As IoT makes its way into multiple aspects and domains of our lifestyle, people are wondering if we can go past home assistance and connected house appliances. Think of it this way; IoT comprises billions of devices connected to the cloud, and each of them acts as a data collector that helps in filling a central cloud database. And if all connected devices are gathering crucial data, what good is it if this data isn’t used to make better decisions? From marketing to management, from healthcare to safety; it’s all there. Whether it’s a fridge, car, or smartphone, they’re all collecting data. However, companies need to start by taking advantage of all the data they’ve accumulated so far.
This article will guide you on what IOT is and how it will further change the mobile application industry! 
Industry Insight The global market's Internet market (IOT) market size was 605.69 billion US dollars in 2014.In addition, innovative technology startups like Smart Plug Maker, Julie and IOT Cloud Service Providers, Electric IPs, have been able to attract large funding from growing product applications in various industry verticals.However, issues related to privacy and security like breaking into unauthorized access to connected devices or connectivity systems may hinder market growth.The Internet of Things connects different devices and devices through the Internet and enables real-time wireless communication with users.Connected car concepts in the industry related to the industry are proven to be another successful application.Moreover, due to the promotion and the increasing establishment of industrial robots, things have had a positive impact on the internet industry.Component Insights The system of the Internet system includes connected devices and components that enable connectivity and information exchange.In addition, the introduction of Apple Homekit and Google Billows leads to the unmatched and customer-friendly platform popularity with complete integration with their respective app stores to focus on the mainstream Internet.Regulators in the Internet are working on the privacy and data security of the important things to create a connected environment for optimal security.
As the technology is evolving rapidly day by day, the way of communication between human and human, and interaction between human and devices is getting advanced.That is because of the powerful Internet of Things (IoT).As one of the best IoT development companies in India, XcelTec offer top notch IoT services and solutions for every type of companies in the global market.XcelTec is an Internet of Things application development company in Ahmedabad, India & USA that offers IOT solutions and services to build IOT app development for wearables, smart devices and more.
Internet of Things (IoT) is the most advanced technology, which is being used everywhere in the world.Whether it is IT industry or Automative, it relates with many industries to reduce the complex tasks and boost the overall business operations.Internet of Things (IOT) has changed our lives significantly
The year 2018, is a year of new innovation and technologies that are changing the world into a more smarter world.The Internet Of Thing development has changed the traditional systems to a smart system and is benefitting the industries to develop out-of-box applications that bring revenue to the business.Talking about agriculture and Food, there's an estimation that around more than 500 million people are undernourished and are with lack of food.Technology being the main focus for success helps to improve the crop production by giving innovative tech platforms that efficiently increases the Agriculture Productivity.The Internet Of Things has made this possible by creating smart devices and sensors which increases the food production by 70% by 2050 (referred from Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations ).Being a transformative technology to agriculture helps to sustainably feed the growing world population.
2018 is going to be the break-through for Internet of Things, many industries are incorporating its features into their products and work processes to enhance their profits.People also started to enjoy the products based on wearable technology and IoT like Smartwatches, Fitbit, etc.Businesses and consumers are expecting to embrace new innovations of IoT into their lives to make it better.In this Infographic we look at What is The Internet of Things and how IoT going to dominate the market in 2018.Advancement in the IoT technologies will help in boosting various industries to incorporate its features into maintaining a high level of precision. 
These days security is the main concern in technologies, So have a look various run-down factors to achieve the best of IOT benefits without facing any security issues.
Nowadays IOT has become an integral part of various industries.Let's have a look to know how it is transforming the manufacturing sector.
IOT is the next big thing that technology innovators are eyeing at, So here in this post we'll take a look at how to choose the best IOT platform for your specific IOT application.
If you are planning to monetize your IoT app and devices, then considered these factors before you monetize IOT technology.
What is Bluetooth Low Energy?Bluetooth is one of the most popular short-range communications technologies for wearable devices connected to mobile phones.Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a new protocol with reduced power consumption well-suited for the Internet of Things applications.What differs BLE from the usual Bluetooth is the way it sends data: periodic transmissions of lesser amounts of data result in lower power consumption, which is surely appreciated by end users.The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol is supported by all modern mobile phones starting from iOS 5, Android 4.3, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry 10.How does Bluetooth Low Energy work?There are 3 main types of BLE connection, each serving its particular purposes, and each being used in different products for different business domains:1.1-to-1 connection is used for various fitness tracking wearables, smart home devices, and medical equipment.2.1-to-Many connection is often associated with item-tracking, way-finding, and point-of-interest beacons.A smartphone becomes the center of user activities.3.
When we talking about the new things in terms of technology then there are some new idea with different mindset.Take an overview on some of the major updates and drawbacks that we would see in 2018 related to IoT.