the roof of snow and ice to drop in should choose companies that have experience snow loss of work, the central chamber of commerce to remind the release.“When the subscriber has selected a snow drop as the contractor, before starting work on the reason to draw up a written agreement, the agreed rules of the game and a liability of subscribers and possibly to a third party arising from personal and property damage,” said central chamber of commerce, lawyer Raisa Harju.Ridge recalls that as a proactive measure and contract basis before winter maintenance starts, it would be sensible to make use of the roof surfaces review, which will provide clarity about what the potential problems on the roof is the previous winter's snow drops retarded, for example, the old holes.“the roof in the snow pudotuksissa is important to take into consideration below of the walking and car traffic areas of delineation, marking and traffic control of the drop time.City or urban area, it is also important to trail work, such as pedestrian route cleaning lumikasa as well as anti-icing,” said the central chamber of commerce approved by the commodity inspection (HTT), the builder Juhani Leijamaa.
p On 11 May 2017, the Min of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo notified WHO & partners of a lab-confirmed case of Ebola DRCUpdate 12.05.2017: A new Ebola outbreak has been declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo after the deaths of three people have been linked to the virus.This confirmation came from tests on nine people who came down with a hemorrhagic fever in Bas-Uele province on or after April 22, the statement said.Ebola was first identified in 1976 and it ravaged West Africa between December 2013 and January 2016, during which time it killed more than 11,000 people.In 2014, a three-month outbreak in DR Congo killed 49 people.The World Health Organisation declared Ebola was no longer an emergency in March 2016.
The shipping company Viking Line will publish its first quarter results at 9 o'clock. Beginning of the year is traditionally the company's weakest and often at a loss. Oil prices by lower prices benefit the company, but the increase in other expenses is hampered results. Also, the growth has been the stumbling. Statistics on Wednesday, says the number of bankruptcies in April and road freight transport volumes last year. On Wednesday, the Japanese are also obtained preliminary gross domestic product figures for the euro area consumer price index for April.
Circuit breakers broke bad, workload moved but array flipped out under heavy has revealed that a bug in the firmware of its storage arrays was behind last week's data loss incident.That mess took the company's NA14 instance offline, so it took steps to move it into a Chicago data centre.Once these timeout conditions began, a single database write was unable to successfully complete, which caused the file discrepancy condition to become present in the database.The data loss came about because while Our internal backup processes are designed to be near real-time, however the local copy of the database had not yet completed.Salesforce says the circuit breakers that started the mess passed March 2016 tests, but have been replaced anyway.We do know, thanks to a 2013 post by site reliability engineer Claude Johnson that Salesforce has in the past used ZFS and Solaris-powered servers for storage.
As many as 63 per cent of households are concerned about identity theft. Concerns about the privacy or security of the network have meant that even millions of people in the US have stopped using online payment of invoices, purchases, or dropped out of social media updating, maintains a large study by the government. The same number of people stated that it is not afraid to update your social media. NTIA believes that better network security could help build confidence. The number of such people increased by about ten percentage points. In addition, online data collection company, the loss of personal data control and data acquisition authorities aroused much concern.
operating in the Baltic Viking Line's operating loss was EUR 11.6 million in January-March. Back in the comparable period of the year operating loss amounted to EUR 9.8 million. The Group's operating profit declined mainly due to the larger context of the operational costs of planned and implemented the ship dockings. Volume and price developments during the remainder of the year is crucial to the Group's earnings. The economic downturn in Finland increases the uncertainty, but fuel prices have so far had a positive effect on the result. "During the 2016 operating result weakened slightly compared to the 2015 operating result as a result of several ship dockings.
As many as 63 per cent of households are concerned about identity theft. Concerns about the privacy or security of the network have meant that even millions of people in the US have stopped using online payment of invoices, purchases, or dropped out of social media updating, maintains a large study by the government. The same number of people stated that it is not afraid to update your social media. NTIA believes that better network security could help build confidence. The number of such people increased by about ten percentage points. In addition, online data collection company, the loss of personal data control and data acquisition authorities aroused much concern.
Last period's profit of 14 million is thus against a loss of just over 4 million in the beginning of this year. Five minutes after market opening on Wednesday had volition share fell by 3 percent to 17.8 kronor. CEO Bo Andersson Klint blame the company's strong sales in early 2015. In addition, the dollar exchange rate was favorable for us for a long time, but this quarter is an unfavorable currency effect due to the dollar weakened against densvenska krona, which had a negative impact on growth, says Bo Andersson Klint in a written comment. At most, the period recorded 39,000 customers any of the Company's titles at the same time. Read more: Starbreeze and Acer VR deal - shares rise
Report authors call on gov.UK, business to up their spendLeaving the EU could mean UK universities lose a whopping £1bn research funding, according to report released by Digital Science today.Their data showed the UK was the fifth-largest producer of science and technical articles behind USA, China, Japan and Germany, despite receiving just 1.63 per cent from public and private sectors in research.Figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development reveal that investment from UK companies contribute only 1.06 per cent of GDP toward research and development.This is below the average of many European countries and is almost 80 per cent lower than the R investment made by German businesses.Should the UK vote to leave next month, the report stresses that significant political efforts will need to be made to plug the funding gap and avoid long-term damage to the research and education sector .Ridley said that some of the biggest scientific organisations including The European Space Agency, The European Molecular Biology Organisation and CERN, were not EU-membership exclusive and was unfair if the EU parliament held the power to decide how money was spent.
Games studio making an operating loss of SEK 4 million, according to new quarterly report. On Wednesday released the Swedish gaming company Starbreeze quarterly report for the first quarter in 2016. It shows the same downward trend as the previous report. After tax, the company made a loss of SEK 14 million during the first quarter in 2016. It is a heavy blow for the game studio that made a profit of SEK 23 million during its last fiscal year that ran from July 2015 to December 2015. Among other VR StarVR spectacles, which now more has a partnership with computer giant Acer on.
Apple sent two engineers to a customer's house to troubleshoot after he wrote about how iTunes deleted swathes of his music collection, and his story subsequently went viral.The Cupertino company is now rolling out an update to iTunes in an attempt to solve the issue.James Pinkstone had detailed his frustrating experiences with Apple's music software in a blog post earlier this month entitled "Apple Stole My Music."In it, he laid out how 122 GB of music vanished from his library after signing up for subscription service Apple Music.Deleted.This time, the files remained, which was just one of many confounding elements of my whole saga.For example, one of the many confusing things about the initial file loss was that only most of my music files had disappeared.Let's hope the most recent update from Apple fixes the issue for good.SEE ALSO: Apple is on a charm offensive in ChinaNOW WATCH: There's a Keurig-inspired machine that makes individual tortillasLoading video...
Simply put, if it has an IP address, an identifier and internet connection then it is an IoT-enabled solution.Ashton has described the potential of the IoT saying that today's computers, and therefore the Internet, are almost wholly dependent on human beings for information."Nearly all of the roughly 50 petabytes a petabyte is 1,024 terabytes of data available on the Internet were first captured and created by human beings by typing, pressing a record button, taking a digital picture or scanning a bar code."He then says that the problem is the fact that people have limited time, attention and accuracy, "all of which means they are not very good at capturing data about things in the real world"."If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things, using data they gathered without any help from us, we would be able to track and count everything and greatly reduce waste, loss and cost.The industrial IoT, the sort of IoT version for the industrial and manufacturing industries, is expected to add to the world's GDP something between $10tr to $15tr between today and 2035.
The debilitating disorder almost exclusively affects girls and generally involves slowed development, seizures and a progressive loss of the ability to move, talk and use hands, among other symptoms.After Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg announced the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative for advancing human potential and promoting equality in December 2015, Tesler decided to reach out to the couple for help.Walking is difficult for her.But as a rare disease, financing and support for research is limited.The Facebook CEO responded in a comment on May 14: I saw your video!She still smiles and giggles.
We develop the key components that need to control the stream, through a new material technology that we have developed. It is called silicon carbide, says Christian Vieider, president of Ascatron. An electric car has such a large box that converts the power from the battery to the motor, which enables you to accelerate and brake. Ascatrons goal is to reduce energy loss in this conversion. They go all the time and need to convert power from the huge stack voltage to a few volts to sevrarna. Two Italian private equity firm, Quadrivio and Como Venture, and two Chinese private equity firms, Rise Leads Investment and Not Bridge Technology, enters the company.
Eating a little less and exercising a little more, over the long term, won t produce large, long-term weight changes.For a half century, experts have talked about the 3,500-kilocalorie kilocalories are what we call calories in everyday speech .That means for every 3,500 calories you burn or don t consume, you lose a pound.More recent data, the authors say, shows that people lose much less weight when they burn it over a longer period of time.It s not important to set realistic weight loss goals to avoid frustration.Be ambitious instead.
The server outage that caused Salesforce to go down for almost all day last week could cost the company nearly $20 million, according to a note published by the financial services firm D.A."Depending on Salesforce s response and affected customers service level agreements, we estimate this outage could impact current quarter revenue guidance by $20 million," the note said.For a company that's on track to generate over $8 billion in revenue this year, a $20 million hit won't be much of a dent.But it could lead to more long-term problems, such as trust and reliability issues, as it's almost unprecedented for a cloud service platform to suffer a day-long server disruption.On top of that, as we previously reported, some of the smaller customers do not have service level agreements that would have compensated for the service disruption and data loss."While any repercussions arising from this outage remains to be seen e.g., increased customer churn , this outage is clearly a short-term headwind for a company trying to become a standard platform for business-critical enterprise applications that may cause customers to question the reliability of the platform," DiFucci wrote in a note.The estimated $20 million loss won't have any impact on Salesforce's first quarter earnings, as the outage happened during the company's second fiscal quarter.Plus, the company has been placing more focus on improving profitability in recent quarters, a positive sign for investors.Here is what analysts are expecting, according to Yahoo Finance:Q1 non-GAAP earnings per share EPS : $0.23, up from $0.16 in Q1 2015.Q1 Revenue: $1.89 billion, up about 25.3% from $1.51 billion in the year-ago period.We view as the company in our coverage universe most leveraged to this massive technology refresh and expansion cycle across the CRM market," Credit Suisse wrote in a note Wednesday.NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
"A U.S. owner of a BMW i3 has filed a lawsuit claiming that the German automaker's electric vehicle can experience a sudden loss of power when a feature designed to nearly double its driving range is deployed," Reuters' Jonathan Stempel reported.When the battery is depleted, a small gas motor kicks in to generate more electricity, raising the range limitation to around 150 miles, beyond 80 on electric power alone."We cannot comment on the matter now that it s in active litigation," said BMW in a statement emailed to Business Insider.We checked out the range-extender i3 last year and subjected it to conditions similar to those described in the lawsuit.We ran all the juice out of the battery and switched over to the gas motor twice on a trip of about 300 miles.There were two adults and two children in the car, along with a couple of large duffle bags.Our results are hardly scientific, but we detected no power loss when the range-extender was in operation.The i3 is part of a lineup of BMW vehicles that are intended to chart a path toward the future of mobility for the German automaker.
Beyond everything else though, the most important realization for me personally was this: weight loss is a game of numbers.It s a wonderfully simple concept but it can be incredibly difficult to maintain, and I discussed several ways I managed to do it.As the saying goes, every little bit helps, and a reader just emailed me a note about a nifty calorie-cutting invention that couldn t be simpler.In an effort to address that issue — and to generate some buzz — an advertising agency called BBDO Bangkok partnered with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to do something about it.30 calories doesn t seem like a lot, but as I mentioned, every little bit helps.Thanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
Today Nokia announced that it will license its brand to a new Finnish company founded by former Nokia execs.The company, Global HMD, plans to use the Nokia brand to sell Android-based phones and tablets.Since selling its phone business, Nokia itself has mostly focused on the lucrative telecommunications infrastructure market, buying competitor Alcatel-Lucent earlier this year for $16.6 billion.Its Nokia Technologies division makes an Android-based tablet for the Chinese market.And last month the company acquired French gadget maker Withings in deal that signaled Nokia s ambitions to get back into consumer electronics were on the rise.Think of getting back into phones as Nokia hedging its bets.
Nearly half a million Jeep Wranglers are being recalled over potential loss of airbag functionality in vehicles that have been exposed to a lot of dirt and dust eg, used off-roading .Fiat Chrysler America announced the recall following an internal investigation that surfaced the issue; of the units being recalled, 498,985 of them are located in the United States.Affected Jeep Wranglers span from the 2007 to 2016 model years; of them, 391,464 are located in the U.S. and have a model year from 2007 to 2010, while the rest 7,435 have model years from 2011 to 2016.Once the recalled vehicles are brought to dealerships for servicing, Jeep will replace the clockspring assemblies and any other related bits, shrouds in the steering column, and the steering wheel s rear covers.This is all due to potential issues with dust and dirt, which could eventually mess with the clockspring and keep the driver s airbag from deploying.Fortunately, there are no known injuries resulting from the airbag issues, nor from a separate recall affecting 80.5k Fiat 500s from 2012 to 2016.