It is likely that you made this decision after researching the market to find out which mobile app development platform is best for you. Yes, the iOS platform does have numerous benefits. Swift is a low code, an open-source programming language that has made iPhone app development a much easier task, which is why it has started to be used to create almost all iPhone apps, thereby making it a necessary skill for every iPhone application developer. This is because UI and UX play a vital role in your app being liked and adopted by your target audience. After all, Android occupies a good 80% of the market share, and so, an iPhone application developer who can code for Android will prove to be an extremely valuable asset. An iPhone app developer who has been exposed to agile methodology is capable of developing an application that meets all the client’s expectations, as well as every deadline.
 Here are some features of iPhone app development that will help you maximize your business revenue:1.In the app universe, this feature is considered vital in terms of revenue generation since it provides easy accessibility to goods and services as well makes payment seamless and simple.This helps users gain access to app subscriptions or content services with ease.This Apple feature is particularly useful for local apps or e-commerce stores to maximize sales.3rd Party APIs: iPhone apps provide access to many 3rd party applications that brings in users through affiliate marketing and search engine ads.These can significantly impact the digital revenue for your business.
Anyone with malicious intent can copy your app’s code, modify the code or attack it with malware. In the worst-case scenario, hackers can gain access to data and steal sensitive business information or user details. These businesses may have spent thousands of dollars on Android app development but would greatly repent the decision if data leaks caused damage of trust, loss of reputation and revenue losses. Beware of Bugs So, how do businesses unknowingly expose their sensitive data via mobile apps? Most businesses use the traditional approach of Android application development, which involves endless lines of code being written from scratch. The focus of enterprises is on getting powerful features and an amazing user interface, with very little attention to security concerns.
There are several challenges faced by the developers on a regular basis.Hardware and Software CompatibilityAs Android is the most popular mobile operating system, even the number of devices that feature this platform are in abundance.While this can be a severe challenge for an inexperienced developer, skilled and experienced Android application developer shouldn’t find this very difficult.While this can be advantageous for new developers, unavailability of stringent guidelines serves as an invitation to hackers who can do innumerable things to your app and business reputation.This is often easier said than done as apart from defining the target audience, developers and the company also need to make sure that the market is large enough to deliver the revenue stream that the business is expecting or achieve the goal set by a business.Companies can monitor some important metrics like app downloads, CAC (Cost to Acquire Customers), ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), average session lengths, etc.Selecting the Development TechnologyA crucial technical challenge for Android app development is picking the right development technology for its creation and decide whether the app would be a Hybrid, Native, or Cross-platform app.
    The Android mobile app development sphere is a hotbed of opportunities for developers. Beginners in this industry get to dabble with a variety of user demands based on current trends, some that go on to become a ‘viral’ phenomenon. Once this is done, the Android app development platform furnishes a Software Development Kit (SDK), which contains simple & easy-to-use tools for app development that are free of any licensing fee. Services represent the components that run in the periphery of the mobile application in a non-intrusive manner. The HokuApps automated platform includes inbuilt technology components like a communication platform, enterprise administration backend with dashboards and granular reporting engine, and a security framework. All apps created on the HokuApps mobile app development platform work on all mobile devices like phones, tablets, and desktops, which are crucial to the mobile app development process across Android, iOS, and the Web.
These digital beauties open a world of possibilities, provided you have a fully functional app that is perfectly aligned with your needs.Whether you’re a start-up, a small business or a massive multinational enterprise, a mobile app can offer your business a meaningful differentiator, while also helping with cost optimization.Decide on the PlatformDo you begin your digital transformation with Android or start by looking for the best iPhone app development company?Rather than going the whole 9 yards, you may consider iOS as the platform to begin your mobility journey.Understand Customer NeedsCustomers have become more discerning and seem to have little patience with solutions that are not completely flawless.You could consider conducting a survey to identify customer needs.Shortlist Some iPhone Application Development CompaniesThe growing demand for user-friendly mobile apps has created a new brigade of iPhone application development companies.
Hiring Android app developers, or any other developer for that matter, therefore, becomes a far more difficult process from the perspective of business owners such as yourself.Having a static skill set is unheard of in almost every field of industry, especially when it comes to app development.The dynamic nature of the app development industry ensures that there is always scope for developers to improve - be it adopting new resources, keeping up with updates to libraries, or others.Different coders/app developers, however, have different ways in which to use this language, in terms of coding style, as well as structure.DrynessWhen it comes to hiring Android app developers, your business requires good results, in even better timeframes.App developers are therefore not always required to create new code from scratch for certain standard program elements.To put it simply, your app developer should be capable of harnessing the immense potential of well-founded design components, for your app.
The shift in focus to mobile based applications is all set to radically change the future of technology development.The market for mobile applications development in the past few years alone has grown tenfold to encompass a wider range of applications with the rapid advancements in technology.Android offers flexibility and cost effectiveness which has made it popular amongst both users and app developers.Currently 80% of all apps out there are and this has prompted many businesses to adopt the mobile first approach for their products and services.Delivering content quickly and conveniently is also important while developing applications for users.Hiring Android app developers will help you create an effective digital platform that functions as a direct marketing channel with your users and helps you enhance your return on investment.Hire Android app developers to also provides your business with analyses of market trends and guidelines for operations by experts.
Every facet of urban life is encompassed by a variety of apps that aim to make our lives faster and less complicated.Any business that is trying to reach out to more customers must invest judiciously in Android application development.Hence, any business looking to expand their customer base should consider Android application development as a part of their marketing strategy.Since a large percentage of the population has access to Android OS supported smartphones, the latter becomes an easy channel of simultaneous access.Moreover, a robust enterprise admin backend gives real-time details on multiple facets of the business online thereby amplifying faster decision-making.Exemplary DevelopmentA major driver for long-term success in any business is customer retention, which is possible only if customers receive support and assistance from the company as and when they need it.HokuApps has built an underlying communication framework to support any app built on its platform.
Our private screens essentially run our lives, and users are now more informed and aware.As our day-to-day lives become more reliant on mobile devices, a very strong shift in application development can be observed in the digital world, thereby increasing the demand for the services of Android application development companies.It is estimated that by the year 2020 about 80% of global data traffic will happen over mobile devices, which is why building a mobile application for your business has never been more important than now.A consolidated and comprehensive vision, market understanding, identification of target audience, and knowing exactly what you want your app to look and feel like, not only streamlines the app Android application development process, but also makes it cost effective and efficient.Hiring freelancers and utilizing in-house agencies may seem like a viable option, but only if you’re alright with compromising on quality.The market insights, expertise in agency, and experience that an Android application development company can provide the help you craft a more engaging and user-friendly app that is in line with your vision for your product.Android application development services are able to operate at optimum efficiency because they already have a well, structured and compartmentalized work process.
If you’re on the lookout for a good iOS app development company to create the first mobility solution for your business, here are some methodologies for iPhone app development that you must know about.Low-Code Mobile App Development PlatformCreating a high-quality app with easy navigation and an attractive user interface is no longer a luxury from the user’s perspective, but it a major USP for a low-code iOS app development company.What is most sought after by enterprises is the speed at which iPhone app development can be completed and reliable solutions deployed in a hassle-free way.This cannot be achieved with the traditional mobile app development approach of writing endless lines of code from scratch and then testing and re-testing them for bugs.These modules already incorporate industry best practices and industry best design elements.The good low-code MADP would also allow fast integration with hundreds of third-party apps and seamless connection to legacy systems.This helps their clients to innovate ahead of their competitors and begin benefiting from their mobility solutions faster, thus gaining a competitive edge.
An Android app developer can work on a wide range of solutions, from creating gaming apps to highly complex enterprise solutions to apps for IoT enabled devices and gadgets.By using the traditional approach of writing code from scratch, an Android application developer can hope to increase productivity only marginally.Hurriedly written code is more prone to errors, which get discovered at the testing stage.Moreover, an Android app developer may choose a MADP to customize the app at the business-level to suit the business’s unique architecture.Using a MADP can help create and deploy an app 10 times faster than following the traditional approach of writing code from scratch.In less than a year after its launch, Kotlin was already being used by around 35% of professional developers, according to Android Developers Blog.
A feature rich and visually stunning mobile app can do wonders for your brand image and to meet your business goals.Begin your endeavor to hire iOS app developers by going through the company’s website thoroughly.This can tell you heaps about the company, provided you know what to look for.ExpertiseVisit the section on custom mobile app development and pay close attention to the range of services being offered, such as custom or native app development, across platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, and cross-platform app development.A company with such skills would be able to help you Convert iOS app to Android if you need that at a later date.HokuApps not only provides strong solutions across functions and industries but has experts to guide you in your mobile strategy.
iPhone application costs are based on the different features on offer for the end users.A realistic understanding of the iPhone application development costs will help in future return on investment (ROI) calculations.Here are some of the key factors contributing to iPhone application development costs: 1.Platform With traditional app development, development costs vary significantly as per the number of OS platforms that the app is being developed and published upon.However, low-code iPhone application development platforms like HokuApps feature an automated platform.Development Model And Scope Once the iPhone app development process is underway, the contracting company must pen-down objectives and the required solutions to be employed to develop them.iPhone application development includes interface design costs that very specific to business needs and depends heavily on the tools, software and manpower costs incurred during the sophisticated execution.
Don’t forget that there are millions of app available in the Google Play Store.So, be aware of the latest trends and follow best practices in design.Focus on achieving a perfect balance between an attractive design and ease of use.And, keep the design simple, as an app that looks cluttered can be overwhelming for users.Rule #3: Write Easy to Understand CodesDid you know that 90% of development time is not spent on writing codes, rather on in trying to decipher another developer’s code?Before an app is deployed in a real-world scenario, it’s critical to test it thoroughly.
Indeed, mobile apps today cover a wide variety of utilities, working synonymously with smartphones in order to amplify users’ daily functionality and uplift the quality of their respective lives.Suffice it to say that most businesses - especially the newer ones - consider mobile app integration to be a serious business investment.The reason for this being the insane amount of flexibility, and scalability that they bring to the table.This is especially true of the retail [e-retail] sector, for which mobile apps have become vital.Doing is a crucial, albeit initial step; one that must be followed up by a series of well-planned, and executed maneuvers that will ultimately deliver your ultimate goal - boosting your business.Android app development takes a lead over iOS, mainly owing to its whopping 80% share of the entire mobile app market.
This is because iOS app development presents app developers with a number of advantages.And these unmatched advantages allow businesses that are developing mobile enterprise apps to streamline their entire app development process.iOS app development is not only preferred for its high-security standards, easy testing, and excellent return on investment (ROI), but also for a number of other unrivaled reasons which include a well-established brand, a flawless software system, strong hardware, as well as consistent, excellent customer support.In addition to this, iOS app development is deemed beneficial, as every app developed for the iOS platform has to meet Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines.Furthermore, efficient iOS app development can really help increase the sales, as well as the growth of an enterprise, as iPhone and iPad users are a technologically advanced population with a higher purchasing power.This essentially means that iOS users are more likely to buy your app or buy certain features of your app than Android users.
Almost every iPhone app development company out there has started to use Swift for building all iOS apps, as it’s a pro-developer language that’s also very useful for beginners.Another reason why Swift is great for iPhone app development is that as a programming language, it’s quite similar to English, which makes it easier for developers to understand.In addition to this, it’s very easy for an iOS app development company to maintain Swift, as Xcode detects all errors in the code before the actual app is built.Very Easy & Simple CodeIn terms of code, Swift offers cleaner code that does not require parentheses or semicolons for if/else statements, which is a big perk for every iOS app development company.The two-file system is eliminatedThe two-file system is completely eliminated in Swift as LLVM compiler and Xcode determine dependencies and then perform incremental builds by itself in version 1.2 of Swift.Dynamic librariesThis is another reason why almost every iOS app development company enjoys using Swift.At first, dynamic libraries were never supported on iOS, and this was only changed after the introduction of Swift.
A feature-rich and visually stunning mobile app can do wonders for your brand image and to meet your business goals.Begin your endeavor to hire iOS app developers by going through the company’s website thoroughly.This can tell you heaps about the company, provided you know what to look for.Check whether there are adequate details.Expertise: Visit the section on custom mobile app development and pay close attention to the range of services being offered, such as custom or native app development, across platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, and cross-platform app development.A company with such skills would be able to help you Convert iOS app to Android if you need that at a later date.Consultancy: Before you hire iOS programmers, you would need a consultancy to develop the app strategy.HokuApps not only provides strong solutions across functions and industries but has experts to guide you in your mobile strategy.
Businesses that are planning to launch their mobile app often struggle when it comes to selecting between Android and iOS.A Larger Market SizeThe reason many businesses hire Android app developers is the significantly larger market size of the platform.This alone is the most important reason for every company to focus on creating an Android app if they want to make sure that their app reaches the maximum number of users.Even if you launch a free app on Android, a large number of downloads along with the marketing revenue help developers earn huge profits.It is one of the most popular programming languages and most of the app developers are already well-versed with it.However, you need to know programming languages like Objective-C, C, C++, OSX or OCaml to develop iOS apps.