cross-platform app.
    The Android mobile app development sphere is a hotbed of opportunities for developers. Beginners in this industry get to dabble with a variety of user demands based on current trends, some that go on to become a ‘viral’ phenomenon. Once this is done, the Android app development platform furnishes a Software Development Kit (SDK), which contains simple & easy-to-use tools for app development that are free of any licensing fee. Services represent the components that run in the periphery of the mobile application in a non-intrusive manner. The HokuApps automated platform includes inbuilt technology components like a communication platform, enterprise administration backend with dashboards and granular reporting engine, and a security framework. All apps created on the HokuApps mobile app development platform work on all mobile devices like phones, tablets, and desktops, which are crucial to the mobile app development process across Android, iOS, and the Web.
These digital beauties open a world of possibilities, provided you have a fully functional app that is perfectly aligned with your needs.Whether you’re a start-up, a small business or a massive multinational enterprise, a mobile app can offer your business a meaningful differentiator, while also helping with cost optimization.Decide on the PlatformDo you begin your digital transformation with Android or start by looking for the best iPhone app development company?Rather than going the whole 9 yards, you may consider iOS as the platform to begin your mobility journey.Understand Customer NeedsCustomers have become more discerning and seem to have little patience with solutions that are not completely flawless.You could consider conducting a survey to identify customer needs.Shortlist Some iPhone Application Development CompaniesThe growing demand for user-friendly mobile apps has created a new brigade of iPhone application development companies.
Hiring Android app developers, or any other developer for that matter, therefore, becomes a far more difficult process from the perspective of business owners such as yourself.Having a static skill set is unheard of in almost every field of industry, especially when it comes to app development.The dynamic nature of the app development industry ensures that there is always scope for developers to improve - be it adopting new resources, keeping up with updates to libraries, or others.Different coders/app developers, however, have different ways in which to use this language, in terms of coding style, as well as structure.DrynessWhen it comes to hiring Android app developers, your business requires good results, in even better timeframes.App developers are therefore not always required to create new code from scratch for certain standard program elements.To put it simply, your app developer should be capable of harnessing the immense potential of well-founded design components, for your app.