The power of HokuApps automation helps build business solutions within weeks.As more and more businesses turn to digital transformation to streamline their technology, rapid application development (RAD) platform, HokuApps, simplifies the process with rapid turnaround time.One of the pillars of the digital transformation movement is in technological automation, allowing tasks to be completed without human assistance.According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, automation is estimated to increase productivity in the workplace by 0.8% to 1.4% by 2065.This, in turn, will help businesses reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and reduce the time required to complete a given task.International Data Corporation estimates “that, by 2020, 30% of G2000 companies will have allocated capital budget to at least 10% of revenue to fuel their digital strategies.” This means that more and more companies are recognizing the importance of digital transformation over the coming years.
The HokuApps Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform creates custom cross-stage applications for any business multiple times quicker than any conventional application advancement philosophies.In contrast to customary strategies, the RAD approach utilizes predefined prototyping methods and instruments to create programming applications.For the device mix, RAD utilizes an intuitive Realistic UI (GUI) to relocate the required programming application parts.How can HokuApps Technology transform your business operation?• HokuApps technology facilitates businesses with the much-required digital transformation technology that is ten times more affordable, reliable, and faster.Rapid Application Development impacts their business by providing improvement in processes and performance.• The platform features hundreds of modules, components and connectors to bring apps together in days and not weeks.• RAD cross-platform compatibility makes it a must-have model for every development.Which means it works on Android, iOS and Web devices.• We create a configuration that works perfectly for your business and link all existing legacy systems with new systems.a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform, simplifies the business process to help improve efficiency for businesses in the field service industry.
HokuApps is fast emerging as the preferred partner for companies seeking digital transformationHouston , United States - September 16, 2019 /techsite/ — HokuApps, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform, is fast emerging as the preferred partner for organizations looking towards digital transformation to scale up their businesses and improve operational efficiency.The platform stands out from the crowd with its cutting-edge automated technology engine that facilitates the development of complex solutions within days or weeks instead of months.HokuApps’ ability to transform ideas and needs into innovative business applications ten times faster than any other competitor can be attributed to its key differentiating features:- An extensive library of pre-built business modules incorporating top ideas and best practices for different business verticals- A huge collection of drag-and-drop technology components, such as GPS tracking, maps, payments, and QR Code scanning, to meet general business needs- Cross-platform technology that allows any app or workflow solution built on the platform to automatically work on iOS and Android operating systems as well as the Web- A design studio with a huge library of pre-built UI/UX designs incorporating industry best practices and ideas for various business verticals and functions- Pre-built connectors for over 500 systems that allow integration with third-party software, internal systems, and legacy software- A mobile view and an enterprise administration backend with a granular reporting engine, dashboards, and fully configurable user administration to allow in-house teams to manage and administer the business solution- An in-built communication framework with real-time enterprise chat and notifications- A robust and on-demand scalability infrastructure with top enterprise security featuresHokuApps’ pre-built modules and technology components serve as excellent starting points and can be further customized to design unique solutions that target company-specific goals.Since 90% of the development is already done and built into the platform across the hundreds of modules and interfaces, it allows you to dramatically cut down on time required to configure workflows and create secure, scalable applications that will accelerate your business’ digital transformation.HokuApps also uses artificial intelligence to enhance user experience and provide the best in class customer results.HokuApp’s built-in connectors enable legacy software and disparate systems such as ERP and CRM communicate and work in a unified and streamlined manner.Rachitta Bahal, Head, Communications, HokuApps, said, “With HokuApps, you can align your IT strategy with your business strategy, creating a harmonious network of people, processes, and technology to accelerate your digital transformation journey.”About HokuAppsHokuApps is a fast-growing, rapid application development platform that empowers organizations to develop fast and innovative technology solutions.It has enhanced mobile and data integration capabilities to enable companies to deploy mobile and web applications.
The power of HokuApps automation helps build business solutions within weeks.The power of HokuApps automation helps build business solutions within weeks./ -- The power of HokuApps automation helps build business solutions within weeks.As more and more businesses turn to digital transformation to streamline their technology, rapid application development (RAD) platform, HokuApps, simplifies the process with rapid turnaround time.One of the pillars of the digital transformation movement is in technological automation, allowing tasks to be completed without human assistance.According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, automation is estimated to increase productivity in the workplace by 0.8% to 1.4% by 2065.This, in turn, will help businesses reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and reduce the time required to complete a given task.International Data Corporation estimates “that, by 2020, 30% of G2000 companies will have allocated capital budget to at least 10% of revenue to fuel their digital strategies.” This means that more and more companies are recognizing the importance of digital transformation over the coming years.
HokuApps is the true technology partner for businesses across sectors today The rise of artificial intelligence in business processes is revolutionizing the way businesses design their internal systems, analyze their data, and interact with customers.That’s why HokuApps is paving the way for businesses to transition to artificial intelligence and machine learning with its cutting-edge development engine.By enabling software to learn and adapt much faster than any human, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are streamlining business processes.In short, AI can use adaptive data analytics to help businesses identify and automate inefficient systems.According to a report by PwC, 27% of businesses surveyed have already implemented AI in some form, and another 16% will do so this year.AI processes are not just for the Software-as-a-Service industry.This automation of digital processes is impacting all industries on a global scale.This growth will impact several major industries, notably healthcare, automotive, financial technology, and even agriculture.Using their automated development platform, HokuApps can build custom software solutions with integrated machine learning capabilities 10X faster than the competition.
Below are the types the RAD delevery.Knowing the RAD ConceptDue to the growing frustration surrounding the old methods of application development, that consumed havoc development time, the concept of Rapid Application Development platform emerged.James Martin, a British information technology consultant and author, first coined the idea, who also went on to come up with a new methodology known as Rapid Iterative Production Prototyping (RIPP) with the help of his colleagues.The Rapid Application Development methodology is based on an iterative development process, which is also referred to as an agile approach.The concept is a complete contrast to the traditional waterfall development method.Gaps in the Existing FrameworksToday, the average expected period for an application development is 16-24 weeks.Keeping the evolving rate of technology in mind, taking this much time for app development turns out to non-profitable for businesses.Further, the development processes still seem to run on legacy tracks despite being modernized by incorporating open source framework.
They connect employees across the organization with each other in an effort to iron out operational inefficiencies and quicken decision-making.Mobile app development platforms such as HokuApps can provide elegant solutions to enterprises that are looking for end-to-end solutions for web and mobile devices.The HokuApps mobile app development platform equips enterprise apps with a sophisticated back-end that enables the administration to manage and administer business solutions through granular reporting engine and dashboards, fully configurable and customizable user administration for any organizational hierarchy.Let’s explore strategies for developing well-functioning enterprise applications:Make a Business PlanAn enterprise solution blueprint should be evaluated like a business plan.Before engaging any mobile app development platform to develop an app, you must have a clear vision of what the application aims to achieve.There should be an in-depth analysis of solutions that exist and customizations required to fill any gaps.A strict yet realistic timeline must be implemented along with budgeting of the same.Know Your UserThe success of your enterprise app depends on the scale of adoption by the user.For this, it is necessary to build enterprise apps that have a deep understanding of user’s needs, their role in relation to other users on the app, and any interim obstacles they face.Invest resources wisely to build a solution that solves an existing pain-point.
The world has gone Mobile. The number of smartphone users globally has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. The number of Android & iOS devices sold globally has crossed a billion mark each. Hence, it is no longer sufficient to have only a website for your business. Any business, small or large must have a mobile app. Let us look at some of the most important reasons why you should opt for a mobile app for your enterprise:  Branding - A mobile application is the best way to create brand awareness for your enterprise. You can use your logo, your enterprises tagline or a message that you would like your customers to connect with your enterprise to create a brand recall. Every time a customer who has downloaded your mobile apps sees your logo in the form of the mobile app icon on their screen, they will recall you.  Increased Reach - Because of the sheer penetration of mobile phones and other mobile devices like tablets and the improved Internet connectivity in most parts of the world, the number of people you can reach through a app has increased tremendously. It is easier for your existing as well as potential customers to find out the right information about your products or services through your mobile app.  Create Customer Database & Profile - It is easier to collect customer data in terms of phone number and email id through a mobile apps. You can also allow your app users to login via their social media accounts like Facebook or Google. This will give you access to other valuable data like their areas of interest, their lifestyle choice, their shopping preferences, etc. This data can then be used by your marketing team to send out the right communication.  Increased Engagement - By building the right features in your app you can utilize it as a powerful way to increase engagement with your existing and potential customers. You can include features like social sharing and a help desk (for sales and service queries) in the app to improve direct communication with your customers. This will in turn help your enterprise to connect closely with your customers.  Push Notifications - This is one of the biggest advantages of having a mobile apps. You can ask your Mobile App Development Solution provider to integrate a push notification feature in your app which will help you with your on-the-go marketing. Through this feature, you can send bulk messages to all the app users or specific messages to a subset of your app users based on the message. You can also communicate about the latest offers or discounts you are offering to your customers regularly through push notifications. Best of all, it doesn't cost you a penny to send out these messages, unlike SMS or Email marketing. With the above advantages of having a for your business in mind, it is imperative to identify the right Mobile App Development Solutions provider for your enterprise app. Solution Analysts has been helping small enterprises globally with their Mobile App Development Services to create great which will add value to their enterprises. To get a free quote for your Mobile Application or to know more about us, please visit our website today.For more information on enterprise mobile app development, write to us at [email protected] or call us on +65 8813 8839.
Availing Mobile Application Development Services All are familiar with the importance of the mobile application in the present business world.App Development PlatformWhile mobile development, there are different types of platforms to choose from.Mobile application development has found its place in varieties of tasks.Features of an ApplicationAn application must be versatile enough for standing out on all types of usages.It should be easy to use, with the proper user interface and an attractive design which pleases the user while using it.Cost Effective ServicesIt is essential for the mobile development company to keep the rates of its services at a competitive level.
As a part of mobile application development services, innovative mobile application development methods are conducted which add real valuable time difference to your business and also help in improving profits.Until and unless marketing techniques implemented by you will be not strong, there is hardly any chance of your business gaining significance out there in the competing world.There are lots of types of flexible and user-friendly mobile app development solutions which have come to perform their effective role in growth and marketing of businesses to worldwide levels.Using advanced mobile app development solutions, now you can increase market share of your business even during best value markets.But, if you would like anything good and substantial benefits to your business, it gets to be quite clear that you choose services of mobile application developer and that took an expert one.There is absolutely no point of losing your beneficial time and money on somebody who you know won’t be able to provide acceptable services.
Mobile App Developers building tools for developers to build yet more tools?Sounds like a geeky version of the movie Inception, except with the cast of the Big Bang Theory.The future of mobile app development will see more developers building specialized tools for developers.The market of mobile app development tools is already showing signs of increased growth.Powerful tools, especially cross-platform tools that make it easier for developers to build mobile apps, are well on the rise.There are third-party tools for almost every step of a mobile app developer’s workflow, from cloud servers to app analytics.One of the current hot topics in mobile app development tools to take note of is MBaaS or Mobile Back-end as a Service.
Apps excel in working consistently to increase customer loyalty and retention, specially in the mCommerce and retail industry.Companies, of course, tend to maximize the efficiency of their resources to get the most out of them.In tandem with the growing trend of using smartphones, the use of mobile application by companies and businesses has become a strategy to produce a host of benefits for them.Increases Brand Value and RevenueApps have the possible to create unique opportunities for businesses and brands.Users are getting encouraged to download free versions of the applications allowing them to customize their preferences in order to fit the specific needs of the customers. For more information on mobile app development, write to us at [email protected] or call us on +65 8813 8839. We are HokuApps, one of the fastest growing mobile app development platform (MADP) that empower organizations to develop innovative technology solutions incredibly fast.
These days, businesses no longer turn to traditional methods of enterprise mobile app development.Technology has been taking over every aspect of business development and simplification of administrative functions is at the forefront of all development.Enterprise mobile apps are essentially applications that help in problem solving and streamlining business processes.Since the bulk of organizational information is stored online using applications, their vulnerability must be kept in check.To prevent cybercrime related to enterprise mobile apps, mobile application development platforms such as HokuApps offer best-in-class security for all the applications developed.This means that when an application is developed, the chances are that it won’t be long before the business requires more functions integrated into the app.
In opposition to time and cost heavy traditional mobile enterprise application development, HokuApps has automated the mobile enterprise application development to deliver cross-platform apps that are reliable, affordable and made at 10x speed.Their availability creates a platform for communication and eliminates any obstructions to the flow of ideas and opinions.Enterprise mobility solutions also ensures constant connectivity.Deliberations no longer remain confined to human data collation.Not only do mobile enterprise application platforms save time, they also reduce the requirement of manpower and cut down costs.This help organizes a large amount of content of different types.
Apart from this, mobile applications must have a positive effect on the business for whom they are developed for.Developers can incorporate all the required functions into the application to create a custom application that performs beyond the customer’s expectations.Cross-platform technology on the HokuApps technology platform implies that the developed mobile applications can automatically function on all mentioned platforms.Bring the Customer’s Vision to LifeEvery business has unique solutions that should reflect through the mobile application that represents the business.Investing in a low-code mobile application development company is the only affordable way to make this possible.
Technology is constantly creating various possibilities and a wide variety of ways to encourage engagement with consumers. Hence engagement is quickly becoming necessary to capture consumer attention in every field. Consumers prefer the accessibility of technology, but refuse to let go of the human aspect of engagement that technology lacks. Hence, to make up for this aspect, mobile app development services are taking on a more life-like approach to designing. The stress today, driven by consumer demand, is on creating an overall experience that is as close to reality as possible. This is where Virtual Reality has entered and is vying to quickly dominate the market space. Yet accessibility cannot be compromised in the process. Which is why there is a need for mobile application development that is linked with VR system(s). Mobile app development services now have immense possibilities in the area of VR and the capability to take the wheel that directs the future of VR technology for business growth.Mobile applications run the market space in this day and age. To combat competition, the need of the hour is to develop marketing strategies that are ‘customer and mobile-first’. Engagement hence becomes necessary for reaching a large audience with cross-platform apps that offer VR capabilities. VR headsets are quickly gaining popularity and are becoming a massive platform for implementation of interactive marketing strategies especially in the real estate, tourism, and education. Several popular applications and organizations have integrated Virtual Reality in their mobile application development strategy, reaffirming the fact that the future of technological advancement is virtual. As a result, mobile application development services have several possibilities for growth and development.Here are some ways in which mobile application development services may grow through Virtual Reality:Availability on the MoveMobile applications bridge the gaps in communication caused by distance. These when integrated with VR, hold the power to create an environment that is life-like. This, in turn, leads to a better relationship with consumers and greater loyalty from the same. This is especially essential for applications that deal in hospitality or provide live services.Improve Efficiency and Reduce CostsVirtual Reality Mobile Applications eliminate the need for people to be sitting around a single table in a single room to conduct business. There is no need to fly employees in for business meetings which eliminate costs of travel, stay etc. These applications also eliminate other administrative costs while retaining a proximity to reality.Makes Employees More ProductiveVR mobile applications are accessible on the move. Hence communication remains open all the time and hence people are able to get more work done. Similarly, VR applications form a better link between business owners and customers. This makes customers gain ‘real-life’ like experiences of business’ products/services which drives ‘lead’ potential forward.Provide a Reason to StayVirtual Reality applications provide a user-friendly platform that is easy to access and creates a life-like environment that retains the loyalty of customers and employees alike. The link between business owners and customers is solidified which causes customers to develop a comfortable relationship with the business. This eliminates the threat of competitive businesses taking away valuable customers. The quality and ease of access to VR mobile applications make communication an easy task.Reality Inspired EnvironmentVirtual Reality mobile applications mimic real-time environments that make for a vivid user experience. Applications can be designed to mimic real-time environments which maximize the comfort of usage. This also ensures that users continue using the application. The entire experience of using mobile VR applications is simple and efficient. It keeps up with the need for experiences to be as close to reality as possible. Technological communication lacks the human warmth which can now be provided through VR applications.Learn FasterMobile application development companies that venture into the field of learning can take advantage of Virtual Reality to make information-sharing and engaging task that businesses can offer their customers. This allows customers to absorb and retain information better than learning off a sheet of paper. Learning becomes an activity rather than a passive task.Partner with HokuApps – A Revolutionary Technology PlatformIn conclusion, the Virtual Reality sector of technology is the place to be in present times. Mobile application development services have a lot of room for experimentation within the area of Virtual Reality. There is a great demand for mobile app development services that can easily pair with VR to create the kind of real-life experience that consumers are looking for. Now is the time to be venturing into this field of abundant opportunities and options.And businesses can easily do this with HokuApps. HokuApps is a low-code custom mobile app development platform that develops and deploys 100% custom solutions at 10x speed (in comparison to traditional app development which needs to create apps from scratch). HokuApps technology platform does this with pre-built deep libraries that feature:Pre-built business modulesPre-built technology componentsA design studio with pre-built designs, and Pre-built connectors The platform takes a 90-10 mobile application development approach where 90% of the process is automated, i.e., appropriate modules, components (including VR technology) and designs are integrated using pre-built connectors via a drag and drop approach. The result is apps that work on iOS, Android, and the Web, AUTOMATICALLY.The solutions are the configured at a business-level to suit a business’s unique requirements. These fully-customized mobile apps also feature inbuilt Enterprise Administration Module with a granular reporting engine and dashboard (fully-configurable), a Communication Framework with real-time chat and notifications, and a Scalable and Secure Infrastructure with best-in-class security features. What businesses get are cross-platform apps that are reliable, secure and developed in days or weeks.  
Why Hiring an Expert Developer Will Make Your App Vision the Best Reality.If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business which will give you an edge over your competitors, turn to an expert who can best translate your requirements.In such a scenario, staying relevant as a business and ahead of competitors, is closely linked with creating the most appealing representation of itself in the form of mobile applications.However, since mobile applications carry such a large responsibility by being the focal point of customer interaction and streamlining business operations, it is necessary to develop custom mobile applications by partnering with a cutting-edge low-code mobile app development company.Hire dedicated mobile developers from HokuApps for 100% custom solutions that are affordable, secure and built at 10x speed.For this purpose, a smart way to determine the best possible app for a business is to hire a mobile application development company that provides a low-code technology platform.
Need to update your team about a client meeting or wish to collate customer feedback on an offering?With increased usage and dependence, people have become more selective about what they want to be stored on their phones.Against the backdrop, the focus on quality in mobile application development has become a necessity, rather than a USP.The stringent quality parameters are extremely difficult to achieve with a new team.While quality is paramount for the success of an app, businesses do not have the luxury of spending months honing their mobility solution.This offers huge advantages over the traditional route of writing code from scratch, the biggest of which is time-saving.About Author: I am Entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. I would like to write in-depth guides and case studies that teach users to guide mobile application development to grow and scale there business. In a former life, I am the manager at HokuApps which is leading Mobile application development company serving clients from Singapore.
However, the best mobile app development company is able to deliver any kind of mobile app that is of the highest quality.It is a low code mobile app development company that has worked with a number of different types of enterprises, right from large ones to start-ups.As a mobile application development company,their main focus is to provide high-quality mobile apps that are always one step ahead.Let’s take a further look at the solutions provided by HokuApps.HokuApps is a mobile app development company that provides a custom mobile application development platform that can help you with any kind of requirement, may it be a native or custom app on Android, iOS, or Windows, or all three, if you’re looking for a cross-platform hybrid application.Enterprise messaging services by this mobile application development company are the most secure, private, as well as centrally managed ones out there.
If you're on the lookout for an enterprise content management system with a mobile cloud service, look no further than Adobe.The platform also provides a centralized interface to build, update and manage published apps.The HokuApps MADP offers powerful pre-configured tools for app development, such as granular user access, powerful reporting, and a unified communication platform, all of which is complemented with a reliable security model.This mobile app development platform offers customizable deployment options for app publishing companies of varying scale of operations.Axway Appcelerator is equipped with a centralized dashboard and an intuitive framework to provide dynamic back-end services for developing and managing enterprise applications.The Kony AppPlatform is a mobile app development platform most suitable for medium businesses as well as large scale enterprises.