The Siri icon in the Mac dock Credit: MacRumoursApple's OS X will feature an integrated version of Siri for the first time, allowing users to browse the web via voice command, screenshots appear to confirm.Rumours have been circulating for a while over the integration, and the company has allegedly been testing versions of OS X containing Siri for the past four years.A hands-free Hey Siri activation command is also supported by the new software, which is disabled by default, but can be turned on under Preferences.How the Siri icon appears in the menu bar Credit: MacRumoursSiri has become a key search and navigation method in both Apple Watch and Apple TV, where text input is severely restricted by the display size and having to tap in individual letters via remote.On: iOS, Apple TV, Apple WatchReleased: 2011Killer feature: The closest thing AI has to a sense of humourOn: Android, Google app and Google ChromeReleased: 2012Killer feature: Integration with Google's advanced suite of email, maps and searchOn: Windows, Microsoft Band, iOS and Android appsReleased: 2014Killer feature: Available across Windows and mobile devicesOn: Facebook's Messenger appReleased: 2015Killer feature: A team of human operators, M Trainers , answer requests that the AI can't yet manageOn: Not yet releasedReleased: To be confirmedKiller feature: Close integration with many outside companies, including GrubHub, Uber, Zocdoc, and SeatGuruApple has taken to naming its Mac software updates after Californian landmarks in recent years, with last year's offering El Capitan following on from Yosemite and Mavericks.While OS X 10.12's name remains shrouded in secrecy, there's a chance Apple may rebrand the sofware entirely as macOS in alignment with the other lines.
We've been hearing rumors about Apple bringing virtual assistant Siri to the Mac with this year's version of OS X AKA "macOS" for several months now, and with the Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC just a month away, some new evidence has surfaced pointing towards an announcement.The first reveals a dock icon in the shape of a circle, matching the design of Apple's other built-in apps, with a colorful waveform that's become the visual identity of Siri.MacRumors writes that a Siri waveform will be brought up on the screen when a user click on either icon, indicating that it's ready for a voice command, similar to holding down the home button to bring up Siri on iOS.Additional information reveals that an always listening "Hey Siri" feature will also come to OS X, but it's disabled in system preferences by default.It's believed that Siri for Mac will be capable of many of the same commands as on iOS, such as searching the web, transcribing text messages, and creating calendar events, however we won't know for sure until an official announcement from Apple.It's also noted that development on Siri for Mac is still far from complete, and thus the icons seen here may be placeholders.
Apple's WWDC keynote starts on Monday, June 13 at 10am Pacific that's 1pm Eastern, 6pm GMT , and it promises to be one of the more interesting ones for the Cupertino company.MacBook Pro 2016The MacBook has just been refreshed, so the MacBook Pro is next for an update - and where better to unveil a new Pro laptop range than at your annual developers' conference?It's also been rumored that Apple will base its Watch 2 processor on the ARM Cortex A32, which is 25% faster than the current ARM-based processor and offers vastly improved battery life, addressing one of the Watch's biggest issues.Apple has trademarked lots of Californian place names so it isn't short of successors to El Capitan, but code buried deep inside a file that's been in OS X's System folder since 2015 refers not to OS X, but to macOS - the name Apple used to use for its operating system.It seems to be more than a retro flashback; OS X doesn't fit with the current Apple OS convention that spans watchOS, tvOS and iOS, and Apple's latest update to its environmental page described macOS, not OS X.We're hoping that the lack of Mac Pro updates is because Apple's working on a really amazing new one, not losing interest in it altogether.
Google s TensorFlow machine learning engine is now available on your iPhone and iPad.The search giant has added support for Apple s iOS to its TensorFlow 0.9 released candidate, on GitHub.Support for iOS follows earlier backing for the framework on Google s own Android smart phone operating system.Other changes for TensorFlow 0.9 include support for Python 3.5 binaries and added support for processing on GPUs on MacOS.TensorFlow is Google s machine-learning library for numerical computing using data flow graphs, released late last year by Google under an Apache 2.0 license.It s the successor to DistBelief, the deep learning neural network Google used to sift for Gmail for spam and sort videos on YouTube for specific videos.
Even given the iPhone announcements in the fall, WWDC is usually Apple's biggest event of the year, the one where we see the direction in which Apple's increasingly unified platform is moving for the next 12 months.We already know that we'll be getting our first looks at new versions of iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS, and the show is often good for a handful of product and service announcements as well as some more developer-focused stuff.iOS 10Siri will supposedly get a good bit of attention this year.According to a report from The Information last month paywall , Apple should finally make an API for Siri available for third parties to hook into, part of a broader effort to take the digital assistant in a more Google-Now-and-Amazon-Echo-esque direction.Apple is sometimes slow to offer developers access to different parts of the operating system examples: browsers can't use their own rendering engines, you can't set third-party apps as defaults , but both iOS 8 and iOS 9 were big steps forward.The new Pros will supposedly inherit some of the design priorities of the one-ported MacBook, though leaked blurrycam images suggest they ll have four USB Type-C and/or Thunderbolt 3 ports instead of one.
Topics range from the big tech stories of the week to predicting the future, all while maintaining a somewhat civil decorum.For Episode 86: June 9, 2016 we preview Apple s annual developers conference, WWDC 2016.Expect to see updates to both iOS and Mac OS X, shich could be renamed MacOS.There should also be updates to Siri announced, along with the possibilities of a new Macbook making its debut.At 2:45 pm Pacific we answer YOUR questions live.We also broadcast the show live on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday at 2:30 p.m. Pacific.
Image Source: lureofmac.comEarly next week Apple will detail its latest software advancements at WWDC 2016.Apple s updated mobile operating system, desktop operating system, watchOS and tvOS are going to be the stars of the show, with the mobile and Mac software updates being the top announcements fans are expecting.There have been plenty of rumors detailing the expected features of the next versions of iOS and OS X, though Apple has yet to confirm any of them.DON T MISS: WWDC 2016 preview: Everything Apple plans to unveil next weekYou ve known it as Mac OS X or OS X for years, but that s about to change in 2016.At the time, the company quickly changed its MacOS reference – with a capital M – to OS X after it was discovered.Apple will likely explain its new naming scheme for OS X during next week s WWDC opening keynote, which kicks off at 1:00PM EDT.
Apple is normally renowned for its secrecy - but right now, it is its own worst enemy.The Cupertino company just can't stop leaking the planned new name OS X, for its desktop operating system.There has been speculation for years that Apple is going to drop the "OS X" brand.OS X, which runs by default on all Macs, MacBooks, and Mac Pros, is expected to turn into macOS - and we just got yet another indicator that this is going to happen.In April, the company published information about its environmental initiatives to coincide with Earth Day 2016.Developers have also previously found references to "MacOS" in OS X's code.
Yesterday, Apple published an announcement about the App Store, but with one curious mistake.iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS apps are eligible.Apple has since edited the page to remove the mention of macOS, instead swapping out the name for Mac OS X.Apple's latest desktop OS is OS X El Capitan 10.11 , the 12th major OS X releaseThis is actually the second time Apple has made such a slip up this year.That revelation sparked widespread rumours that Apple was planning to bring the branding of Mac OS X in line with its other operating systems for mobile, Apple TV, and the Apple Watch.If the rebrand doesn t take place at WWDC however, then the rumoured September iPhone 7 launch is the next likeliest candidate.Trusted Explains: Tablets vs LaptopsWhat would you like Apple to announce at WWDC 2016?
With WWDC 2016 taking place next week, there are even more eyes on Apple than usual, but the company s ensured it soaks up as much attention as possible in the build-up to the conference by, ahem, accidentally referring to macOS instead of OS X on its website.This isn t the first time it s happened.The company made a similar boo-boo on Earth Day earlier this year, though back then, it was MacOS with a capitalised M. I wonder how many person-hours have been spent over the past half-year agonising over that detail.Pseudo-calamity struck when Apple updated its revenue sharing policies for developers this week.Moving forwards, developers will get an 85% share of the income rather than 70% whenever a user subscribes to a service for a year or more.MacRumors
With WWDC 2016 taking place next week, there are even more eyes on Apple than usual, but the company s ensured it soaks up as much attention as possible in the build-up to the conference by, ahem, accidentally referring to macOS instead of OS X on its website.This isn t the first time it s happened.The company made a similar boo-boo on Earth Day earlier this year, though back then, it was MacOS with a capitalised M. I wonder how many person-hours have been spent over the past half-year agonising over that detail.Pseudo-calamity struck when Apple updated its revenue sharing policies for developers this week.Moving forwards, developers will get an 85% share of the income rather than 70% whenever a user subscribes to a service for a year or more.MacRumors
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC is only a few days away, but it's looking more and more like one of the announcements we can expect at the keynote is a rebranding of the Mac's OS X to simply "macOS."Following similar discoveries earlier this year, a page on the company's developer replaced "OS X" with "macOS" specifically with a lower-case M alongside Apple's other operating systems like iOS, tvOS, and watch OS.The site in question was a FAQ page for developers with information on the recent announcement of App Store revenue sharing.Rebranding OS X to macOS would make perfect sense, as it would the desktop OS in line with Apple's current naming conventions.While nothing is official until Apple makes an announcement, a hidden OS file and two mistakes in such a short period give a pretty solid indication of what we'll hear next week.SOURCE MacRumors
WWDC Predictions SiriApple is known for hiding easter eggs in Siri auto-replies.As MacRumors spotted, Siri has a list of responses to different questions about what to expect at WWDC.DON T MISS: Man dressed as Apple Genius steals $16,000 in iPhones from Apple StoreI ve tried just about every question I can think of about WWDC to Siri, and she mostly stonewalls me.But MacRumors has found far more answers, including some excellent Game of Thrones references:This is widely expected to be one of Apple s biggest conferences in years.We can expect to see iOS 10, a new version of OS X possibly renamed MacOS , and some kind of smart home hub sporting Siri.The next iPhone will almost definitely wait until September, but a new line of Macbooks including a refresh to the Macbook Pro line is also expected.
The team at DevMate polled just under 700 Mac developers on their feelings about working on macOS OS X, and it s an enlightening look at just how fractured the desktop landscape for developers.One interesting statistic is that more developers choose to distribute their apps outside of the Mac App Store than in it.Interestingly, sources of revenue are split almost evenly between the App Store and standalone distribution, but almost half of Mac App Store developers say they d dissuade a new developer from using it.Of those not using the Mac App Store to distribute apps, a whopping 97 percent say they d try to talk someone out of using Apple s official App Store.Roughly two-thirds of devs think Apple s 30 percent cut is too steep, while the inability to respond to reviewers directly or offer trial periods for apps is also a problem.The desktop needs a lot more than App Store tweaks please kill AppKit and start fresh, Apple , but changes are needed.
The iMessage platform is only exclusive to Apple users AppleAs rumours keep gaining momentum just days before the WWDC 2016 conference, a recent report claims that Apple may release iMessage for Android devices at the event.MacDaily news, which reports on Apple products and services, says Apple is looking to spread its services beyond the iOS and OS X platforms just like Android has done for many of its apps which are available on non-Android platforms as well."Apple will announce that iMessage encrypted text messaging is coming to Android users at WWDC next Monday at WWDC 2016, according to a source familiar with the company's thinking.Apple is increasingly focused on services which means opening up certain avenues beyond its own X platforms," reads the report.Apart from this, a 'Move to iOS' app and a Beats Pill app for controlling the Beats Pill speaker were introduced.The company is expected to make a number of announcements including the possible launch of iOS 10 and renaming of OS X to macOS.
While it sounds far-fetched there has indeed been a rumour circulating that next week Apple might just throw a curveball and unveil iMessage for Android smartphones.It actually wouldn t be the first time Apple has opened up some of its software to Google users either as you can already download a beta version of Apple Music for Android.Well Mac OS X could soon be no more, replaced with a name that Apple used right at the beginning of its existence.With Google Assistant launching both on smartphones and in the home Siri could even be expanding even further to Apple TV and more.According to Bloomberg, Apple s new version of the music service will feature a new black & white themed interface that has a bigger focus on artwork and sharing.It s not just a contactless card replacement, it can let you pay in Deliveroo, Addison Lee along with a whole host of other online stores.
The latter claims Apple Music will ditch much of its colour, transitioning to a mostly black-and-white interface with the only colour coming from a new focus on album art.However, one major feature we're sure will be coming to the Mac is...SiriSiri could be coming to the Mac at WWDC 2016Apple's voice-activated personal assistant will be leaping from iOS to MacOS at WWDC this year, many of the usual rumour mills are claiming.So surely bringing Siri to the home or office, where talking to a friendly computer is less likely to cause embarrassment, makes perfect sense.And with less pressure on battery life, Siri for Mac could be listening all of the time, making it easier and more convenient to use.watchOSIt is growing increasingly unlikely that Apple will announce a new Watch this year, but that doesn't mean the best-selling smartwatch won't receive a healthy dose of updates at WWDC with a new version of watchOS.A report from the lesser-known MacDailyNews cites a source "familiar with the company's thinking" in a report claiming iMessage currently exclusive to the iPhone, iPad and Mac , will expand to Google's Android phone system.
One of the more promising rumors we've been hearing as this year's Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC is that Apple will bring voice assistant Siri to the Mac in the newest version of its desktop operating system.One user has just discovered that by making requests involving the term "windows" the UI, not the Microsoft OS , Siri will sometimes respond with references to "Finder."But in this case, the assistant is bringing up "Finder" on its own, without the user mentioning it.Of course, this discovery could be pointing towards the introduction of Finder in iOS 10, but it seems more likely that Siri will come to the Mac.For starters, this has been a rumor we've been hearing about for months, and secondly, it makes more sense that Apple would continue its push of bringing voice support to its devices following the latest Apple TV featuring a voice-powered remote.We're now less than two days away from find out if, in fact, Siri will be coming to our Macs in what is expected to be a rebrand of OS X to "macOS."
Apple is expected to unveil new versions of both operating systems at its 2016 WWDC developer conference, which kicks off on June 13.The folks at Realm, a startup that provides a database that runs on more than 1 billion mobile devices, are seeing the database being used on OS builds that haven t previously come out, not in beta releases or in releases for the general public, in its anonymized usage logs.On the OS X side, there s a new version 10.12, which would logically follow version 10.11, that being OS X El Capitan.The build is numbered 16A185, which indicates the first release of a major new OS version.Interestingly, this is not a new type of numbering system that would coincide with the release of a new type of OS that might reflect a new OS name for Macs.But then again, Apple could just change the branding of the desktop operating system without changing the way that it numbers builds.On the iOS side, the devices are running version 10.0, following the 9.-releases of last year s iOS 9.Clearly this is not just another iOS 9 point release.Also, there s a version of Darwin 16.0.0 being tested.Darwin is a Unix open-source operating system that s an important part of iOS and OS X that gets updated each time there s a new version of those operating systems.Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
iOS 10View photosMore Lauren Hurley/PA The software that powers the iPhone and iPad is traditionally updated at WWDC and this year will be no different.MacOSThis could be the new name for OS X, the software that powers Apple s Macbooks and desktops – part of a rebrand to bring the names of all Apple s lines a little closer together.We re expecting Siri to come to desktop as part of this update too, as part of a wider update of the voice-activated personal assistant.SiriYet it won t just be on desktop where Siri expands according to the rumour mill ahead of WWDC.They re expecting to see Apple announce wider integration for Siri into third-party apps, so you ll be able to use it for a wider range of features.If this does happen, expect there to be some new partners onstage to demo how Siri can now be used.