The Entertainment Software Association ESA announced last month that it would be hosting its first-ever gathering for the gaming community alongside this year s E3 conference.E3 Live, which ran from June 14 through the 16th, was a ticketed event although admission was free.The ESA gave away more than 20,000 tickets within the first 24 hours following its announcement but as Game Industry Biz s James Brightman notes, that doesn t excuse just how poor the event really was.He added that it s free so he knew he wouldn t get much but still expected something.The silver lining, however, is that tickets went fast which indicates demand is there for a fan event.If the ESA were to sell tickets instead of give them away, they could generate a healthy revenue stream and have the funding to justify a better event.
The researchers, consisting of experts from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and Stony Brook University in the US, built a semi-automated tool used to identify "more than 23,000" live-streaming websites routinely used to watch movies, TV shows and sports without paying."In addition to exposing numerous copyright and trademark infringements, we found that clicking on video overlay ads leads users to malware-hosting webpages in 50% of the cases."The team found that most of the malware spreads as unwitting users are tricked into believing they need additional software to watch the live-stream.Yet this, according to the team, can be a massive security risk especially on Google Chrome and Safari – which were found to be the most vulnerable browsers.Nick Nikiforakis, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University in New York, said: "It's a public secret that the free livestreaming services ecosystem is not averse to using deceptive techniques to make money from the millions of users who use their services to watch live events.Yet the live-streaming websites are not the only services to be hit by malware developers and scammers.
Avaya s network OS can now be deployed to rival vendor s hardware as part of branded white box switching moveNetworking firm Avaya has opened up its network operating system so it can be deployed on other vendor s networking switches and routers.Brite-Box SwitchingThese specialised providers include managed service providers, cloud service providers, systems integrators, and data centre hosting companies, and it allows them to apply their own brand to the Avaya network operating system software.Ethernet colour light fibre switch network asharkyu Shutterstock This is shorthand for branded white-box switching, wrote Cross.Avaya believes this will benefit customers by giving them a proven network operating system, coupled with a white-box system which should help reduce capital costs, and enable organisation to customise their networking infrastructure suit their needsCustomers also gain access to Avaya s end-to-end virtualisation capabilities and full network orchestration suite, as well as 24/7/365 technical support.The disaggregation market for switching has been confined to hyper-scale data centres that have a large expert programming staff, said Liam Kiely, VP Avaya Networking.Open ComputeAvaya is best known for its unified communications and collaboration technologies, but entered the networking market with its acquisition of Nortel Networks enterprise business back in 2009.
The record labels had sued the YouTube-like site and successfully convinced a district court judge that, because pre-1972 recordings fell under state laws and not federal copyright law, the DMCA didn't apply.The decision once again affirms that the DMCA extends immunity to Internet Service Providers for the infringement of their customers if an ISP removes material at the request of the right holder.Service providers would be compelled either to incur heavy costs of monitoring every posting to be sure it did not contain infringing pre-1972 recordings, or incurring potentially crushing liabilities under state copyright laws."Today's ruling by the Second Circuit is a significant win for not just Vimeo, but all online platforms that empower creators to share content with the world," said Michael Cheah, Vimeo's general counsel.The case was brought in 2009 by Capitol Records and Sony, which did not immediately respond for comment."The Court held that 1 there was no duty to monitor for infringement, 2 that suspicion of infringement wasn t enough unless infringement was obvious, and 3 a few sporadic videos out of millions where Vimeo employees inappropriately encouraged users to post infringing videos was insufficient to remove the DMCA safe harbor protections," the group said.
Reuters — Video-sharing website Vimeo LLC cannot be held liable for copyright infringement for unknowingly hosting older music uploaded by its users, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Thursday, dealing a blow to record labels seeking broader protections.In a victory for internet service providers, the 2nd U.S.Circuit Court of Appeals in New York also held that the mere fact that Vimeo employees had viewed videos with copyrighted sound recordings was not enough to prove the company ignored red flags of infringement.The case, pursued by Capitol Records and Sony Corp units, was closely watched in Silicon Valley, with Vimeo s appeal drawing support from Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc , Alphabet Inc s Google, and other companies.Today s ruling by the Second Circuit is a significant win for not just Vimeo, but all online platforms that empower creators to share content with the world, Michael Cheah, Vimeo s general counsel, said in a statement.A lawyer for Capitol Records, a unit of Vivendi SA, and the Sony units declined to provide immediate comment.The case focused on the interpretation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA .The law protects internet service providers from liability when users upload copyrighted content while requiring them to remove the material if they receive notice or otherwise become aware of the infringement.The lawsuit, filed in 2009, alleged copyright infringement over music in 199 videos that Vimeo users had uploaded to the site.U.S.District Judge Ronnie Abrams in 2013 ruled Vimeo was protected under the DMCA safe harbor provisions with regard to 153 videos.But she held that the safe harbor was not applicable to recordings from before 1972, the year Congress first included them in the scope of federal copyright law.Circuit Judge Pierre Leval said that interpreting the act as leaving providers exposed to liability under state copyright laws would defeat Congress intent.Service providers would be compelled either to incur heavy costs of monitoring every posting to be sure it did not contain infringing pre-1972 recordings, or incurring potentially crushing liabilities under state copyright laws, he wrote.The case is Capitol Records LLC et al v. Vimeo LLC et al, 2nd U.S.
Mystery hackers look to harness password reuse and take control of accountsGitHub has reset the passwords of users targeted in an attack this week that relied on using stolen credentials from a breach at a third party site.The software repository itself has not suffered a breach.On Tuesday evening PST, we became aware of unauthorized attempts to access a large number of accounts.We encourage all users to practise good password hygiene and enable two-factor authentication to protect your account, GitHub sensibly advised.Historical breaches against the likes of LinkedIn and Adobe in particular make it trivial to break into the accounts of anyone daft enough to reuse login credentials from a breached site elsewhere.For example, state-sponsored hackers in China are widely blamed for an attack on the site last year seemingly related to the hosting of code that circumvented the country s Great Firewall web censorship mechanisms.
It was there that he first heard about and applied for SAP s Refugee Code Week; quickly moving from translator to session leader, he now teaches coding skills to young kids.Younger participants 8-17 of SAP Refugee Code Week are introduced to Scratch , a highly visual and playful coding program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Governments, citizens, non-profits and the private sector have a role to play in responding to the refugee crisis.One area in particular where innovation has the potential for large scale impact – while also delivering value to businesses and society — is in providing refugees with high demand digital and Information and Communications Technology ICT skills.Refugee Code Week is a practical example on the role of corporations in impacting the lives of refugees, said Houssam Chahin, UNHCR s Senior Private Sector Partnerships Officer for MENA.In preparation for October, experienced teachers and SAP volunteers have been hosting Train The Trainer TTT sessions during the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul as well as in the Zaatari UNHCR refugee camp and several Universities in Jordan.
Plans start at $49 per month.Snapchat s 3V video will be rebranded as Snap Ads by creative partners such as Truffle Pig, Big Spaceship, and VaynerMedia also an Ads Partner .Twitter is beginning to test a new promoted tweet carousel that allows advertisers to curate multiple tweets within a single swipeable ad unit to tell a rich and compelling story.Promoted tweet carousel is available as a limited alpha to select managed accounts in select global markets.The ecommerce giant has been slowly rolling out its grocery service since last fall and has tested one-hour deliveries of fresh and frozen foods.Hostway now offers managed Magento hosting.
GitHub has revealed a number of users accounts have been accessed by an attacker reusing email addresses and passwords obtained from other internet services that have been compromised.The code-hosting platform, which claims millions of users around the world, revealed a series of unauthorized attempts to log-in to many accounts on on Tuesday evening.This appears to be the result of an attacker using lists of email addresses and passwords from other online services that have been compromised in the past, and trying them on GitHub accounts, explained Shawn Davenport VP of Security at GitHub, in a blog post.While Davenport was quick to stress that GitHub itself had not been hacked, he did concede that the attacker was successful in gaining entry to a number of GitHub accounts, though didn t specify how many.There has been a number of high-profile hacks across the tech realm of late, perhaps the most notable one being LinkedIn.The professional social network, which was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion this week, hit the headlines last month after it reset passwords on millions of accounts as new data-leak reports began to surface.The compromised account details reportedly stemmed from a leak dating all the way back to 2012 when 6.5 million passwords were pulled from the social network, with the account credentials put up for sale on the so-called dark web four years later.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were subsequently hacked, an event blamed on the LinkedIn password dump.GitHub likely doesn t know the origins of the passwords and email addresses used to compromise the accounts in question on, but it does serve as a stark reminder that reusing the same password across multiple online services is never a good idea.GitHub says that it will be sending notifications to the individuals affected on how they can reset and restore access to their accounts.Davenport also has a dose of good advice to mete out: We encourage all users to practice good password hygiene and enable two-factor authentication to protect your account, he said.
Photograph: Paper Boat Creative/Getty ImagesFor the around 285 million people worldwide who are visually impaired, pornography can seem like an acoustic blur of heavy breathing, squelches, slaps and Maria Sharapova-esque grunts.To help them find some sexual inspiration, the video-sharing site Pornhub has launched a described video category, in which professional voice actors explain what s going on in the scene.The accessibility initiative is being championed by the adult entertainment company s philanthropic division yes, really , Pornhub Cares, which has previously launched a clothing line to fight against domestic violence and a breast cancer awareness campaign called Save the Boobs , where it donated 1 cent for every 30 videos viewed within its big tit and small tit categories.We wanted to describe all that we could to provide the user with the best possible experience while not taking away from the video s original audio.Back in 2006, a website called recruited volunteers to record graphic descriptions of popular adult videos, which were uploaded as MP3 files.The site became a cult hit, attracting as many as 150,000 visitors per month.
The company also hopes to recover money in a lawsuit filed in December against Machine Zone for allegedly stealing its technology blueprints and cutting their contract short, Peak Hosting Chief Restructuring Officer Mark Calvert told The Wall Street Journal.Machine Zone terminated the agreement early and without cause because it had already obtained and used Peak s trade secrets, confidential information, and technical know-how to duplicate Peak s network system and manage its network operations in-house, Mr. Calvert said in court papers.Peak s failures have also forced Machine Zone to devote hundreds of hours of engineering time to remediation and damaged Machine Zone s strong brand and reputation with gamers, Machine Zone said in court filings.The games compete with Supercell Oy s Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, other free-to-download multiplayer games that generate revenue from in-app purchases.Peak Hosting lawyers are proposing to use, subject to court approval, bankruptcy s contract-cutting power to end equipment-usage deals that supported Machine Zone s business.Its network uses thousands of physical components and software to operate online applications at high rates of speed without latency, jitters, corruption, or failure, according to court papers.
On Wednesday at 10:29 am ET, SpaceX successfully launched its sixth rocket of the year into space.Ultaimte finish line is to land- if it lands on drone ship taken on service of drone ship toport.In April, for the first time ever, SpaceX managed to land at sea.According to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, one of these retrieved rockets could launch again as early as September.After Wednesday, the company might not launch again until mid-July when a Falcon 9 will carry the 11th Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station.As usual, SpaceX is hosting a live webcast of the launch:NOW WATCH: SpaceX has a radical plan to reach Mars that's unlike anything anyone has tried beforeLoading video...
We shouldn't have drunk the Kool-Aid, moans founderG-Cloud pioneer and small hosting biz Memset has slammed the framework as failing in its original vision to "punch through archaic government procurement requirements" with an online App Store .However, the Infrastructure-as-a-service sector in which Craig Wood operates has arguably been more challenging than other areas areas of the framework, which have required little or no upfront investment.Memset has a turnover of around £10m per year and has made "huge" investments to meet stringent government security requirements including £2m on a high-security data centre, she said.AWS and Azure will soon be UK domains and then it s all over - government will just want that."Craig Wood outlined Memset's lack of a traditional sales team as being one of the reasons they are failing to win more biz - something she labels as depressing as it smacks of old procurement practices still being at work."Instead we have a marketplace where you only get noticed by 'spamming' by including the right keywords in your text and getting partners to re-post your services to get multiple listings of the same thing.
While many users of free livestreaming websites may be aware that the video content on these websites is typically streamed without the content owner's consent, a white paper from a Belgian University says what they often underestimate s the security risk that comes with watching these videos.The researchers built a semi-automated tool that helped them identify more than 23,000 free livestreaming websites, corresponding with over 5,600 domain names more than 20% of which are in Alexa's top 100,000 websites .M. Zubair Rafique said: "In addition to exposing numerous copyright and trademark infringements, we found that clicking on video overlay ads leads users to malware-hosting webpages in 50% of the cases.That's how they try to get users to install malware: users are tricked into believing they need special software to watch the livestream.Google Chrome and Safari are more vulnerable to this approach than other browsers, because attackers tend to target the more popular web browsers.To alert FLIS users to potentially dangerous pages, the researchers have engineered an accurate and effective classifier.
Video games developers are giving first looks at some of the biggest titles due to be released over the next year and beyond in Los Angeles.The city is hosting E3, a giant annual games showcase where PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo - plus the publishers that support their consoles - vie for attention.Chris Foxx took a high-speed tour of 2016's show floor.
Twitter has rolled out its Live streaming button to general users, following a limited launch on the Android version of its app.The Live button can be uncovered when a user goes to compose a tweet.The feature is located alongside other existing options, such as direct sharing of images and videos from your phone s camera, or saved media from your library.Tapping the Live button redirects you to Twitter s Periscope app, from which you can begin hosting a live— Twitter @twitter June 15, 2016Although Periscope has operated independently from its parent company since its acquisition in March 2015, Twitter s efforts to ramp up its integration raise as many questions as solutions.Then, in April, it struck its historic deal with the NFL for the exclusive social media rights to live broadcasts of ten Thursday Night Football games.
Caught in a netHow do you bring a bad drone down?Net-launching bazookaThe Skywall 100, developed by UK company Open Works Engineering, does exactly this.Robert Bunker, a counterterrorism expert at TRENDS Research & Advisory based in Abu Dhabi, says that there are likely to be two distinct occasions when autonomous drones need to be stopped: for public safety and during war.Bunker also mentions hand-held lasers capable of damaging drones optics, and rubber-ball guns based on existing non-lethal weapons.Military operations are different.Its challenge will be spotting and targeting small, autonomous drones as they approach.
Quite by itself and in a short space of time the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg CJEU has developed its own legal theory for copyright, which it has subsequently expanded in successive decisions.The concept is unique to the CJEU and isn t used in any other jurisdiction in the world, and isn t part of the Berne Convention which obliges the EU to provide copyright protection to its citizens.But it s an opinion by the controversial EU Attorney General, himself a former CJEU justice, the Belgian Melchior Wathelet, in a case currently before the court, that has ignited the latest concerns.In this case, Wathelet, speaking about the GS Media v Sanoma Media case has recommended that the EU Court decree that no hyperlink could ever be the basis of a copyright infringement case.The CJEU is not obliged to follow its AG s opinion – but if it does, then the Pirate utopia that John Perry Barlow advocated in his Declaration of Independence in Cyberspace in 1995 becomes a reality for 500 million EU citizens.As Belgium's Home Secretary, Wathelet approved the early release of serial killer and paedophile Marc Dutroux in 1992 after serving only a small portion of his sentence.
Digix Global uses a clever combination of Ethereum and IPFS to tokenise gold and put it on a blockchain.Recently, Digix announced a crowdsale of Digix Global's decentralised autonomous organisation DAO token, allowing participants to have a say in how this trail-blazing technology should expand the blockchain ecosystem.There has been strong demand for DGD tokens from users who did not participate in the creation of DigixDAO as DigixGlobal fortifies its position in the industry with plans for a soon-to-be released revamped web-based application.DGD holders will be able to claim quarterly rewards based on the growth of DGX adoption through active participation in DigixDAO's governance.Bittrex is a leading digital currency spot exchange with a global user base of over 130,000, founded in February of 2014 by three cybersecurity experts with over 50 years of combined experience.The announcement follows a string of recent business activity at DigixGlobal, including hosting Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin for a series of events in Singapore and rolling out a website redesign, as well as discussions on the way forward for Digix and DigixDAO.
A fake Twitter account claiming to represent the nightclub where the largest mass shooting in modern US history took place in the early hours of June 12 was calling for donations to assist victims—by sending bitcoins to buy bottled water and Oreo cookies.The scammers used a common tactic—they hijacked the name of the Pulse nightclub, attached the account to the various "hashtags" associated with the shooting, and built the account's apparent profile by attaching an army of fake followers so they could draw the attention of people following conversations about the shooting.The Twitter account directed followers to a shortened Web address to make donations.That Web address linked to the six-month-old domain—a domain with a fake registration address in California and a contact e-mail account associated with the Hushmail anonymous e-mail service.Based on data from Blockonomics, the wallet pulled in 0.04293381 bitcoins about $30 US —so it wasn't exactly successful in cashing in on the tragedy.The site was shut down after Ars contacted the hosting company.