Apple Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared "the future of television is apps.What you want is, more likely than not, is a universal search and suggestion mechanism that fetches you the right content - as fast as possible.Apple understands this, or at least seems to given how much its recent tvOS updates have focused on Siri.AppleThe updatesOn Monday, Apple announced a few updates that make the Apple TV less of a set of apps and more of a unified TV experience.The most prominent is called "single sign-on."While Apple didn't go into the details of exactly how it will work, the basic problem it's meant to solve is that no one likes signing into every Apple TV app associated with their cable account FX, CNN, and so on .You'll be able to sign in once and then get access to all the associated apps although it's unclear exactly which are compatible .Here we see Apple working to make its apps less siloed.Another feature in this vein was "live tune-in," which will let you tell Siri to drop you into supported live channels like ESPN 2 the example Apple gave ."Apple keeps saying the future of TV is apps, but what it really seems to mean is that the future of TV is a universal, Siri-based interface that can connect you to any content you want to watch.
The episode opens on another performance of the play about the life and death of King Joffrey, as Lady Crane playing Cersei Lannister gives a monologue about her desire to avenge her son.Arya s strange dream is put on hold, however, as The Waif catches up to her, murdering Lady Crane while Arya sleeps.She leads her pursuer into a dark tunnel where she has stashed her sword.He lets Edmure return to Riverrun and, once inside, Edmure s first declaration is for his men to lay down their arms.He eventually tracks down the last of them, a man wearing a yellow cloak, and finds him with a rope around his neck.After some haggling, Sandor gets the right to kill two of the three men facing execution, though he must do so by hanging them, for the Brotherhood likes to do things by the book.
Caption: The new infotainment system is built around an 8.4-inch touchscreen, runs Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and hopefully will be easier to use than its predecessor.MaseratiSlide: 4 / of 5 .Caption: More importantly, they added adaptive cruise control, lane departure and forward collision warnings, automatic braking, features that make driving easier and safer.I drove the 2015 Quattroporte S Q4 from Manhattan to its spiritual summer home, the Jersey Shore.The performance impressed me—the sedan hits 60 mph in less than five seconds, thanks to all-wheel drive and a 3.0-liter V6 that thankfully doesn t keep its voice down.I found the infotainment system infuriating, and the navi system s maps illegible and often incorrect.But the Quattroporte is a flagship sedan competing with the likes of the Audi A8, Mercedes S-Class, and BMW 7 Series—all of which offer superior amenities.
The company has just announced it will be letting developers bake Siri s voice functionality into their apps — so users will be able to tap into third party services just by saying Hey Siri… .Other examples he suggested where iOS 10 users might soon be able to call up app services via Siri included comms apps like Slack and WhatsApp; ride-booking with Uber, Lyft and Didi the latter being a recent Apple investment ; photo search, via the likes of EyeEm; pausing and starting workouts in apps like Runtastic and Runkeeper; doing payments to friends, using apps like Number26 and Venmo; and VoIP calling via the likes of Skype and Viber.Although Amazon s need for developers to help drive interest in its hardware is rather greater than Apple s, given the massive installed base of iOS devices.One area Apple has focused on in the past to differentiate its approach on the virtual assistant front is user privacy.It remains to be seen what sort of privacy safeguards Apple will be putting in place as it opens Siri up to third party developers.It also announced that Siri is coming to its newly renamed macOS, allowing users of its desktop computers to tap the voice assistant to do things like send messages and find files, as well as serving up its customary sass.
The Echo still isn't available here in the UK, but when it does arrive –it will be quite a bit more clever than in its current state.A source familiar with the Amazon Echo tells MIT Technology Review that researchers are working on natural-language-processing updates that will help it detect emotion in someone s voice, as well as remember and connect known information about a user to their requests.Or, if Alexa knows its master likes to listen to Kanye, it ll be more likely to recognise requests for his music in the future.But Alexa will invariably mess something up, and that s where the emotion-detection technology comes in.Amazon is simply hoping to incorporate a better and more sensitive version of this into Alexa.All this is definitely part of Amazon s attempt to improve Alexa as competitors are supposedly about to hit the market.
OPPO, the fast-rising Chinese smartphone maker that targets younger buyers, has sold an unprecedented number of its newest marquee devices in the three months since launch.Guangdong OPPO Electronics Co., ranked fourth in worldwide smartphone sales in the first quarter, has sold 7 million of the R9 since its March debut.Figures for the device, which sells for 2,799 yuan $425 , were announced at a media event in Shanghai.OPPO is one of a coterie of Chinese smartphone makers aggressively grabbing market share from the likes of Samsung Electronics Co. and Lenovo Group Ltd. as the industry undergoes its worst downturn on record.Cheaper yet reliable phones priced at around 3,000 yuan, large marketing budgets and a rapid expansion of distribution -- including through physical stores -- have fueled its ascendancy.That helped OPPO s first-quarter global smartphone shipments surge 153 percent to 18.5 million units according to research firm IDC, dwarfing the performance of local rivals such as Xiaomi Corp. and Vivo.Counterpoint Research director Neil Shah predicts OPPO will sell 63 million smartphones during 2016, a 44 percent increase from last year.Smartphone sales tend to fluctuate sharply between model launches and are dependent on rival activity.Leading Chinese brands Huawei Technologies Co. and Vivo may have experienced a sales slowdown in the second quarter but OPPO remains resilient and could have doubled shipments in the period, Jefferies Hong Kong Ltd. analysts Ken Hui and Kevin Zhang wrote last week.
A gaming PC.As part of this year's E3 festivities, PC Gamer is once again hosting a night of press announcements devoted solely to PC gaming.Ars will be on hand to liveblog the event starting at 11:30am PDT 2:30pm EDT, 7:30pm UK time on Monday, June 13.Last year's first ever PC Gaming Show was a long-winded line-up of PC developers chatting awkwardly on stage about newly announced games.This year's show promises to be shorter and snappier, but it should still pack in plenty of announcements from the likes of Microsoft, Oculus, AMD, Nexon, Square Enix, Sega, and more.
As the company has weaned itself off the smartphone business, faced with fierce international competition, Nadella has redefined the company s mission, calling Microsoft a productivity and platform company for a mobile first and cloud-first world.The acquisition also gives Microsoft a strong foothold in the world of social networking, without having to build a social network from scratch at this late stage in the game.Not only does it have more than 433 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is also a growing force in business publishing, as leading minds in the business world, including Nadella himself, become publishers on the platform.For years, Microsoft had been following the likes of Apple and Android in its quest to make a more competitive smartphone.In the video, Weiner also assures LinkedIn users that Microsoft has promised the company it will help write the rules, and have its independence.LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman was also involved in the acquisition talks.
Some of the biggest names in tech, telecom, and the media industries have one thing in common.The tiny financial advisory firm quietly advising them on deals behind the scenes: Allen & Co.The firm was one of only three banks that worked on $26.2 billion sale of LinkedIn to Microsoft.Along with Qatalyst Partners, it advised LinkedIn on the deal — one of the largest the tech industry has seen in years.It has previously worked on deals for the likes of Facebook and Google.The firm shuns the spotlight.Herbert Allen Jr. led the company for years, and has a seat on the board of Coca-Cola.His son Herb Allen III, who is now CEO at the firm, was named on Vanity Fair's new establishment list in 2012.Many of the deals the company works on are birthed during the firm's secretive annual Sun Valley Conference, which is sometimes described as the "Billionaire's Summer Camp."Hollywood celebrities mingle with CEOs like Bill Gates and Elon Musk.Here is a list the firm's best-known clients.Data and numbers regarding deals and Allen & Co.'s clients in part courtesy of Dealogic.
Find out a little bit more about this open source big data tool.The popular open source big data processing framework Apache Spark has become one of the most talked about pieces of technology in recent years.The popularity of the framework, which is designed around speed and ease of use, has seen the likes of IBM, Microsoft, and others align their own analytics portfolios around the technology.Built on top of Hadoop MapReduce it extends this model in order to use more types of computations including, Interactive Queries and Stream Processing.As a standalone deployment Spark sits on top of Hadoop Distributed File System so that space is allocated for HDFS.Apache Spark can be downloaded from the Apache Software Foundation site which lists numerous Spark releases and the type of package so that users can find the right version for their purposes.
Amazon has a month to respond to the accusation.Amazon has a history of violating the Hazardous Materials Regulations, the FAA said in a release, explaining that between February 2013 and September 2015 the e-commerce giant was found to have breached regulations 24 other times.Commenting in relation to the FAA s proposed fine, Amazon told Reuters it ships tens of millions of products every day and have developed sophisticated technologies to detect potential shipping hazards and use any defects as an opportunity for continuous improvement, adding, We will continue to partner with the FAA in this area.For example, a UPS Boeing 747 aircraft leaving Dubai was brought down soon after take off by a lithium-battery fire that started in its cargo hold.The FAA s proposed fine comes as Amazon works to build its own end-to-end delivery network, enabling it to rely less heavily on services operated by the likes of UPS and FedEx as it seeks to boost reliability and cut costs.Its plan includes a recent deal with the Air Transport Services Group to use 20 Boeing 767 cargo planes for moving packages big and small across the U.S. Another part of the plan includes the use of its own drones for so-called last mile delivery to customers homes, a venture that depends to a great extent on regulations laid down by none other than the FAA.
Through dialogue decisions, on-pitch performances in which you control only Hunter , and lavishly created cutscenes his story is told, influenced by what you choose to say and how well you play on the pitch.The NBA 2K series, which has effectively made EA Sport's own attempts at a basketball game redundant, has a remarkably similar mode called MyCareer.For the first time, FIFA uses the Frostbite engine Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions only , the same engine that powers nearly everything at EA, including the likes of Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, and Mirror's Edge.While it may be true that those individuals understand what it's like to work hard for that first professional contract, it seems unlikely that they're going to be able to frame that hard work in the most entertaining way.It's not known how many hours The Journey will demand of players, but it would be wise for EA to stick to a shorter running time.An easier sell are the changes being made to the way the football plays on the pitch, with ball retention and attacking runs behind and through the defence being the most impactful.
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Line s gearing up for a battle with far larger rivals like Facebook and China s WeChat as it looks to expand its 218 million user base beyond its strongest markets of Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.The Tokyo-based company, owned by South Korean search portal Naver Corp., plans to use the proceeds to spearhead an expansion across Asia and, eventually, the U.S. Line will have its market in Japan fairly fortified from the likes of WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger,  said Amir Anvarzadeh, manager of Japanese equity sales at BGC Partners Inc. Outside of its core markets, it s going to be a massive challenge.That approach earned the Japanese company top spot in global smartphone revenue rankings last year, excluding games, according to market researcher App Annie.But user growth plateaued as it made limited headway beyond its home country.Investors will want to hear about its broader expansion goals during the upcoming roadshow, even as they scrutinize its business performance.Sales grew 40 percent last year to 120.7 billion yen, with games, streaming music and comics accounting for 41 percent.The IPO would be this year s biggest tech offering globally, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, providing a rare bright spot for the depressed market for listings.Facebook has such a broad penetration via its main network that it can push its messaging platforms to its many existing users.
A video has surfaced of Jon Snow's actor Kit Harington being wheeled into a terrifying-looking cage-like motion capture contraption, the likes of which are used to create hyper-realistic 3D models of real people for video games.Last year's "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" heavily featured Christopher Meloni formerly of "Law & Order: SVU" , while 2014's "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" had a villain played by none other than Kevin Spacey.As you can see from the image below, the results are scarily realistic: "Call of Duty" publisher Activision is offering little in the way of specific information about Harington's role.Interestingly, the statement also confirms the involvement of film director Guy Ritchie of "Snatch" fame in bringing Harington's character to life."Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" will be something of a departure from what we're used to from Harington, as this new game takes the series to a far-flung future where humanity has colonized the solar system and some angry space colonists are attacking Earth.Players will be able to take part in intense dogfights in spacecraft for the first time in series history, so hopefully we'll get some interstellar Jon Snow action.
Weekend, show weary reader a good time.The likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and The Nice Guys are still pretty new and are receiving pretty good feedback.Fortunately, you can always fall back on…GamesThis Week s Top Pick: Mirror's Edge: CatalystFresh out yesterday, the hotly-anticipated follow-up to 2008 s original still feels exceptionally unusual even eight years on.There's only one way to find out...For the rest of this week's new UK game releases, head over to our buddies at Kotaku UK.EventsIf you re insane enough to not like football or betting or boozing or waving flags or standing in crowded places and squinting at fast-moving human-shaped figures, there are a couple of alternatives to binge-watching Euro 2016.You can do pretty much the same thing minus the balls for the Queen s second birthday of the year tomorrow.
So seriously, stop what you re doing and get over to our ticketing page right now to get your extra early-bird tickets to the best startup show in the Bay Area.You ll get to watch a few dozen startups take part in the illustrious Startup Battlefield competition, in which they ll be vying for the $50,000 grand prize, the coveted Disrupt Cup and, perhaps even more importantly, the attention of investors, press and the rest of the tech community watching in person and online.You will also be able to check out hundreds of early-stage startups on display in Startup and Hardware Alley, pitching their products and services to the thousands of attendees on the show floor on all three days of the show.Past speakers include the likes of Mark Cuban, Houzz CEO and co-founder Adi Tatarko and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, to name just a few.Disrupt SF 2016 runs from September 12-14 at San Francisco s lovely Pier 48, and we can t wait to see you all there.Our sponsors help make Disrupt happen.
The GTX 1070 is on sale as of now and is a more affordable slice of Pascal-powered graphics goodness compared to its bigger brother the 1080.The GTX 1070 Founder's Edition has a suggested retail price of £399 $449 in the US , and the vanilla GTX 1070 weighs in at £329 $379 in the US .You'll be able to grab the card at the usual major component retailers including the likes of Scan, Ebuyer and Overclockers – the latter of which already has an EVGA GTX 1070 Founder's Edition 8GB available priced at £410.Hunting high and lowIf you're on the hunt for a GTX 1070 and want to assess all your options, a good place to start is Nvidia's UK store, which will point you in the right direction in terms of available stock across retailers.Nvidia's GTX 1080 went on sale a fortnight ago, but it was a far more expensive proposition at an eye-watering £619 $699 over in the US for the Founder's Edition and £529 $599 for the standard version.If you're interested in the exact differences between the two cards, and why you're paying a couple of hundred quid more for the top dog model, then check out our Nvidia GTX 1080 vs GTX 1070 feature.
This year, we've seen cybercriminals putting together sophisticated ransomware operations with the likes of staffed helpdesks to help victims pay up, and there is further evidence of high levels of organisation in terms of criminals conducting black hat SEO search engine optimisation .Black hat SEO involves the attackers compromising target websites and then using them to pump up the Google rankings of the web pages of their paying customers apparently these are mostly online pharmaceutical stores or malware serving sites of one kind or another .Imperva observed that the attackers gain access to the CMS content management system of the compromised website and inject links pointing to their dodgy sites, giving these illicit pages more 'Google juice' and making it more likely people will see and visit them."While it is common to see many variations on the same attack vector comprise these campaigns – such as comment spam used to improve rankings of promoted sites – it is unusual to identify a multi-faceted, long-term campaign run with coordination from the same botnet in the wild."Obviously if your website is compromised in such a manner, your visitors will likely be less than impressed particularly if bits of your site are broken by the intrusion, as can happen – furthermore and as Imperva notes, you're likely to suffer damage to your reputation.As ever, particularly with cybercriminals becoming increasingly more organised, it pays to keep a close eye on website security.
Swiss watchmaker Hublot is working on a connected strap as owner LVMH steps up efforts to fend off competition from the likes of Fitbit Inc. and Apple Inc.Hublot is looking at including functions that relate to a wearer s location as well links to exclusive information about soccer in the watchband, Chief Executive Officer Ricardo Guadalupe said Thursday in an interview in Paris.Hublot follows sister brand TAG Heuer marrying Swiss craftsmanship with connected technology as Apple challenges watchmakers for a place on clients wrists.TAG Heuer started selling its own $1,500 smartwatch in November, and one month later said it aimed to boost production to 2,000 pieces a week from a previous 1,200.Swiss watch exports last year posted their first annual decline since 2009, weighed down by slumping demand in Asia and the arrival of the Apple Watch.Montblanc, owned by Richemont, already sells a smart watchband called the e-Strap.Hublot is still growing this year but it s a bit tougher, Guadalupe said, adding he will cut production if sales deteriorate.Asked which country he fancies winning the soccer tournament, the Swiss-born executive of Spanish descent went for France, the host nation and home of LVMH, whose full name is LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE.If France could win, it would be great because there are some issues in this country.