Global advertising trade group, The World Federation of Advertisers WFA, has proposed plans that could see the creation of a global advertising watchdog that would regulate internet ads.The announcement follows a report released earlier this week from PageFair — a tech company that provides ad blocking solutions to publishers — that claimed there are at least 419 million people blocking ads on smartphones worldwide.That's in addition to the 198 million desktop ad blocker users.The coalition will help technology partners to collect data on the kind of advertising consumers find annoying.Unlike other studies looking at this issue, which usually rely on survey data, the WFA wants to actively monitor real user behavior to identify the type of formats and frequencies that people find annoying.Then, the coalition will create a set of advertising standards that the industry should adhere to — some of which will be applied globally prohibiting the kind of advertising seen as "universally problematic" , while others will be applied locally, respecting different cultural perspectives.Speaking to Business Insider, WFA CEO Stephan Loerke, explained that the proposals go one step further than other existing plans to identify and remedy the cause of ad blocking because they will be based on real consumer data — "removing the arbitrary opinions of industry leaders or self-appointed consumer representatives.There are clear barriers to launch, including differing opinions from all players in the ad chain as to what an acceptable format looks like and the fact that the laws in different countries surrounding areas like privacy and advertising vary wildly.Loerke wouldn't discuss at this stage how the self-regulatory body would be funded — but he did say the cost would only be a fraction of global ad spend.Eyeo, the owner of popular ad blocker Adblock Plus, already operates an "Acceptable Ads" program, whereby ads that are not deemed irritating are white-listed for its users and users of other ad blocking apps that have signed up to the program, like Adblock.Via email, Loerke set out his intentions for the WFA's plans:Brands will stop investing money in formats and delivery frequencies which the data indicates to be generally problematic.Ad technology companies will stop serving formats and frequencies which the data indicates to be generally problematic, and will invest in developing experiences better aligned with consumers.Publishers will stop hosting formats which are seen to be generally problematic.NOW WATCH: We dare you to oversleep with Dwayne The Rock Johnson s new motivational alarm clock appLoading video...
Find out what helps the web work.Apache, an open source software that is available for free, is the most widely used web server software and is developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.Version 2.0 of Apache is capable of running on most UNIX-based operating systems such as Linux, Solaris.Flexibility is created by manipulating the code base, or by adding multiple extensions and add-ons.Web hosting companies widely use Apache in order to provide shared/virtual hosting.The latest version 2.4.20, was released in April of 2016.
We ve committed the MobileBeat 2016 event on July 12-13 entirely to the new paradigm shift toward artificial intelligence and the conversational user interface.The new craze around chatbots is taking over Silicon Valley.So it s fitting that we ll be hosting the first nationwide botathon  yes, a national hackathon for bots , along with the other fun we ll be having at the event, which will include an event bot that interacts with participants and manages the botathon.The purpose of this premier national botathon is to foster innovation through a weekend of developer creativity across the country, and to recognize those creations.We ll award the finalists on stage, and cover the winner on VentureBeat.Other US media representatives will be on hand at MobileBeat to cover the news as well.Apply here if you re interested in participating in the botathon by June 26.Aside from San Francisco, we ve also added Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.Other cities may be announced over the coming days contact us if you d like to host a local botathon .More details:Register here!Incidentally, if you re not a bot developer, but want to attend the main event, we ve just opened the first batch of 100 tickets for the event so get them while they last .
Samsung is hosting a press event on 2 June in New YorkSamsung has begun sending out invites for a press event scheduled for 2 June in New York to "experience how Samsung's devices work together to create a Galaxy of possibility".The new fitness tracker dubbed Gear Fit 2 has made several appearances through leaks.Sammobile has just shared exclusive details of the smartband revealing all its hardware features.According to the latest disclosure, the Gear Fit 2 will have a 1.55in curved Super AMOLED display with resolution at 216 x 432 pixels.A dual-core 1GHz processor by Samsung would power the wearable device, while paired with 512MB RAM.It would be resistant to water and dust with IP68 certification and offer 2GB internal storage.
Smartphone makers are regularly telling us that the cameras housed within the modern devices are the most used of any camera in the world.In a move that seemingly proves that theory, Australia is staging a film festival dedicated to movies created solely on smartphones or tablets.Rules of entry appear to be few and far between, with the festival requiring only that your film was shot entirely on a smartphone or tablet and is no longer than six and a half minutes.Ten finalists will be selected from the entrants received, and their films will be showcased at a gala event and judged by a panel of experts.Several film-making big names have also dabbled in the technology, including Sin City director Robert Rodriquez, who made a short action movie using the BlackBerry 10 in 2014 as part of an ad campaign for the smartphone maker.As well as a best film prize, the 2016 SF3 event will also include awards for best director, acting, actress and screenplay.
The most popular Twitter account in the world got hijacked this weekend.That's right: Katy Perry got hacked.Someone managed to gain unauthorised access to the pop star's Twitter account late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.The hijacker sent a string of tweets using racist and homophobic slurs — as well as one appearing to make up with rival pop star Taylor Swift reading "miss u baby @taylorswift13".Perry and Swift, for those not in the loop, famously have bad blood between them.Here are a few more of the tweets, screengrabbed by The Hollywood Reporter journalist Ryan Parker.It appears Katy Perry s Twitter -- with her more than 89 million followers -- has been hacked… — Ryan Parker @TheRyanParker May 31, 2016It looks like the hacker is a user with the handle @sw4ylol — Perry's account sent a tweet reading "haha follow @sw4ylol hackersgonnahack," and @sw4ylol also tweeted about the singer.Judging from one tweet they posted, the hacker also leaked an unreleased Katy Perry track to SoundCloud called "Witness 1.3" — although the music-hosting site's automatic copyright protections took the song — sway @sw4ylol May 31, 2016Katy Perry owns the most popular account on Twitter, with more than 89 million followers.In second place, with 82 million, is Justin Bieber, followed by Taylor Swift almost 78 million , Barack Obama 75 million , and YouTube 62 million .It's not yet clear how Perry's account was breached.NOW WATCH: This smart earpiece translates languages as they are spokenLoading video...
Prices start at £12.99 for a single BBC micro:bit; £14.99 for a starter kit which includes a BBC micro:bit, mini USB, battery pack and four project ideas; and £140 for a BBC micro:bit Club pack, which includes 10 devices and everything needed to get a coding club started .The intention with the micro:bit project — part of the BBC s wider Make it Digital initiative to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology — was always to open up the distribution of the device after the initial giveaway.The hardware includes various programmable sensors, Bluetooth connectivity and a selection of input and output rings to link to other devices and sensors.On the software side, there s a companion website hosting multiple code editors and tutorials.Others are also trying to build businesses that make the Pi more accessible as a learning platform for kids — such as Kano, with its coding kits.The length of that list likely contributing to a delay in getting it into schools — it only started arriving in kids hands in March, some half a year later than planned.
The homepage of 'Best Korea's Social Network' Credit: Dyn ResearchA North Korean imitation of Facebook has been hacked into by a Scottish teenager just hours after it was discovered.It was discovered last week by Dyn Research, a company that tracks internet performance, and soon compromised by Andrew McKean, an 18-year-old college student from Scotland.McKean said he had guessed the security credentials for the website after discovering that the default ones for phpDolphin – the particular Facebook clone used – were the predictable admin and password .The site was already hosting joke profiles depicting Kim Jong-Un, with several Westerners signing up.It is unclear who had set up the service.North Korean citizens are only able to access a limited internet but foreigners were previously able to surf the web with few restrictions.
Periscope s new moderation tool in actionIn both cases the alleged violation will be presented to a selection of viewers in the form of a vote.If the majority decides that the comment is abuse or spam, the perpetrator will have their ability to chat disabled temporarily.As previously mentioned, all this will occur in real-time during the course of a live video.However, both broadcasters and viewers can choose not to participate in the moderation process.The person hosting the livestream can opt out of having their broadcasts moderated altogether, and viewers can choose not be part of the jury committee in their settings.Over the past few years, social media sites — including Periscope s parent company, Twitter — have been repeatedly condemned for not appropriately dealing with trolls and bots on their respective services.
Telecom operator Elisa may want to buy it Ostrobothnia Anvia core businesses. The purchase price is EUR 107 million, compared with Elisa to buy Anvia five companies, namely telecom business, IT and hosting services, as well as Anvia TV and Watson-businesses. Multiplied by the trade Anvia gets back its own shares and on top of their cash around EUR 30 million. Purchase process would have been long since Anviasta would still have to collect more than 60 percent of the bottom drawer. Anvia contract of guarantee an independent operating company, and distributable fund assets was more. Anvia has been Finnet Association as an important company that Finnet support Anvia small shareholders in the fight against Elisa.
It's Memorial Day, all Ars staff is off, and we're grateful for it running a site remains tough work .Just over a year ago, Time Warner Cable rolled out an experiment in several cities: monthly data limits for Internet usage that ranged from 5GB to 40GB.In fact, it's better than being a cable operator, since there are no multibillion-dollar payments to content creators.Inside was one of TWC's main New York operations centers, hosting an astonishing array of cable and Internet gear.Who will start using the next high-bandwidth YouTube or Netflix when doing so results in big fees?When TWC expanded its capping trial last year, it took only a couple of weeks for a New York Congressman the now-disgraced-and-resigned serial tickler of his male staffers, Eric Massa to pledge a "Broadband Internet Fairness Act" that would "prevent job killing broadband downloading caps."
Telecom operator Elisa tells the acquisition of telecommunications company in the telecom Anvia-business, IT and hosting services, as well as Anvia TV and Watson-businesses. Anviaan remain a security company Anvia SECURI Oy, network installation company Viria Ltd, a consultancy company Fenix ​​Solutions Oy and the network TV services in developing Hibox Systems Ltd and the Sweden AB Sappa. We ended up with the solution that we abandon the telecommunications business, Tolkien explains. Kinnunen, the integration of ICT functions enables the development of Anvia functions. Kinnunen stresses that Elisa and Anvia are two separate companies in the future. But this kind of thinking is not in this camp not the top thing, says Kinnunen.
Anvia and Elisa Elisa arrangement to buy Anvia telecom business, IT and hosting services, as well as Anvia TV - and Watson-businesses. Elisa is the largest owner of Anvia less than a 40 percent stake. Elisa's holdings increase in size for almost 40 per cent as the best alternative will be selling telecommunications business to Elisa, says President and CEO Mika Anvia Green Mountain. Of the purchase price and investment assets, thanks to Anvia can pay dividends in the future. Under the agreement, Anvia withdraws in March for a defensive organization, in which it agreed to sell 42 percent of their business activities in the Telecom Finda Oy. Anvia will focus on growth businesses Securiin, a new installation of the company, as well as in Sweden Viriaan TV operator Sappaan.
Anvia will focus on information security and network construction. Telecom operator Elisa tells the acquisition of telecommunications company in the telecom Anvia-business, IT and hosting services, as well as Anvia TV and Watson-businesses. Elisa will pay its Anvia shares, cash and focus on the security business Tansecin business operations. Elisa is the largest owner of Anvia less than a 40 percent stake and is the desired combination of functions. Anviaan remain Anvia SECURI, Viria, Fenix ​​Solutions and Hibox Systems and the Swedish Sappa. Anvia withdraws from the agreement, in March for an arrangement in which it agreed to sell 42 percent of their business activities in the Telecom Findalle.
Anvia office in Seinäjoki Puska road. Photo: Timo Aalto Telecom operator Elisa and Ostrobothnia Anvia have agreed on a business transaction in which Elisa to buy Anvia ICT businesses. The purchase price is EUR 107 million, and Elisa will pay Anvia trade in shares, cash and security business to focus on Tansecin shares. Elisa says that after the transaction it does not own any longer Anvia shares. Trade Anvia transferred to Elisa Anvia Telecom Ltd, Anvia IT Services Ltd, Anvia Hosting Ltd, Anvia TV Ltd and Watson Nordic Oy. Anvia focus after the transaction Securiin, a new installation of the company, as well as in Sweden Viriaan TV operator Sappaan.
Described as Scripture 4 Millennials, the tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the most widely translated work of all time is a great and fun way to share the gospel.With the app, you can peruse all 66 books chronicling the the stories of Abraham, Noah and Jesus like never before.The app which is of course really a book clocks in at just under 3,300 pages, and certainly took its creator quite a long time to complete.I thought if we fast forwarded 100 years in the future, an emoji bible would exist, said sunglasses emoji .I wanted to make it similar to how you might text or tweet a bible verse, by shrinking the total character count.So if you re looking to re discover religion, you may want to start with a book that speaks more to our generation — using emojis.
Today I d like to share some of the data we gathered and insights of other Slack bot builders.Prior any marketing activity, your main goal should be understanding your target audience in order to serve them better.It is a well covered topic in many articles and books, but I will highlight the key points from domain experts:Ross Simmonds, Entrepreneur at, says:Ernest Oppetit, Product Manager at shares similar insights:In addition to establishing contact with your target audience you may want to reach out to the influencers and talk with them about getting their feedback, help or just to get to know the community better.Once you prepare material and share it with others not only do you start promoting your brand but you build a community tied to your product.Alyx Baldwin, Co-founder and CTO at also advises to start publishing:While Alyx prefers Medium, we ended up hosting our blog on WordPress.According to Matty Mariansky, Co-founder, Product Designer at Meekan, we can see that the amount of traffic from Producthunt is almost the same comparing to Slack directory at the peak .Bahaa Galal, co-founder and CTO at shares this advice:The first impression on Producthunt is critically important — so polish the website having a clear message on what do you do then run product tests with the help of early adopters and make sure everything is perfect as it can be.In the meantime, here s what other successful Slack bot builders have to say:Matthieu Varagnat, Entrepreneur and developer of, writes about the key competitive advantage Slack bot builders get by engaging with the directory now, as opposed to when it grows bigger:Being listed in Slack s App Store can bring a substantive amount of new teams every day.If your bot is great enough according to Slack, you might even be featured in the New and Noteworthy or Brilliant Bots categories.Good luck on getting new customers for your Slack bot.
If you want the perfect home bar for hosting parties and mixing cocktails, these essentials will cover all the bases.In this video from the Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel, you ll learn about the basic liquors and other ingredients required for a full service bar.To get started with your own, you need bourbon, rye, vodka, tequila, and two different types of rum.You can find a complete shopping list of these items at the Cocktail Chemistry web site.With these items you ll be able to mix almost every classic cocktail to please your guests, but if you want more options, you can always pick up a few other popular mixers.Getting Started - Stocking Your First Bar YouTube
We can merely speculate how much mind-numbing gawking would occur if Johannes Gutenberg could witness the unbridled scope and sheer reach of even the most dismal of weblogs.Despite the fact that blogging has become a bit of a dirty word in professional media circles in the last decade, the majority of the internet still embraces the practice.As such, the number of platforms offering to help creators build and host a place to publish their content for little to no money has increased exponentially.With the deluge of content — both personal and professional — going live on the web every day, the best blogging services not only offer the tools for hosting your writing, photos, and video, but help you find an audience for them.It shouldn t come as a surprise, really, but the main distinguishing factor between a blog and a social network in the modern era is the amount of control you have over how it looks.For the most part, we re recommending the best options based on the balance between fine control and augmented social reach.
I work for a vacation rental agency in a market where tech is LOW.Basically after getting run around from a place trying to make us a website for $10K, we decided to go the WIX route, we supposedly have a team of high tech people looking and making sure it is as good as it can be.An expert and friend came in and is now telling us on the other side, that we will lose all google momentum we had.The 'momentum' we had from out OLD ugly but organized site is about 4.5-5K visitors, with around 40% being organic from Google.Google analytics shows us around 4th or 5th under VRBO, so really top locally .Any tips or articles are greatly appreciated- Boss will be coming to me soon, maybe for the tie breaker.