JiaYu s German distributor has posted images and specs of the upcoming JiaYu M1.Jiayu seem to still be in a stage of limbo at the moment with news that they both will and won t continue to make flagship phones.Over the past few months we have heard various reports that the JiaYu S4 will launch, but so far there is not evidence of that.There is however evidence of a new phone called the JiaYu M1, a budget device which is slated to go on sale in Germany later in the year.For those of you with a good knowledge of Chinese phones, the JiaYu M1 might look familar, to our eyes it looks like a slightly modified iNew V3 smartphone, and in fact even the 5-inch 1280 x 720 panel is the same size.With budget buyers in mind the M1 will come with 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, a rather small 2750mAh battery, MT6580 quad-core chipset, with the only highlights being the claimed 8 mega-pixel front and 13 mega-pixel rear cameras however expect actual specs to be nearer 5MP 8MP .Online pricing of similar phones would suggest that the JiaYu M1 could sell for around $70, however we expect a price closer to $100 for physical stores in the EU after taxes.
Remember the newest iNew phone we talked about some weeks back?Yes, the U3W.A variant of the phone — MT6735-powered, instead of the MT6580 — is now on sale for $64.99.Fast forward to now, we know that it ll cost $64.99.A year or so back people would ve lined up to get their hands on this baby, but there s no dearth of budget $65 phones the Picasso being one on the market now.Anyway, let s take a quick look over the spec sheet of the iNew U3.There s a 4.5 inch 854 480 FWVGA screen right on top, under which sit the internals: the quad-core MediaTek MT6735 processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, 5 mega-pixel rear camera, 2 mega-pixel front facing camera and a 1750mAh battery.There s also an IR blaster which is definitely not a commonality on sub-$100 phones.While the 1750mAh doesn t sound too high capacity, what I can say about iNew is that the actual capacity and the claimed capacity are usually hand in hand, unlike some other companies.That said, the U3 might be a worthwhile investment of $64.99 shipped if you re looking for a budget phone.
The front flash trend seems to have come back after a brief hiatus.Chinese companies, especially, seem keen on having phones out in the market with front flash.iNew are the newest company to join the league.We ve previously talked about their upcoming Pandora lineup, and now there s news well, a teaser about a phone from that series.The iNew Pandora R9 yes, the OPPO R9 doppelgänger will target selfie users.The teaser seems to depict a front flash also, to keep things interesting.Gionee recently launched a phone with front flash… and if that s not enough, here s a whole list.Check out the teaser image below.There s no word on the specifications or pricing of the iNew Pandora R9 so far.We expect to hear from the company in the coming few days, which is when you can expect more info about the device.
Seems like iNew are about to release and new smart wearable device at the end of September named simply P1.The gadget should be a smart wristband with a circular display supplying all the information about your body and health activities and measurements, sleep patterns or time.For the active style people it could be an interesting option for tracking their data and using it for example for better planning of the sport activities and such.The P1 wristband should have the IP67 certification, making it fairly durable and resistant to water and dust.It should be available in three different color variants, so far they have mentioned the beige, pink and grey versions.The smart wristband hasn t been officially released yet, but we have already a list of functions it should be sporting.So the P1 should be equipped with a heartrate monitor, pedometer, smart notifications, remote controls, burned calory counter, distance counter, sleep monitoring, data synchronization with paired device and surely some more.We should know more when it s officialy released by the end of the month and then we can bring a full report about the iNew P1 smart wristband.
iNew has recently unveiled a new lineup of smartphones under the alias  Pandora , the first they ll be pushing out is the iNew Pandora R9, a selfie-centric phone with front-facing LED flash.Today, we get to know the full iNew Pandora R9 specifications!iNew Pandora R9 Specifications5-inch 1920 x 1080p displayMediaTek MT6737 processor3GB RAM16GB ROM13 rear camera13 mega-pixel front facing camera with flashFingerprint sensor3200mAh batteryAndroid 6.0 MarshmallowThe iNew Pandora R9 will sport a 5.0-inch Full HD SHARP display, a MTK6737 processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.On the back we find a 13MP camera, while on the front of the device we find a new Moonlight 13-Megapixel shooter accompanied by an LED flash, a big plus for selfie-lovers, below the screen we instead have a fast fingerprint scanner with Ceram Technology.The iNew Pandora R9 will carry a big for the size 3200mAh battery, which can be fast charged at 2A, an NXP music chipset and it ll run Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.The iNew Pandora R3 will be released next month, we re still unaware of the actual retail price but we assume it ll be pretty affordable.