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A little distracted these days? Us too. If you only have time to check out a few hot new products at CES, these are the ones to ogle. We’ve sifted through the landslide of tech to pick out the game changers you need to know about. Check out the best and brightest from CES 2021.
OverviewMarket Research Future attempts to propose an accurate COVID-19 analysis of the global environmental sensor market, keeping in view market forecasts until 2018–2023.During this period, the market opportune to garner at a growth rate of 10.21% (CAGR) and expects to reach a valuation of USD 1.99 Billion from previous valuation (USD 1.13 billion in 2017).Top Grossing FactorsThe global Environmental Sensor Market during COVID-19 breakthrough is estimated to experience significant growth over the estimated period owing to the factors such as technological advancement and innovative engineering of individual sensors.The growing demand of the sensors is also witnessed from industrial as well as the agriculture sector, which is projected to impact market growth post COVID 19 pandemic positively.MRFR estimate that the key trends such as real time sensing capabilities, sensor miniaturization down to the nanoscale, wireless network operation, surged sensibility and rapid processing in the market are making it more stable than ever.With this, the growing demand for intelligent detection and communication systems for agricultural, monitoring, and control, environmental, and industrial applications are ahead to expect a put a positive impact on the market growth over the next six years.Get Free Sample Report @ forward, the study also casts light on the fact that environmental sensing technology finds usage in diverse applications such as forest fire detection, greenhouse gas, air pollution monitoring, and landslide detection (GHG) monitoring, and more.Thus, the market for the environmental sensor is expected to proliferate especially after the long-term impact of COVID-19.Furthermore, the environmental condition has an essential influence on the comfort, welfare, and productivity of humankind.The consumer electronics segment is again divided into smartphones & tablets and wearable devices.Environmental Sensors Global Market - Regional AnalysisThe global market of environmental sensors is estimated to grow at a significant rate in the central regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and the rest of the world (comprising the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America).The approval of environmental sensors for monitoring has been significantly amplified owing to expanding challenges to preserve the quality of air in and around industrial areas.
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US President Donald Trump has claimed his victory in the 2nd presidential debate against Democratic contender Joe Biden by 89% to 11%.But, he didn’t mention what polling showed the alleged landslide victory.Read more at:
If "did not vote" was a presidential candidate in 2016, it would have received 100 million votes and won in a landslide.
(Stanford School of Engineering) An international research team led by the Stanford Blume Center for Earthquake Engineering has developed a methodology to help disaster preparedness officials in large cities make contingency plans on a region-wide basis to make sure that emergency responders can get patients to the hospital facilities that are likeliest to remain in commission after a quake.
It wasn't a landslide, but most respondents would give up a bit of endurance for a more compact phone.
Britain’s Got Talent has unveiled the voting figures from this year’s final, revealing that new champion Jon Courtenay won by quite the landslide.Of the 10 acts in the final – five picked by the judges during the semi-finals and five selected by the public – Jon received a total of 35.7% of the total vote, following the performance of his original song in the final.Things were a little bit closer between second, third and fourth place, with runners up Sign Along With Us landing 15.3% of the votes.Just behind them were comedians Steve Royle and Nabil Abdulrashid, on 14.1% and 13.9%, respectively.Check out the full voting stats belowJon Courtenay (35.7%)Sign Along With Us (15.3%)Steve Royle (14.1%)Nabil Abdulrashid (13.9%)James & Dylan Piper (5.7%)Damien O’Brien (4.6%)Aidan McCann (3.7%)Jasper Cherry (3.3%)Magical Bones (2.9%)Aaron & Jasmine (0.8%)During this year’s pre-recorded semi-finals, eight acts performed each night, with the judges picking their favourite to automatically send through to the final.The remaining seven were then put up for the public vote, with the winners of each round also earning a spot in the last stage of the competition.Here are the voting figures from the five weeks of the semi-finals:Week 1James & Dylan Piper (41.8%)Yakub (22.7%)Fayth Ifil (13.2%)James Stott (10.0%)SOS From The Kids (6.1%)Imen Siar (3.7%)Urban Turtles (2.5%)  Week 2Damien O’Brien (22.1%)The Coven (20.1%)Souparnika Nair (19.7%)Amanda & Miracle (18.5%)Honey & Sammy (10.4%)Class Dynamix (5.0%)Allan Finnegan (4.2%) Week 3Sign Along With Us (34.0%)Sirine Jahangir (31.8%)X1X Crew (14.5%)Ember Trio (8.9%)Myra Dubois (6.9%)Dario The Dinosaur (2.0%)Bhim Niroula (1.9%) Week 4Jasper Cherry (49.2%)Belinda Davids (21.2%)Chineke! Junior Orchestra (8.5%)Billy & Chantelle (7.5%)Kevin Quantum (5.3%)Papi Flex (4.9%)Katherine & Joe O’Malley (3.4%) Week 5Aidan McCann (27.0%)Beth Porch (24.8%)Wesley Williams (16.1%)Hakan Berg (14.2%)Soldiers of Swing (9.0%)Shalom Chorale (6.3%)Crissy Lee (2.6%)For safety reasons, the performances in this year’s BGT final were pre-recorded ahead of time, although the results of the public vote were announced live.Comedy singer Jon’s win was a notable one, as it marked the first time a Golden Buzzer act – picked by one of the judges to automatically win a spot in the semi-finals after their audition – has gone on to win the competition.This year saw Simon Cowell sitting out the second half of the competition due to an injury, with former BGT winner Ashley Banjo sitting in for him this year.MORE BGT: Ashley Banjo Says Diversity Ofcom Complaints Are Evidence Of A Deeper Issue In British Society Amanda Holden's Response To Ofcom Complaints About Her BGT Dress Could Not Be More Amanda Holden 'I've Enjoyed The Madness Of It': Amanda Holden On Making Music And Memories In A Year We'd All Rather Forget
Jim Carrey basically just told US president Donald Trump to kiss off in his new cartoon.In a nod to the growing ranks of Trump associates infected with Covid-19 after the leader’s illness, Jim imagined Trump in a kissing... er... “kiss of death” booth.A gloved hand also raises the middle finger to Trump, who has a giant droplet coming out of his nose.Thanks for playing deadly power games while Americans lose everything, Super Spreader-in-Chief. Don’t fear the electoral landslide. Don’t let it dominate your life!— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) October 7, 2020Trump’s widely-criticised message in which he told Americans “don’t be afraid” of the virus and “don’t let it dominate your life” was easy pickings for the comedian, who threw the words back in Trump’s face.“Thanks for playing deadly power games while Americans lose everything, Super Spreader-in-Chief,” the caption reads. “Don’t fear the electoral landslide. Don’t let it dominate your life!”Trump is badly trailing Democrat Joe Biden in the polls, with less than a month to go before the election.Meanwhile, Jim appears to have picked up the pace with his cartoon takedowns of Trump and company.The comedian has posted four artworks since debuting as Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, in a performance that saw him taking on Alec Baldwin as the US leader, with former cast member Maya Rudolph returning to play Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris.READ MORE: Alec Baldwin And Jim Carrey Aping The Trump/Biden Debate Is Scarily Accurate (And Very Funny) Alec Baldwin Hits Back At Gripes That SNL Mocking Sick Trump Is Offensive Jim Carrey Just Launched His Fiercest Attack Yet On Donald Trump
The first thing I learn from One America News Network is that there is a new Rolling Stones flagship store opening on Carnaby Street, where “you can always get what you want.” The next is that Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and held a massively successful rally in North Carolina where he condemned mail-in voting. OAN will then tell me that The Atlantic magazine is full of lies and owned by “America’s new George Soros.”What I don’t know at this point on Wednesday morning, only 20 minutes into a 16-hour straight viewing of far-right conspiracy network OAN, is that I will watch its highlight reel of Trump’s rally seven times and the attack on The Atlantic eight times. I will watch a segment on Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination, a meaningless stunt by a far-right Norwegian parliamentarian, at least 10 times. I will watch multiple different hosts recite the same introductions and same scripts, sometimes saying the words along with them in my empty apartment. Because OAN blends its outlandish coverage with everyday banality I will come to know that The Rolling Stones memorabilia store is, at its heart, “about the music.”This has been a breakout year for OAN. For most people, the network is infamous for its conspiracy theories, its employment of far-right activists and White House correspondent Chanel Rion’s absurdly sycophantic questions to the president. (“We’re watching Joe Biden slip very gently into senility, while you’re at the top of your game. What’s your secret?”)  Fact-checking OAN, especially 16-straight hours of it, is basically a Sisyphean taskOAN is ostensibly a news network, with 24-hour coverage and a multimillion-dollar budget. It’s available in at least 35 million households through multiple service providers and has its own streaming app for smart televisions. Trump has repeatedly tweeted praise for the channel and encouraged his followers to watch it. He gave the outlet an exclusive interview during the Republican National Convention, and Trump family members and top associates have repeatedly appeared on its programmes. As the election quickly approaches, it is effectively a media arm of the Trump campaign.Pro-Trump media is often viewed only through brief moments that highlight its most egregious disinformation. This can obscure that part of its function: to produce a kind of information pollution that warps viewers’ perception of reality. It creates an alternate universe where baseless conspiracies mix into legitimate news, major events are ignored and the president can do no wrong. So I’ve decided to binge-watch my way into that reality. As it happens, I chose the day that CNN and The Washington Post score a massive scoop: audio from Trump’s interview with Bob Woodward, in which the president admits – in the early days of the pandemic, which will soon claim 200,000 American lives – that he is purposely downplaying the coronavirus. If I was keeping an eye on Twitter or flipping channels I’d know about this bombshell right away, but on OAN, it barely exists. 7am to noon OAN’s daytime shows typically feature a single host sitting at a desk or a couch in front of a city backdrop or stock market-themed green screen. It should look like any other channel, but even with all the trappings of cable news, there is always an uncanny valley between OAN and a regular network. The lighting and graphics are somehow slightly off, and awkward stock footage such as faceless businessmen shaking hands is embedded in reports. There are minor technical issues and hosts flub their lines along the way. The live ticker at the bottom of the screen for hours has no news; it just constantly scrolls “VISIT OANN.COM | FOLLOW @OANN ON TWITTER.”OAN’s morning programming is incredibly repetitive. Although the hosts change each hour, much of the scripts they read remain the same, and pre-taped news segments air multiple times. What host Stephanie Myers presents just before 7am is sometimes identical to what host Lilia Fifield says an hour later, which is repeated again on Wall to Wall with Greta Wall later in the morning. There is no context or analysis for many news events, such as a fire at a refugee camp in Greece, often just repurposed footage from news agencies or local stations and voiceover that sounds aggregated from news wires like Reuters.These more generic segments are the closest OAN comes to being a straight news channel, which is how its owner Robert Herring Sr. promoted the network when he launched it along with his son Charles in 2013. Herring Sr., a multimillionaire Republican donor, initially touted the network as just-the-facts news without biased commentary. Herring Sr. reportedly played a significant role in making the network’s coverage increasingly right-wing and pro-Trump, and several anchors anonymously told Politico that many on staff are not diehard conservatives but dejected liberals who are simply trying to hold on to a job in broadcasting. OAN quickly morphed into an outright pro-Trump outlet that aired his rallies in full during the 2016 presidential election campaign and now lauds his administration. The shift has made OAN a rising star in the right-wing media ecosystem, resulting in the president repeatedly praising the station on Twitter and giving OAN closer access into Trump World. Ratings are allegedly up 55% compared with last year, Charles Herring told Politico. (OAN doesn’t subscribe to industry-standard Nielsen ratings, making it hard to know exact viewership numbers.) Even when OAN isn’t promoting outright misinformation, its choice of what to cover helps shape a world that its conspiratorial coverage then distorts. Portland police being paid increased overtime during protests is elevated to national news and manages to fit in mention of “violent rioters.” A story about a federal ban on imports from China’s Xinjiang province and another on the Pacific nation of Palau inviting the US to build a military base frame America as boldly countering China’s influence. It doesn’t matter that the Palau story is almost a week old, or that the Customs and Border Protection has not made any formal announcement on Xinjiang imports.Where OAN really begins to deviate from reality, however, is in its programming that features guest interviews or pre-taped segments from its better-known personalities. Just after 7am, Fifield introduces a segment from Rion, the White House correspondent, that is an absurd defence of Trump against The Atlantic’s damaging report that the president called Americans who died in war “losers” and “suckers.”“A once-respected journal now finds itself exposed as a privately funded fiction factory for the DNC,” Rion says, claiming that The Atlantic’s reporting, which has been backed up by multiple other outlets including Fox News, “went down in journalistic flames.” The segment baselessly accuses Atlantic journalists of being puppets for owner Laurene Powell-Jobs, whom Rion describes as “America’s new George Soros” who hired a “coterie of pet writers” to do her bidding. Rion, who is also the “curator-at-large” of a word appreciation website that claims to be the “premier destination for lovers of fine words,” lingers on pronouncing “coterie.”The segment airs multiple times just in the first few hours of the day, and as Rion talks about “truth” and “reality,” the words begin to lose any meaning. I become fixated on why there is a large gray smudge in the second “o” of a sinister “anonymous sources” graphic. I watch Powell-Jobs’ headshot slowly pan across the screen over and over.“Society’s only hope against such bad actors is the truth, in the hope that it ultimately prevails,” Rion says in a sentence that will slowly sear its way into my mind over the course of the day.Another piece repeated throughout the morning is a report from OAN’s Pearson Sharp, who sounds like the voice of Moviefone, promoting Trump’s claims that mail-in voting will result in fraud, giving the impression “illegals” will receive ballots and falsely suggesting Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote in 2016 because “almost 6 million ballots went missing” and “just vanished.” Sharp’s source in this segment is a right-wing advocacy group with a history of misleading and debunked statements that is run by a former Trump administration official. OAN will air it six times on Wednesday. Fact-checking OAN, especially 16-straight hours of it, is basically a Sisyphean task. There are simply too many pieces of misinformation per minute to catch up, and the central premise of its coverage is often so misleading that it defies any good faith engagement.Between 7am and noon, OAN runs interviews with right-wing think tankers under the banner “Economists Warn A Biden America Would Destroy Economy” and Sharp talking with a California pro-gun activist who claims billionaires are coming to take away the second amendment. (“Including George Soros?!” Sharp asks.) OAN also brings on Trump pollster John McLaughlin, who condemns “skewed media polls” showing the president trailing Biden and talks about pro-Trump boat parades.“If more people owned boats we’d win this in a landslide,” McLaughlin says.News consumers in the rest of the country, even viewers of Fox News, are seeing a succession of major stories that Wednesday: massive wildfires engulfed large parts of California, where OAN is based, and turned the sky above San Francisco an apocalyptic orange. A Rochester, New York, police chief and his top officials resigned after allegations of covering up police involvement in the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who suffocated after officers put a bag over his head during an arrest. But meanwhile, at around 11:20am, OAN airs an unbroken feed of Department of Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf delivering a “state of the homeland” address where he defends the agency’s crackdown on nationwide anti-racism protests. A few hours after this address, it will become public that a DHS official filed a major whistleblower complaint that claims Wolf twice told him to stop reporting on the Russian threat to the US election because it “made Trump look bad.” I will not find out about this until the next day, because OAN will not cover it during the 16 hours I’m watching.Noon to 6pmWhile the rest of the news media covers the Woodward revelations, which broke just before noon, I am looking at OAN still showing a live feed of Wolf’s speech even though he has now stopped talking and left the podium. “There are shuttles waiting outside,” one official helpfully tells the attending audience.When OAN cuts back to the studio, host Jennifer Franco summarises Wolf’s speech and then goes on to introduce a series of stories that include a poll showing Portland’s disapproval of its mayor, a Republican bill to increase pay for law enforcement officers and a Belgian magazine accused of using blackface on its cover. The Atlantic segment airs again. “Society’s only hope against such bad actors is the truth, in the hope that it ultimately prevails,” Rion says.At around 12:10pm, OAN runs a segment bashing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for “flip flopping” on mask policy, and I realise despite multiple stories condemning him, this is the first time in five hours I have heard Biden speak.  It’s exceedingly rare to actually hear from any Democrats or people with dissenting views. Trump is everywhere – on b-roll, speaking at length at his rally and giving live pressers – but Kamala Harris and Biden are only ever mentioned and function as unspeaking villains. A few-second clip of Harris during a segment on former Fox News host Megyn Kelly condemning her for praising police shooting victim Jacob Blake’s family, and another brief clip of Biden talking about masks, are essentially all we hear from them all day.About 5 hours into watching OAN my television asks if I am still there and begins a countdown to turn itself off. I watch for a few seconds then press a button on the remote to stop it. I will solely watch OAN all day, only getting up from in front of the TV to grab food or go to the bathroom. During one commercial break later in the day, I run down to the corner store to buy beer.In the bottom left corner of the screen, OAN has a live feed previewing the upcoming White House press briefing. Before it cuts to the presser, OAN will cover luxury giant LVMH possibly dropping its deal to acquire Tiffany, rerun its segment on Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – now with a quote from the Norwegian far-right politician stating that “Barack Obama did nothing” to receive the award – and report that the Oscars is adding a diversity component to its selection process. The channel will tease a segment promising to reveal the reason the Baylor vs. Louisiana Tech college football game has been postponed. (Several players tested positive for coronavirus, which is not given any broader context.)When the network cuts to the live White House briefing, it only takes a few minutes for reality to Kool-Aid Man its way through the wall of OAN. As soon as White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany opens up the floor to questions, almost every reporter asks about the Woodward tapes. “I’d like to ask you about the Woodward interviews. Did President Trump intentionally mislead the American people about the threat of Covid – a pandemic that has now cost the lives of nearly 200,000 Americans?” CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid says.I don’t know exactly what has happened at this point, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s not good for Trump and has become a big enough story to be simply referred to as the “Woodward interviews.” It also makes me hyperconscious that there are likely a number of important stories that I don’t know about because I’ve instead watched three segments on Eric Trump declaring that the NFL is “officially dead” because Dallas Cowboys players may take a knee. Toward the end of the briefing, McEnany cuts off a question about Trump drawing down troops in Iraq – something I can’t remember if I’m also hearing about for the first time – and calls on OAN’s Rion at the back of the briefing room. Rion asks if Palestinians have “expressed any interest in distancing themselves from Iran, in the interest of Middle East peace.” The biggest story to OAN is still Trump’s peace prize nomination. When OAN cuts back to the studio, Fifield briefly summarises some of what McEnany said in the briefing and then moves right along to other news. Fifield announces that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has praised Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination. The news ticker at the bottom of the screen is working now, and it also reports that Trump has been nominated for the prize.  At a time when any reasonable news outlet could have gotten it together to address the major breaking news story making international headlines, OAN cuts to an unbroken feed of vice president Mike Pence giving a fireside chat to anti-abortion organisation Susan B. Anthony List. Pence laments that the Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law restricting access to abortion and vows that it means “we need more conservatives on the Supreme Court of the United States.” Pence wraps up after 2pm, and then it’s back to Greta Wall with the top story that air travel is down over Labor Day. The Atlantic segment airs again.It’s not until around 3pm that OAN addresses the Woodward interviews, which it frames as “the White House shuts down the mainstream media over Bob Woodward’s book.” A short clip of Trump telling Woodward he likes to play down the severity of coronavirus airs, and host Jennifer Franco repeats nearly the same talking points that McEnany used hours earlier during the White House briefing.After a perfunctory acknowledgement of the Woodward interview, the network quickly moves on. Donald Trump Jr. has defended the 17-year-old militia supporter accused of killing two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during anti-racism protests. Trump Jr. tells Extra “we all do stupid things at 17” and OAN states that Trump Jr. is “waiting for due process” before making judgments. I am getting the impression this is not a banner day for the Trump administration, though on OAN there’s no cause for concern.Trump makes his first live appearance of the day just before 4pm, when he is announcing his list of possible nominees for the Supreme Court. As he goes through his choices, I think I hear senator Josh Hawley called, but wonder if perhaps there is a judge with the same name. I hear senator Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz listed as well, and realise something strange has happened.  OAN moves past Trump’s nominations so fast that I wonder if I had misheard them, and I start to consider what other networks look like. I imagine Twitter is melting down while OAN airs a segment on Walmart considering drone delivery. I don’t know that Cotton has also tweeted “it’s time for Roe v. Wade to go” just moments after Trump named him, and OAN will never mention it for the entire time I’m watching.It is obviously an extreme to get information solely from watching OAN, let alone 16 hours of it, but it’s at least partially reflective of how conservative audiences consume news media. Right-wing audiences tend to receive their information from fewer sources than left-wing audiences, according to Pew Research Center reports, and have high degrees of trust toward those sources while distrusting established news outlets. Media analysts argue that this dynamic makes conservative audiences more susceptible to falling into right-wing echo chambers rife with misinformation.6pm to 11pm Watching OAN for this long gives you the feeling like you’re stuck in an airport in some alternate version of America where press freedom and media independence have evaporated. Even more than Fox News, it’s probably the closest the United States has to something that would feel natural in an authoritarian-leaning country.In Hungary, far-right nationalist prime minister Viktor Orban hollowed out the media to the point where most news outlets are under the control of sympathetic oligarchs who have fired or pushed out anyone critical of the government. It’s not that these outlets have stopped carrying any news, it’s that it is devalued or unreliable and only toes the party line. Meanwhile, the more extreme tabloids traffic in conspiracies and outright government propaganda, and this is what OAN’s prime-time news lineup feels like. Apart from pre-taped segments like the ones Rion and Sharp deliver, the really outlandish conspiracies and intense spin happen during OAN’s nighttime broadcasts. It takes a couple hours of coverage that includes Ohio governor Mike DeWine appearing as a guest to defend Trump over the Woodward interviews and a few ad breaks teasing “what familiar faces from the Senate” made Trump’s Supreme Court list, but by 8pm, the channel is in full swing.“When you have a cold, do we close down the country?” Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway of the duo Diamond and Silk, coronavirus conspiracy theorists and former Fox News pundits, asks OAN host Stephanie Hamill. “I’m getting real tired of science.” Diamond and Silk, who were cut from Fox News after promoting coronavirus conspiracies, go on to falsely suggest that Covid-19 death tolls are being inflated. (Medical experts believe that we are actually undercounting them.)Society’s only hope against such bad actors is the truth, in the hope that it will ultimately prevail.Hamill’s other guests include far-right conspiracy theorist Dinesh D’Souza and several other conservative activists who attack Black Lives Matter and The Atlantic, and go on to call for “strict criminal penalties” for “false rape claims” while discussing the sexual assault allegations against Trump. At one point, Hamill condemns tech platforms for taking down “second amendment groups.”“When they don’t like your ideas they call you a racist. They call you a white supremacist,” Hamill tells one guest.Hamill is followed by Liz Wheeler, whom Trump has singled out for praise on Twitter, and who hosts the show “Tipping Point” with an unblinking intensity. Wheeler’s first segment is a lengthy condemnation of an unknown Rhode Island high school civics teacher, whom she accuses of promoting “anti-Trump indoctrination” for making her students read critical articles from HuffPost, The Daily Beast and The Atlantic. This is a prime-time national news story on OAN.“This teacher is a perfect example of the rot in public schools,” Wheeler says.  “Tipping Point’s” other targets include The Atlantic (again), Kamala Harris and Facebook, which Wheeler accuses of “censoring” one of her videos that was flagged for misinformation. Wheeler’s show mercifully ends at 10 p.m., bringing up the final program of the night: “After Hours” with host Alex Salvi. Although all of OAN’s late-night talent resemble off-brand Fox News hosts, none are less convincing than Salvi, whose show has the cobbled together feel of a last-minute grade school book report.  “Tonight, Donald Trump is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee,” Salvi announces at the top of the show. Salvi claims that Trump did not win his first nomination in 2018 “despite historical precedent being on his side,” giving the nonsensical comparison of president Theodore Roosevelt winning the prize for brokering peace in the 1904 Russo-Japanese war.After playing a clip from Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show addressing the Woodward interview, Salvi goes on to dismiss Woodward as simply promoting “another resistance grifter book deal.” Republican National Committee spokesperson Cassie Smedile appears as a guest to back him up.I have now been watching OAN for over 15 straight hours, but even I take notice at Salvi’s next chyron, which reads “Christian Walker: BLM Is KKK In Blackface” and “BLM Is A Domestic Terrorist Organisation That Hurts Black Americans.” The guest is Christian Walker, son of GOP convention speaker Herschel Walker, who tells Salvi that media and elites are on “a campaign to destroy Western civilisation.”  After that hint of far-right extremism, Salvi ends his program by playing part of the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which he says he saw over the weekend and was “pretty entertaining to say the least.” It all feels like a fever dream, but then the next show begins with the grounding promise to reveal “what familiar faces” Trump has nominated for the Supreme Court. It’s past 11pm and I turn off OAN, knowing that the network’s churn of disinformation will begin again tomorrow and hoping that it hasn’t burrowed into my brain. Society’s only hope against such bad actors is the truth, in the hope that it will ultimately prevail.Related... Trump’s New Campaign Strategy: Declare The Election Illegitimate Trump’s Latest Coronavirus Comment Slammed As ‘So Cruel And Cynical’ Trump Keeps Retweeting An Obviously Fake Joe Biden Clip
Biden is currently up in the polls against President Trump. But in order to send the right message for the future, Trump has to lose in a landslide.
(University of Exeter) A project to reduce risks related to landslides and floods has received £1.2m funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).
(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau) How does toothpaste stay in its tube and not ooze out when we remove the cap? What causes seemingly solid ground to suddenly break free into a landslide? Defining exactly how soft materials flow and seize has eluded researchers for years, but a new study explains this complex motion using relatively simple experiments. The ability to define - and eventually predict - soft material flow will benefit people dealing with everything from spreadable cheese to avalanches.
Global LIDAR for Security Market size was valued at $259.76 million in 2019, and it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15.50% during 2020-2025.The topographic LiDAR devices have high demand due to their security applications.In Defense sector, LiDAR is major used for border surveillance thereby enhancing the security in this sector.Additionally, the strong financial position allows it to invest heavily in the adoption of tools and technologies for ensuring effective security operations.In 2019, Aeva has developed its first 4D LiDAR chip for autonomous driving.It mainly deals with applications such as surface land collapse, landslide and fault structure extraction.
If you’re in the UK, you may not have slept well this week. According to the weather gauges at the University of Reading, where I work, Tuesday 11 August was the third hottest night in records that date back to 1908. But it seems that, as is often the case with summer hot spells, the heatwave is ending with some spectacular thunderstorms. Tragically, downpours in Scotland are even thought to have played a part in a landslide that derailed a train – although it is still too early to say for sure. At the time of writing, the forecast shows… This story continues at The Next Web
It's a landslide victory for the quality over quantity camp.
  The National Hockey League (NHL) returns to play on Saturday, August 1, with a modified, expanded Stanley Cup Playoffs. Instead of the typical 16-team bracket, 24 teams in two bubble cities will compete for the Stanley Cup. The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs will be broadcast on NBC, NBCSN, USA Network, NHL Network, and regional sports networks. Certain out-of-network games are available to stream through NHL.TV, but are subject to local blackouts. For full access to the NHL's return to play, we suggest a streaming service with live TV, like Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV.  Each of these services carries NBC, NBCSN, and USA, so you'll be able to watch nearly every game.   Like many major sports leagues, the National Hockey League (NHL) paused play in March — a month before the typical April start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs — due to dangers presented by the novel coronavirus. Because the league was so close to the end of the regular season when the pause was announced, its return to play format will jump right into a modified, expanded playoffs kicking off on Saturday, August 1. Instead of the typical 16-team bracket, the tournament has been expanded to feature 24 teams — including several on the cusp of making the playoffs when the season was paused. Following the example of the NWSL, MLS, WNBA, and NBA, the NHL has opted to host teams in a two-city bubble in its return to play format. Eastern Conference teams will live and play in Toronto, while the Western Conference will find a home in Edmonton. The Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals will both be played in Edmonton, which means that eventually, a selection of Eastern Conference teams will have to switch cities. Teams have been allowed to bring a total of 50 personnel into the bubble including a roster of 31 players. The top four teams in each conference — the Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals, and Philadelphia Flyers in the East, and the St. Louis Blues, Colorado Avalanche, Vegas Golden Knights, and Dallas Stars in the West — get an automatic bye into the first round of the playoffs. These teams will play a three-game round-robin for seeding. The remaining 16 teams will play a best-of-five qualifying round to determine who moves on. Subsequent rounds will be the typical best-of-seven format. How to watch the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs NHL games will be shown nationally on NBC, NBCSN, and USA Network with many being shown on the specialty cable channel, NHL Network, as well. Games will also be shown locally on regional sports networks, so check your local listings. If you don't have cable, your best bet to watch as many of the games as possible is to subscribe to a streaming service with live TV access. All the major streaming players, including Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, and AT&T TV, carry NBC, NBCSN, and USA. In addition, the latter three services all offer packages that add NHL Network as well. At $40 a month, Sling TV's Blue plan with the Sports Extra add-on is going to be the most affordable way to watch the playoffs on every major channel — just be sure to check that NBC is part of the package in your area as it's not available in certain smaller markets.  NHL.TV, the league's own streaming service, is also carrying many of the games — but only for the initial qualifying round, and not all of them either, so be sure to check the schedule. For a one-time payment of $4.99, you'll gain access to 21 games, but beware that NHL.TV is subject to local blackouts. If you live in the area your team plays, you won't be able to watch through this service. It's a great deal if you watch an out-of-market team, but you'll have to find a way to watch via live TV for later playoff rounds. Because games are being hosted in only two arenas, we'll see tournament-style hockey with up to three games being played per day per arena — that means a total of up to six televised games per day during the initial qualifying round. The league has released a handy schedule of all the qualifying round and round-robin games including the national and local networks on which you can watch them. The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off this Saturday, August 1, at 12 p.m. ET when the New York Rangers take on the Carolina Hurricanes. Major storylines One of the silver linings to the extended pause was that injured players got plenty of time to heal up and rehab before play resumed. In as grueling a tournament as the Stanley Cup Playoffs where athletes often grit their teeth through sprains, tears, and other various — sometimes severe — bumps and bruises, being able to start with a full roster of healthy players is a true novelty. It also means that several key players who would have normally missed the playoffs due to injury are back to contribute to their team. This long list includes the Cup-defending St. Louis Blues star Vladimir Tarasenko, Pittsburgh Penguins winger Jake Guentzel, Columbus Blue Jackets number one defenseman Seth Jones, and New York Islanders shutdown defenseman Adam Pelech. Though the Tampa Bay Lightning hoped their top-line center and captain Steven Stamkos would be among this list, the injury-prone veteran got hurt again during a voluntary skate prior to training camp and is still questionable, though the team is hopeful he'll be ready. Last season, the St. Louis Blues stunned the hockey world by going from second-to-last place in the league to Stanley Cup Champions for the first time in franchise history, all in the span of half a season. While there is certainly pressure on the Blues to repeat, there may be even more eyes on Stamkos' Lightning. In 2019, the Lightning won the league's Presidents' Trophy — awarded for the most points earned by the end of the regular season — by a landslide and were easily favored to win the Cup. Yet, they found themselves swept out of the first round by the underdog Blue Jackets. They'll be looking to prove that last year's embarrassment was just a fluke. Eyes are also on the Boston Bruins, this year's recipient of the Presidents' Trophy, albeit one awarded for a shortened season. They've been a dominant force this year and are expected to be Cup contenders. But fully rested teams, healthy rosters, an expanded format, and the sheer weirdness of bubble life all have the potential to really blow these playoffs wide open. Any team can play spoiler and hoist the Cup.   Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How waste is dealt with on the world's largest cruise ship
From Brexit to a global pandemic and the rebirth of a civil rights movement, Boris Johnson’s first year as prime minister has been uniquely tumultuous. And it has coincided with a series of events that exposed just how the deep the lines of racial injustice lie across the country. Simon Woolley, founder of Operation Black Vote, told HuffPost UK: “Historians will look at back on 2020 and ask but one question: how did our national leader react to this perfect storm that laid bare deep-seated racial inequalities as never before?“The devastating impact that Covid-19 has had on BAME communities, along with the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, demands our prime minister lay out a race equality strategy now.”Before taking office, Johnson already had a worrying track record on race, referring to Black people as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”. Prior to last year’s general election, many Black people told HuffPost UK they were fearful about Johnson re-entering Number 10.A year on, what do they make of his time in office so far? These are the key moments that show how Boris Johnson has responded to major tests in race relations. ‘Perilous for ethnic minorities’“Boris Johnson cannot deny that he has presided over a period where the denial of the existence of stark, overt racism in the NHS has cost lives of people who are simply working to support those who are sick and vulnerable.“These are the words of a senior NHS manager, who has asked to remain anonymous. “The lack of PPE and the sacrifice of [Black, Asian and minority ethnic] staff in the Covid-19 pandemic will forever characterise the reign of Boris Johnson and evidence that he and the government – which has led us on a merry dance of death – have blood on their hands.“If the racial inequalities [in society] that were known about had been addressed, then the disproportionate impact would not have been so stark.”There have so far been more than 56,000 deaths registered in the UK where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate.NHS England data for the first 12,600 deaths from the virus revealed that Black people were dying from the virus at almost twice the rate of their proportion of the population.Following public pressure, the government eventually asked Public Health England (PHE) to conduct in a review into the disparities of risks and outcomes of Covid-19.Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips was appointed to assist with this review, sparking widespread criticism from BAME communities – many branded the move “shameful” and “alarming” given Phillips’ suspension from the Labour Party over Islamophobia allegations and previous offensive comments on race.Phillips and Professor Richard Webber – who together run specialist research company Webber Phillips – were asked by Public Health England (PHE) to provide expert support to an inquiry into why such high numbers of victims of the coronavirus pandemic were from BAME backgrounds.When the review was eventually published in June, it simply confirmed what many had known for weeks prior: Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people are more likely to die of coronavirus than their white counterparts.The data was published late with ministers under pressure amid reports it was delayed due to the Black Lives Matter protests.People in deprived areas “may” be more at risk of infection because they live closer together, or because they live in places that contain a higher proportion of workers in jobs more likely to be exposed to the virus, the report said.Indeed, public sector staff such as bus drivers and NHS workers – many of whom are from BAME communities – told HuffPost UK that felt disregarded as UK authorities battled to contain the Covid-19 outbreak, as they were forced to work without adequate PPE.Windrush generation nurses also gave their opinion on being asked to fight the battle against Covid-19 after the travesty of the scandal.More than half of pregnant women who were admitted to hospital with coronavirus in the UK were from a Black and minority ethnic background, prompting campaigners to demand greater protection for pregnant mothers from these communities.Reflecting on the past year of Johnson’s government, Nels Abbey – author ofThink Like A White Man: A Satirical Guide to Conquering The World...While Black – told HuffPost UK: “The first year of Boris Johnson’s leadership has proven perilous for ethnic minorities, especially Black people. And sadly, given Johnson’s highly successful – and largely unchallenged – relationship with racism, things are not going to change any time soon.“His response to ethnic minorities dying in disproportionate numbers from Covid-19? Appoint a despised, discredited and unqualified, yet ideologically compliant, Black man to lead the review.“His response to the murder of George Floyd? Exactly the same as his response to Covid-19.”Abbey said that, in his opinion: “From journalist to editor, mayor of London to leading Brexiteer, to foreign secretary to prime minister, racism has served as the oxygen of Boris Johnson’s career. Without it he would not be where he is now.”He added: “From the moment he announced his candidacy he went straight for the racism card. In his first campaign video, he proactively offered a white male he is speaking to on the doorstep ‘more stop and search’. The dog whistle was heard loud and clear.” New race commissionFollowing the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was murdered by US police, a wave of Black Lives Matter protests took place in London across July.These demonstrations were in solidarity with the US, and also called for systemic racism to be tackled in Britain.In response, the government announced it would form an independent Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities.Munira Mirza, the current head of the No.10 policy unit, led the commission’s formation.This sparked concern in light of the fact Mirza had previously cast doubt on the existence of institutional racism and condemned previous inquiries for fostering a “culture of grievance”.Yesterday I chaired the first meeting of our new Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities. Thank you to all the members - I hope this will really make the difference that we need right now.— Boris Johnson #StayAlert (@BorisJohnson) July 22, 2020The commission will aim to report its findings on the priority areas of health, education, criminal justice and employment by the end of this year.Some have questioned how this commission differs from the Race Disparity Unit, established by Theresa May in 2017 to tackle systemic inequalities in BritainHuffPost UK has sought clarification from Downing Street but has not received a response.Johnson chaired the commission’s first meeting on Monday, where he said: “We cannot go on like this. We do need to make progress. [...] There’s an alternative story to be told – there’s an alternative narrative about success, achievement, championing lots of positive things that needs to be told in addition to some of the obstacles that unquestionably exist.”The commission will be chaired by Dr Tony Sewell, an international education consultant who is head of the charity Generating Genius. It works to ensure talented students from disadvantaged and diverse ethnic backgrounds are positioned to excel in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers.Sewell, who worked with the prime minister in 2013 when he was mayor of London, has previously described any evidence of institutional racism as “flimsy” – and concerns have been raised regarding his suitability for the role. In an interview with The Times newspaper last year, the former teacher suggested the root cause of knife crime and gang culture among Black youths was absent fathers, citing figures showing about 50% of Black children grow up without a father. Some fun facts about Tony Sewell who will be heading the govt's race disparity commission: Sewell believes that black single mothers don't have the "strong arm" to raise boys; school lessons are too "feminised" for boys and African-caribbean "youth culture" is "anti-intellectual"— Dr Zubaida Haque (@Zubhaque) July 16, 2020Responding to Sewell’s appointment, Dr Zubaida Haque, interim director of the Runnymede Trust, tweeted a 2019 clip of Sewell appearing on Channel 5 News.Sewell will be joined by nine others in the group, comprised of representatives from the fields of science, education, broadcasting, economics, medicine, policing and community organising. They will look to deliver a report on race disparity within the health, education, criminal justice and employment sectors by the end of this year.This includes equalities minister Kemi Badenoch, who recently rejected claims “systemic injustice” is the reason ethnic minorities are more likely to die from coronavirus in England – sparking criticism when findings of the PHE review appear to suggest otherwise.These have prompted doubts around her role, too, in the government’s new race commission. HuffPost UK has put these concerns to Downing Street but has not received a reply.National lockdownBlack and Asian people were disproportionately fined under the Coronavirus Act, HuffPost UK revealed in May.Out of 13,445 contraventions where the individual issued with the notice had a self-identified ethnicity recorded, 5% of recipients issued with fines were Black, according to National Police Chiefs’ Council data. Black people only account for 3% of the England and Wales population.Analysis by the Guardian last month confirmed Metropolitan Police officers enforcing the coronavirus lockdown were more than twice as likely to issue fines to Black people as white people.This renewed concerns about the Black people being over-policed in the UK yet under-protected from the pandemic.Meanwhile, researchers found BAME people in Britain had been hit harder by job losses during the coronavirus crisis than the population as a whole, Reuters reported. And data from the Fawcett Society and West Midlands Women’s Voice found BAME women in the West Midlands and Greater Manchester were more likely than white women to have taken a pay cut because of the pandemic.As of July 19, 2020, approximately 9.5m jobs, from 1.2m different employers were furloughed in the UK as part of the government’s job retention scheme.The scheme, introduced in response to the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, covers 80% of an employee’s usual monthly wage, up to £2,500 a month.In a column for The Voice newspaper, broadcaster Dotun Adebayo wrote: “When the furlough scheme ends, it will be black workers that will suffer the most.” Angela Phillips, a Black woman who worked in the media on a fixed term contract, was furloughed in May before being dismissed four weeks ago – just prior to easing of the lockdown.Reflecting on Johnson’s first year, she told HuffPost UK: “I believe Boris Johnson has bumbled his way through his first year and all the credit for recent measures of support should go to Rishi Sunak. “His bumbling on Brexit, his refusal to bend the knee in support of Black lives when he is known for his clapping for the NHS and other gestures [...] plus his flip-flopping and stuttering are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to assessing Boris Johnson.”Public sector workers on the front line of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic will be given a pay rise, the chancellor announced this week.Doctors, teachers and police officers are among those who will see extra money in their pay packet after a testing few months since Covid-19 hit the UK.But social care workers, who have also been at the forefront of the battle at the deadly virus, are not part of the group being given an increased wage.Woolley of Operation Black Vote is calling upon the PM to prioritise tackling race inequalities. “Implementing the recommendations from previous race reviews is the lowest hanging fruit,” he said. “Having a strategic plan that ensures BAME communities do not have another hit as we enter an unprecedented economic downturn is the role of our leader, the prime minister Boris Johnson.”Angelo Irving, a London-based comedian, portrays a Black version of Boris Johnson in popular online sketches as means of raising awareness around sociopolitical concerns through satire.  A #metpolice officer caught kneeling on a black man's neck? #BlackBoris speaks about his superb relationship with the BAMEs.— Black Boris (@Angelo3000k) July 18, 2020Reflecting on Johnson’s year, he expressed disappointment.“By any objective measure, Johnson’s tenure has been a failure. He is the exact wrong prime minister for this moment. The things that he is good at – soundbites, bluster, ingratiating himself and presenting himself as a loveable buffoon to conceal the nastiness underneath – are absolutely not enough to meet the moment that we are in. “Where he would normally be just a bad premier like the two previous ones, his premiership has been singularly awful for ethnic minorities. In my opinion, his defence of his adviser Dominic Cummings broke this country, which had followed the rules and saw them flagrantly flouted by someone who had drawn them up.“Johnson has been a failure and no soundbite or sycophantic cheering by Tory MPs at PMQs will change that. His government has been awful when it comes to acknowledging, let alone tackling, racial inequalities in 2020. “The fact that the report had to be leaked before it was released and that there are claims that a section of that report said that discrimination played a part in the increased number of deaths ‘did not survive contact with Matt Hancock’s office’ all serves to paint a picture of a government that wants to do the minimum when it comes to tackling racial inequality.“This has also been seen with government responses to #BlackLivesMatter. Whether it was the painful interview with Matt Hancock on Sky – where, when asked how many Black members Boris Johnson had in his cabinet, he talked of ‘diversity’ and ‘BAME’ as a feeble attempt to deflect from the truth – or Johnson’s speech where he acknowledged the ‘incontrovertible, undeniable feeling of injustice’, whilst at the same time praising peaceful protest but threatening those that protested in a violent way, it is clear again that Johnson doesn’t have the desire for any real change. “Johnson claims that we are right to say that Black lives matter, but says nothing about the fact that between March and May during lockdown a quarter of all black males aged 15 to 24 were stopped and searched in London.“Covid has served to shine a light on the inequalities in the health system, policing and race relations. Johnson’s peculiar habit of leading from the back, in particular leaking policy days before announcing it, has led to a confusion on the rules and a leadership vacuum.“He is a failure for the whole country and a ruinous failure for ethnic minorities. I shudder at the thought of four more years of this. As to the new race commission, it is amazing how often they find black faces that will sit comfortably within their ideological sphere.”WindrushOf course, one of the greatest stains on the Conservative’s government’s conscience is the anguish caused by the Windrush scandal.Paulette Wilson, a Windrush campaigner who was left destitute while fighting for her rights as a British citizen, died unexpectedly age 64 on Thursday, sparking grief and renewed anger at the injustices that she – and others – faced.Wilson, a former chef, died while still selflessly campaigning for justice for Windrush victims.It emerged in July that the government had asked victims to prove their case “beyond reasonable doubt” before being given compensation.It is the same level of proof required to convict defendants in criminal courts across the UK. Immigration lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie told HuffPost UK that as compensation claims are civil cases, the burden of proof should be “on the balance of probabilities”.The compensation scheme has been criticised over its slow progress in offering payouts to those wrongly told they no longer had a right to be in the UK. At least 83 victims with the right to live in the country have been deported.By the end of March, 1,275 people had applied under the scheme. But to date, just 60 people have received compensation through the scheme, which was launched more than a year ago, with £362,996 paid out to them. Some estimates suggest the total fund could be between £200m and £500m.A Downing Street spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “The prime minister is proud to lead the most diverse ministerial team in this country’s history. He campaigned on a commitment to level up across the nation and has repeatedly made clear that there is no place for racism in our country.“The government continues to take action to address the disparities that exist across society, including implementing recommendations from reviews that we have agreed to take forward.”Related... Who Is Tony Sewell, The Head of The Government's New Racial Disparity Commission? Wake Up To How You're Treating Black Men, Top Custody Deaths Lawyer Urges Police Why The Appointment Of Munira Mirza As Head Of Racial Inequality Review Is So Controversial Five Inequality Reviews Boris Johnson Could Have Acted On Instead Of Ordering Another 'Britain's Future Looks Dangerous To Me': Black People React To Tories' Landslide Victory
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