Those who have responsibility for creating advertising, content and other marketing programs, as well as those who make the final decision about advertising, media and digital media marketing, are more likely to agree strongly with the concept.Dramatic changes will continue in ad products e.g., from 30-second TVCs to in-feed native ads and content delivery platforms e.g., TVs to phones but not in the capacity of the human brain to pay attention, process information and make decisions.And they ve moved from linear storytelling, i.e., with a beginning, middle and end in structured formats, to systemic story-building — think a simultaneous expression of story elements that come together to form a single impression.Six in 10 agency respondents expressed concern that they have drunk the digital Kool-Aid and overly rely on digital.Gone are the days when advertising and media and tech experts collaborated on behalf of brands from their separate silos.Today s audience of consumers has become expert at using technology to curate and craft their own media experience on a minute-to-minute level.
But Thiel, who made a fortune as co-founder of PayPal and an early backer of Facebook, expressed his distaste for Gawker in the past after Valleywag, its now-shuttered tech gossip blog, outed him before he came out as gay.I want to help the CPJ defend the rights of online journalists.So there s a disconnect between Thiel s libertarian streak, his support for a candidate with little regard for the First Amendment, his contributions toward press freedom and his reportedly funding a case that could bankrupt a media company.Gawker has long argued that publishing a snippet of a sex tape in 2012 involving Hogan aka Terry Bollea is protected under the First Amendment, and the company is currently appealing the March decision.If you re a billionaire and you don t like the coverage of you, and you don t particularly want to embroil yourself any further in a public scandal, it s a pretty smart, rational thing to fund other legal cases.But the media company highlighted the billionaire s past support for press freedom: A board member of Facebook and a major funder of The Committee to Protect Journalists has been secretly funding a legal campaign against our journalists.
He told the New York Times he has paid lawyers to bring cases against Gawker, accusing it of bullying."But this vindictive decade-long campaign is quite out of proportion to the hurt you claim.Gawker founder Nick Denton is from London"Peter, this is twisted."Now you show yourself as a thin-skinned billionaire who, despite all the success and public recognition that a person could dream of, seethes over criticism and plots behind the scenes to tie up his opponents in litigation he can afford better than they.""I saw Gawker pioneer a unique and incredibly damaging way of getting attention by bullying people even when there was no connection with the public interest," Mr Thiel told the New York Times.Gawker said on Thursday it expects to prevail in an appeal of the Hogan verdict and that it is exploring contingency plans.
Too bad it's a meet cute that makes little sense.It's all the more natural as newspapers, record labels and TV and movie studios have struggled to land on the right approaches to meet consumer demand in a digital age while making sure their businesses stay financially healthy.Over the years, Apple has been floated as a potential buyer for Netflix, Disney, Sony and other entertainment producers or distributors.Apple's Return on Invested Capital 28%It's true that owning, say, TV-production titans like Time Warner's Warner Brothers and HBO would help Apple in its long- standing quest to start a television service akin to those offered by cable companies, except over the Internet.Apple's return on invested capital -- a measure of how efficiently a company is generating cash from equity or debt it invests in its business - - was 28.3 percent in the fiscal year ended in September, according to Bloomberg data.That is among the best rates at big U.S. companies and far above Time Warner's, at less than 10 percent in 2015, or 7.2 percent for Netflix.
This case could really change the landscape, because everyone who has gripes about what the media has done is going to start thinking about dollars and cents and running to their lawyers, says Thomas Julin, a partner at Miami-based law firm Hunton and Williams who focuses on First Amendment litigation.And it s going to get lawyers thinking, Maybe I should be more willing to represent other individuals against the media.'When their clients win their lawsuits, Keller gets a cut of the winnings.But using it for personal revenge or profit is relatively new—and so far, that version of litigation finance has managed to slip through the regulatory cracks.Now that Thiel has done this successfully, however, the dynamic could change.As insidious as that sounds, consider that under today s lax rules, such a fund could bankroll a lawsuit in which no one knows where the money is coming from.
BEIJING—Chinese regulators crackdown on foreign content has laid bare the challenges Western media companies face in getting their programs viewed in China—and what strategies have worked.Apple said it hopes to make books and movies available again to our customers in China as soon as possible.It is owned and run by Wasu under the name Qiu Suo -- quest in Chinese -- rather than Discovery, a name change necessary to get the channel launched, according to executives of local and foreign media companies.A person familiar with Discovery s operations says Discovery doesn t provide documentaries to its local partners that might be deemed politically objectionable by Chinese censors.The agency most involved in decisions on foreign media content is the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, which has recently stepped up its enforcement role.With the increasing popularity of online video platforms in China, the administration in recent years has been tightening controls over foreign media content online, for which regulations used to be less strict than for traditional media outlets.
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REUTERS/Dado Ruvic Reuters - Facebook Inc has signed deals worth more than $50 million with media companies and celebrities to create videos for its live-streaming service, the Wall Street Journal reported.Facebook has signed nearly 140 deals, including with CNN, the New York Times, Vox Media, Tastemade, Mashable and the Huffington Post, the Journal reported on Tuesday, citing a document.Comedian Kevin Hart, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, wellness guru Deepak Chopra and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson are among the celebrities that Facebook has partnered with."We have an early beta program for a relatively small number partners that includes a broad range of content types from regions around the world," Justin Osofsky, the vice president of global operations and media partnerships at Facebook, said in an email."We wanted to invite a broad set of partners so we could get feedback from a variety of different organization about what works and what doesn't."Reporting by Subrat Patnaik and Anya George Tharakan in Bengaluru; Editing by Kirti Pandey
Now on top of the static lead/contact info itself, think of all the added insights aggregated through the analysis of this data:surging contextual content that illustrates interest in specific topics among individual leads e.g., the number of white paper downloads in a set period of time ;actions that signal info consumption preferences;industry trends e.g., sudden bump in, say, cloud computing interest among enterprise companies ; andchanges in account info e.g., human capital jumps between companies .The future of media is full-funnel data supportThe major takeaway here is that media companies are no longer chained to top-funnel activities.For example, you may be buying top-funnel leads from a publisher via a content syndication campaign, but what if that publisher can also cast insights on the level of account interest based on how many individual contacts at that company are downloading relevant content, and how often?It ll certainly help you prioritize lead nurturing and sales follow-up.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.About The AuthorScott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate, a cloud-based, closed-loop marketing software provider, where he leads the company s go-to-market and marketing strategy focused on serving its growing customer base of marketers.
He wrote on Twitter that the "Big Brother law" was an "unworkable, unjustifiable violation of rights that should never be signed".This bill will take money and liberty from every Russian without improving safety."The new rules - known as "Yarovayan's legislation" after politician Irina Yarovayan - state:telecoms companies must keep copies of customers' phone calls and text messages for six monthsphone and text records but not the messages themselves must be kept for three yearsonline services such as social networks must keep message records for one yearonline services that encrypt data must help security services decrypt any message sent by users, or face a finefailing to report knowledge of a crime will become a criminal offence - punishable by up to a year in prisoninciting or expressing approval of terrorism online will be regarded as publishing such comments in mass media - punishable by up to seven years in prisonchildren aged over 14 can be held criminally liable for 10 new charges such as taking part in terrorismHowever, rules that would let law enforcement revoke Russians' citizenship, or revoke people's right to leave Russia, were removed from the legislation.Yuri Sinelshchikov warned that storing telecoms data could lead to abuse by officials, while Dmitry Gudkov said the laws would be a heavy burden on businesses.What happens next?The law has been backed by 287 MPs from the ruling party United Russia - although 147 MPs voted against the law - and it will now go to the Council of Federation, the upper house of the Russian parliament.
For B2B demand marketers, media has until recently been synonymous with impressions, maybe clicks and hopefully, leads.The focus over the last several years, however, has shifted to: Impressions are a bonus; I expect leads.Now on top of the static lead/contact info itself, think of all the added insights aggregated through the analysis of this data:surging contextual content that illustrates interest in specific topics among individual leads e.g., the number of white paper downloads in a set period of time ;actions that signal info consumption preferences;industry trends e.g., sudden bump in, say, cloud computing interest among enterprise companies ; andchanges in account info e.g., human capital jumps between companies .The future of media is full-funnel data supportThe major takeaway here is that media companies are no longer chained to top-funnel activities.It ll certainly help you prioritize lead nurturing and sales follow-up.ABOUT THE AUTHORScott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate, a cloud-based, closed-loop marketing software provider, where he leads the company s go-to-market and marketing strategy focused on serving its growing customer base of marketers.
It's also the most worrisome for traditional journalism companies because it has completely redefined "news."On Wednesday, Facebook acknowledged something that folks in digital media have been seeing for a couple of months in the form of decreased referrals: It's changing the composition of the Facebook News Feed to favor more posts from friends and relatives — baby pictures, status updates — instead of news articles or entertainment posted by media companies.Some journalists like Farhad Manjoo at The New York Times seem surprised by this.Facebook has been making a lot of overtures toward journalists in the last couple of years with things like Instant Articles, which give publications a way to display their pieces directly on Facebook's mobile apps so they load more quickly, and Live Video, which is being created by publications with direct paid subsidies from Facebook.Business Insider participates in both projects.But Facebook is a weird beast that a lot of journalists still don't understand.Yet, as a business, it looks exactly like a mass-media company and competes aggressively for the same advertising budgets.Think back to the times before newspapers, radio, and TV existed.What kinds of events did people talk about?They talked about things that happened to friends and family members.
Singapore-based media company E27 has closed a SG$3 million US$2.2 million Series A round as it looks to redevelop its tech-focused news website and events business following some tough times.The company previously raised seed rounds, the most recent being a $650,000 raise last summer, and there had been talk of new financing for the past month or so.Now the company has confirmed its raise from a bevy of new investors each of whom is involved in early-stage tech.The round was led by China-based TechTemple Group with participation from Linear Venture also China , Indonesia s Convergence Ventures and Singapore-based duo Venturecraft and venture builder Spacemob.E27 is best known in Southeast Asia for its news site — — and its long-running Echelon events business.First founded in 2007, it has endured a rough past year which included making layoffs and general restructuring.
Already in 1973 depicted Rainer Werner Fassbinder a computer-generated reality television series "World on a Wire". In the 90's got his concept of mass media breakthrough with films like "The Lawnmower Man". However, it is only in recent years that the entertainment industry has found practical uses for the technology. Coldplay and U2 have recorded concerts of virtual reality and earlier this year launched the US events company Live Nation is a collaboration with the much spoken VR Company Next VR. William Hamilton, president of VR now Mimerse and with a background in the music industry, is very enthusiastic. - 360 videos are not near touching virtual verkligheters full potential.
In a world of ever changing video technology and demanding client needs, companies have to constantly consider how digital change and accessible video technology can help solve their toughest challenges.27partners has created a video technology scale which covers the range of immersive video technology available for organisations, also providing a toolkit to ensure picking the right medium for business needs.Traditional linear video is the standard film footage we see all over the internet, from YouTube links to Facebook-shared videos of cats.It is an excellent tool for visually providing information and for allowing online global access to interviews and direct news reports, capturing footage that could otherwise be misrepresented by the written word.It provides a greater visual aid to the world inside the video, and gives a viewer the freedom to focus on what they are most interested in.It is an exciting new piece of technology, ITV s television series I m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here being one of the first to use it on a mass media scale, gaining more than 2 million views.
MoreTelecom Italia new logo is seen at the headquarter in Rozzano neighbourhood of Milan, Italy, May 25, 2016.PARIS Reuters - French telecoms operator Orange denied on Wednesday having reached a deal with Vivendi that would include taking stakes in the media giant's pay-TV Canal Plus and in Telecom Italia, following an online report by French magazine Challenges.Rumours of a potential deal between Vivendi, which owns 24.7 percent of Telecom Italia, and Orange, have regularly surfaced over the past few months as traditional media groups try to find new ways to compete against newcomers such as Netflix and Amazon."Orange obviously discusses with all content players in a sector that is constantly evolving, but the group formally denies having reached any secret deal with Vivendi including Canal Plus and Telecom Italia," a spokesman for Orange said by phone.Vivendi has pledged to secure partnerships with telecom groups to increase the distribution of its content while former monopoly Orange, which focuses on providing high-speed Internet and telecoms services, faces newer competition at home from SFR Group, which offers customers its own TV media content, including English Premier League soccer.Challenges, without citing any sources, reported that Orange had reached a secret deal with Vivendi under which the telecoms operator would buy up to 20 percent of Vivendi's pay-TV Canal Plus.
View photosMoreFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seen on stage during a town hall at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California September 27, 2015.Picture taken February 27, 2015.ROME Reuters - Facebook Inc. will not become a media company, its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday, telling students the firm would remain a technology platform.An increasing number of users are turning to social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter , to find their news, but Zuckerberg said his firm had no ambitions to become a content provider."No, we are a tech company, not a media company," said Zuckerberg, after a young Italian asked him whether Facebook intended to become a news editor.While acknowledging the role Facebook has in supplying users with news through their connections and stressing the advantages of obtaining information from different parts of the world, Zuckerberg said Facebook was "a technology company, we build the tools, we do not produce any content".
With today s debut of Upstanders, Starbucks is officially a media company.Upstanders is a new Starbucks original series inspires positive change amidst cynicism in America.Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran, senior vice president for Public Affairs and the executive producer of the company s social impact media initiatives, stopped by BUILD Series NYC today to discuss this project with Arianna Huffington.When Starbucks debut their mobile app, there was talk of them becoming a tech company.Their intention was never to become a tech company, just to become relevant.Investments in top tech was essential to communicate with millennials.
The stock media company that gives subscribers unlimited access to its catalog of images, videos and audio clips for an annual subscription, VideoBlocks wants stock media to look less whitewashed and more like the real deal.But no stock media marketplace can purge every image that reflects conventional beauty or caters to other stereotypes.Those images have their time and place.Instead, VideoBlocks has launched its Authentic Collection, featuring media that reflects, among other things: people of color or of different ages and body types, homes and events around the world, and the family life of people who identify as bi-, gay, lesbian or transgender.VideoBlocks CEO TJ Leonard told TechCrunch that the company curated and published the diversity-focused Authentic Collection in response to search data on the company s marketplace.In the past year, he said, users of VideoBlocks increasingly searched for images or clips somehow representative of diversity, LGBT, technology and fitness.
As the Vice President of Marketing for Here Media, Inc., Robert Hebert leads all marketing efforts for the LGBT-focused media company, while serving as the creative director for Here Media s portfolio of brands, including Here TV, Out Magazine, The Advocate, and of our clients were gay and lesbian television networks seeking distribution at a time when cable operators perceived tremendous risk to carrying gay and lesbian content.Hebert says it was an uphill battle, but meaningful because it helped fuel the conversation that the LGBT audience was too valuable to ignore, and deserved to be respected and served.Here Media has been executing 360-degree programs rich with custom content for a decade now.The content agency will provide our advertising partners with turn-key programs designed for audience engagement and performance.I hate to be boring but, iPhone 6S Plus.