Mexico, home to the world's second-largest Catholic population,  has proposed legalizing gay marriage.President Enrique Peña Nieto said he would seek to add same-sex marriage provisions to Mexico's constitution and the national civil code.2.ISIS is recruiting on dating websites, in addition to platforms like Twitter and messaging app Telegram.Shocking photos show Kenyan police brutally beating protesters in central Nairobi.Google on Wednesday kicks off its biggest event of the year, a three-day long developers' conference near its headquarters in Mountain View, California.And finally ...A mommy blogger confesses that most of her stuff is "fake nonsense" and the mommy blogging industry is 'b------t.' NOW WATCH: How one simple mistake cost 'Real Housewives' superstar Bethenny Frankel millionsLoading video...
It may be the same old question, but in 2016, the interpretation has evolved some.Sure, The One can be the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, but it can also be the person who makes you temporarily stop swiping left.Knowing this, PlentyOfFish surveyed more than 1100 former PlentyOfFish users who married someone they met on the site to gain insight into the specific behavior - both online and offline, that means you re headed for a relationship of the serious variety.In fact, 35% of married women actually contacted their current partner first, serving as inspiration for women who are still on the fence when it comes to making the first move.At least give him until the second or third message to pique your interest before you write him off completely.In the end, the most important underlying point from the findings is that singles should stick with it when it comes to dating.
Long-expected marriage of operating systemsChrome boss proud to announce software weddingGoogle I/O 2016 Google has pulled the move the software market has been waiting ages for, and built a system to run Android apps on its desktop operating system.Chromebooks are more powerful than the smartphones that Android apps are designed for, so processors will have little problem running the mobile code.Android apps that require specific hardware, like an always-on cellular link, won't run on a laptop that doesn't have the necessary kit.Overall, Google was very pleased with the Chrome OS model, Liu said, citing figures from IDC saying that the platform is now outselling Macs in the US.Fifty million schoolchildren are now using Chromebooks, he said, and there was potential for great growth in the enterprise market.Liu said that the Android addition would be included in the next developer release of Chrome OS, M53, in the next few weeks, and then on to consumers later in the year when the bugs have been sorted out.
When someone close to you is distraught or crying, it s natural to try and dig for answers.But why questions can come off the wrong way, even if you re trying to help.According to John M. Gottman, Ph.D., author The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, why questions, no matter how well-intended, come off as criticism.A question as simple as Why are you crying?So next time someone is upset and needs to vent, approach with phrases like Tell me what happened or Tell me what s bothering you, and questions like What leads you to think that?The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country s Foremost Relationship Expert Amazon via The Art of Manliness
Online streaming is bigger than ever, and with so many streaming services adding new shows and movies every week, it can be nearly impossible to sort through the good and the bad.If you need something to watch and don t want to wade through the endless sea of digital muck that washes up on the internet s shores, follow our picks below for the best new shows and movies worth a watch.Lucky Louie is a multi-camera sitcom in the style of All in the Family, and Louis lack of control on the show and its eventual outcome is what made him fight so hard for complete creative control over his current series.Louie plays much more of a sad sack than the usual sitcom patriarchs here, and the show s grim outlook on marriage makes it a bit more interesting than it TV predecessors.The show follows Nucky Thompson Steve Buscemi , treasurer of Atlantic County, New Jersey, who uses his position to control the city s finances and its drug trade during Prohibition.Though she does not recognize him, Magallanes cannot forget his role in what happened to her.
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Like the previews before it, it is definitely NSFW Not Safe For Work , thanks to its liberal use of profanity and raunchy humor.Charlie s former friend is sympathetic to his discontent with his life, which involves an unhappy marriage and an unsatisfying job.Let Maxi-Pad soak up your pain, says Sandler s character in an oh-so charming offer of help.His and Max s problems soon get bigger, though.The second in Sandler s four-movie deal with Netflix, The Do-Over looks sure to entertain the comedian s legion of fans.After all, there seems to be no lack absurd situations, action, and dirty jokes as Max and Charlie go about their crazy ride.
The Supreme Court s 2015 ruling on same-sex marriage changed the course of history, but according to a new survey, it didn t have much impact on how single LGBTQ people view found that 61 percent of LGBTQ singles said that last year s SCOTUS decision has no effect on their attitude toward marriage whatsoever.That s just one of many revelations found in LGBTQ in America, which Match is touting as the largest nationally-representative study of American singles who identify as LGBTQ and was produced in association with Dr. Justin R. Garcia, an evolutionary biologist and gender studies professor at Indiana University s Kinsey Institute.Among the other findings in the survey, which polled over 1,000 LGBTQ singles between the ages of 18 and 70-plus: 74 percent said their family would support them in a same-sex marriage.Fifty-two percent of lesbians said they want kids, compared to 36 percent of gay men.Mobile apps, unsurprisingly, are the new matchmakers, with 56 percent of respondents saying they ve dated someone they ve met online.
The marriage of technology and medicine has already afforded humanity with some pretty phenomenal achievements — after all, we re closer to becoming bionic than ever before.But despite the numerous advances in the medical field, there s still one critical problem yet to be solved: misdiagnoses.A key component of patient care, reading and diagnosing medical images is becoming more important than ever with an aging global population, and Zebra Medical Vision believes it can help.Zebra has collected anonymous patient data from hospitals and clinics from around the world, and has applied it to create an open platform for imaging data algorithms.As the capacity for computers to analyze images grows ever more robust, Zebra hopes it can leverage this new technology to find diseases or symptoms that humans might miss.We are privileged that one of the top health care systems in the U.S. has placed such confidence in our team and our platform, added Elad Benjamin, Zebra s CEO, In an environment where computing power and machine learning frameworks are becoming a commodity, the ability to quickly and efficiently curate large quantities of data from a world class integrated health care provider can make the difference between simplistic tools and insights that can truly add clinical value and positively impact patient care.
It s an easy way to hit the highlights of your chosen topic without losing the reader to text fatigue.An Analysis of 3 Top-Performing ArticlesIn this infographic, The smarties at Fractl break down the components of a diverse mix of articles to find the common strands that lead to content success.They identify six basic building blocks of an article that gets shared see above and show how each article hits each one.This is practically a blog post, but it still packs in plenty of compelling visual content.4 – The Mixology of Content MarketingUK agency JBH presents this beautiful marriage of two of my passions in life.I hope these seven examples inspire you to make great visual content of your own.
She didn t realize her boyfriend, Shane Birkinbine, was game for marriage.Birkinbine, a self-described geek, had used Super Mario Maker, which allows players to create their own levels, to fashion a wedding proposal.Then she came to a series of giant letters.Birkinbine, who was filming the proposal for YouTube, couldn t help but hint to her.But, as the video shows, she stays focused on finishing the level.No word on wedding plans, or whether the couple plan to have their registry at Nintendo.
Results of two studies released this week, one by an email marketing company, one by a provider of a collaborative work-space communications solution, show two very different views of how we use email and what that means in our work lives.Results from the Hightail survey include:66% said that their creative projects are managed primarily within email.We re seeing a move away from horizontal communication toward feedback and comment and collaboration spaces where communication happens in its context.It s been widely assumed that email would fade away because Millennials and teens weren t going to use it, says Adestra VP of Marketing Insights Ryan Phelan, the opposite is true, email continues to be part of everyday life The Adestra study surveyed 1200 consumers about their email usage in daily life – including their work lives.The company examined generations at opposite ends of the demographic spectrum ranging from teens ages 14-18 and 19-34, who represent the most native of the Digital Natives and older users between 56 and 67 who represent first-generation email users.Of those, more than half rely on email shop online.
SonyLetting go of the past is hard.Our memories, from our most cherished to those too painful to share, ripple through our lives, informing our most mundane decisions, our hardest choices, and for better or worse, turning us into the people we are today.Looking back, we become the unreliable narrators of our own lives, fondly recalling our highest highs as nothing less than sheer, blissful perfection.A lack of a single-player campaign, prequel content and space combat, means despite its title, DICE's Battlefront is more of a pale, albeit gorgeous, imitation of the series many grew up with.Seeing those words flash on screen during that very first E3 trailer was enough to make most fans giddy, and guaranteed sales years before the game had even hit shelves.It did away with the trite supernatural elements that had become a mainstay, and reframed the narrative to focus on the characters themselves, delivering an adventure that's not only more mature dealing with weighty issues, such as marriage, loss, and regret but also emotionally richer and more intimate than any of its predecessors.
In conjunction with Mother's Day, Apple released a commercial that shows up all kinds of mothers, including the lesbians couple Melanie and Vanessa Roy. How did the American version of the commercial out: But in other parts of the world, Apple has chosen to replace the image of Melanie and Vanessa Roy with a picture of just the latter. This is how, for example, the French version of the commercial out: Apple criticized now the time to change the image of Melanie and Vanessa Roy, especially now endorsed same-sex marriage and on several occasions touted itself as a champion for LGBT social movements. At this writing, Apple has not responded to the criticism, reports 9to5Mac.
Microsoft's Outlook and Hotmail spam filters went off piste on Wednesday, dumping an avalanche of unwanted bumf in inboxes."Some users may be receiving excessive spam mail," read a warning that briefly popped up on Microsoft's service status page.The glitch lasted around 12 hours, during which time the filters failed to hold back tons of offers for dodgy pills, marriage proposals and other crap from people's email accounts.Microsoft is in the process of migrating its backend over to its Office 365 service but it s not immediately clear whether or not a snag in this process caused the problem.On a 'normal' day I might get one to two spams through the filters, said Reg reader Paul, who first alerted us to the problem.— Zack M. @Zelakto June 1, 2016Orlando Scott-Cowley, cybersecurity strategist at email security firm Mimecast, told us: "Excessive spam is not just an annoyance – it s increasingly riddled with malicious links and malware that can compromise organisations and put valuable data at risk."
Heels on male Sims?Maxis says you can finally go to fashion town on your virtual denizens.Voices, walking styles, clothing, accessories, and physiques can now be applied to men and women however users see fit.EA and Maxis did not comment on about why those characters' clothing, animation, and other visualcustomizations were previously separated by gender, nor did they previously answer fans' past complaints.Though we can't be sure if that cross-gender customization took so long due to technical reasons, we assume it was not for political ones due to Maxis's history of supporting Sims options like gay relationships and gay marriage—which landed the game's latest entry an "adults-only" rating in Russia when it launched there in 2014.The Maxis statement was careful not to fully enter America's latest political debate by mentioning changing a Sim's gender outright, which still requires a console-based trick to accomplish.
Photograph: EA/The SimsThe Sims, EA s popular lifestyle simulation game, has removed binary gender categories for clothes, hairstyles, accessories and physical characteristics – such as voice pitch – in its customisation options for characters.We want to make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to through powerful tools that give them influence over a Sims gender, age, ethnicity, body type and more.When demoing the game at the E3 games show, two female characters began to kiss in a live simulation.In a New Yorker piece, entitled The Kiss That Changed Video Games Forever , Patrick J Barrett, one of the game developers, recalled: No other game had facilitated same-sex relationships before – at least, to this extent – and some people figured that maybe we weren t the ideal ones to be first.But the developers decided not to alter the game code and to keep same-sex relationships in place.In September 2014, EA fixed a bug preventing LGBT terms such as gay and homosexual being used in character names when users played online.
And according to the reasonably named website, Bill and Hillary had an open marriage agreement since the very beginning.GovtSlaves then goes on to note that, though Hillary and Bill might not have been making the beast with two backs themselves, she was getting it on with Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, and a string of lesbian lovers.Headlines on Robert Morrow s blog have proposed that CHELSEA CLINTON IS THE BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER OF WEBB HUBBELL AND NOT BILL CLINTON, that HILLARY WAS HAVING SEX WITH BOTH WEBB HUBBELL & VINCE FOSTER, HER PARTNERS AT ROSE LAW FIRM.When Nichols then asked about Chelsea, Bill allegedly replied, Oh, Webb Hubbell sired her.When those rumors first started making rumblings around the time of Chelsea s wedding, the amateur conspiracy theorists of YouTube were happy to follow with a parade of Paint-laced, poorly made slideshows.So to help solve the mystery, I ve combined the faces of Hillary and Bill and the faces of Hillary and Webb, respectively, using the website Morph Thing, and paired the result with a recent photo of Chelsea.
Electronic Arts have announced that as part of a major new update to the Sims 4, the game will be removing gender barriers when it comes to creating a new character.In a blog post on EA s website, Maxis Producer Kevin Gibson explained why it was time for this change to happen.Expanding Create A Sim to support a broader range of stories that include diverse characters was a natural extension.Maxis, the game s developer worked closely with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group GLAAD to ensure that the update was authentic and respectful.EA GamesAssociated Press points out that since its launch in 2000 The Sims has always included same-sex relationships.In 2014 The Sims caused controversy in Russia after it launched in the country offering gay relationships and gay marriage, earning the title an adults only rating.
Google Nest FailureOn paper, Google s 2014 acquisition of Nest had all the makings of a perfect marriage.Nest at the time was riding high on the popularity of its Nest Thermostat and was led by Tony Fadell, a former Apple executive credited with dreaming the iPod into existence.Google, meanwhile, was a gargantuan company with the requisite resources to help take Nest to the next level.A year after buying Dropcam, Nest released the Nest Cam, which was basically a rebranded Dropcam.Two-and-a-half years under Google/Alphabet, a quadrupling of the employee headcount, and half-a-billion dollars in acquisitions yielded minor yearly updates and a rebranded device.In fact, one of the more common arguments made in the wake of the Nest acquisition was that it was a shame that Apple didn t step up and bring Fadell back to 1 Infinite Loop.