If the dots on the loading screen were planets, is their motion realistic? And can we actually model it?
The suspense could quite literally be killing us The UK's NHS COVID-19 app developed a case of the borks overnight as Android users were presented with mystery notifications that never seemed to finish loading.…
Each week, a new Wolverine challenge appears. If you finish them, you may be rewarded with the Wolverine skin.
Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most used streaming services of the world as it offers a great number of TV shows, Films, Documentaries, animation work and many more on one single platform. If the Netflix is not working on the Roku smart tv then a user doesn’t need to panic because there are some ways and by following them, you can resolve this problem and when we talk about the Roku, a very popular device which is used to access Netflix. How to fix Netflix not working on Roku smart tv 1. Check Network Carefully- If Netflix not working on Roku smart tv then it is recommended to check the network connection as NetFlix work only on the internet connection because in some instance it is a network who is the main culprit behind the NetFlix not working. Thus you should visit the settings and see whether Netflix is connected to the Roku tv. The text above is a summary, you can read full article here.
Are you among the ones facing the issue of stuck Apex Legends continuous loading display?Is it annoying you a lot?For fixing such an issue, you need to go through this blog as a solution to it has been mentioned over here.Have a look at this blog carefully.Removing the DNS1.Firstly, the player needs to close this game fully.2.Then, put the combination of the Windows button+ R button altogether for launching the Run bar.3.After that, write cmd.4.Next, put the combination of Control+Shift+Enter altogether for running the Administrator.5.Then, write ipconfig /flushdns.Note: There is a gap after the letter ‘g.’6.Next, tap on the Enter key.7.Lastly, start the game one more time.Creating a second account1.Firstly, close Apex Legends fully.2.Then, visit the Steam for making an account.3.As you used to connect the account to Steam, so visit the history of yours and search the browser link, which you used to connect your EA as well as Stream account.4.Next, you need to copy-paste into the browser.5.After that, log-in through the STEAM option.6.Next, press on ‘Not you?’7.Then, sign-in to the newly made account of yours.8.Next, ensure that you have saved this URL address because you might require that one more time for linking Apex Legends into the primary Steam account of yours.9.Then, return to the starting.10.Next, press the ‘Play’ for running Apex Legends.For additional knowledge: Updating the drivers of yoursManually downloading1.Firstly, you need to download drivers.It will be situated on the maker site that is official.2.Then, look for the model that you have got.3.After that, search the right driver, which is perfect for the particular operating system of yours.4.Lastly, you need to download the driver manually.Automatically updating driversYou can take the help of ‘Driver Easy.’1.Firstly, you need to download as well as Driver Easy.2.Then, you need to run Driver Easy.3.Next, press the Scan Now option.4.Note that after this, Driver Easy shall start scanning the device of yours.5.After that, it will start searching for the faulted drivers.6.Next, tap the Update option placed after the flagged driver for by itself downloading the right kind of the driver.7.Then, you shall be able to install that manually.It can be done by the free version.8.Otherwise, press on Update All for automatically downloading as well as installing the right version of each of the drivers which are lost or have been expired on the device of yours.
Here’s the list of Fortnite’s Chaos Rising Challenges:Skydive through rings in the Steamy Stacks (1)Search Ammo Boxes at the Holly Hedges or Steamy Stacks (7)Complete Motorboat time trial (1)Deal Damage to the enemy from below (250)Dance at the Yellow Steel Bridge, the Red Steel Bridge and the Green Steel Bridge (1)Eliminations with Shotguns (3)Use a Zipline in different matches (2)Eliminations from within 5 meters (3)Search Chests in a single game (5)Deal damage to the enemy while in water (500)Search the XP Drop hidden in the Chaos Loading Screen (1)Complete each Chaos Rising Challenge and earn 54,000 XP points that you can use in your Battle Pass.Initially, gamers need to accomplish the first three challenges in order to unlock more missions by finishing each of those.Most importantly, players can also utilize Party Assist to overcome any difficulty and get help to complete the chaos rising challenges.Skydive through rings in the Steamy Stacks (1)In the challenge, players will need to drop through the rings into the smokestacks at Steamy stacks.Complete Motorboat time trial (1)On the entire map, you can find the Motorboat time trial near the middle island.Deal Damage to the enemy from below (250)Get low on the ground and shoot opponents in the feet.
This morning, users are reporting error messages when they try to stream content, along with other connection issues, crashes, bugs and more on the service’s first day out of the gate.According to web monitoring site DownDetector, the Disney+ problems began around 6:08 AM EST and there have been thousands of problems reported since.The majority (73%) of the problems being reported have to do with video streaming, while 26% are related to log-in issues.Unfortunately, calling for help isn’t going to solve the problem here — the service is facing too many connection attempts at the same time, which is a common launch-day problem for streamers.Thank you Disney+ for giving me a loading screen on my computer for selecting a short.And cell from just going to the home screen.
Points acquired increase a player's tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass.Challenges are added every Thursday during the season, but due to the new season starting Tuesday, there's already a set of missions for players to complete.The first batch of challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 gets players to explore the new island along with the added activities such as fishing and riding a motorboat.There's one challenge that needs a little help.Where to find the hidden 'F' in the New World loading screenThat fancy new loading screen players sit through has a clue to this challenge.
Instead of daily challenges, there are Limited Time Mission Objectives that unlock a new objective every day.Weekly challenges are now simply the Battle Pass Missions, which, as the name states, are available for season 10 Battle Pass owners.Deal 500 damage with suppressed weapons to opponentsOutlast 150 opponents in Solo or Squads modeSearch 7 Chests at Loot Lake or Happy HamletLand at Lucky Landing or Retail Row in 3 different matches
If you count yourself among the people who are ready for Fortnite Season X to finish up, you’re unfortunately going to be waiting a little while longer.With the Fortnite patch notes that landed today, Epic revealed that Season X will last a week longer than originally anticipated.Of course, that means players will get to participate in overtime challenges while we wait for the new season to begin, potentially allowing them to unlock new cosmetics.Epic hasn’t revealed what the overtime challenges for Season X – officially called the Out of Time Overtime Mission – will entail, but it does say that the rewards will include XP, cosmetics, and a “commemorative loading screen.” The fact that Season X has been extended by a week also means that players will have more time to complete their battle passes, so if you’ve been slacking on that front, you now have a little extra time to wrap things up.Additionally, Epic says that the Batman Caped Crusader Pack and Gotham City will both be available in-game until the end of Season X.The Out of Time Mission will begin on Tuesday, October 8th at 9 AM ET and run until Sunday, October 13th at 2 PM ET, so we’ll look forward for more information on that at the beginning of next week.
Users were unable to play the game after its initial release Tuesday morning, but it appears to have stabilized with more players able to log on.Publisher Activision tweeted Tuesday morning that there was an issue with players connecting to Call of Duty Mobile, and it would be working on a fix.Since then, many players have been able to get past the initial loading screen, however, some are still waiting.Players took to Twitter and Reddit for confirmation on the game not loading Tuesday morning before the servers were fixed.Many were stuck at the initial loading screen with no sign of the game downloading any additional data.Along with questions about the game loading, players also noticed Call of Duty Mobile has no support for controllers.
You play some games and are placed into a “League”, which consists of a “Tier” and a “Division”, and you also have a specific amount of “League Points”, or “LP”.You are granted LP when you win and have LP deducted from you when you lose, & you can have an LP value between 0 and 100.You will also be able to see your provisional LP, which is considered a recent addition to the system.When you win more games, you climb higher and higher on the LoL ranked ladder, which is a good indicator of your ability and skills as a player.What are the main deciding factors that go into my rank in League of Legends?Your rank is decided solely by your MMR.If you are winning games, you will go up the ladder, and if you are losing games, the opposite will happen and you will be demoted down the ladder.Clearly, this is a recurring theme.What do I earn from being in each rank at the end of the season?Iron, Bronze Ranks:Iron/Bronze Rank Summoner Icon + Iron/Bronze Rank Profile BorderSilver Rank:Silver Rank Summoner Icon + Silver Rank in-game Loading Screen Border + Victorious Ward Skin (must be Silver+ in at least 2x Queues)Gold Rank:Gold Rank Summoner Icon + Gold Rank in-game Loading Screen Border + Victorious Champion Skin (1 Chroma per Gold+ Queue Ranking) + Victorious Ward Skin (must be Silver+ in at least 2x Queues)Platinum Rank:Platinum Rank Summoner Icon + Platinum Rank in-game Loading Screen Border + Victorious Champion Skin (1 Chroma per Gold+ Queue Ranking) + Victorious Ward Skin (must be Silver+ in at least 2x Queues)Diamond Rank:Diamond Rank Summoner Icon + Diamond Rank in-game Loading Screen Border + Victorious Champion Skin (1 Chroma per Gold+ Queue Ranking) + Victorious Ward Skin (must be Silver+ in at least 2x Queues)Master Rank:Master Rank Summoner Icon + Master Rank in-game Loading Screen Border + Victorious Champion Skin (1 Chroma per Gold+ Queue Ranking) + Victorious Ward Skin (must be Silver+ in at least 2x Queues)Grandmaster Rank:Grandmaster Rank Summoner Icon + Grandmaster Rank in-game Loading Screen Border + Victorious Champion Skin (1 Chroma per Gold+ Queue Ranking) + Victorious Ward Skin (must be Silver+ in at least 2x Queues)Challenger Rank:Challenger Rank Summoner Icon + Challenger Rank in-game Loading Screen Border + Victorious Champion Skin (1 Chroma per Gold+ Queue Ranking) + Victorious Ward Skin (must be Silver+ in at least 2x Queues) + Challenger Rank Unique Recall Animation + Potential Physical Reward (previously Jacket, Backpack)Any advice for climbing from some specific ranks?Currently, ranks in League of Legends are divided into 9 different tiers, each with 4 different divisions ranging from division 4 all the way up to division 1 (except Master and higher, as those are tiers with a single division only).We will give some advice on what to focus on for each rank, in a brief fashion of course:Iron Rank:This is the lowest ranked tier in all LoL ranks.
A new video out this week explores a unique proposition that most modern computers likely haven’t thought of: What if Windows XP got reworked to show off circa-2019 design and functionality elements?The morbidly curious need not wonder anymore, as YouTube user Avdan released an animated mock-up teasing his take on the question.The 95-second clip hits the viewer with early-2000s nostalgia right out of the gate by flashing the classic Windows XP Start button before landing on the bootup loading screen, which stays true to its spiritual predecessor except for the “2019 Edition” label under the loading bar.From there, the video showcases a sleek reimagining of the Windows XP desktop with more minimal, crisp window panes, handles, and other UI elements as it flaunts Windows 10’s latest functional and aesthetic features.Cortana, virtual desktop workspaces, and adaptive and dark themes are all highlighted one at a time in delightfully retro Windows XP chic.And, of course, this all plays out with the iconic (or seared-into-your-mind, depending on your perspective) grassy hill wallpaper for a backdrop.
Multiple Fortnite leaks this week hint at the return of ‘Kevin,’ the giant glowing purple cube that eventually lifted Loot Lake into the sky before destroying it altogether.The battle royale game’s tenth season has brought old locations back to life, leading to speculation over whether the cube will rise again.A leaked loading screen and more all point toward that happening soon.First up is a Japanese Twitter account focused on Fortnite leaks called @FNJPNews.Notorious game leaks account @HYPEX shared the following tweet with credit to FNJP, revealing the Loot Lake island featuring Kevin at the bottom and the lake house with a hotel sign at the top:Soon after that leak was tweeted out, another notorious Fortnite leaks account called FortTory shared a video of the lake island on Twitter.
According to HYPEX on Twitter, there are nine main challenges in total.Work together with friends to get 25 eliminationsDeal 2,500 damage with shotgunsVisit Loot Lake, Polar Peak, and Pressure Plant in the same matchRevive a friend in three different matchesDeal 2,500 damage with assault rifles
Epic released Fortnite update version 9.40 early on Wednesday morning, bringing with it the new tactical shotgun variants the company teased earlier in the week, as well as a new skin and some other changes.The most notable addition was a new user interface design, one that’s sharp and clean with simplified access to the most important menus.The new Fortnite user interface is apparent the moment the game loads.Once past the loading screen, users are introduced to a new login screen, one that now features a single prompt to tap the login button.That takes players the familiar, and relatively new itself, game selection screen (above) where players choose Battle Royale, Creative, or Save the World.When in the lobby, users will find that it looks the same until they click the “Options” (or whichever button is applicable to their gaming system) button to pull up the Settings menu.
Data miners found the upcoming Overtime Challenges in the Fortnite update v9.40 on Wednesday.These challenges will likely go live Thursday, the day Epic normally releases a new set of weekly tasks.Each Fortbyte will reveal a piece of an image teasing Fortnite season 10 and a new one appears every day.Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte Challenges01: Awarded for gaining 175,000 XP02: Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen 6
Here’s the Loading Screen that goes along with the challenges once their completion is done as well: pic.twitter.com/xNYLeWZMFK— Guille-GAG - Fortnite Leaks (@Guille_GAG) July 4, 2019Use a Chug Jug or a Chug Splash in different matches (0/3)Visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle (0/1)Stage 1 of 5: Get an elimination with a Common rarity weapon (0/1)Stage 2 of 5: Get an elimination with an Uncommon rarity weapon (0/1)
Some Fortnite players have experienced issues getting their rewards for completing certain challenges, and Epic Games acknowledged the trouble in a tweet on Tuesday.The team says it is aware of the problem and will make sure that everyone gets their earned rewards…you’ll just have to wait for the team to come back from their break, the company explains.The company said in a tweet on July 2, ‘We are aware that some users are not receiving rewards from some challenge bundles.’ There’s no clarification about what ‘challenge bundles’ means, but the company does stress that players don’t need to worry, saying, ‘We apologize for the trouble, and will be properly distributing earned rewards once we are back from break next week.’The same message was posted by Epic on the FortniteBR Subreddit, where one Epic employee clarified that this issue is ‘directly related to the fortbyte issues.They are what is causing the mission system challenge rewards.’ That statement indicates the current problem is related to the glitch that has prevented some players from claiming the 67 and 97 Fortbytes.These newly unlocked fortbytes are easily obtained using the Retaliator Glider and by visiting the hidden location featured in the eighth loading screen.
Last week, a leak revealed future Limited Time Modes coming to battle royale game Fortnite.One of those LTMs was called ‘The Blues,’ which was recently (and accidentally) made public by Epic itself to players who were queuing up for the current ‘Solid Gold’ LTM.These players were presented with a loading screen that said ‘beta’ in the corner and offered three key pieces of information about the upcoming game mode.Leaks that come from established dataminers are generally very reliable — we’ve seen a number of weapons and other items leaked by dataminers eventually arrive in the game.On June 20, a new leak revealed around 20 new Limited Time Modes for Fortnite battle royale, among them being ‘The Blues.’Though Epic hasn’t officially commented on this mode, the company essentially confirmed its existence by showing some ‘Solid Gold’ players a beta loading screen for a different LTM — one likewise called ‘The Blues.’ As the original leak claimed, the loading screen says ‘The Blues’ is a mode where only rare-tier weapons (the blue ones) are available.