In essence, the machine took a look at a group of trees, fed this data through an algorithm that created the blueprint for the final structure, and then the robot got to work.It s all part of a new MSc course called Design & Make which is being offered at the AA School, and it promises to focus on robotic technologies and their application in timber construction.According to program director Martin Self, robots are going to play an increasingly important role in 21st-century architecture.The new course will be offered in the fall, and will span the course of a year, during which students will learn all about machines and construction.Students will utilize the AA School s woodland research facility in Hooke Park, and incorporate natural resources in their projects.The rationale for this approach is that the diverse characteristics of local material can be exploited directly without wasteful industrial processing to first standardize and then add variation back to the component geometries, Self noted.
She has something she really wants to show me during our video chat before she gets down to the proper business of firing up her demo.Something that has room to breathe on the tip of a finger, which even replicated in a blown up photo, I have to squint to make out.So Applestone made her own on her dining room table, using the Othermill Pro, the successor to the company s desktop CNC milling machine that s capable of cutting features down to 25 microns, courtesy of much faster spindle that turns at speeds of up to 27,000 RPMs.The device marks the next major step for the company, which entered the world three years ago this month as a Kickstarter campaign designed to bring a circuit board milling machine to hardware developers desktops – a sort of milling equivalent to consumer-facing 3D printers.But we re so limited still by physical constraints.That number jumps to the standard retail price of $3,199 on June 23rd.
The computer tooth design software and milling machine are photographed at Oasis Dental Office in Dublin, Calif., on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.With new software and computer aided design systems and equipment, dental offices are able to digitally scan a tooth, design a crown, mill the crown, and install the crown all within one office visit."Gann was able to transform her mission impossible into dental reality thanks to an emerging technology that has melded the digital realm with the world of dentistry.In conventional dentistry, patients needing a crown typically undergo a numbing of the mouth, then are asked to bite down on a gooey substance to help create the impression for the temporary and the permanent crowns.You get a better restoration in less time.""The patients think it's like magic," Petrush said.
For those who can t watch, the answer s pretty simple—natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk are, in their natural state, pretty curly and tangled.In order to be made into clothing, those fibers need to be stretched out, but given an opportunity to return to their natural, tangled state, they will.All of the mechanical energy that comes from washing, machining, and drying clothes gives them the energy and the opportunity to slip those bonds and release the potential energy they get when they re drawn out and straightened to make the clothes that we wear.Some natural fibers do this more than others wool being one of the biggest offenders , but they all do—and synthetics, for example, don t.The reason for that is that they don t get the energy required either through heat in the dryer or being bumped around in the washer to deviate from their stretched and stitched forms.The goal is to keep them from shrinking as much as possible when they re washed, and it usually works pretty well.You can see more about this whole process in the video above and the link below , along with the three types of shrinkage involved with clothing relaxing, felting, and consolidation, when they re most likely to occur, and which causes the most headache for clothes buyers like you and I.
Senate Democrats reacted to the massacre by filibustering until Republicans agreed to allow a vote on four gun control measures.Using power tools, chunks of aluminum, and cheap, consumer-grade digital gadgets, those firearm-focused members of the maker movement fabricate homemade weapons like AR-15s and AR-10s that skirt all regulation and would be untraceable in some imagined, future crackdown in which the government were to seize registered weapons.People are hopping off the mainstream train and accepting an underground dissident mentality when it comes to guns, says Cody Wilson, the founder of the Austin, Texas-based DIY gun group Defense Distributed.The second day after the killings, as Democratic senators were filibustering, it sold 11.Santa Ana, California-based 80 Percent Arms, for instance, specializes in 80 percent lower receivers : bodies of AR-15s and AR-10s that are left 20 percent unfinished and thus unregulated.When can we expect the AR-10 code to be released??
If you walk into Building 17 at the north end of Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, take a left past the security doors, and make your way through a chain of rooms painted the brightest of whites, you ll find a water jet.It s the size of a four poster bed.It carries the Facebook name and logo.You ll also find a lathe and a milling machine, a sheet metal shear and folder, an electron microscope and a CT scanner—not to mention a computer controlled fabric cutter.And as you walk past it all, you should probably wear closed-toe shoes and protective glasses.Led by the restless creativity, ambition, and occasional naïveté of founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it s always pushing toward the future, aiming to connect still more people—and in new ways.
Facebook on Tuesday opened the doors to its new 22,000-square-foot hardware research and developmenty lab to reporters, offering a peek inside the company's huge new R space.Here, engineers from teams across Facebook will be able to work on new projects, from future versions of the Oculus to new components for the company's many data centers.Dubbed "Area 404" yes, after the error page , the space is equipped with industrial machinery that looks like it would be more at home in a factory than in the middle of Facebook's sprawling headquarters.Among the equipment are enormous milling machines for making prototypes , an electron microscope to get a closer look at parts that have failed and a water jet cutter a tool that cuts metal and other material using super high pressure streams of water.These machines are far more serious than what you would typically find in a Silicon Valley R lab and the building itself had to specially modified to accommodate the equipment.Now that the facility is done — construction began last fall — Facebook can begin moving its disparate teams of engineers into the space.
I ve never been a big motorcycle guy.I have the hand/eye coordination of a sleepy toddler, and I m pretty sure I d hurt myself within about two minutes of firing up the engine.This bike wants me to give it a try anyway.Built by Wisconsin-based machining/customization shop Vintage Works, it s a custom bike modeled after the mostly-impossible ride of every 80 s kids dreams: the Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi.It s about as close as you can get to a real Speeder Bike without, you know, defying our current understanding of physics.Oh, and it doesn t just look like a Speeder — it sounds like one, too.
Innovations in 3D printing have done their part to inspire maker-culture.We print, or at-least try to print, drones, human organs, and even medications.However, just because we can print synthetic drugs with 3D printers, doesn t mean we can print something as simple as a walnut radio.Shaper, a San Francisco based hardware startup, is putting time and money into making CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, prototyping as easy as printing on a MakerBot.Accomplishing this is no easy task, and the Shaper team has had to implement technologies far outside the experience of most mechanical engineers.Origin, Shaper s first product, leverages computer vision and augmented reality to take the learning curve out of CNC machining.
This Old Tony is good on a lathe.If it feels self-explanatory as a tool thing spins fast, other thing stays still just listening to him talk about it makes it clear that most of us don t know jack shit about machining.In his most recent project he made one of those fancy moka pots out of some scrap aluminum.And in his own words, the finished brew only had a hint of WD40 in it.Why will it constantly impress me to watch metal become metal shavings?What I do know is that 80 percent of what This Old Tony says is completely over my head, but somehow I sat through half an hour of it without a care in the world.
The GE90 was the first engine made by GE that contained 3D printed parts.GE is buying two 3D printing companies, Sweden's Arcam and Germany's SLM Solutions Group for a total of $1.4bn.3D printing builds objects layer by layer, with each layer based on a horizontal cross section of a 3D model of the finished item.Also known as additive manufacturing, the process can produce parts which are lighter and more durable than those built using standard manufacturing techniques, as well as reducing welding and machining, and generating less scrap material."Additive manufacturing is a key part of GE's evolution into a digital industrial company," said Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE.The company said its 3D printing business will grow to $1bn by 2020 "at attractive returns" and also expects it to generate $3-5bn of cost savings across the company over the next ten years.
With side-hustles being all the rage these days, the new Shaper Origin makes it easier than ever to start building and selling cool gadgets in your free time.While you might not be able to build yourself a homemade Falcon 9 rocket with the company s handheld CNC machine, you just might be able to build yourself a successful shop on Etsy.CNC machining is not a new concept, but it has typically been relegated to the hands of skilled professionals with enough money to bankroll the expensive devices.The complexities of computer vision make Shaper s machine considerably easier to use than its rivals.There is no reason to sweat the details on the Origin because being almost-sorta-kinda accurate is actually more than enough to produce professional quality products.A camera on the front of the device detects a proprietary tape placed at various distance intervals.
Acquisition will help Google in the development of its own natural language interfaces.Search engine giant Google has acquired API.AI, a start-up launched in 2014 that develops machine learning technologies to enable natural language interfaces.Financial details about the acquisition have not been disclosed by Google.The tools and technologies developed by the Sunnyvale, California-based company can handle speech recognition, intent recognition and context management.This lets developers offer domain-specific knowledge, unique to each bot s needs.Google Engineering vice president Scott Huffman said: API.AI has a proven track record for helping developers design, build and continuously improve their conversational interfaces.
Recent rumours have hinted that Apple may completely redesign the iPhone 8 and make it from ceramic, rather than the traditional aluminium build we're accustomed to.Speculation that Apple could ditch aluminium in favour of ceramic with the iPhone 8 started thanks to a particularly nerdy Quora post, which makes for fascinating reading if you've got a degree in Metallurgy.While it's not at all impossible that the iPhone 8 will feature a radical new finish – we're fairly sure it's getting a significant aesthetic overhaul of some kind – a new deep dive by product designer Greg Koenig on his Atomic Delights blog H/T The Overspill highlights a number of reasons why ceramic won't feature in the refresh.Central to his argument is the fact that Apple is heavily committed to aluminium machining as its primary hardware platform."At peak production, Apple is manufacturing roughly 1 million iPhones per day.More importantly, every single one of those phones is sculpted to 10 micron tolerances, from a single block of aluminum, as is every Mac, iPad, Watch and many of the accessories.
We have seen the new budget Elephone C1 introduced back at the end of September and the phone can offer some decent specs for the money.5,5-inch HD resolution display, quad-core MT6737 processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, fingerprint scanner, metal body and Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the OS.And now it s getting one minor design upgrade in the form of a new back cover.This new matte texture metal cover is made using CNC machining, polishing, grinding, oxidation and laser engraving and should offer better grip and softer and delicate feel.The new texture on the Elephone C1 should also be more resistant to the smudges, sweat and dust contact.And it should deal much better with scratches and general wear and tear too.You can find more information here or eventually here.
3D printers may hog the limelight, but CNC mills, which cut materials with extreme precision, have also come a long way in the past few years.It used to be that these machines could only be found in machine shops, but over the course of the past decade or so, the technology has largely been democratized.You can now get your hands on a user-friendly desktop CNC mill for less than $1,000, but size remains a major restraint.Unless you shell out a lot of money, you can t really find a machine that ll mill parts larger than a foot in any dimension, so you re fairly limited in terms of what you can create.This beast can mill shapes up to four feet wide and eight feet long — and it only costs around $500.Creator Bar Smith designed it from the ground up to be simple and affordable, so it s a complete reimagining of the concept of a CNC milling machine.
STOCKHOLM Reuters - Sandvik Machining Solutions SMS , the world's top metal cutting tools maker, is looking to build on its expertise in 3D printing and acquire industrial software firms to stay ahead of rivals and adapt to emerging challenges like the rise of the electric car.A unit of Swedish engineering group Sandvik, it holds a fifth of the $17 billion metal cutting tools market, but the industry has stalled in recent years.SMS, which contributes about two thirds of Sandvik's operating profit, has still managed to hold operating margins above 20 percent helped by many plant closures in recent years.That implies a less intensive machining process, and improvements in casting technology are likely to weigh on demand for traditional cutting tools, leaving investors wondering where SMS will find its future growth.Additive manufacturing, often called 3D printing, is also bound to have an impact, as Sandvik's tools cut parts to shape rather than building them layer by layer."We are quite convinced that we should and need to start looking at a larger part of the production chain.
the railway wheel from the Surahammarfabriken sitting on almost all the trains that are rolling in Sweden.New Technologies visited in the autumn, with the old factory who are betting against the future with more leananpassad manufacturing, a process with inspiration from the japanese automotive industry.Some robots are not in the factory, and only a few new and advanced machining centers.Much of the leaving wheel production in much the same way as it has always done, the New found Technology reporter Fredrik Karlsson.Read the story: Lean to lift Surahammar prestigious industryIt is the Italian company Lucchinis Swedish subsidiaries since 15 years operating the business.
There are big phones on the market and then there are bigger phones.The Bluboo Maya Max is definitely is the latter category with its huge 6.0-inch display.Generally bigger phones also comes with bigger capacity battery and the Bluboo Maya Max isn t an exception.The Bluboo handset indeed comes with a 4200mAh battery which should offer a solid battery life.Also the fact of it being 4.3V helps improving by 15% the maximum capacity compared to 4.2V batteries.Besides, the Maya Max also supports fast charging technology which provides two hours of talk time after just 5 minutes of charging.Based on tests made at the Bluboo factory, the Maya Max manages to last 11 hours while browsing the internet, 46 hours of talk time, 52 hours of music playing and 466 hours in standby.The Bluboo Maya Max is made of 6000 series aluminum alloy which provides more hardness and endurance, it also makes the phone look more appealing than devices using cheaper alloys.The back of the phone which is made through CNC machining is brushed and it has an overall curvy design, giving it a better feeling in hands and a premium look.To know more about the Maya Max you can visit Bluboo s official website over here or buy one on Aliexpress.Bluboo are also preparing for their New Year special event which will begin on December 23rd and end on the 31st.
The Blackview P2 is a sleek looking design with the matte black finish on the back and relatively thin bezels around the display.The phone will go on sale now at the price of $199, but let s have a closer look at the Blackview P2 specifications before that.Blackview P2: SpecificationsDisplay: 5.5 FHD 1080*1920, Brightness 380cd/cm ;Processor: MediaTek MT6750T, 28nm, Octa-core, 1.5GHz;GPU: Mali-T860-MP2 650M;RAM: 4GB RAM;ROM: 64GB ROM;Front camera: 8MP front camera, auto face beauty function;Rear camera: 13MP Samsung rear camera, f1.8, PDAF, blue film coated camera lens protect cover;Battery: 6000mAh;Type-C 2.0, OTG, 9V2A Fast charge supported 100% can be charged in 2.5 hours ;Other: 3 colors Notification lights, red, green, blue;Fingerprint recognition scanner on the back cover;Dual Nano-SIM cards, dual standby;Android 6.0;WIFI Bluetooth;GPS/APS, Compass;High quality silicon microphone, 1.5w high-power loud speaker;4G LTE;4 Color options: Matte Black, Champagne Gold, Mocha Grey, Iron Blue;Dimension: 154*77*9.8mm;The Blackview P2 features a full metal body achieved through meticulous CNC machining, it sports a 5.5-inch Full HD display which gives the device a screen-to-body ratio of 75% and it s powered by the MediaTek MT6750T octa-core processor clocked at 1.5Ghz, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage expandable .The smartphone packs a massive 6000mAh capacity battery that can fast charge at 9V2A, an USB Type-C port, a fast rear fingerprint scanner with 0.1s unlock time and 5G WiFi supportThe cameras on the Blackview P2 are a 13.0MP Samsung with PDAF and f/1.8 aperture on the front, and an 8.0MP on the back which features auto-beautifying mode.Blackview P2 Iron Blue : Photos Blackview P2: Pricing and AvailabilityThe Blackview P2 is now on presale over at Aliexpress for $199.99 for a limited time, ends January 10th, 2017.If you want to know more about the smartphone, check out Blackview P2 s product page over here.