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The Pentagon said Wednesday that a US civilian contractor died of a "cardiac episode" while taking shelter during the rocket attack.
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The rockets hit the Al Asad base early Wednesday morning. Tensions are increasing ahead of the pope's visit to Iraq and between the US and Iran.
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A windows dedicated server is a physical machine totally exclusive to run a website or application.Unlike shared servers and even virtualized servers, Dedicates do not share resources such as memory and storage with any other website.Thus, with an exclusive environment and administrative access to the server, you can configure and install systems at will, distribute resources between your sites as you wish and even create your own hosting reseller.A windows dedicated server is ideal for web projects with a high volume of traffic and a high demand for performance and processing capacity such as e-commerce stores, marketplaces or portals with a large number of accesses.In addition, this type of server offers a multitude of uses: you can configure a dedicated firewall, build private test servers, applications or automations, create databases, and perform system maintenance, monitor services, back up files and much more.One of the main advantages of windows Dedicated Server Hosting is that it offers a familiar environment for users.Its use is more intuitive and saves time compared to other distributions, such as Linux.Windows Server is adapted to the needs of companies that want to focus on their activity.The scalability of servers and, more generally, of your company's infrastructure is a central point in choosing your products.
When Twitter banned former US President Donald Trump from its platform, a number of his supporters flocked to Parler, a social network that became home to right-wingers. But after multiple calls for violence and privacy leaks, it was booted out of Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and even Amazon’s cloud services in January. Gaining traction at launch was all for naught as it faced the consequences of hosting problematic content. On the other side of the planet, India is also trying to promote a local alternative to Twitter called Koo. This happened after the Silicon Valley company didn’t comply with… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Twitter
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While privacy in real-life may involve closing your bedroom curtains when getting ready for bed or visiting your dentist behind closed doors, the idea of privacy is a little bit skewed in the digital space. Did you know that your personal information is saved in a publicly available database called WHOIS when you register a domain name? Actually, domain privacy protection is just an “add-on” service you buy to protect your personal details and keep them hidden from the rest of the world. In the recent past, VPS hosting has gain popularity thanks to its privacy policy. In other words, Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting that literally mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server. As I mentioned earlier, VPS is gaining momentum because it is cheaper than dedicated hosting and provides better reliability, security, privacy, and performance.
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Amy Poehler and Tina Fey returned to present the Golden Globes for the first time in six years on Sunday night, and did a pretty great job of hosting on a night like none the long-running awards show has ever seen before.The duo were confirmed to be hosting this year’s Golden Globes way back in January 2020, when they could never have predicted they’d end up presenting it on different sides of the US due to the pandemic.Yes, Amy and Tina shared hosting duties via video-link, with the former in California and the latter in New York, so celebrity guest presenters wouldn’t have to fly across the country during the pandemic.Opening up the show with an eight-minute comedy routine, the pair delivered some brilliant one-liners ribbing the nominees and the all-round ridiculousness of the situation.Here are a few of our favourites from their Golden Globes opener...Summing up the dystopia that was 2020Amy Poehler: “I’m Amy Poheler here at the Beverly Hilton, district 7, New Angeles. And this is the 78th annual Hunger Games.”Seizing the opportunity for a great visual gagAmy Poehler: Tina and I are hosting from two different cities tonight but the technology is so great you are never going to be able to tell the difference. It’s going to be smooth sailing.Tina Fey: You won’t even notice.Poking fun at how many of the films nominated for Golden Globes in 2021 passed many of us byTina Fey: What an exciting night! All the big blockbuster movies that came out of this year are nominated. Parts Of A Lady! Irish Goodnight! Mauricio’s Delve! Amy Poehler: Day Planner! Grunk! Ali G Goes To Chicago!Tina Fey: And we’ll be honouring all the TV you binge-watched this year. The American Office… old episodes of Columbo… very one-sided news programmes.Amy Poehler: And of course the cranberry juice skateboard guy is going to skateboard to all the nominated songs tonight. How exciting!Praising the first responders in the audience (sort of) Tina Fey: Normally this room is full of celebrities but tonight our audience is made up of smoking hot first responders and essential workers. We are so grateful for the work that you do and that you’re here… so that the celebrities can stay safely at home.Amy Poehler: This front table right here usually houses the biggest stars in the world… Brad Pitt’s always waving at me like ‘Amy! Amy!’ and I’m like, ‘dude, I’m working, not now’... Quentin Tarantino crawling under the tables just touching people’s feet… the point is, do whatever you want. Because they do.And of course, they couldn’t not mention the recent controversy that followed reports that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – who decide the winners of the Golden Globes – doesn’t have a single Black memberTina Fey: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is made up of around 90 international no-Black journalists who attend movie junkets each year in search of a better life. We say around 90 because a couple of them might be ghosts, and it’s rumoured that the German member is just a sausage that somebody drew a little face on.Tina Fey: Soul is a beautiful Pixar animated movie where a middle-aged Black man’s soul accidentally gets knocked out of his body and into a cat. The HFPA really responded to this movie, because they do have five cat members.Amy Poehler: Everybody is understandably upset at the HFPA and their choices. Look, a lot of flashy garbage got nominated, but that happens. That’s their thing. But a number of Black actors and Black-led projects were overlooked…  Tina Fey: … the point is, even with stupid things, inclusivity is important, and there are no Black members of the HFPA. I realise maybe you guys didn’t get the memo, because your workplace is the back booth of a French McDonald’s. But you gotta change that. So here’s to changing it.Getting into the key differences between the TV and film categories Tina Fey: I think the rule is, if their fake teeth look real, that’s a movie. And if their real teeth look fake, that’s TV.Amy Poehler: If the British actors are playing British people, it’s TV. If they’re playing Americans, it’s a movie. And then they got onto some of the nominees like The Prom... Tina Fey: The Queen’s Gambit is whatever James Corden was up to in The Prom, I guess. The Prom came out at the perfect time, because this year so many teenagers didn’t get to go to their proms. So they could watch James Corden and Meryl Streep go to it instead. That’s still fun, right, guys?...The Undoing…Amy Poehler: The Undoing was a sexy and dramatic mystery where Nicole Kidman’s coat is suspected of murdering her wig....Music… Tina Fey: Sia’s controversial film Music is nominated for Best International Flop-er-oonie. I don’t want to get into it, guys, but it’s real problematic. And Twitter is saying it’s the most offensive casting since Kate Hudson was the Weight Watchers spokesperson....and, of course, Emily In Paris Tina Fey: Emily In Paris is nominated for Best TV Series – Musical Or Comedy, and I for one can’t wait to find out which it is. French Exit is what I did after watching the first episode of Emily In Paris.And finally, introducing the first guest presenter of the night Tina Fey: Could this whole night have been an email? Yes! But then we wouldn’t get the chance to see our beautiful first presenter. Like a child’s skeleton pyjamas, she simply glows… Ms Laura Dern.READ MORE:British Stars Lead The Way As This Year's Golden Globes Winners Are RevealedSacha Baron Cohen's Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Was Every Bit As Cutting As You'd ExpectOlivia Colman's Reaction To Emma Corrin's Golden Globes Win Was Adorable And So Olivia Colman
A Hyatt spokesperson said the chain is responsible for creating an inclusive environment for all guests.