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Heat Recovery Steam Generators Market: SnapshotThe global demand for heat recovery steam generators, the machines that act as a thermodynamic link between steam and gas turbines in combined-cycle power plants, has witnessed an encouraging rise in the past few years.The rising numbers of these power plants translate into an increased demand for heat recovery steam generators.This report on the global heat recovery steam generators market presents a complete analysis of the present state of the market and verifiable predictions about the way the market’s growth dynamic is expected to evolve over the report’s forecast period.The report also includes a thorough overview of factors such as growth drivers, trends, restraints, and regulations, expected to have a notable influence on the overall development of the market in the next few years.The report also includes an analysis of the recent developments observed in the market in terms of technology and product varieties, Porter’s fiver forces analysis of the competitive landscape, and detailed business profiles of some of the key vendors in the market.Download PDF Brochure - https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/sample/sample.php?flag=B_id=2002 Heat Recovery Steam Generators Market: Trends and OpportunitiesThe vast rise in demand for improved energy efficiency of power plants and the power generation process and the availability of encouraging government incentives and rebates for enhancing the energy efficiency of the same are the key factors fueling the growth of the global heat recovery steam generators market.An increasing inclination towards the use of clean power generation technologies, the thriving industrial sector, especially across developing economies such as India and China, is also driving the increased demand for heat recovery steam generators globally.However, the after-effects of recent economic slowdowns in established markets such as Europe and certain parts of North America have adversely affected the prices of natural gas, which has dampened the spirits of power generation companies wanting to foray into the field of mixed-cycle power plants to a certain extent.However, the issue is expected to have only a moderate impact on the overall growth prospects of the market in the near future.
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 To order this detailed 250+ page report, please visit this link Key InclusionsA detailed review of the overall landscape of companies offering contract manufacturing services for biopharmaceuticals in China, along with information on year of establishment, company size, scale of operation (preclinical, clinical and commercial), location of headquarters, number of manufacturing facilities, as well as location of these facilities, type of business segment, type of manufacturing service(s) offered (process development and characterization, method validation and testing, analytical development, stability studies, quality assurance and control, scale-up, downstream processing, regulatory support, data analytics and reporting, and others), type of biologic(s) manufactured (peptides / proteins, antibodies, vaccines, cell therapies, gene therapies, antibody drug conjugates, vectors, biosimilars, nucleic acids and others), type of expression system(s) used (mammalian, microbial and others), type of bioreactor(s) used (single-use bioreactors and stainless steel bioreactors) and its mode of operation (batch, fed-batch and perfusion), type of packaging, and affiliations to regulatory accreditations and certifications (if any).An analysis of the various partnerships pertaining to biopharmaceutical manufacturing in China, which have been established since 2016, based on several parameters, such as the year of partnership, type of partnership model adopted, scale of operation, type of biologic, focus area of the deal, target indication, most active players (in terms of number of partnerships signed), and geography.An analysis of the various expansion initiatives undertaken by contract manufacturers in China, in order to augment their capabilities, over the period 2016-2020 (till February), taking into consideration several relevant parameters, such as year of expansion, type of expansion (capability expansion, capacity expansion, facility expansion and new facility), scale of operation of manufacturing facility, type of biologic and location of manufacturing facility.A clinical trial analysis of completed and active studies related to biopharmaceuticals that have been / are being / are likely to be conducted in China, based on trial registration year, trial phase, trial recruitment status, type of sponsor / collaborator, geography and number of patients enrolled.An estimate of the overall, installed capacity for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals, based on data reported by industry stakeholders in the public domain; it highlights the distribution of available biopharmaceutical production capacity on the basis of company size (small, mid-sized, large and very large firms), scale of operation (preclinical, clinical and commercial), key geographical regions (China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan) and expression system used.A review of recent initiatives undertaken by big pharma players in China for the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, highlighting trends across various parameters, such as number of initiatives, year of initiative, and benchmark analysis of big pharma players.A qualitative analysis, highlighting the various factors that need to be taken into consideration by drug / therapy developers while deciding whether to manufacture their respective products in-house or engage the services of a CMO.Elaborate profiles of key players that have a diverse range of capabilities for the development, manufacturing and packaging of biopharmaceutical products.Each profile features an overview of the company, its financial performance (if available), information on its service portfolio, details related to manufacturing capabilities and facilities, recent developments (partnerships and expansions), and an informed future outlook.A case study comparing the key characteristics of large molecule and small molecule drugs, along with details on the various steps involved in their respective manufacturing processes.A discussion on industry affiliated trends, key drivers and challenges, under a SWOT framework, which are likely to impact the evolution of this field.It also includes a Harvey ball analysis, highlighting the relative impact of each SWOT parameter on industry dynamics.The report also features the likely distribution of the current and forecasted opportunity across important market segments, mentioned below:Type of ProductAPIFDF Type of Expression System UsedMammalianMicrobialOthers Scale of OperationPreclinical / ClinicalCommercial Size of ManufacturersSmallMid-sizedLarge / Very Large Type of BiologicAntibody VaccineOthers To request sample pages, please visit this link Key Questions AnsweredWho are the leading biopharmaceutical contract manufacturers in China?What is the annual clinical demand for biopharmaceuticals in China?What is the current installed capacity for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals in China?What kind of partnership models are commonly adopted by stakeholders engaged in this domain?What were the various expansion initiatives carried out by Chinese biopharmaceutical CMOs?What were the different biopharmaceutical focused initiatives undertaken by big pharma players in the recent past, in China?How is the current and future market opportunity likely to be distributed across key market segments?You may also be interested in the following titles:China Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services Market, 2020-2030Live Biotherapeutics Products and Microbiome Contract Manufacturing Market: Focus on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Dosage Forms, 2020-2030Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Modification and Purification Services Market: Focus on Research, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications, 2020-2030 Contact UsGaurav Chaudhary+1 (415) 800 [email protected]
Owing to benefits, such as reduced manufacturing costs, availability of cheap and skilled labor, and a supportive regulatory landscape, biopharmaceutical developers from across the globe, are increasingly outsourcing their manufacturing operations to China based CMOs.Further, in order to meet the growing demand for their services, Chinese CMOs are actively consolidating / expanding their capabilities through partnerships and / or dedicated expansion initiatives.To order this 250+ page report, which features 100+ figures and 120+ tables, please visit this link The USD 2.6 billion (by 2030) financial opportunity within the China biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing market has been analyzed across the following segments:Type of Product APIFDF Type of Expression System UsedMammalianMicrobialOthers Scale of OperationPreclinical / ClinicalCommercial Size of ManufacturerSmallMid-sizedLarge / Very Large Type of Biologic Antibody VaccineOthers The China Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market, 2020-2030 report features the following companies, which we identified to be key players in this domain: ChemPartner BiologicsJHL BiotechJOINN BiologicsMabPlexMycenax BiotechWuXi AppTec Table of Contents  Preface 2.Executive Summary Introduction Case Study: Comparison of Small Molecules and Large Molecules Competitive Landscape Company Profiles Partnerships Recent Expansions Clinical Trial Analysis Regional Capability Analysis Capacity Analysis Big Pharma Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Initiatives in China Make Versus Buy Decision Making Framework Market Sizing and Opportunity Analysis  COVID-19 Impact on China Biopharmaceutical CMO Market   SWOT Analysis  Future of the China Biopharmaceutical CMO Market  Interview Transcripts  APPENDIX 1: TABULATED DATA  APPENDIX 2: LIST OF COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS To purchase a copy, please visit https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/view_document/china-biopharmaceutical-contract-manufacturing/313.html Contact DetailsGaurav Chaudhary+1 (415) 800 [email protected]   
Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on China Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market, 2020-2030, covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.To order this 250+ page report, which features 100+ figures and 120+ tables, please visit this link Key Market Insights Over 35 CMOs / CDMOs in China claim to offer a variety of services related to development and manufacturing of a wide range of biotherapeutic productsSeveral players provide one-stop solutions and are capable of operating at various scales; the landscape includes a mix of both established players and new entrantsIn order to cater to the evolving needs of clients / sponsors, CMOs have established facilities across different regions of China; Eastern China, with the maximum number of sites, has emerged as a manufacturing hubWith over 80 deals inked in past five years, there has been a surge in the partnership activity within this domain; majority of these collaborations were signed for the development and manufacturing of antibody-based productsBig pharma players have also made significant investments in this region, including establishing new facilities, expanding existing R centers and growing manufacturing facilities, focused on biotherapeuticsWe expect global biopharmaceutical developers to continue to outsource their manufacturing operations to China in the long term; we anticipate the CMO industry in the region to grow at an annualized rate of ~13%, till 2030For more information, please visit https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/view_document/china-biopharmaceutical-contract-manufacturing/313.html Table of Contents  PREFACE 1.1.Benefits of Engaging Chinese Contract Service Providers 3.9.Analysis by Location of Manufacturing Facilities5.2.6.Analysis by Regulatory Accreditations / Certifications            COMPANY PROFILES6.1        Chapter Overview 6.2        ChemPartner Biologics6.2.1.Conclusion                                 MARKET SIZING AND OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS14.1.
Over time, pharmaceutical players have demonstrated significant interest in this domain and have launched clinical research initiatives to investigate the relevance and applications of these novel biomarkers.Several companies have already developed / are developing analytical tests for novel cancer biomarkers (TMB, MSI / MMR and TILs), intended to assist physicians in making personalized treatment decisions.To order this 370+ page report, which features 190+ figures and 180+ tables, please visit this link The USD  860 million (by 2030) financial opportunity within the cancer biomarkers market has been analyzed across the following segments:Type of testLaboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)Companion Diagnostic Tests (CDx) Type of disease indicationBreast cancerBlood cancerColon / Colorectal cancerLung CancerMelanomaProstate Cancer Type of cancer biomarkerTMBMSI / MMRTILs Type of analytical techniqueNext Generation Sequencing (NGS)Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)Immunohistochemistry (IHC)Others Key geographical regionsNorth AmericaEuropeJapanChinaAustralia The Cancer Biomarkers Market: Focus on TMB, MSI / MMR and TILs Testing, 2019-2030 report features the following companies, which we identified to be key players in this domain: Foundation MedicineNeoGenomics LaboratoriesNovogeneQ2 SolutionsPersonal Genome DiagnosticsDr Lal PathLabsShenzhen Yuce Biotechnology Table of Contents  Preface 2.Executive Summary Introduction Current Market Landscape Product Competitiveness Analysis Company Profiles Publication Analysis Innovative Designs for Biomarker-Based Clinical Trials Clinical Trial Analysis Market Forecast Future Growth Opportunities Case Study: Analysis of Needs of Stakeholders in The Companion Diagnostics Industry Case Study: Analysis of Value Chain in the Companion Diagnostics Industry Clinical Research on Cancer Biomarkers: A Big Pharma Perspective  Executive Insights  Appendix 1: Tabulated Data  Appendix 2: List of Companies and Organizations To purchase a copy, please visit https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/view_document/cancer-biomarkers-market-focus-on-tmb-msi--mmr-and-tils-testing-2019--2030/253.html Contact DetailsGaurav Chaudhary+1 (415) 800 [email protected]  
Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Cancer Biomarkers Market: Focus on TMB, MSI / MMR and TILs Testing, 2019-2030, covering key aspects of the industry and identifying key future growth opportunities.To order this 370+ page report, which features 190+ figures and 180+ tables, please visit this link Key Market Insights Several novel biomarkers are presently under investigation for a variety of cancer indications; the initiatives of big pharmaceutical companies are indicative of the growing interest in this domainPresently, close to 50 companies are offering a variety of analytical testing solutions for the assessment of novel cancer biomarkers; majority of these tests are intended to facilitate important therapy-related decisionsMultiple tests are currently available for specific diseases indications; next generation sequencing has emerged as a key driver, enabling high throughput results and faster turnaround timesCompanies involved in this domain are putting in significant efforts to develop efficient tests and differentiate their offerings, from those of other stakeholders, to maintain a competitive edgeTill date, close to 200 trials, evaluating the expression of novel biomarkers have been registered across different cancer indications, phases of development and geographical locationsThe growing research activity in this domain is also evident across published scientific literature; several biomarker-focused studies are evaluating different types of immunotherapiesThe growing interest in this field is also reflected by the 120+ partnerships have been signed in the last two years, involving both international and indigenous stakeholdersThe opportunity is likely to be driven by the applicability of these tests across multiple cancer indications; the market is anticipated to grow as more biomarker based drugs get approved in the coming decadeThe projected future opportunity is expected to be distributed across different application areas, types of analytical techniques used and various global regions For more information, please visit https://www.rootsanalysis.com/reports/view_document/cancer-biomarkers-market-focus-on-tmb-msi--mmr-and-tils-testing-2019--2030/253.html Table of Contents  PREFACE1.1.Analysis by Analytical Technique Used4.2.9.Analysis by Number of Clinical Trials and Geography9.4.8.Cancer Biomarkers Testing Market for TILs: Distribution by Type of Test, 2019-2030 (By Value)  FUTURE GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES11.1.Development of Companion Diagnostic Products11.1.5.
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