nokian tyres ' corporate secrets thing the defendants deny that you are guilty of the crimes.the district prosecutor Matti Jakosuon according to the men acquire a crime to benefit a total of up to almost eur 35 million.All the defendants have the same line," tell me another pääsyytetyn lawyer Janne lining the bay.the Accused is ten nokian tyres ' former employees.the Prosecutor is demanding the imprisonment, for the part of the conditional.criminal titles are trying to the secret of violation, try secret misappropriation and business secret infringement the company.
the Swedish data Inspection board has once again put a spanner in the works for drönarpiloter.In anticipation of övervakningslagarna be modified and adapted for today's drönarklimat so, it has often been referred to exempt flight in a public place so that drönarpiloter can use their flying machines.the Swedish data Inspection board keeps hard at its decision that the drone is the personal privacy's biggest enemy, and has said no to the proposal.the Swedish data inspection Board lawyer Tove Fors says this in a press release on the decision:To completely exempt all private drones from the rules of the kameraövervakningslagen is not proportionate to the privacy risks that it would entail.this is Why we say no to the proposal.
the roof of snow and ice to drop in should choose companies that have experience snow loss of work, the central chamber of commerce to remind the release.“When the subscriber has selected a snow drop as the contractor, before starting work on the reason to draw up a written agreement, the agreed rules of the game and a liability of subscribers and possibly to a third party arising from personal and property damage,” said central chamber of commerce, lawyer Raisa Harju.Ridge recalls that as a proactive measure and contract basis before winter maintenance starts, it would be sensible to make use of the roof surfaces review, which will provide clarity about what the potential problems on the roof is the previous winter's snow drops retarded, for example, the old holes.“the roof in the snow pudotuksissa is important to take into consideration below of the walking and car traffic areas of delineation, marking and traffic control of the drop time.City or urban area, it is also important to trail work, such as pedestrian route cleaning lumikasa as well as anti-icing,” said the central chamber of commerce approved by the commodity inspection (HTT), the builder Juhani Leijamaa.
Oracle Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz put an Old Testament spin on her company's software copyright battle with Google as she told jurors about an encounter with her adversary's top lawyer at a bat mitzvah in 2012.Catz's testimony in San Francisco federal court was intended to buttress what Oracle claims was Google's brazen theft of Java code to build its Android operating system, and to begin to explain how that theft caused the database maker damages of $9.3 billion.Catz's message: Google undercut Oracle's licensing revenue by co-opting Java to develop Android into the operating system now used in 80 percent of the world's mobile devices.Google took a language designed to "write once, run anywhere" across different computing platforms and "forked," or split into two, Oracle's Java community of programmers, she said.AdvertisementGoogle lifted and employed the code so that it would only run on Android, leading smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, ZTE., and Motorola to adopt that platform, which the search engine company offered for free, and to cease paying Java licensing fees to Oracle, Catz testified."They use Android instead of taking a copy of our software."
Photo: Reuters Staff / Reuters Teslalle new paint shop built a company was guilty of the use of cheap labor, the Bay Area News Group claims. The article alleged that at one point threatened the firm's representative of an injured worker's hospital room, saying that he should not be a lawyer, and that he must leave the hospital, and the company would pay for his rehabilitation by. Bay Area News Group, according bodyshop builders were only five dollars paid by the hour, which is a fraction of the regular earnings in the sector. The Company believes that it is not legally responsible for the alleged actions of the subcontractor, but morally, yes. - We will take steps to make right the injured worker and to increase monitoring to ensure that the alialihankkijamme työpaikkasäännöksiämme adhere to similar does not happen again, Tesla says. ISM Vuzemia are pending against the trial, in which the Company is required, among other things, of $ 2.6 million in unpaid wages.
View all…SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Lawyers for Oracle Corporation summoned a hostile witness to the stand today here in federal court, revealing what they surely hope will be a "smoking gun" e-mail in their copyright infringement case against Google."We couldn't call something Java if it wasn't Java," answered Mazzocchi.The point was made: Mazzocchi is just a guy with views that don't necessarily represent his colleagues at Apache, much less Google."Our whole business is based on the ideas and work that come out of programmers and employees heads and that they type into computer code," said Catz, speaking slowly and turning to look at the jury.As for the mobile licensing business, since the launch of Android, it has performed "very, very poorly," Catz said.Google presented its case first; it has the burden of proof since its defense is limited to "fair use."
View all…SAN FRANCISCO—An economist hired by Oracle was sworn in and took the stand in federal court today, opining that Google's use of Java APIs in Android shouldn't be considered "fair use."Oracle lawyer Peter Bicks said he'd be interested in getting each side an extra half-hour of time, but Alsup said he'd only agree to take the time away from the limits set for the trial's damages phase.View all…SAN FRANCISCO—Oracle CEO Safra Catz testified in federal court today that Oracle spends "hundreds of millions" of dollars promoting and supporting Java and that the investment was at risk because of Google and Android."Our whole business is based on the ideas and work that come out of programmers and employees heads and that they type into computer code," said Catz, speaking slowly and turning to look at the jury.As for the mobile licensing business, since the launch of Android, it has performed "very, very poorly," Catz said.Google presented its case first; it has the burden of proof since its defense is limited to "fair use."
People hold signs calling for the release of imprisoned WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning while marching in a gay pride parade in San Francisco, California June 28, 2015.Imprisoned WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning filed an appeal this week, three years after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison for what is still considered the largest leak of classified government documents in history.Manning s attorneys waited to file her appeal to the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals until yesterday, the deadline for submitting.The unprecedented case posed a number of difficulties for Manning s defense attorneys, says Vincent Ward, co-counsel for the Chelsea Manning Legal Defense team.The case not only involved enormously complicated legal and technical issues, he says, but also involved a mix of classified and unclassified information that was logistically difficult and time-consuming for defense attorneys.Despite the lack of any evidence that he intended any harm to the United States, Manning faces decades in prison.
Eric NorrisA US federal judge in Tacoma, Washington has put himself in a Catch 22: ruling a man charged with possessing child pornography has the right to review malware source code while also acknowledging that the government has a right to keep it secret.As Ars has reported previously, since defense lawyer Colin Fieman filed his third motion to compel discovery in January 2016, there have been two other judges overseeing related cases in different states that have ruled to suppress evidence found as a result of the NIT.Earlier this month, a defense attorney in West Virginia filed a new motion to withdraw a guilty plea based on these other rulings.You can t have it both waysBrian Owsley, a former federal judge who is now a law professor at the University of North Texas, said that such a conundrum is "not that uncommon."He pointed to a 1957 Supreme Court decision, Jencks v. United States, which involved an undercover informant and an alleged Communist who demanded government records from the investigation.Ahmed Ghappour, a law professor at the University of California, Hastings, came to a similar conclusion.
Oracle is suing Google for billions of dollars and on Thursday Larry Page, the CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, was called to the stand by Oracle's lawyers to testify.Oracle's lawyers asked him about the revenue that Google generates from its Android software, which is something Google doesn't publicly discuss.Oracle's expert witness had previously testified that Google has generated $42.3 billion from Android, mostly through advertising.The lawyer showed Page a document presented to Google's board of directors about Android saying, "Our application and advertising services helped build Android into $43B / year ecosystem," according to the live coverage of the trial relayed on Twitter by several reporters and observers at court on Thursday.But Page balked at that document."I don't think those revenues are Google's revenues," he told the court, according to tweets from Sarah Jeong, who is covering the trial for Motherboard.Page said he thought the number referred to how much the entire ecosystem has made on Android, including carriers and others, not just Google.Oracle is suing Google for billions of dollars, alleging that Google owes it a lot of money in royalties and damages for copying certain bits of software from a programming language called Java to when Google created Android.Oracle now owns Java, acquired when it bought the company that created it in 2010, Sun Microsystems.At issue are bits of computer code called application programming interfaces or APIs.Page didn't play into Oracle's handsPage also got in a bunch of other jabs on the stand:When asked why Google acquired the company that had initially created Android, Page took a shot at Java, the programming language owned by Oracle at the heart of this trial."I was frustrated with the state of phones at the time… many of which were running Java," he replied, according to tweets from EFF activist Parker Higgins.In a line of questioning about how if he knew that Google did not license these APIs from Sun yes, he did know that , Page also pushed back, "I don't agree we copied code," reports Motherboard's Jeong.Page said he thought it was industry practice to take API headers and re implement them.Google is now arguing that its use of these APIs fall within fair use.
Google co-founder Larry Page was presented with a choice 11 years ago: whether to abandon the use of Java to build Android or march ahead and defend our decision, perhaps making enemies along the way.Oracle sued Google in 2010, shortly after acquiring Sun Microsystems, where Java was created.Page, 43, was responding to an Oracle lawyer who was trying to show jurors that at the highest levels, Google was aware of the theft of its copyrighted code.It was Google s Android manager, Andy Rubin, who wrote about making enemies in a 2005 e-mail and urged Page to impress upon a Sun executive, that we love Sun.Now the chief executive officer of Google parent Alphabet Inc., Page stood by Google s use of Java in his testimony, saying we didn t pay for free and open things.Java s APIs are indispensable shortcuts programmers use to work across software platforms.Oracle has shown the e-mail to jurors throughout two weeks of trial."If Sun doesn t want to work with us, we have two options," Rubin wrote, adding that the first choice is "abandon our work" and adopt an inferior programming language or "2 Do Java anyway and defend our decision, perhaps making enemies along the way."U.S.If jurors find Google didn t make fair use of Oracle s copyrights, they will decide in a second phase of the trial whether the company is entitled to damages.
Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAPLabor has complained to the Australian federal police that an NBN staff member disseminated photos taken during Thursday night s police raid on the former communication minister Stephen Conroy s office which could have included the party s broadband policy.The federal Labor party was engaged in a legal wrangle with the AFP for most of Friday and has secured agreement that the material seized in the dramatic late-night raids, part of an investigation into damaging leaks regarding the National Broadband Network, is covered by parliamentary privilege and will be sealed and stored by the clerk of the Senate, probably until parliament resumes after the election campaign.The AFP agreed the NBN staff member, who was present during the raids and taking photographs, would download the photos he took, store them on a USB drive to be included with the sealed material, and then delete them from his mobile phone.But then the AFP advised Labor that the staff member had already disseminated the images, prompting an angry letter from Labor s lawyer, Paul Galbally.Labor sources say the party s broadband policy was among the documents the AFP looked through during the lengthy raids.The Labor leader, Bill Shorten, said it was it is inconceivable that NBN Co would launch a police investigation and not make it clear to the owner of the company the federal government what is happening .
A judge in a high-profile child pornography case, in which a website called Playpen was accessible only through Tor, is trying to decide whether the FBI should disclose the NIT"s source code to the defendant.Judge Robert Bryan of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington wrestled with the competing interests in a case status order he issued in the U.S. v. Michaud case this week."What should be done about it when, under these facts, the defense has a justifiable need for information in the hands of the government, but the government has a justifiable right not to turn the information over to the defense?"The FBI's strategy with NIT-aided investigations appears to involve hiding its use of hacking tools, and, in some cases, pressing for guilty pleas before defendants and their lawyers question the investigative techniques, said Nathan Freed Wessler, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.The FBI has defended NITs, saying their use is limited.In the Michaud case, the defendant's lawyer had agreed earlier to view the source code using FBI-approved security measures, but the FBI backed away from that compromise.
A photographer is in court, facing charges over a photo she took of a victim outside the venue.Photojournalist Maya Vidon-White is facing charges in France over a photo she captured during the aftermath of last November s terrorist attacks in Paris.Reports show the man was attended to by paramedics, but succumbed to his injuries.Once in the hands of UPI, according to BuzzFeed News, the image was sold to a French photo agency, from where it was purchased by VSD, a magazine that published the image on November 17, 2015.Vidot-White s lawyer, Vincent Tolédano, is attempting to get the case dismissed by the judge due to the law only applying to victims who are still living, not deceased.Furthermore, Tolédano referenced a document presented to the Judicial Ministry wherein he notes that the law specifies that a photo of a deceased victim in and of itself is not degrading, a very specific detail mentioned in the law.
In the wake of the passing of Title III of the JOBS Act, crowdfunding equity platform FlashFunders has relaunched its site with new features.FlashFunders launched on the scene a little under one year ago, offering a web-only way to raise money from investors, automating the entire process that a securities lawyer would traditionally handle.As of Monday, with the launch of Title III, FlashFunders is opening up the crowdfunding portion of its website.Founder and CEO Vincent Bradley says that the true differentiating factor is FlashFunder s flexibility.Bradley also noted that dozens of equity crowdfunding platforms have opened up since Monday, and predicts that there will be more than 100 in the next month.But a year s worth of experience in the Form D space should help FlashFunders position themselves against competition.
And we broke down just how hackers were able to lift $81 million from a Bangladeshi bank in a matter of hours—well short of their billion-dollar goal, but still a hefty sum, cleverly obtained.In the world of software, Google has finally offered end-to-end encryption in its messaging products.Earlier this week, the Iraqi government shut off the internet.As of April, the FBI was still trying to get in touch, asking her lawyer where it might best send a subpoena.They also said they were sorry, with an exclamation point, so you know they really meant it.Since not all ransomware proprietors are likely to be so accommodating, the best thing you can do is preemptively protect yourself.
The results show that telecom operators have a lot of older customers improve service. unnecessary purchases In general, problems arise if the seller to use unfamiliar jargon or sales situation is busy and oppressive. One typical mistake is that customers buy the seller offered by 4G 3G phone even if it would be better for his residence in its territory. Valli Association Ikäteknologiakeskuksen Development Manager Sanna Kaijanen, in turn, says that the customer may sell the cable economy entertainment package, although this is not even a cable connection. René Tigerstedt Photo: Timo Keränen / Yle Post Office Lawyer Anna Saarela has also come across a case that the 10 Mbps internet connection was changed to 100 megabits per second. The problems known to operators Telephone Operators admit to sales and customer service related problems, which all operators will be a lot of feedback.
REUTERS/Eduardo MunozBy Daniel Wiessner and Dan Levine Reuters - The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers trumpeted an agreement reached earlier this month to represent New York Uber drivers, saying it "gives organized labor an opportunity to shape the new economy in a way that supports and values workers and their families."Under the terms of its agreement with Uber Technologies Inc UBER.UL , the Machinists will form an Independent Drivers Guild that will be able to intervene with the company on behalf of wrongly terminated drivers and negotiate for benefits, such as disability insurance and roadside assistance.She said her organization had been in talks with the Machinists about collaborating on a driver unionization campaign before the agreement with Uber.But contract workers are not entitled to the same legal protections employees enjoy, including minimum wage guarantees and overtime pay.Last month, the SEIU drew flack from another union, Unite Here, for negotiating with internet-based home rental company Airbnb Inc to encourage its hosts to hire union-approved house cleaners who would make at least $15 an hour.Seth Harris, a Washington D.C. lawyer who was deputy U.S. labor secretary from 2009 to 2013, said both unions and companies like Uber are formulating strategies for the new labor market in the face of outmoded labor and antitrust laws that restrict their options.
The legal battle between Oracle and Google is about to come to an end.For a case with such potentially great impact on the tech industry, it can be tough to follow.For example, several companies have built open source software that works with various cloud services in an attempt to make it easier for customers to easily move their applications from, say, Amazon to their own data centers.The problem is that although Oracle offers an open source version of Java, meaning anyone is free to change, modify and share the underlying code, Sun s licensing terms prohibited companies from building their own versions of the language without approval.According to em Ars Technica, Android founder Andy Rubin wrote an email that read: Wish them luck.Bick also managed to work in a few barbs about Schwartz s leadership, pointing out that Oracle didn t offer Schwartz a senior position after the acquisition.
Two weeks after Oracle s case against Google for using its Java software without permission went to trial, both sides today made their closing arguments and the jury began to deliberate.There were no bombshells in the four hours of back-and-forth arguments: in fact, attorneys for the two sides essentially repeated much of their opening statements, including some of the same catchphrases they d used only days before.Though you could never tell with this group, a stone-faced panel of eight women and two men who have listened intently through some pretty dry testimony about software code and whether Google violated copyright law by using Java programming language to build its new Android operating system to power smartphones.As I ve described it in my stories from the courtroom of U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco, the battle between these two tech giants is an epic digital dust-up that could affect the way Silicon Valley innovates.Oracle later bought Sun and is claiming that Google s actions has cost it billions of dollars in lost revenue.In closing arguments on Monday, Google went first, followed by Oracle, and then followed by a short rebuttal by Google s lawyer, Bob Van Nest.The case has wound through the legal system for four years now.One of the most discussed factors in the trial was the question of  whether Google had used the code for a transformative use, which Google says it did, pointing to what it argued were new, distinct and different ways that Android was beginning to run smartphones.And he once again offered the jury a larger context for them to consider as they worked to secure their verdict:  This is a very important case not just for Google, he told them today, but for innovation and technology in general.