YouTube can be a haven for business growth, where you get consistent streams of traffic and leads and even sales.And that s the focus of this post – to teach you how.These facts make it both the biggest video site and the second largest search engine in the world, just behind Google.I believe by now you can begin to imagine the potentials YouTube holds for businesses, especially in terms of reach.To reap the benefits YouTube offers businesses, the first step is to open a channel on YouTube and start posting useful, engaging content.However, it s not enough to just post videos on YouTube hoping your prospects will automatically find them; you have to put in some hard work.
Hyperloop has yet again taken another big step from being a futuristic engineering concept towards reality – as more and more cities are joining the race to build quicker transport.The latest city to take part is Dubai, which is set to host a competition looking for designs for a radical new mass transit system.The idea of Hyperloop – where tube shuttles will be able to travel close to 760mph – came from South African entrepreneur Elon Musk.But although Musk came up with the concept, he didn t want to build it himself and open-sourced the technology to allow other firms to develop the idea.The Dubai Future Foundation announced that they will be hosting the Build Earth Live contest in September of this year, with aim to cover the design of the Hyperloop in Dubai.Should it become a reality, the shuttle would be able to transport people from Dubai to Fujairah, a distance of over 105 kilometres 65 miles , in less than 10 minutes.
Rumor has it that Rackspace is about to get acquired, but that isn t stopping the company from hosting a major customer event in San Francisco today.At the event, the company announced both a few milestones around its OpenStack deployments and that it is expanding its multi-cloud security services to Microsoft s Azure cloud.While Rackspace also offers its own hosting and cloud services, the company s focus these days is on service and that includes offering support for applications that run on third-party clouds, too.The managed security service launched back in September 2015 and until now, it only supported AWS, Rackspace s own dedicated hosting platform and Rackspace Managed VMware Cloud.In today s cybersecurity landscape, organizations are no longer asking if they should have a security solution in place, but rather whether they should do it themselves or partner with a trusted managed security service provider, said Brannon Lacey, general manager of emerging businesses at Rackspace, in today s announcement.We are proud to extend this security solution to Azure, as it represents the continued growth of our Managed Security capabilities and aligns with the overall Rackspace mission to provide the best expertise and service across the world s leading clouds.
The successors to Silk Road, the darknet drug market shut down by the FBI in 2013, are raking in tens of millions of pounds in total revenue every month, according to a new report.British dealers apparently have a serious finger in the pie, taking home roughly 16 percent of the global revenues, or around £1.75 million, between an estimated 338 vendors.The report, commissioned by the Dutch government to gauge the growth of darknet markets in the years following the demise of Silk Road, found some good news for beleaguered law enforcement: "cryptomarkets have grown substantially in the past few years, but not explosively," though the numbers of vendors and hosting sites have grown.In fact, researchers found around 50 of these markets in total, however, the total volume of listings is now only six times larger than in 2013.Among the eight most popular marketplaces surveyed, there are plenty of illicit goods and services to buy, the vast majority 57 percent of the listings were found to offer drugs.Over a third featured cannabis derivatives 37 per cent , stimulants 29 percent , and members of the ecstasy family 19 percent .
Matt LeBlanc is certain to present more "Top Gear," a well-placed sourced has told Business Insider after the "Friends" star admitted he is keen to continue on the BBC motoring show.LeBlanc is yet to sign a new contract with the BBC after hosting one series of "Top Gear" this year and he is currently focused on promoting his CBS sitcom "Man with a Plan."
Bill Maris, who cofounded GV formerly known as Google Ventures in 2009, is leaving the unit, according to a new report from Recode.Maris, a neuroscience student at Middlebury who cofounded an early web hosting company before joining Google, is reportedly being replaced by David Krane.Krane is a managing partner at GV; he joined the venture arm in 2010, after spending nearly 10 years as Google s director of global communications and public affairs.This is quite a bombshell, and, as Recode notes, comes on the heels of a string of other recent, high-profile departures within Alphabet, parent company to GV and several other units.Alphabet also recently parted ways with Tony Fadell, the cofounder of Nest Labs acquired by Google for $3.2 billion in early 2014 , and several executives at Google s self-driving car unit, including CTO Chris Urmson.Maris wielded a tremendous amount of power at GV, which, as he told this editor in an on-stage interview in February, currently invests $500 million a year.
Guest Post by Sam Melnick, Director of Director, Customer & Marketing Insights at AllocadiaA few weeks back I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Matt Heinz called Advancing Through the 5 Stages of Marketing Performance.Yes, the marketing industry is focused on becoming data driven, but when you ask marketers candidly, they do not tend to give themselves very high grades on their progress.However, as data suggests or even behind the scenes conversations , when you pull back the curtains the majority of marketing organizations still have lots of work to do in building high performing departments.And each organization works with marketers to help manage and improve Marketing Performance.With that in mind, I m pleased to share the 5 stages within Allocadia s Marketing Performance maturity model.
choosing the right web hosting can be a jungle and most people probably know not themselves what it is exactly they need.Everyone who starts a business needs a site and a site needs a web Order to help their visitors, the site has done a guide with eight points that you should consider before you decide.For a web page that is mainly text based not required so much space, but if it contains movies and video clips require the often a rather large space.Examine how much it costs to increase the space further up.Response time is the time it takes for the visitor to reach the server and transaktionshastighet is the time it takes to download the page in the browser.
As for that tale about us selling entire org... no commentRackspace execs confirmed the sale of its Cloud Sites hosting sub to Liquid Web but ignored the white elephant in the room that Apollo Global is reportedly in talks to slurp the entire organisation.The private equity house might well end up taking Rackspace private again in a deal valued at up to $4bn, buying the company time to restructure while out of the glare of Wall Street moneymen.In a conference call to discuss Q2 results, CEO Taylor Rhodes, refused to comment on the wider media speculation about the future ownership of Rackspace.But he said the sale of its web hosting unit to Liquid Web, a $90m turnover hosting firm, was due to it growing at a lower rate than at the overall corporate target and needed substantial new investment .What we ve been able to do is find a strategic buyer in Liquid Web, who will buy the company at a higher multiple than it was producing for us and allow us to both focus our portfolio, as well as find a happy home for that business and help us raise some incremental funds .
How many times have you watched a video on YouTube - or another video site - and wished you could save a video to watch at a later time?It might be that you want to watch it when you know you're not going to have a connection available, or it could be that your connection is so slow that you're getting frustrated by constant stuttering and buffering.This is where ClipGrab could help you out, as it lets you download streaming videos from a wide range of sites including Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion, converting to key formats in the process.You should only download videos when you have the copyright owner's permission – the terms of service for all popular video hosting sites prohibit unauthorized downloading.ClipGrab saves videos from all the main video hosting sites in your preferred format, or you can just extract the audio if you likeThere are several ways you can use ClipGrab, making it a very flexible tool that will suit many different style of working.
Twitch has been expanding its content horizons beyond games for a while now did you marathon Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting?, but now the Amazon-owned site will be hosting some of its parent company's content.According to a report from Deadline, Amazon will stream the pilots of new shows including a reboot of superhero show The Tick and a comedy titled I Love Dick on Twitch for 24 hours on August 31.Prime Video subscribers will have access to the new shows on Amazon on August 19, but the pilots will also be available on Twitch for one day at the end of this month.Amazon has tested original content with Prime Video subscribers in the past, tracking how well the shows are received.It's likely Amazon wants to do the same with this Twitch integration, seeing how much interest that community has for new shows.
Rumors have been flying for over a week that Rackspace was for sale, but today instead of the whole kit and kaboodle, the company announced it was selling its Cloud Sites web hosting unit to Liquid Web.The fact that Liquid Web is itself a cloud web hosting company would seem to make the two a perfect match, allowing the company to expand its business through acquisition.The two companies actually share a common marketing story around devoted customer support, and it is this element that Liquid Web believes will differentiate it from the rest of the web-hosting pack moving forward.Unfortunately, our industry is trending toward unsupported services, which leaves fast-growing developers, digital agencies and designers alone, without a real person to turn to when they really need help, Liquid Web CEO Jim Geiger said in a statement.The company press release announcing the purchase is peppered with the phrase delighting the customer, and with Rackspace s Cloud Sites property in the fold, it believes it can extend that mission.With Cloud Sites, Liquid Web will now support several popular hosting platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, .NET, PHP and other development and production environments
Going forward, the company is going to focus on releasing a connected speaker.For existing users, the social network isn t going away.Whyd is open-sourcing it and still hosting it at in 2012, Whyd has been looking at ways to improve music discoverability.It worked with many different streaming sites, including YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.And if you re really into remixes, mixtapes and alternative music, you know that it can be a pain to keep track of all the good stuff you find on SoundCloud, YouTube and other websites.
Rackspace's front entrance is pictured in San Francisco.Rackspace Hosting Inc. RAX -2.25 % reported Monday that profit climbed 26% in the second quarter, though the cloud-computing company released dour revenue guidance for the current quarter and lowered annual expectations.The quarterly update follows a report last week by The Wall Street Journal that Rackspace is nearing a sale to a private-equity firm.Shares of the San Antonio, company fell 1.1% to $28.31 in recent after-hours trading.Rackspace has shifted its business model in recent years, amid stiff competition from larger technology companies such as Inc. and Microsoft Corp. MSFT 0.17 % , and is now more of a services provider offering bundled computing and support.For the current quarter, the company expects revenue between $510 million and $515 million, while analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected $530 million.
Web hosting is one area in which costs can easily accumulate, as hosting packages are generally sold with monthly billing.Bandwidth: 100GB Disk Space: 1.5GB Ads: No Panel: Cpanel MySQL Databases: 2 Website: 1 E-mail accounts: 5 Domain hosting: yes FTP: YesLocated in the US, 000Webhost has been providing free hosting services since 2007.Its free hosting service includes 1.5GB of space, 100GB of bandwidth per month and five accompanying email accounts.The service is supported by donations from its community of users nearly 14 million at the time of writing and revenue generated from 000Webhost's premium hosting packages 24hosting .Bandwidth: 6GB Disk Space: 250MB Ads: No Panel: Elefante MySQL Databases: 1 Website: 1 E-mail accounts: 3 Domain hosting: yes FTP: No
If you are using interesting text to attract users, that's good.Ninety percent of users say that product videos help them in making decisions to buy a product.Additionally, one in four consumers will lose interest in a company that does not incorporate video content on any of their channels.The concept is simple; make an interesting video about your product or service and upload it to a hosting website.If your video succeeds in generating user s curiosity, you have favorably turned a visitor into a potential customer.A video marketing company Eye view was able to generate 6X ROI to a home improvement retailer by implementing a one-to-one video marketing approach.
Managed cloud and hosting company Rackspace today announced that it has sold its Cloud Sites business unit to hosting company Liquid Web.Terms of the deal were not disclosed.Cloud Sites is a premium hosting service that starts at $150 per month.Rackspace still provides other cloud and hosting services for its customers.As Rackspace continues to focus on delivering expertise and Fanatical Support for the world s leading clouds, while serving more enterprise customers, it has been divesting services that are not core to this strategy, Rackspace said today in its quarterly earnings statement.The deal was signed in July and is expected to close before September 30.The unit will stay in Rackspace s San Antonio headquarters, according to a statement from Liquid Web.
Once upon a time, hosting the Olympics seemed like a good idea for Rio de Janeiro.The games would provide a catalyst for much-needed infrastructure improvements, complete with funding and must-meet deadlines.But when the Olympic torch lit the cauldron in Maracana Stadium on Friday night, many Brazilians surely wondered, How did we get such a raw deal?As the 2016 Summer Games begin, the city s transportation system is hardly ideal: Transit lines that benefit the middle and upper classes, rather than the people who need them most.A subway system delayed by cost overruns and untested as hundreds of thousands of people descend on the city.Here s an Idea: Hold the Olympics in Multiple Cities at Once
This should be music to everyone's ears: Vevo is launching a massive reboot of its brand.The video hosting giant's recent announcement has got us excited to hear what Vevo CEO and President Erik Huggers has to say at this year's IGNITION conference in December.At a certain point, every brand has to become like a chameleon —
Google has enhanced its mobile mapping experience in anticipation of the 2016 Olympics in RIO.In April, it launched real-time transit for 1,300 bus lines in the Rio metro area, as well as bike routes throughout Rio and the rest of Brazil.Today,the company announced the addition of Street View imagery for the many venues hosting Olympic events.In addition, Google added maps of the 25 indoor venues and will be adding more information for the 12 outdoor venues.Below is an indoor mapping example for the Maracana soccer stadium.All the major mapping providers Apple, Google, Bing, HERE have rolled out indoor mapping to varying degrees.