It's not Apple's best for power users, but it's a nice fit for everyone else.
Look beyond laptops. We choose the best options for tower PCs, all-in-ones and desktop Macs that you can buy right now.
How does the M1 processor-equipped Mac Mini compare to the latest iMac with the same innards? Mac Mini certainly provides more flexibility.
Apple’s latest iMac 24-inch along with the new iPad Pro 2021 plus the Apple TV 4K with redesigned Siri Remote are all up for preorder, with the company confirming release dates for its latest hardware. Announced earlier in the month, the new iMac 24-inch is Apple’s most colorful since the iMac G3, though if you want the biggest choice of … Continue reading
Apple’s first big hardware launch of 2021 is headed to preorder tomorrow, with the order books for the first Apple M1-powered iMac opening. Bringing not only Apple Silicon but an array of colors not seen since the iMac G3, the 24-inch iMac also brings with it a potentially tough decision for macOS users. Unveiled earlier this month, the iMac 24-inch … Continue reading
If you've been holding off on buying a new iMac, this new version with an M1 chip and 1080p webcam is its biggest makeover since 2012.
If you've been holding off on buying a new iMac, this new version with an M1 chip and 1080p webcam is its biggest makeover since 2012.
The new iMac gets an M1 chip and 1080p webcam in its biggest makeover since 2012.
Apple's new iMac, which comes in six bright colors, stole the show at the company's April product event.
The iMac has long been overdue for a redesign, and what a redesign did we get. For the first time since the translucent iMac G3 was discontinued in the early 2000s, we have colorful iMacs again. Behold! Oooooh, ahhh! I’m a Windows guy, but I’ve got to admit, those are gorgeous. That blue! The greenish teal! The purple! I mean, when’s the last time you had a purple computer? And to keep the pretty colors from being too distracting, Apple made the shades of color lighter in the front and base, but more vibrant in the back. Your Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse…This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: iMac
Just as the rumors foretold, Apple revealed a new iMac during its Spring Loaded event today. As Apple spent 2021’s early months phasing out older iMac models, we expected the company to introduce a new iMac at some point this year, and now the new all-in-one has been confirmed with Apple’s own in-house silicon at its core. The new iMac … Continue reading
Apple just announced a new iMac desktop in a range of new colors that runs on its M1 chip. Here are the details on what's new and when you can buy it.
Mac OS X launched 20 years ago today. A lot has changed since then, but its legacy as one of Apple’s most important Mac software developments remains.
Expect a bigger display and slimmer body thanks to Apple's M1 silicon Researchers have uncovered references to two unreleased iMac models in the latest beta version of macOS 11.3 Big Sur, raising the prospect of an imminent refresh.…
Apple's iMacs are pretty, but they can be pretty expensive too. Fortunately there are plenty of great iMac alternatives out there. These are our favorites.
A great iMac deserves a great keyboard.However, the alternatives below offer some compelling offers as well, especially if you’re in need of an affordable replacement or a higher-end model with mechanical switches.Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboardThe strip at the top of Logitech’s advanced keyboard will help you keep the battery charged.The panel at the top right will show you how the solar charge process is going, too.This highly durable, top-tier mechanical keyboard will satisfy all your click-clacky needs while still offering excellent performance and long-lasting, coat-protected keys.
Imagine if Apple, instead of inventing something completely new for its original iPhone design, had maintained the look of its iconic Macintosh or the iMac G3.The phone would be more eye-catching than the all-glass gadget we have now, if designer FuturePunk’s imagined, digital 3D models are any indication.This week, he published a look at what he thinks Apple could have created if it modeled the iPhone off either of those PCs.He recreates their commercials, too, except starring the phones.While, yes, it would be completely impractical to have a phone fully based on either of these computers, particularly the Macintosh with its clunky keys, a transparent iMac G3-style iPhone would be incredible, especially in the classic “Bondi blue.” FuturePunk is selling a Blender file of his digital 3D models, if you’re interested in playing around with one there, too.But for now, bask in the glory of the commercials; enjoy the idea of a transparent iPhone; and gaze upon your current iPhone with disdain.
Ive has given us all a new appreciation of design, with a taste for minimalistic designs that only keeps what’s absolutely necessary – for better or worse.Love it or hate it, these designs have changed the way we use tech and everyone’s dying to see what’s next from Apple.And after 25 years of service to Apple, Steve Jobs’ right-hand man will finally be stepping down to start his own design studio, LoveFrom.The importance of Jony Ive’s work on 1998’s iMac G3 cannot be understated.Ive’s knack for doing away with functionality in favor of style could also be seen right from the get-go.In 2002, they came up with the iMac G4, a design based on a sunflower, which placed the screen on a swivel above the base, which contained the rest of the CPU.
Jony Ive, Apple’s famed Chief Design Officer and resident design master since 1997, announced Thursday that he is leaving the company to form his own design company, LoveFrom.When you think of Apple products — the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch spring to mind — the guiding hand and conceptual mastermind behind them is Jonathan Ive alongside his long-term, tight design team.The first generation, which hadn’t been released at the time, had serious design flaws and issues that Ives had set out to fix, while struggling to determine out how this device (was it a PDA?)While the revised and updated Newton, complete with glass screen and pen, went on to win numerous design awards, and was greatly loved by those purchased it, it was not considered a commercial success and was discontinued in 1998.Bondi Blue iMac (aka iMac G3)As the translucent blue face that launched a revolution in computer design, the original Bondi Blue iMac kickstarted a fun colorful look that popularized Apple products and inspired accessory makers for years.