Former veterans from the largest physician-patient platform in the U.S. launch new company focused on a life-saving Wearable-as-a-Service SAN FRANCISCO– BUSINESS WIRE –May 24, 2016–Ryan Howard, founder and former CEO of Practice Fusion, today announced the launch of a new company, iBeat – a wearable technology company empowering people to live longer lives.Started by a team of Practice Fusion veterans, including Howard, iBeat s mission is to empower people with the freedom to be fearless, explore, and live longer, fuller lives.This Smart News Release features multimedia.View the full release here: – The smart watch that can save your life.Photo: Business Wire The idea to start iBeat stemmed from a close friend of Howard s passing.She brings more than seven years experience in communications, having worked with several early-stage and late-stage startups including MySpace, backup software provider NovaStor, digital advertising agency SteelHouse, and secure healthcare texting app TigerText.The iBeat team plans to double its staff by the end of this year, hiring in engineering, design, growth marketing, and operations.View source version on Tinsley, 661-904-2408Marketing & Communications [email protected]
Currently I am doing a minor marketing communication.We're doing a small project for a Design Thinking company.They would like us to come up with a creative way to target corporate companies.It could range from organizing events in which Design thinking is explained to sending them an envelope with a pen in it..Do you have any ideas?
Image: Kate LordIn today s marketing world, it takes more than direct emails and a few tweets to make a lasting impression.For the past three years, the Mashies, Mashable s annual awards program, has been honoring the best innovators and creative work in digital marketing, advertising and social.With new categories added to match the latest trends, this year s Mashies are sure to showcase the best of the best.To determine the year s best work, Mashable gathers a talented and diverse panel of judges—industry leaders ranging from traditional advertising agencies to start-up social media companies.We are pleased to announce that our first round of judges for this year s Mashies include:Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz InternationalJon Iwata, Sr. VP of Marketing & Communications, IBMJackson Jeyanayagam, Director of Digital Marketing, ChipotleApril Rudin, CEO, The Rudin GroupTo see the full list of judges, be sure to check out the judges section of the Mashies website.This year s Mashies entry deadline is Friday, June 10, so you still have time to apply.
Gravity Global, the B2B marketing communications company, has launched a new B2B brand consultancy with offices in 12 cities.BrandingBusiness' global clients include Cisco, ConvaTec, Elsevier, GE Capital, Huawei, Integro, Merrill Lynch, Saint Gobain, Sage and Skillsoft.Mark Lethbridge, Gravity Global CEO and a founding partner of BrandingBusiness, said: "BrandingBusiness brings a new dimension in brand strategy - a combination of deep sector knowledge and experience combined with technology-based tools and analytics delivering insights and evidence that clients have never had access to before.It puts real power in the hands of marketers.Ryan Rieches, founding partner based in the US, added: "Two critical issues faced by B2B organisations today are the increasing disconnect between business strategy and the brand, and the challenge of finding sustainable competitive advantage."Companies are looking for proof-based brand strategy development backed with evidence of anticipated commercial returns.
And if you re a smart marketer, you re going to follow them into that increasingly well-settled frontier to keep your competitive edge with an omnichannel approach supported by cloud communications.But you re not alone.If you don t offer incredibly relevant messages that really mean something to your customer, they re going to dismiss your company as irrelevant, too.But there s a major drawback when marketers take the leap without a strategy — the VentureBeat report also found that 39 percent of marketers feel pressured to use more engagement platforms than they can comfortably manage, and that s when focused, relevant communication starts to break down.It s understanding the power of communication on a granular level, and recognizing that the foundation of your business, from initial sale to eternal loyalty, boils down to basic human interaction.Offer the products and services your customers want, but also know what they need.More importantly, they notice when you don t — and that s the kind of service that sends previously loyal customers fleeing.So that means actively listening and engaging with your customers, prospects, and leads, which directly impacts your bottom line — because according to a report from Walker, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.How do you connect, listen and learn?Here are some of the channels where you need to be hanging on to your customers every word.60 percent of marketers are still using social channels as a marketing tool, rather than a driver of customer experience, and that s why they re leaving money on the table.The numbers don t lie: A study from Bain found that when companies engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers spend 20 percent to 40 percent more with the company — and they re almost three times more likely to recommend a brand, says HBR.And if you aren t responsive on social media, you re going to see your churn rate increase by up to 15 percent.So change your focus from broadcasting to listening, and engage with your customers on the issues and interests that matter to them.
After all, the San Francisco-based virtual event platform has built its business around the webinar--a forum precisely designed to curate conversations between brands and prospects.Sure, that content got shared, Bornstein agreed--but so what?Bornstein came to ON24 after eight years managing marketing communications at Cisco.ON24's clients, of course, use virtual events to generate and nurture leads.It's perhaps not so surprising, then, that ON24 is currently reporting an average of 57 minutes spent attending virtual events; a whole different world from the short-attention span approach to social marketing.This doesn't mean Bornstein rejects social altogether as a marketing tool, but he does see it primarily as a support system.
As Nextiva s CMO, Yaniv Masjedi has led the marketing and branding efforts for the cloud-based business communications brand since joining its executive team in 2008.This year we will welcome speakers like Steve Wozniak and Guy Kawasaki, among others, says Masjedi.The entire event will be focused on helping businesses succeed.In addition to serving as Nextiva s CMO, Masjedi is a frequent contributor to, covering everything from corporate culture and social responsibility to work productivity and social marketing.I love the Nextiva app and I m not just saying that because I m with Nextiva.I used to have a Facebook account but I got off three years ago and it has helped increase my productivity tremendously.
I've been in the Marketing & Communications field for 7 years.The company I am currently working for is in the process of shutting down, so very soon I will be out of a job.I'm applying different places, and have some interviews/lunch meetings lined up - but curious as to whether this might be a good opportunity to go freelance.Specialties: graphic design web, print , email marketing, website design and maintenance, content marketing, blogging, database management, SEO/SEM, social media marketing, public relations, event management, customer retention/loyalty, lead generation, brand awareness, copywriting.Clearly, I have a broad skill set - and to be honest, I enjoy each of these marketing tactics for different reasons.Since I started in the field very entry-level and taught myself a lot of what I currently consider strengths including Adobe Creative Suite it would be hard but not impossible for me to narrow my focus and concentrate on one area.
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen Close Embed Feed Pokemon Go gameplay: Playing Nintendo's hit smartphone app on the streets of London IBTimes UKNintendo may have been apprehensive about venturing into mobile gaming but the instant, massive success of mobile game Pokémon Go has given the company a glimpse of the market's profitable possibilities, should it decide to wade deeper into the sector.Released a little over a week ago, the incredibly popular smartphone game has shot to top of the charts as the fastest mobile game ever to reach the coveted number one spot in terms of revenue on both iOS and Android, according to research firm App Annie.Developed by Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Go claimed the number one spot in less than a day on iOS and in just four days on Android, the firm said.The previous record-holder, Supercell's popular strategy-based mobile game Clash Royale, on the other hand, took two days to claim the top spot on iOS and seven days on Google Play."Nintendo is a solid example of what game studios can achieve with a great mobile game design and monetisation strategy," Fabien Pierre-Nicolas, vice president of marketing communications at App Annie, said in a statement.
We have investors that allow Opes Advisors to look at RSU s as both income and / or stock, said Edgar Urrutia, Marketing Communications Manager for Opes Advisors.Commonly used back-end ratios calculate the portion of income required to pay monthly bills and would be pushed downward if stock was incorporated as income.While Opes stresses the complexity and case-by-case nature of mortgage originations, any connection between illiquid private shares/RSUs and mortgage terms deepens the relationship between the historically volatile valuations of private startups and the recovering housing market.Financial creativity addresses a growing marketBy increasing the interdependence of two relatively disparate markets, the Bay Area is making itself more dependent on continued tech prosperity.In the post-2008 housing apocalypse, mortgage lenders are flexing their minds and their checkbooks in an effort to follow the money.
I know I used in the title, but I really meant .Personally, I m not sold on the use of emojis graphical representations of emoticons .In the realm of business communications, I find emojis somewhere in between texting shortcuts and cussing.Personally, I love using them at the end of a really sarcastic Facebook comment, just to let the person know I don t want them to punch me in the face.An emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication.The term emoji is borrowed from Japanese, and comes from e picture moji letter or character.
This sponsored post is produced in association with Ytel.Consumers have thoroughly embraced the brave new world of modern communication and always-on connectivity — and they ve also come to expect that.And if you re a smart marketer, you re going to follow them into that increasingly well-settled frontier to keep your competitive edge with an omnichannel approach supported by cloud communications.But you re not alone.A study by Neustar found that 40 percent of companies believe that omnichannel marketing is important — and 30 percent believe these strategies are critical.If you don t offer incredibly relevant messages that really mean something to your customer, they re going to dismiss your company as irrelevant, too.But there s a major drawback when marketers take the leap without a strategy — the VentureBeat report also found that 39 percent of marketers feel pressured to use more engagement platforms than they can comfortably manage, and that s when focused, relevant communication starts to break down.It s understanding the power of communication on a granular level, and recognizing that the foundation of your business, from initial sale to eternal loyalty, boils down to basic human interaction.Offer the products and services your customers want, but also know what they need.This comes from a deep, intrinsic knowledge of the industry you operate in, so you understand your customers pain points, and know exactly how to soothe them.While on its surface omnichannel communication benefits the marketer — all those ways to get your message across, there s no way your customer can miss them!—it s really about giving customers a choice about where and when and how they want to communicate with you.
Australian Red Cross Blood Service is hoping that the DonorConnect system it plans to deploy in November will help it find and build relationships with more James Harrisons.Currently, when a donor walks into one of the Blood Service s 75 centers nationwide, staff members know his or her name, blood type, and eligibility to donate—the basics.So a staffer taking your blood at a donation center in Perth currently has no idea what you said to the contact center agent in Adelaide who scheduled your appointment, or what a medical staffer in Melbourne told you a month ago about your last test.You send me something in a text message and send me the same thing by mail, which seems like a waste of money —which is correct.Complicating matters are the dynamics of the Blood Service s supply chain.The Blood Service s marketing communications must be especially precise in an environment in which the three main blood components have a shelf life—3 days for platelets once they ve been prepped for a hospital, 42 days for red cells, and 1 to 2 years for plasma.
In just 63 days, Pokémon Go has reached more than $500 million in revenue, making it the fastest mobile game in history to reach that milestone in consumer spending, according to market researcher App Annie.And App Annie projects the game will reach $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2016, just six months after its July 6 launch.The news comes a day after John Hanke, CEO of Pokémon Go creator Niantic Labs, announced onstage at Apple s event that the game had been downloaded more than 500 million times.And on September 16, both Nintendo and The Pokémon Company hope to keep it going with Nintendo s launch of the Pokémon Go Plus device, which allows you to capture Pokémon creatures without pulling out your smartphone.Adding to that, Pokémon Go is launching on the Apple Watch by the end of the year.Niantic Labs built the game under license from The Pokémon Company, and both the The Pokémon Company and Nintendo own stakes in Niantic.App Annie also said that Niantic has potential new sources of revenue through partnerships.In addition to McDonald s Japan, SoftBank announced a partnership with Niantic at the start of September, in which the company s 3,700 stores will be categorized as either PokéStops or gyms for Pokemon Trainers.Pokémon Go availability marks the first top 10 mobile game to come to the Watch.The game has now generated well over $500 million in worldwide customer spend across iOS and Google Play app Stores, said Danielle Levitas, senior vice president of research and marketing communications at App Annie.
I've just got my first marketing job after graduation.The position I applied for was an "Assistant Brand Manager" role however on my contract it states that I will be starting as a "Marketing Communications Specialist".I know it doesn't make much of a difference, but I am concentrating my career in Brand Marketing and believe the first job title would fit my resume/LinkedIn better.Does it matter if I don't use my internal job title?
It s this understanding and intelligence that make good business owners even better and make customer relationships strong.If you only send emails, mail postcards, or buy online or print ads, you re doing all the talking and learning very little.The apps can identify clients interests in products and services even glean their hobbies and personal interests to deepen connections and engage them on topics of their choice, with appropriate responses throughout the conversation.Leads from conversational channels tend to convert at higher rates than other digital marketing because it is the truest permission-based marketing.Earlier this year, the Rockers began leveraging data collected from a conversational smartphone app to generate more business from clients during office appointments.If we see from the app that they wanted to know more about Latisse, for example, we can use the time we have with them during a Botox appointment to answer their questions about Latisse, Rocker says.
Pandora has announced the latest step in its push to reinvent itself, as the music-streaming company unveils its new chief marketing officer CMO — only the second person to hold the position.Starting on October 3, Nick Bartle will join the company from LinkedIn, where he has served as VP for member marketing and communications since last September.Prior to that, Bartle was senior director for marketing communications at Apple from 2011 through 2015.Today s news comes five months after Pandora s first CMO, Simon Fleming-Wood, announced he was stepping down after five years in the role.That followed on the heels of the announcement that Pandora cofounder Tim Westergren was taking over as CEO as part of a broader management makeover.From the moment I met Nick, his ability to make a substantial and immediate impact on Pandora was clear, said Westergren, in a statement.Nick brings a deep understanding of consumer marketing and strategic communications from years of experience with the world s most revered brands.He is the perfect leader to accelerate Pandora s brand momentum during this transformative time.
Apple is releasing a new video advertisement for the iPhone and iOS.Like previous ads, this video shows a stark departure from previous Apple ads.You can feel Tor Myhren s influence on this ad.The recently hired VP of Marketing Communications has an impressive background in the advertising industry and is now in charge of Apple s ads.That s probably the reason why these ads look more polished and try to tell a story compared to last year s ads.Today s new ad doesn t show an iPhone until the last seconds.
For years, the retail industry has been talking about the rise of mobile and how it may disrupt everything.But according to a new report released today by App Annie — an app analytics and market intelligence company — the future is already here.Most surprising is how well U.S. bricks-and-clicks retailers are doing relative to others outside of the U.S., Danielle Levitas, SVP of research and marketing communications at App Annie, told me.However, with the second-highest growth in sessions for online-first apps, there is a demand here that traditional retailers should take advantage of.What is next for bricks-and-clicks retailers in the battle to increase loyalty and retain customers?Mobile is clearly disrupting bricks-and-clicks retailers — the rules of customer engagement are changing, as is the competitive landscape, Levitas said.Fortunately, mobile apps are also an opportunity for bricks-and-clicks retailers to increase customer loyalty, engagement, and spend.Through effective user acquisition and retention strategies — which can and should leverage some combination of paid acquisition, app store optimization ASO , social shopping, and loyalty/deals programs — retailers retain their best customers and capture more revenue.
Interested in pursuing marketing communications, any recommendations on a place to start?