Both upper secondary and higher education students move into the general housing aid 1.8.2017 from, social affairs and the ministry of health told reporters.the STM according to the president of the republic Sauli Niinistö confirmed the housing benefit bill today, Thursday.the Law change does not affect the study abroad students, as well as in Finland, folk high school, physical education center or the Sámi training centre paid on line study and educational institution dormitory resident students.They also get in the future, the current student support system in accordance with the students ' housing supplement.following the reform of some of the students lose housing support altogether and part of the back of the housing subsidy amount is reduced, will increase or remain unchanged.General housing support for eligible students is estimated to be less than student housing for the additional eligible students, but the average general housing allowance amount is higher than the students ' housing supplement.
Rewind to inform that he paid in 2016, the housing allowance a total of eur 1.9 billion.Growth in payments compared to the year 2015 is 11%.Public housing assistance was spent around a billion euros, with an increase from the previous year was 18 per cent.Also pensioners housing allowance expenditure increased, but student housing supplement expenditure remained almost the same.General housing receiving assistance food committee of the year was 2016 on the ticket of 267 400.the Coil, the number was for the second year in a row, a record high.
in the Summer full-time student should apply for financial aid now so that support can be granted before summer school starts, reminiscent of the Coil on its website.a Student can get financial aid in the summer, if he performs his degree students on a full-time basis.Also the summer student financial aid includes study grant, housing supplement and loan guarantee.the summer period is usually calculated in June, July and August, if the summer months are not covered academic year normal study period.Support can be obtained, for example, lecture courses, book exams, internship or thesis in the making.High school students are not usually eligible for financial aid for the summer.
Almost all Finnish students transferred in August to the student housing supplement of the general housing allowance scheme.the coil of the researcher Jussi, Finland said that the reform encourages the helsinki earlier more expensive housing."in the Past, living alone introduced a rent subsidy decision account 250 euros – currently the limit is in Helsinki fair 500 euro.Now, therefore, support is also more expensive rental housing, which may encourage the transition of cells in a studio apartment", Finland said.the Reform will benefit the North, most residents of helsinki and those who live alone and sorsi those who live to make with your spouse.the Parliament and the government to justify the transformation of the housing support the harmonisation and simplification.
Students housing support changes at the beginning of August, i.e. next week Tuesday, when the student housing supplement is removed and the students transferred to public housing assistance.Change has several effects on students ' everyday life.until now, students have received study aid housing allowance, which is equal to a maximum of eur 210 per month.the transition from public housing assistance to increase the amount of aid 290-406 eur per month.Housing aid to the students."Most of the change will benefit living alone students.