Believe in the growth potential of Internet of Things IoT app development which makes everything connectable.With smart devices taking your homes, workplaces, and industries like healthcare and agriculture- we aim to create a network of IoT devices which will talk to each other and can be controlled over a mobile app.If you choose the professional approach, you can create a revolution in your industry with the top IoT app development company- Innofied. 
his is the second time in this year that Innofied Solution Pvt Ltd has tried to spread their wings. And guess what! They’re successful. After Sacramento and Sydney, we have opened our new business development center in New York City. We have been rocking the city of Sacramento as #1 mobile app development company as per GoodFirms. Now it’s our turn to provide competent mobile app development services to the businesses in New York.
React Native- a framework designed by Facebook is upping the ante for mobile apps.The primary focus of React Native is on developer efficiency across iOS and Android platforms you care about – learn once, write anywhere.What are the to 10 React Native best practices to follow?
Innofied is now in Australia, and Clutch recognizes it as one of the top app development company. Innofied have so many global offices – How we might be managing them altogether? Read on to know what our clients have to say and the reason behind our success.
We at Innofied believe in exercising our creative genius to create shockingly simple digital experiences that will drive better results and boost the bottom line.The B2B ratings and reviews site, Clutch, accomplishes that by compiling client feedback, case studies, and in-depth quantitative analyses in order to gain market insights.Read on to how we achieved this new milestone.
We have been rocking the city of Sacramento as #1 mobile app development company as per GoodFirms.Read on to know why we opened an office in New York and more about our success story.
Innofied Solution, an award-winning web and mobile app development company currently headquartered in Kolkata, opened up their new office in Sydney, Australia.Read on to know why we opened a new office in Sydney and our success story.
Yes, AllRide Apps – the popular transport app solution has bagged yet another award this year.Just after Engage Digital Excellence Award 2017, the solution bagged yet another award on 27th October at Swissotel, Kolkata. 
To improve the healthcare, eldercare, and home care in India, Tamojit Dutta along with Prateep Sen, Elina Dutta, and Shibaji Saha, founded Tribeca Care, an online elderly care service at Kolkata in the year 2013.Innofied Walks Together With a Quickly Growing On-Demand Healthcare Services in Kolkata.
Since last March, we at Innofied have been seeing an influx of small business owners, mostly from the Fast Food Industries. Some of them already had a website and now what they were looking for was a mobile app.So this article explores which exact problems of a Fast Food Business can be resolved with the help of a mobile solution.
SEO does not sound interesting to the developers. But guess what, I have convinced them on using some well-tested tricks which had benefited them eventually. Even at our Innofied, the web and mobile development company, SEO has been successful in garnering some good results.Here’s a super fast agenda that all web developers must engrave in the back of their brains while building sites.
Being experienced with React Native for years, we have developed our own practices that have helped us in creating some remarkable apps.
Not to make silly assumptions..You have probably landed on this page because you have a brilliant app idea!We understand the pain of getting one developed as we have worked with startups for years, so as a mobile development company with specialisation in startups, we urge you to go through our solutions and portfolios get an idea.We at Innofied are experts in turning great ideas into user happy products!Give us a chance to convert your idea into a resource generating product. Contact us for a free consultation.
 Laravel is developed for web artisans whose chaotic work needs a little calmness.So, What Are The Laravel Best Practices We Follow At Innofied?At Innofied, we always try to follow best practices to make sure that our codes are always clean so that we deliver amazing results for our clients.It’s better to get used to new development frameworks.As new web app development languages are entering the market, the wise thing to do would be to adapt to it. The best framework would be Laravel. 
 With the constantly increasing popularity of the on demand ride sharing services, it’s newest inclusion the e scooter gig is also becoming more acceptable to people worldwide.If you already have some similar app idea in your mind, feel free to share it with us. At Innofied, we have a team of highly skilled developers who are quite capable of making your dream come true. And when it comes to ridesharing apps, we do have a portfolio for that as well. Read on to know the steps involved.
Tinder has paved a way for the startups to make it big in the online dating app segment. And this is what you should look forward to.And if you are reading this I guess, you are already into it.Despite this market being much promising, we haven’t seen any app coming up with something innovative. This makes a chance for you to make a mark in this segment.Still, have doubts? Alright, no need to panic, we have your back. All you need to do is giving us a call.If you have a dating app idea, we’ll build it better than Tinder. Innofied is there for you.
 If you are reading this, we can assume that you have an amazing idea for an uber for laundry.  You must be now wondering about the expense that would be required for the laundry app development process.Like any other app, laundry app development is not an easy task. But with experience developers and an award-winning team, we at Innofied promise to deliver the best.Read on to know the steps involved.
The age of machines has drastically changed the way people conduct business.If you think automation is just taking away people’s’ jobs, think again. The past two decades are a witness to the fact that businesses who failed to update their services with an online presence are likely to suffer.If you are a business proprietor, we cannot stress enough on the fact that investment on a website is not optional.In case you are wondering where to hire website developers, your search ends here. No one caters to your need better than us. Here at Innofied, our experienced team will make your dream a reality through our unique 7 step process.
If you are a smartphone user, you are most likely to be familiar with this phrase. Mobile applications have changed the way we use a particular service; for almost every category – you will find a solution in your smartphone. Creating an app is quite the Herculean task, and we understand the trouble or stress involved in hiring a developer. But with developers who are experienced, awarded as the best, and trusted by 500+ satisfied customers, you can wipe off the sweat off your forehead. Here at Innofied, we offer a unique, yet simple solution for your app based needs.
 No need to pressurize your mind, just go through the apps like Tinder, OkCupid or Match and find the desired type.Though if you are planning to create your own genre of dating apps then don’t think twice before contacting us.Here at Innofied, we have a team of developers who can give you the best output possible and are pretty efficient as dating app builders.