Our Absolute Black Granite is available in a nice area of sizes in both squares and rectangles that offer delicacy for both walls and floors.Now, also consider that our slabs provide the moment to create kitchen tops, vanity tops, and other larger unit cut to size component.The price and color variation of this charming granite is due to the place where it is quarried.At Flodeal Inc, we manufacture process and Export Absolute Black Granite of all assortments.
After the Christmas rush, bargains await people who previously focused on finding gifts for others.Amazon cut prices on some of the most popular Instant Pot multi-function programmable pressure cookers.We scoured the merchant sites and found Amazon had the best selection of deals on the most popular Instant Pots.These limited time deals won’t last, so if you looked for an Instant Pot under the tree but were disappointed, prompt action can save 15 to 36 percent, up to $50.Instant Pot Duo Mini 3-Quart 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker: $68, discounted $12The Instant Pot Duo Mini 3-Quart 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker is a perfect size for individuals or couples, and at this price, it’s a reasonable second Instant Pot to use for side dishes while a larger unit cooks the main course.
Nearly three years after the launch of the original Surface Hub interactive whiteboard, Microsoft introduced the second-generation model on Tuesday, May 15.It won’t be made widely available to businesses until 2019, but Microsoft plans to test the Surface Hub 2 waters this year with “select” commercial customers.Pricing will be “competitive” with other devices on the market, Microsoft says.The unit Microsoft introduced on Tuesday sports a 50.5-inch multitouch screen with a 3840 x 2160 resolution.Microsoft doesn’t mention a larger unit like the current 84-inch model, and there’s good reason why the company may not take this larger avenue: Tiling.With the introduction of the Surface Hub 2 comes the ability to align up to four Hubs together to create one enormous touch-supporting screen.
Now we’re finding out just how potent a Camaro with a four-digit horsepower figure can be.Hennessey recently ran the Exorcist up to a top speed of 217 mph at the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas.Dodge doesn’t quote a top speed for the Challenger Demon, but Hennessey noted that its Camaro beat the 213-mph claimed top speed of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.The Exorcist is also faster than a host of pedigreed supercars, including the Ferrari 488 Pista and McLaren 720S.The Exorcist starts life as a Camaro ZL1, sporting a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that produces 650 hp from the factory.Hennessey replaces the factory-installed supercharger with a larger unit, and modifies the intercooler system, cylinder heads, and other components.
In the world of smart bulbs – especially when we’re talking about SIMPLE smart home lighting systems, there’s one stand out brand: Phillips hue.WiZ on Wi-fi VS hue on ZigBeeIn 2015 we spoke with Philips about their intentions for the smart home as the tide of hue alternatives washed in.As our own Chris Davies said back then, “The company has no desire to become the hub of the smart home – something it has maintained since the start – but it does want to be the de facto choice for lighting in that home.”Our first Philips hue review came all the way back in the year 2012.Here in 2017, WiZ is here to bring the battle to the places where hue’s most vulnerable: simplicity in setup and connectivity.
And keeping a close watch on them even when you’re not located in the same place has become increasingly possible thanks to the broad proliferation of tech like Wi-Fi connected cameras.Fair warning: This is a much larger unit than your average Nest or Logitech smart home camera.The size is functional, however, since it houses a decent-sized reservoir for your stock of treats, as well as an HD camera, a Wi-Fi radio, and a mechanism for actually firing off those treats, with a user-selectable range of up to around 6 feet.Petcube Bites ships with a selection of all-natural treats included, so you can get started using it right away.My dog isn’t exactly discerning when it comes to what she eats (she ate half a pizza box the other day), but I can say that she happily scarfed these down.Setup of the Pectcube Bites is easy if you’ve ever installed any kind of Wi-Fi camera or connected home device before – and it should pose no problem even if you haven’t.
A new rumour from the Korea Economic Daily (which we saw via AppleInsider) suggests that Apple has chosen LG subsidiary LG Chem to be the exclusive battery supplier of next year's tentatively named "iPhone 9."The Korean firm allegedly invested "hundreds of billions" of wons in the operation, which will include the construction of dedicated facilities to keep up with Apple's demand — not dissimilar from Samsung's plans for the next iPhone's display.The report mentions that LG will focus on building so-called "L-shaped" batteries, which have an extended portion at the bottom to maximise internal space and allow for a larger unit in the shell of the device, which will reportedly be smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus.AppleInsider also reported on a note published by KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo in April in which the analyst said Apple is working to shrink the size of the iPhone's motherboard — which has been positioned vertically next to the battery in each iPhone so far — to allow for the extended battery to fit in.Current iPhones (left, right) have a vertically-placed battery (in blue) sitting alongside the (green, red) motherboard.Future iPhones (center) will reportedly use an extended, "L-shaped" battery that uses the space left by the smaller-sized motherboard.Ming-Chi Kuo/KGI Securities
p Samsung at Computex on Tuesday announced the Notebook 9 Pro, a convertible notebook featuring a 360-degree touchscreen display that supports the built-in S Pen made popular by its Note line of smartphones.The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, offered with your choice of 13.3-inch and 15.0-inch FHD LED display, is powered by Intel’s 7th generation Core i7-7500U processor (2.7GHz base clock, Boost up to 3.5GHz) and up to 16GB of DDR4 memory.The smaller variant relies on Intel HD Graphics 620 while the larger unit leans on AMD Radeon 540 graphics (2GB GDDR5).Both systems include a 256GB solid state drive, 802.11 ac 2x2 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, dual 1.5W speakers, a 720p webcam and an island-style backlit keyboard.Connectivity-wise, you’ll get two USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, an HDMI port, a microSD card slot and a combination audio jack in addition to the DC-in port.No word yet on how long the 54Wh battery will last or how fast you’ll be able to recharge it via Fast Charging technology.
The release date for the Galaxy S8 is nearly hear and rumors are swirling around the final form of the device – especially its innards.Two different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are likely to appear, these replacing the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge the larger of the two .Inside these devices will be a 3,000mAh battery and a 3,500mAh battery, for the smaller and the larger device, respectively – so say sources said to be speaking with Samsung in Korea.According to The Investor, a Korean publication quoting a traditional paper source News1, a Samsung official suggested that they were going to deploy the battery capacity for the two S8 variants.These capacities and the idea that two Galaxy S8 models will appear falls right in line with a string of tips and rumors we ve gathered over the past several weeks.The device batteries will have some changes in manufacturing VS what was done with the Galaxy Note 7, but the size of the larger unit will be the same – so this report suggests.
A VR headset that can be worn like a pair of regular glasses is pretty much the holy grail of the technology until we get VR contact lenses, anyway .But while I expected decent VR glasses to be at least a couple of years away, I was surprised to find a pair in a small booth at this year s CES.It s a VR headset that looks and, most importantly, feels like wearing a regular pair of glasses.Dlodlo s V1 has actually been making the rounds since the summer of 2016, but most of the impressions I ve read have been mixed.The experience as a whole was remarkably close to the high end VR headsets I ve used.The colors seemed slightly duller than what I m used to from Oculus, but it wasn t particularly noticeable.
HTC has partnered with TPCast to launch a wireless upgrade kit for the Vive virtual reality headset, offering 90 minutes of use per charge.HTC has officially opened pre-orders for a wireless upgrade kit to make its Vive virtual reality headset more comfortable for room-scale use, though oddly is only currently offering it via its Chinese storefront.Both Oculus VR's Rift headset and HTC's Vive headset require a wire to tether them to the user's PC, transmitting both power and data to the headset and receiving signals from the head-tracking and controller inputs.When you're running around the room like a loon dodging virtual projectiles, though, that wire can prove an annoyance - something HTC is tacitly admitting by launching a wireless upgrade kit to cut the Vive's cord.Designed and manufactured by TPCast, the kit clips onto the top and rear of the headset in order to provide wire-free data transmission to the host PC.The Vive connects to the transmitter bundle through its existing ports, while a receiver sits at the other end to relay the signals to the host PC.
Back in August, the Republic of Gamers arm of Asus revealed a number of gaming laptops powered by Nvidia s GeForce GTX 10 Series of graphics processors.One of these was the Strix GL502VM sporting the GTX 1060 graphics chip, a 15.6-inch screen, and a choice of Intel Core i5-6300HQ and Core i7-6700HQ processors.Apparently there s a 17.3-inch model too called the Strix GL702VM that will begin shipping on September 23.The Strix GL702VM is very similar to its 15.6-inch cousin although it sports two memory slots instead of just one, enabling capacities of up to 32GB of DDR4 memory clocked at 2,133MHz.The smaller laptop appears to only support up to 16GB of system memory, with the default configuration consisting of a single 8GB DDR4 memory chip.On the storage front, the larger notebook provides an additional option over the GL502VM spanning standard hard drives and solid state drives, and M.2-class solid state drives that connect via a small PCIe slot on the motherboard.
My favorite thing in the world is when someone makes something, just because.One of the best examples I ve seen of this lately is the OvRcharge – a needlessly-extravagant iPhone charger that levitates your device as it replenishes the battery.The OvRcharge is the combination of two different technologies: wireless inductive charging, which uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between two objects, and magnetic levitation.The core of the product is the base station; a gorgeous wooden box, which comes in a number of different colors and finishes, and packs all the requisite electronics and magnets.If the product is successfully funded, the base station will come in two models.The first will measure 140mm square, with a depth of 33 millimeters, and will provide devices with around 500mAh of charging.
The other day it was claimed that Google will release two own Android Wear watches: Angel Fish and Swordfish. The picture above, which are based on rumor, can give an idea of ​​how smart watches looks. The larger unit to the left in the picture is the Angelfish. It has three buttons to the right and can be used completely independent when it is said to offer both LTE and GPS. The time is right Swordfish which looks to be a cheaper option without SIM card support, GPS and possibly even without a heart rate monitor. According to rumor, these watches will be launched sometime after the autumn Nexus phones.