Maria Wiss was recruited to TV4 from arch rival Channel 5 already in 2012. After the summer, stepped Maria Wiss on as head of ENT - a job she according ENT's site still. She ended last April, and has now left the media completely. Since the beginning of May is Mary Wiss Nordic CEO of market research company Survey Sampling International. In total there were less than ten months in the job manager for ENT. I'd rather see us as a competitor to other talent network.
External hard drive makers LaCie has worked with Porsche Design since 2003; this USB-C mobile drive is just the latest combined effort.Comes with free backup softwarePlug in this drive for the first time and you ll find a setup program for Windows and Mac.The program helps you partition your drive, allowing you to decide how much space you want to use only with Windows computers via NTFS, and how much space you want to work with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices via FAT32.There s Genie Timeline Free, which is an application that automates backing up files of folders, and Lacie desktop manager, which shows you the status of your drive.Two-year limited warrantyThe LaCie Porsche Design mobile drive is covered for two years.Attractive, but ultimately overpricedWe recently reviewed the lightweight and speedy Samsung T3 Portable SSD, which costs a staggering $800 for 2TB.
Instead of purchasing four monitors to spread out across your office desktop, why not simply purchase a big screen with four inputs?The specs also show a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, a decent maximum brightness of 350 cd/m2, a somewhat lengthy response time of eight milliseconds, and 178-degree viewing angles, meaning the screen can be seen without distortion from a number of different viewpoints.On the visual connectivity front, the multi-client monitor provides one DisplayPort 1.2 connector, one mini DisplayPort 1.2 connector, two HDMI 1.4 ports, and one VGA port for old-school desktops and laptops.There s also a built-in cable management system so that the numerous cords aren t draped everywhere and creating an ugly mess on the desktop.As the top monitor brand in the world for three years and in North America for 16 years running, we want to show our commitment to our customers by teaming directly with those who would benefit most from this monitor, specifically financial traders and software developers, said Bert Park, vice president and general manager, Dell Global Software and Peripherals.Customers can get up to 10 percent back in rewards with Dell Advantage, free two-day shipping, and a three-year limited warranty with Advanced Exchange.
We are not told why the implementation of the plan and the whole negotiation was disconnected with Lidl Finland. The status of the Defence Staff Management Division Manager Vesa Halinen says that decisions on further use of the premises have been performed. Unfortunately, the design is in progress. The Defence Forces expropriated plots firearms region near Taipalsaari last summer. The Finnish holiday village owners were told that the price received state offered a better deal from a Russian buyer. Basic correction was planned, but without the intended purpose can not be done, says Johansson.
Google currently offers a cardboard smartphone holder that acts as a low-tech headset but offers a less-than-realistic virtual world.On Thursday, it said it will soon start selling a plastic headset in which consumers will insert their smartphones and a controller that serves as a virtual hand.Google for instance announced it will start offering YouTube videos for virtual reality and has partnered with news organizations, such as the New York Times, to try to bring readers into stories.Indeed, some of the most popular apps for Facebook s Oculus Rift headset allow people to step into the shoes of an American football quarterback or star basketball player.He then showed how people could build their own virtual drum kits they could play with virtual sticks before throwing the virtual drums across the virtual practice room.asked Mike Podwal, product manager for Google s cardboard VR headset.
This morning Google gave a first glance at their newest VR app - YouTube VR for Daydream.This app will show off both spherical 360 videos as well as flat videos all in a virtual space.What we're able to see thus far is limited - but extremely encouraging and full of potential.You'll be able to see "everything from classic 16x9 videos to 360-degree footage to cutting-edge VR experiences in full 3-D."Below you'll see the extremely short demonstration shown at Google I/O onstage at the VR session on day 2 of 2016's event series."We re creating the YouTube VR app to provide an easier, more immersive way to find and experience virtual reality content on YouTube," said Kurt Wilms, Senior Product Manager of YouTube Virtual Reality.There you'll find fabulous vistas and a set of rather angry actual, real life birds as well.
Google won't be leaving adoption of Daydream, its virtual reality platform built on Android, to chance: it's going to make its own headset, just to be sure.The plans were revealed during a VR-focused session at Google I/O this morning, the company's annual developer event, with VP of VR Clay Bavor confirming that, while third-party firms would be free to develop their own Daydream hardware, they'll face Google-made competition on store shelves."The great thing about this standard, is that for developers it gives you a platform you're really confident about," Nathan Martz, product manager on the Daydream team, said during the presentation."This controller is simple enough that anyone can use it," Martz pointed out, "even when they're in VR and cannot see their hands."All the same, there are still plenty of questions about Google Daydream.The company is yet to confirm exactly what the specification is for phones: Bavor said that he expected compliant devices to be available this year, though it's hard to future-proof an imminent purchase if you don't know what the minimum processor and display criteria are.
It was his practice to switch topics in the middle of a column, separated by dots.Caen didn't stick around long enough to become a social media maven not that he would have -- he used a manual typewriter long after most journalists had switched to computers but his style would fit in really well now, given how popular it is to deliver news and commentary in 140 characters via Twitter or a short post on Facebook.Although the traditional-length newspaper column still exists you're reading one now , in the online world, we are no longer obligated to write long enough to fill a news hole or short enough to make sure whatever we have to say fits in the allotted space.The same is true with broadcasting.While I was there, Dustin Gervais, the radio division's digital media manager, asked if I wanted to do a Facebook Live segment and, just as bloggers don't necessarily have to pay attention to word count, we weren't paying attention to the clock.Some complain about having to learn new skills, but I think it's kind of exciting.And, for better and worse, it's also common for people who have never worked for professional news organizations to amass their own online audiences -- in some cases with more viewers, listeners or readers than many professional journalists.Donald Trump, who has more than 8 million Twitter followers and as many likes on his Facebook page, is brilliant in the use of social media not only to speak directly to his supporters, but also to make news and stay in the spotlight.My concern is less about whether Facebook's algorithms or human curators are biased and more about how Facebook and other social media platforms encourage people to live in a news bubble.Social media didn't invent echo chambers.
That means that Chromebooks will soon be able to run most of the 1.5 million Android apps out there.The functionality will launch with three new Chromebooks this summer, with additional devices getting the functionality in the fall.This move brings a lot more functionality to Google's laptops.Demos on stage show how easy it will be to do something like edit a photo in Adobe's Photoshop app with a bigger screen or have more control while playing a previously Android-only game like Clash of Clans."You can write your term paper and get your Snapchats all on the same device without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket," a Chrome product manager said on stage.NOW WATCH: Bumble founder: Men should stop putting these 4 things in their profilesLoading video...
Google co-founder Larry Page was presented with a choice 11 years ago: whether to abandon the use of Java to build Android or march ahead and defend our decision, perhaps making enemies along the way.Oracle sued Google in 2010, shortly after acquiring Sun Microsystems, where Java was created.Page, 43, was responding to an Oracle lawyer who was trying to show jurors that at the highest levels, Google was aware of the theft of its copyrighted code.It was Google s Android manager, Andy Rubin, who wrote about making enemies in a 2005 e-mail and urged Page to impress upon a Sun executive, that we love Sun.Now the chief executive officer of Google parent Alphabet Inc., Page stood by Google s use of Java in his testimony, saying we didn t pay for free and open things.Java s APIs are indispensable shortcuts programmers use to work across software platforms.Oracle has shown the e-mail to jurors throughout two weeks of trial."If Sun doesn t want to work with us, we have two options," Rubin wrote, adding that the first choice is "abandon our work" and adopt an inferior programming language or "2 Do Java anyway and defend our decision, perhaps making enemies along the way."U.S.If jurors find Google didn t make fair use of Oracle s copyrights, they will decide in a second phase of the trial whether the company is entitled to damages.
And it's not just a small subset of apps; the entire Google Play Store is coming to Chrome OS.Chrome OS now will have two app stores: Google Play and the Chrome Web Store, but the Chrome team said nothing was going to happen to the Chrome Web Store—it will continue to house Chrome themes and extensions.ARC wasn't good enough, so Google started over from scratch."With the initial version of ARC, we managed to push things forward, but fundamentally developers still needed to do serious work to their application to make it work in that environment."There is some speed loss when translating ARM to x86, but it shouldn't be a problem given that most x86 Chromebooks are going to be much faster than an ARM phone."We're putting a lot of that desktop Android documentation together right now," Chrome's product manager, Kan Liu, told Ars.
VR developers looking to get started on readying content for Google s new Daydream VR platform can get started today thanks to an Unreal Engine preview version 4.1.2 that adds support for the Google platform.In addition, Google Product Manager Nathan Martz told the audience of developers at I/O s morning VR session that Unity native integration would be coming in the summer and that there was a plug-in available today that would let people get started on building for Daydream.Epic Games Technical Director Nick Whiting told me that the Unreal Engine integration would also be back-compatible with Google Cardboard class apps so developers could reach out to users who have already embraced Google s fun little headset and start developing for both.This can be both constricting to developers in reaching maximum users, but it also gives developers the ability to design for a unified experience.The importance of mobile to the VR landscape seems to be lost on few at the I/O developers conference, Unity CEO John Riccitiello spoke to this onstage and detailed how support would be coming soon for their engine s 5.5 million developers.Mobile is going to drive this in the fullness of time, and we re there to support that, Riccitiello said.
C-Level Briefing: CBR talks to Tech London Advocates founder Russ Shaw on Sadiq Khan's role in making London the tech capital of the world.At the beginning of this month, 9th May, Boris Johnson left his home of eight years, City Hall.He also has some serious tech credentials having previously held the role of Vice President & General Manager of Skype and Global Innovation Director at Telefonica.He wanted to understand the need to have more and more people with deeper and broader digital skills and wanted to make sure that we don't create a digital divide as part of it."I go back to President Obama when he was running for president, he said, 'I'm not just going to focus on one issue, I need to multi-task', and I think Mayor Khan needs to come in and multi-task.""He Khan has always been very forthcoming saying 'I am going to need your help', 'I want you to work with me' and I think he wants to be a very pro-business, pro-tech mayor.
C-level briefing: Michael Ross, author of 'Dealing with Disruption' and senior executive at Encyclopaedia Britannica says companies need to "find their value proposition".The publishing industry is often cited as one of those disrupted most jarringly by the arrival of the internet, but some companies are viewing it as a huge opportunity to shift their business towards what they are good at.At the time, president Jorge Cauz said that the company had foreseen the end of the print set for some time, saying it was simply "the latest step in our evolution from the print publisher we were, to the creator of digital learning products we are today."Four years on from "dumping the last print set", Michael Ross, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Education at Encyclopaedia Britannica, remains bullish about the company's prospects in the digital era.This involved creating the first digital version of the Britannica for LexisNexis users in 1981, publishing the first multimedia encyclopedia on CD-ROM in 1989, and first Internet encyclopedia in 1994.The universal lesson, in the end, is to work out what your company is doing that nobody else can do and focus on advancing that business.
The iPhone epitomizes this, but a strong argument can be made that Apple has also led a software revolution equally as transformative but without nearly the bang in terms of press coverage.Consider someone with low vision.We see accessibility as a basic human right, said Sarah Herrlinger, Senior Manager for Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives at Apple.Although people with disabilities represent a small subset of Apple s total user base, it isn t an insignificant group.What makes Overcast so great for accessibility is it has great VoiceOver support, Dynamic Type, and gigantic buttons on the Now Playing screen.Given Apple s stature as the biggest company in the world, sitting on a war chest of unfathomable size, that they do this work in spite of the bloody ROI is truly admirable.
MyPORT, a new automated security system created by the Schindler Elevator Corporation, aims to eliminate this fuss.Once installed in a building, the technology allows those who work or live there to download a companion smartphone app that automatically opens doors and summons elevators."The idea is to be able to walk throughout a building seamlessly," Schindler's product manager Jeff Blain tells Tech Insider.When a user approaches a lobby turnstile, a bluetooth sensor installed by Schindler  recognizes their phone, even if it's inside a bag or pocket.Blain says the system is designed to make it simpler to enter your office or apartment, since it works with your phone which, chances are, is already in your hand anyway , thereby eliminating the need for a key card."We want to make people's lives easier in any way we can," he says.Since the system only grants entry to people holding verified phones, it could also eliminate the need for a human guard or doorman.For package deliveries, users get a notification on their phone, can see a video of the mailperson, and let them in or tell them to come back later.More from Tech Insider:The internet is obsessed with these stunning 'mirror cakes'Bill Gates says everyone should read this book about the moon blowing upEating breakfast isn't actually all that important, according to scienceThe entire country of Portugal ran on wind, solar, and hydropower for four days straight13 Stanford students reveal the apps they can't live withoutNOW WATCH: A hair scientist debunks the biggest myth about shavingLoading video...
After all, you want to leave on a professional note—not an unprepared one that ends with you turning this final meeting into an impromptu why I hate this job therapy session.What the heck caused you to want to pack up your bags and go?First, your employer wants to identify whether or not there was a single event that precipitated your departure—such as a falling out with your manager or a co-worker.Secondly, he or she s hoping to determine if there are any shortcomings with the position that need to be resolved before bringing in a replacement.Remember, one of a company s key goals is employee retention.It might seem a little strange to air your grievances about lack of training, unhelpful technology, or a completely uncommunicative team.
We thought that Sony would be revealing a new tablet at the event in Barcelona, but instead we saw the Xperia X range as well as a few concept devices.But there was no word of the new tablet, even though a Japanese store manager was previously been informed that the current three models of Xperia Z4 Tablet are being discontinued and a new product is set to take its place.The tablet cost a little more than that on release, while the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact was a bit cheaper as well due to its smaller size.Of course materials are only half the battle.A certain amount of bezel is handy, as it means you can hold the tablet without obscuring the screen, but the Z4 Tablet takes it too far.A more robust buildA big selling point of the Xperia Z4 Tablet is its dust and water resistance, but that conjures an image of a durable slate and in reality the Z4 Tablet looks anything but.
Two buildings at the site between Ravenswood and Oak Grove avenues will be demolished, and former tenants Iberia restaurant, Los Salonez and Cindy's Nail Spa 2 have already relocated or shuttered their businesses.According to Pike & Co., the 25,000-square-foot building will be built to a LEED Platinum rating, the highest standard issued for energy-efficiency by the U.S. Green Building Council.AdvertisementThe Schmidts are known for their work on sustainability and climate change issues through their Family Foundation and the 11th Hour Project.Pike & Co., as well as Lane Partners and Hillspire, declined to divulge details about the acquisition, referring to a news release."Maybe looking at opportunities where we can perhaps provide facilities for them to reach into the community."Following the Schmidts' purchase, Sares Regis Group of Northern California was made the project's development manager.The project includes a secure bicycle storage room with showers in the first level of a two-story underground garage; two public electric vehicle charging stations on a public right of way; three public bike racks along Alma; and an indoor-outdoor conference room separated by a large, operable glass wall.
Arriving this summer on Android and iOS, Google's new messaging service, called Allo, will come with all the text, photo, and video sending/receiving features found in similar apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Line, but with a few added extras.Google is expecting Allo to stand out in the crowded instant messenger market thanks to its heavy use of machine learning and artificial intelligence features, which the company says can "keep your conversations flowing and help you get things done."One of these features is the inclusion of Smart Replies, which is also found in Google s Inbox email product.It offers short, contextually generated responses that users can tap on instead of typing out a reply.Possibly the most impressive aspect of Allo is the fact that Google will be integrating its recently announced digital assistant into the messenger."We believe users are switching from app to app to get that information ... and the core of communicating with the people you care about gets lost in that deluge of information," said Google product manager Amit Fulay.