I cannot believe how many websites I m finding for businesses that do not work properly on mobile devices!Major news organizations, attorneys and even Apple s own website that introduces people to their new 7 Plus iPhone requires a magnifying glass to read the text even on one of the biggest phones in the world with one of the largest display screens.There is also a side scroll bug on the Apple website that prevents the entire top navigation menu from being displayed properly in vertical mode requiring users to flip to horizontal to even see the selections.In other words, your website needs to be responsive.No matter whether a visitor to your website is browsing on a laptop, iPad or a phone it simply needs to work.Scott Web Media specialists can redesign your website so that it is responsive to all devices.
Closing the gap between what Apple's iPad offers for content-creators looking to replace their laptop with a tablet, Android N's ability to show two apps on-screen simultaneously will bring a new degree of usability for hybrids like Google's own Pixel C. Meanwhile, there'll be changes to how notifications are managed in Android N too.On Android N tablets, there'll be the ability to float a second window - picture-in-picture style - so that you can carry on watching a video, holding a video call, or monitoring Twitter while simultaneously doing something else on your slate.Unlike Apple's iOS, however, multi-window won't be limited to tablets, and will instead be supported on phones.You'll be able to split the screen in two - the line runs across the center of the screen when you're holding it in portrait orientation - and then pick from other apps to have displayed at the same time.For notifications, meanwhile, there'll be more granular control over what shows up in your status bar.Tablets running Android have, though often equipped with keyboard, struggled when it comes to multitasking in comparison.
It doesn't hurt that Google's only remaining tablet also got a bit of a discount.The team at iFixit took that a sign from above from the mothership really to finally give the tablet-would-be-laptop a good and thorough teardown.Curiously enough, RAM is only at 3 GB while storage is either 32 or 64 GB.What really makes this tablet special, aside from its sleek industrial design, is the Bluetooth keyboard cover accessory that magnetically latches onto the Pixel C, transforming it into a makeshift laptop.Especially considering how that panel is glued tight, foreshadowing the rest of the teardown process.The slightly good news is that a lot of the other parts are actually modular and easily replaced, including the USB-C port, But getting to those involves a lot more work and risk than is reasonably necessary.
MUST SEE: This hidden iPhone trick just became my new favorite featureThese are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers.WITH this app your notes will be secured with a DOT LOCK PATTERN which will provide access to only you who knows the secret code that you have set.Set a sleep timer and listen to your favorite station while relaxing.• Merge duplicates – Merge all duplicates or select the ones to merge.• Reminders – Get automated reminders so you don t forget to backup your important contacts regularly.-Quick dial-Quick Message-One Touch Dial allows you to display search results on the whole screen.
Fall 2007 - Spring 2013: The Sad Years.April 2014: Smartphones have an affair.November 2014: A bitter Nokia produces the N1 Android tablet—basically an iPad clone.April 26, 2015: Nokia releases the following statement saying Nokia and smartphones are actually just good friends:Nokia notes recent news reports claiming the company communicated an intention to manufacture consumer handsets out of a R facility in China.Instead of committing completely, Nokia will only lend its name while another company, named HMD, markets the new Android smartphones.But it will be undeniably nostalgic to see the famous Finnish brand stamped on a smartphone again.
Apple Pay vs Android Pay: With the launch of Android Pay in the UK, both Apple and Google s mobile payment systems are now available for US and UK users.Of course, this is what makes the relationship between Google/Apple and the banks so important, since the interaction is quite different to the standard contactless approach.Where Apple Pay and Android Pay can actually be used is limited by the country you reside in.This is pretty telling: it looks like Apple has done most of the groundwork, then Google has come in and done deals with a lot of the same companies.Android Pay is really a development and branching out of this service, which launched four years earlier in 2011 without much success.A teardown of the iPad Air 2 revealed it has an NFC chip, but doesn t have the periphery antennas or boosters needed to make the chip work properly.
iOS 9.3.2 update bricks 9.7in iPad Pro AppleThe latest iOS 9.3.2 update that was aimed at addressing a bunch of bug issues seems to be causing problems for owners of the 9.7in iPad Pro who noticed the issue soon after installing the over-the-air update.According to the Apple support site, error 56 could be due to a hardware issue, for which users are advised to ensure their iOS device is running on the latest version of iTunes; check for issues with third-party security software; make sure the USB cable, computer and network are reliable.Even after doing all these, if you still see the error, you must contact Apple support.Those unable to restore their device through iTunes should contact Apple support."Apple rolled out the iOS 9.3.2 for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners recently to fix bugs and improve the security of the iOS devices.A few of the notable fixes are for issues such as Bluetooth accessories experiencing audio quality issues when paired to iPhone SE, dictionary definition failing, typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages and issue with VoiceOver using the Alexa voice and MDM servers from installing custom B2B apps.
If you haven t used your passcode to unlock your iPhone or iPad for six days, an iOS 9 restriction disables Touch ID if you don't unlock with a fingerprint within eight hours.However, it might have some bearing when a court order is issued to compel someone to use a fingerprint to unlock an iOS device, as in a recent case.Macworld was alerted to this change when reader David Shanahan emailed the Mac 911 help column about being prompted for his passcode on both an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 once or twice a week in the morning after leaving them charging overnight.Researcher Jonathan Zdziarski also confirmed that he hadn t seen this requirement before, and said, It explains what the hell s been going on with my phone, though!I would love it to automatically kill the fingerprint altogether or set the expiration down to even 4 hours or 8 hours if I m not inside some geofence I ve set up, he said.Because a law-enforcement or other government agent or a malicious party wouldn t necessarily know the last time the passcode was entered, it raises the stakes higher than the 48-hour timeout.
Google today introduced Duo, a "one-to-one video messaging app" that looks a lot like Apple's FaceTime.It's not yet available, but Google promises it's coming soon for both Android and iPhone.Select a contact or phone number, call them, and start a video conversation.It's simple.Google is positioning its expertise at web video calling, drawn from Google Hangouts and the Chrome browser, as something that sets Duo apart.But unlike Apple FaceTime, Duo works across both Google Android and Apple iPhone and iPad.That gives it a much broader potential customer base — and a wider range of people you can call.NOW WATCH: Apple just invested $1 billion in this Chinese companyLoading video...
Sospendo Smartphone HolderIn a world of Bluetooth-connected fart trackers and hipster-friendly tinfoil hats, I am aware that describing a Kickstarter as the worst is a bold claim.But hear me out: from idea to execution to the innumerable GIFs littering the crowdfunding campaign, this particular wearable smartphone accessory ticks all of the boxes.The SOSPENDO is, according to the press release, an innovative, ergonomic hands-free device that will hold smartphones, tablets and GoPro cameras.Fall off the treadmill while wearing SOSPENDO, and you ll get punched in the face FOR FREE!Those have been around since the first iPad and probably before , and will continue to exist for as long as lazy people buy tablets.People go on holiday to unwind and relax, not POV-video every waking second, and parents should consider paying attention to their toddlers, not positioning an iPad to block them out of view.
As the saying goes, "People, what a bunch of bastards".It's not just text-based news either, since Lumi News has a selection of videos that work with the same swiping system.Free Hopscotch: One for the kids that aims to help them learn to code their own games.They can work from scratch, make versions of existing titles, or create their own pixel art.You can unblock web content by filtering your traffic through foreign servers Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, the USA, or whoever is nearest.Air racing, skateboarding, snowboarding, those extreme sporty-type things that you have to be a wee-bit crazy to even consider.
Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published a research note outlining the big 2017 changes, which was obtained by MacRumors.However, the trial has gone quiet since analysts began predicting that this year's release won't be a major leap forward from the iPhone 6S.However, many of the much rumoured iPhone 7 design changes are present and MacRumors say they offer a "good visual representation" of all the reports surrounding it.Only last week, Japanese leak blog Macotakara dismissed the idea that Apple will put the iPad Pro feature on its next smartphone, while SlashGear is convinced it has been Photoshopped onto the new images.Dual cameras reserved for iPhone 7 PlusWhile much of the focus has been on the highly rumoured dual camera said to be in the works for a 5.5ins iPhone 7 – either in the form of exclusive hardware for the iPhone 7 Plus or an entirely new "Pro" line – this is one of our best looks yet at a possible standard, single-lens iPhone 7.iPhone 7: iPad Pro feature set to be dropped09 MayPhotographic leaks of the upcoming iPhone 7 have been thin on the ground and now a new report suggests that one of the most prominent designs touted so far could be inaccurate.
Has Apple truly embraced the stylus after years of ignoring, if not deriding, it?If this recently published patent filed back in 2014 is any indicator, it could very well be the case.Still referred to as "the stylus" in the document, the patent reveals Apple's ideas for an even more advanced version of the Apple Pencil.While most of the images demonstrate such a stylus working on a display device like an iPad, there are some that do show it working on what is most likely a Mac trackpad.In a nutshell, the stylus is used for more than just scribbling or drawing and is loaded with sensors, particularly inertial sensors, that extend its functionality to even gaming.It can be used for more than just a gaming joystick, of course.
Where do you go when Microsoft Office and Google Docs are not enough but Adobe Creative Cloud is too much?Spark Post updates include an iPad version, animations, and Live Photo export, which can convert your post into a Live Photo.Among Spark Page s new features are an iPhone version, new Storybook and Trek themes, Google Photos support, and 3D Touch support, letting you preview projects and zoom in on images.It allows universal access via laptop, desktop, and Chromebook for use in the home, workplace, and schools.Preferred browsers include Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.With Spark, Adobe is also inaugurating two collaborative relationships: one with Facebook Blueprint, an international education and certification program focused on assisting with marketing initiatives on Facebook and Instagram, and Change.org, a petition-based social change platform, to help create training materials for its users.
Google Maps for iOS is getting a new feature today designed to help users find the best places to eat and drink in their vicinity.It s true that Google Maps for iPhone and iPad already let users find places nearby to quench their thirst or fill their belly, serving up categories such as Local Favorites, Quick Bites, Pub, and Eat & Drink, but it also offered Play & See which included movie theaters, department stores, parks, and museums.Now when you first open Google Maps on your iOS device you ll see that the Explore feature is labelled specifically for food and drinks.This is similar to how it already appears on the Android version of the app.Additionally, rather than splitting the options by walking distance and time of day, it now lets you select what kind of culinary experience you re looking for: breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner, or drinks.The visible options will default to whatever time of day it is where you are, so rather than showing you breakfast bistros in your neighborhood at 5pm, it ll maybe show you Pizza Hut or a burrito-bar.With each top-line category you ll be able to sift through additional sub-categories, such as keep it cheap, best dinners, or make it fast.The new Explore feature will be rolling out from today in the U.S., UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, though we re told it could take a week or so to arrive for everyone.
Apple has announced the opening of a new development office in Hyderabad, India.This new office was opened to focus on the development of maps for Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple watch."The talent here in the local area is incredible and we are looking forward to expanding our relationships and introducing more universities and partners to our platforms as we scale our operations."The team that will work in the new building is responsible for Maps features such as 3D views, flyover, and for creating tools to help Apple maps users find places where they want to eat, shop, and explore.One of the more recent features added to Apple maps is Transit, which offers a combination of trains, subways, buses, and walking directions for areas with robust public transit systems for more than 300 cities."We are experts in geospatial data and we will be hiring thousands of people from the local area to support this effort."
SaaS startup Showpad which has built a platform designed to improve other businesses sales productivity has closed a $50 million Series C funding round, led by Insight Venture Partners — with IVP MD Jeff Horing now joining the Showpad board.Existing Showpad investors Dawn Capital and Hummingbird Ventures also participated in the funding round.While, on the flip side, the marketing department gets to track which content has the biggest impact on the customers sales reps are talking to — with the promise being improved ROI on that marketing content.The 2011 founded mobile-first startup was a relatively early mover in the consumerization of IT trend, powered by the rise of devices such as the Apple iPad being pulled into the enterprise sphere.Showpad touts simplicity as its selling point vs traditional file sharing systems, portals and CRMs — with its platform allowing users to pull in relevant marketing content from other storage services where it might be siloed, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, and showcase, manage and track performance on a single platform.It also now dubs itself a content activation platform , albeit that s a fancier way of saying it makes marketing, channel and sales enablement software.
Custom designed for a precise fit, the skin is made from a durable material that resists dents and scratches, offers excellent optical clarity, and can be easily applied and removed without leaving residue.See larger imageThe recently-released Slimsuit 12.9-inch iPad Pro; $40 on Amazon sports a modern design with a zipperless magnetic closure for quick access.The faux-leather case includes a fashionable contrast trim, a detachable shoulder strap, and a padded interior for a snugly fit that protects from shocks and bumps.See larger imageThe Glitz 9.7-inch iPad Pro; $25 to $31 protects the front and back of your iPad Pro with a colorful skin.See larger imageThe Wireless Keyboard iPad mini 4; $60 MSRP; $34 on Amazon sports a versatile clamshell layout with a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard for productivity on-the-go.The Rough Rider includes an adjustable shoulder strap, is available in two sizes, and comes in black, copper, green, flame, or pine.
This week I m excited to feature Carol Krol, editor-in-chief of DemandGen Report.Location: I work from my home office in New York City, and twice a week I commute to the office in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.It s lovely when the sun streams through in the morning, but I usually have to shut the windows and go on mute on conference calls because of occasional sirens.I have a tiny knight on horseback figurine on my desk that I got at The Cloisters years ago.I love music, but I m all about the lyrics, so I find listening to most music while working is a distraction.A former boss and mentor pointed it out, gently, years ago and I ve been practicing listening and not interrupting ever since.
Last year, Apple launched Pencil, a stylus, which in the current situation can only be used with the iPad Pro. However, indications are that Apple will eventually add support for the Magic Trackpad, which makes it possible to use the pen with a Mac computer. Apple has namely been granted a patent in the text and images describing how Apple Pencil can be used with a trackpad. Illustration from Apple's patents. It is not inconceivable that in time we will also be able to use Apple Pencil also with control pads in the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Sell ​​your gadget quickly and easily with MacWorld service.