If your PC is feeling sluggish you may be concerned that soon the time will come when you’ll need to buy a whole new system and that can be expensive.Many PCs from recent years can gain a new lease of life if you upgrade some specific components and some of them are easy to install at home too.To help get your system feeling fresh and fast again, here are the best upgrades you can make to your PC.The best upgrades for your desktopDesktop PCs may not be as portable as their laptop cousins, but they are far easier to upgrade with plenty to choose from and larger cases to make the process of swapping in or adding hardware much easier.RAM, or memory as it’s often called, is one of the easiest ways to speed up your system as the sticks of it can be popped in and out of the relevant sockets with little effort.
Apple makes the best tablets on the market, with its successful iPad and iPad Pro devices remaining widely popular even among people who don’t own iPhones or MacBooks.If you own one or are thinking of getting one, then a good iPad keyboard case is one of the best ways to get the most out of your tablet.A keyboard case serves to both protect your tech and give you a set of laptop-like keys, effectively turning your iPad into a compact featherweight computer.You don’t have to shell out tons of cash for a good one, either, and two of our favorites are on sale right now for $80 or less.If you’re looking for a way to convert your Apple tablet into a 2-in-1 laptop, then check these deals out:The 9.7-inch 2018 iPad Pro is our favorite tablet and the one we recommend for most buyers.
Spring and summer are prime backpacking season, and there are few things more unpleasant on a long hike than being stuck on the trail with a crummy backpack.Your knees, hips, and back will appreciate a quality ruck (especially after you’re several miles into your trek while under load), so it’s worth it to invest in a good way to carry your stuff comfortably.The main compartments contain a lined sleeve for laptops and tablets so you don’t have to leave your tech behind when camping, and the laptop sleeve can also fit a water reservoir.The Refugio also has several outer pockets for your smaller kit as well as side stash pockets for things like water bottles and other quick-access items.The back panel and shoulder pads are meshed for breathability, and the removable sternum strap adds some extra stability when you need it.This versatile and water-repellent pack, available in seven different colors, rings in at just $89 right now from REI.
If you’re in need of a new laptop, Microsoft’s latest Surface Laptop 2 discounts might be worth considering.Microsoft’s current Surface Laptop 2 deals may vary depending on which combination of features you choose, but there’s one specific discounted configuration that we think is worth a second look: a nearly 14-inch Surface Laptop 2 with 256GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage.The discount itself knocks the price of this laptop down from $1,300 to just $1,000.It is worth highlighting that in order to take advantage of this deal, you have to pick a specific configuration.Microsoft’s online store allows you to customize a few of your features like storage size, RAM size, and color.In order to get this deal you’ll need to choose the following configuration: It will be a Platinum-colored Surface Laptop 2 with 8GB of memory, and Intel Core i5 processor, and 256GB of SSD storage.
Back at CES 2019, Samsung announced a refreshed version of the Notebook Odyssey, a gaming laptop it first introduced in 2017.This refreshed Samsung Notebook Odyssey is the most powerful gaming notebook the company offers, and if you can stomach the hefty price tag that comes along with that designation, then good news: It’s up for pre-order today.The Samsung Notebook Odyssey has some pretty impressive specs, as it’s been outfitted with a 15.6-inch full HD display running at 144Hz.It’s a G-Sync enabled display as well, which of course means that there’s a NVIDIA card at the heart of this machine.More specifically, the Notebook Odyssey gets its graphics capabilities from a GeForce RTX 2060 – not the most powerful card NVIDIA offers, but certainly no slouch either.That graphics card is working in tandem with a hexa-core Intel Core i7-8750H, 16GB of RAM, and a 54Wh battery.
If you were wondering what happened to that gaming laptop Samsung announced back at CES 2019, well wonder no more.The Notebook Odyssey is available to order starting today for $2,000 (approximately AU$2,910 or £1,570 converted) and features the GeForce RTX 2060 GPU paired with a six-core Intel Core i7 processor.Aside from the updated internal hardware, Samsung redesigned the chassis and cooling, and updated the display as well.The laptop now has a slimmer all-metal body and a hinge design that raises its 15.6-inch 144Hz 1,920x1,080-pixel display up for more comfortable viewing.The display supports Nvidia G-Sync, too, so you should see less tearing and other artifacts while gaming.And, mixed in among its ports is a USB-C with VirtualLink support for running a VR headset's power, video and data.
Fancy a big discount on a Now TV pass for Sky Sports?Well you're in luck as you can knock 26% off the monthly price of Sky Sports for four months, with the option of cancelling anytime you wish.This is perfectly timed for you to enjoy the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup, The Ashes, UEFA Nations League and even the start of the next Premier League.Better yet, you can stream all of this from your smart TV, console, laptop or phone.Sky Sports on Now TV usually costs £33 a month, but this deal knocks that down to just £25.You can pay this low price for four months, saving you a total of £32 compared to the usual price you'd pay for that long.
Hushmail is a Web-based e-mail service that permits you to send and receive the email insecurity.Hushmail messages, and their attachments, square measure encrypted exploitation Open PGP normal algorithms.Hushmail's security is end-to-end; messages are encrypted before exploiting the sender's laptop and stay encrypted till when they arrive on the recipient's machine, wherever the contents are automatically decrypted.If you are facing any technical problem for Hushmail account, simply call us at our toll-free number +1-877-637-1326 and get affordable services at your doorstep.Whether it is about password reset/recovery, sending/receiving emails, settings/configuration or any other; connect our experts and professionals at Hushmail Technical Support Number.Our toll-free helpline number is completely dedicated to offer you instant resolutions on a single call.If User wants to delete your Hushmail email account permanently then there are few steps to delete Hushmail account.Step1.Sign in to Hush tools using your domain's administrator Hushmail account.Step2.
Microsoft has cut the price of its Surface Laptop 2 by up to $300, so if you've been thinking of buying this excellent device – which is one of our picks for the best laptop money can buy – then now is an ideal time to grab it.The deal knocks the Platinum Surface Laptop 2 model with an Intel Core i5-8250U processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB SSD and 13.5-inch screen to $899 on the Microsoft Store to $899.To get the price, you need to configure the Surface Laptop 2 on Microsoft's web store to have the same spec as listed above.The only color this deal is available for at the moment is Platinum.Other configurations see price cuts as well.For example, a Surface Laptop 2 with 16GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor and 512GB storage gets its price cut from $2,199 to $1,899.
I am undergoing the lie detector test and it is not going well.The IT support department where I am occasionally contracted for floor-walking has been renamed – sorry, "rebranded" – several times already this year.Roaming the dystopian open-plan field of uncomfortable meeting pods and bleak rows of benches, I spent my first hour as usual trying not to tread on briefcases, knock raincoats off the backs of seats or get my feet snagged on backpack straps.I half-expect to see one of them pushing a shopping trolley.Just minutes later, the chorus of Stealers Wheel's Stuck In The Middle With You tinkled gently from my pocket, indicating a call on my mobile from the IT support duty manager's desk.When I asked him to demonstrate, he conjured a personal laptop from the backpack at his feet, opened an email in a program that looked suspiciously like AOL running on Windows 98, selected the message text and pressed CTRL+C.
Imagine if you could pay just £3.99 for the brand new Google Pixel 3a, sounds great right?Well for 50 lucky Google fans, that will soon become a reality - let us explain.To celebrate the launch of Google Pixel 3a deals, most retailers have been offering the incentive of free laptops and Google swag.But Argos has gone a slightly different route.If you go to Argos' website and fill out a quick form before 11.59pm on Monday May 20, you could get yourself a 99% discount on the new Google device.While that's an incredible discount, we are going to very briefly stamp on your dreams...only 50 people can win this absolutely ridiculous offer.
The Surface Laptop 2 launched at the tail end of 2018, but we want to consider how it holds up to the new breed of competition around six months later.Our unit is the sleek black model, which came with a quad-core Core i7-8650U processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.There are features of the Surface Laptop 2 that still feel cutting edge.The 3:2 aspect ratio helps in this area a bit, but the added size and unused space that the bezels create isn’t a good look.On the left side is single USB-A port, a mini-DisplayPort for video, and a headphone jack, while the right side has only the magnetic Surface Connect port for charging.Swapping out the mini-DisplayPort for USB-C port feels like a no-brainer, and it’s only going to grow worse over the years.
From the charging unit for smartphones to the power supply of the laptop or washing machine to LED lights or charging stations of electric cars - switching power supplies are omnipresent in electrical devices.The problem: power supplies are susceptible to errors, which also reduces the service life of end devices.Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have now developed a power supply unit with a significantly increased service life.Switching supply units used today are of light weight and compact design, but also susceptible to errors due to the incorporated electrolyte capacitors.The control method runs on a microprocessor integrated in the supply unit and detects disturbing environmental impacts, such that e.g.higher voltage fluctuations can be balanced.
If you’re looking for a graduation present for someone close to you, or you are merely in the market for a new laptop, you could do worse than checking out this Dell Inspiron 15 7000, which is currently on sale for $600 using the code DBLTKYLAFF2.And the thing is, it’s actually a pretty decent machine.This chip, which Intel released halfway though 2018, strikes a delicate balance of speed and power efficiency.Speaking of which, most reviews we’ve seen suggest users can expect between 5 and 7 hours of battery life, which should be enough to last the working day (assuming you’ll have intermittent access to mains power) or a medium-haul flight (say, New York to London).Personally, I’d consider this my minimum baseline, although other laptop vendors disagree, as evidenced by the proliferation of machines with a mere 4GB of RAM (looking at you, Microsoft, with your wimpy entry-level Surface Go).The good news is that the RAM on this machine is user-upgradable.
Kids need a good education to have the best chance of succeeding in the world, but in distant parts of developing countries that may be neither schools nor teachers.The Global Learning Xprize aimed to spur innovation in the tech space to create app-based teaching those kids can do on their own — and a tie means the $10 million grand prize gets split in two.The winners, Onebillion and Kitkit School, both created tablet apps that resulted in serious gains to literacy rates in the areas they were deployed.Overseen at first by Matt Keller (previously at the famous but sadly unsuccessful One Laptop Per Child program), and later by Emily Musil Church, the prize asked entrants to create free, open-source software that kids could use to teach themselves basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.After soliciting teams and doing some internal winnowing of the herd, a set of five finalists was arrived at: CCI, Chimple, Kitkit School, Onebillion, and Robotutors.They came from a variety of locations and backgrounds, and as mentioned all received a $1M prize for getting to this stage.
The gaming market is changing at a rapid pace.But in such an environment, new issues will arise and new solutions will need to be found.In two areas specifically, Experian believes machine learning can help.Namely, the protection of minors and the identification of problem gamblers.Machine learning: more than a buzzwordAs most parents will be aware, teenagers nowadays have access to a host of internet connected devices, whether that’s their phone, laptop, or games console.
Google’s Chromebooks are already capable of running Android apps and Linux programs, but the Mountain View company was also working on Project Campfire.The initiative aimed to bring Windows to Chromebooks, allowing users to dual-boot between Microsoft’s operating system and Chrome OS.Now, a new code commit spotted by ChromeUnboxed has revealed that the so-called Alt OS functionality is likely dead.The commit reveals that several related features are being deprecated, including the Alt OS picker screen (which supposedly lets you choose between Windows and Chrome OS).This isn’t official confirmation of Windows being killed off on Chromebooks, but it certainly suggests that Project Campfire is no more.It’s not like Chromebooks have a shortage of apps either, owing to Android and Linux apps.
AVG Antivirus dealing with PC security and other software problems is essential and indispensable.With time, users have ended up being mindful for their contraptions and have begun considering the device concerns important.Still, users can confront specialized and operational trouble identified with the establishment and setup of the Antivirus product.Therefore, in this manner, they frequently want to demand the assistance.For such a reason, avg customer service number is constantly moveable to render help to the users.Some Common AVG Antivirus Support problems• AVG installation is hoodoo• Problems with internet security• AVG antivirus update problem• incompetent to scan the laptop computer and desktop• issue with to run the applying• issue in manually change the antivirus• Getting problem in configuring the settings.• Adware connected problem ar still forthcoming the system• Avg Antivirus works too slowly.• Antivirus firewall blocks the against programs.• issue with the viruses and malware in pcOur gathering is energetic to manage the drawback and offer appropriate reaction to the customers.Despite how hard is the problem, the expert at the support are active.
It looks like Google is readying the Pixelbook to run Windows 10Just under a year ago, there were signs that Google was modifying the firmware of its Pixelbook laptop to enable dual booting into Windows 10.The firmware was updated to give the Pixelbook the ability to boot into an "Alternative OS" ("AltOS" mode).The work included references to the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK), Microsoft's testing frameworks for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 respectively.Google now appears to have abandoned this effort.A redditor called crosfrog noticed that AltOs mode was now deprecated (via Android Police).
The Microsoft Surface Pro 6, a personal favorite 2-in-1 laptop of ours here at Digital Trends, is a dynamic device that holds its own against even the best 2-in-1 laptop/tablets on the market, often at more attractive prices.Amazon recently slashed prices on the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop, but Best Buy is offering an even bigger bang for your buck.A slew of top-notch hardware released in recent years, led by the Surface Pro series, has kept Microsoft in the top ranks of the tech world.The Surface Pro 6, the company’s crown jewel, boasts a sleek, sturdy construction, a 12.3-inch HD touchscreen display, and an array of facets and features that make it a perfect tablet or 2-in-1 tool for both amateur and professional purposes.Beyond that, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is powered by Intel’s 8th-generation Core i5 processor, enabling a smoothness and speed that even the most ardent acolytes of rival Apple will have to appreciate.One downside of the Surface Pro 6, however, is its standalone ability as a tablet.