Measuring beyond surface metricsTraditional content marketing performance data is limited in its depiction of valuable user engagement.Demonstrating valuable ROI return on investment means marketers must measure beyond conventional vanity metrics to better understand if, why and how the content is providing emotional value.The takeaway: To measure digital emotion, focus on metrics that show the impact the content is having on the viewer.Synthesizing the viewer and the content in this way lays the groundwork for a unique emotional experience that standard linear video is simply unable to deliver.This interactive dynamic also helps marketers pinpoint opportunities for improving their strategy, helping to identify specific areas for increased investment.About The AuthorErika Trautman, founder of Rapt Media is passionate about the evolution of online storytelling.
Printed electronics pilot factory is located in Oulu. VTT's printed electronics pilot factory has entered a new era. We wanted to change this by developing electronics production line is easily a post-production sensor assembly and visualization system, which allows the associated data value-added services opened out via the interfaces, explains lead researcher Marko Jurvansuu VTT. Pilot Factory offers companies a research environment, where the new sensor assembly and IoT solutions can be customized and tested in a real production environment. The solution also enables big changes in practice, as, for example, the printing press condition monitoring and predictive maintenance can also be partly outsource the measurement data. The first VTT's solution utilizes the company has Offcode by ADN IoT platform is integrated into the model.
For three years now Google has been working on its Project Tango augmented-reality AR technology for mobile devices.And today at the Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, there were more demos that made the system look even more promising.There was an improved measurement app that recognizes edges and can then be used to measure the dimensions of windows, tables, and other objects.The app can retain the corresponding images but also present schematics, which can then be used for other purposes, like identifying the right size of tablecloth or curtain set to purchase.There was an app that let you put a dinosaur in the middle of the room and then tap the plus button a fe times to make it look huge in the middle of the real-life environment in the background.There was an app in which you could select furniture and have models of it unboxed and placed right next to you, so you could see if it would be a good fit.There was an app that made little flowers sprout in the middle of the floor.Yes.People who prefer iOS may have to wait before something like this gets baked into the operating system — it was not very long ago that Apple bought AR startup Flyby Media.Today Johnny Lee, who works on Project Tango at Google and previously worked on Kinect at Microsoft, played a video that demonstrates the latest research projects.There is no guarantee that any of these experiences will ever become available for consumers to try out.
Mobile ad company UberMedia is expanding its measurement and attribution business in a big way.While that s still the case, it has shifted its attention over the past few years to its mobile ad platform, which uses the apps as a source of data — and which can tell advertisers whether someone who saw their ad actually made it into their store.And it s incredibly precise — precision and accuracy are important.The goal here is less to offer new measurement tools to existing UberMedia advertisers and more to build an additional business for the company with a new set of customers.Measuring our advertising investments to hotel visits is a compelling strategy to better understand how our media is impacting bookings, said Elvin Kawasaki, vice president and director of digital investment at ad agency Initiative, in an emailed statement.Featured Image: Mix3r/Shutterstock
The market for vegetable sources of protein are currently under strong growth - In a few years you may be buying the waste product as a high-protein meat substitute or a sponge smoothie, says Emma Nordell, innovation and business development at Lantmännen R & D unit. - We have invested in research in colleges and universities for 30 years, and are good at it. New Technology recently wrote that Swedish companies are late when it comes to latch on to the global trend with their own accelerators. Some figures on how the venture increased sales, she can not give the grounds that development takes time. The Accelerator program is now underway attend three internal project managers and six external contractors. An internal ideas is an instrument for non-contact measurement of consistency of Danish pastry.
Not only right maybe, now that they can even beat us in the end games like Go. According to Gartner, three million people to have a robot head for only two years, and it depends on the machines callous attitude towards us. - A defined task increasingly shifting towards monitoring employee performance through measurement tools that are directly linked to how much they produce and customer evaluations, says Gartner analyst Frances Karamouzis to Computerworld. But humanity is not fully calculated - yet. A cold analysts, and a warm human being - or bad cop, good cop, if you want to see it that way. - Human managers will work together with smart machines in a way that allows them to use the machine's abilities and strengths, but for at least the next five years, smart machines rather take care of tactical and quantifiable management tasks than on people, says Frances Karamouzis .
Not only right maybe, now that they can even beat us in the end games like Go. According to Gartner, three million people to have a robot head for only two years, and it depends on the machines callous attitude towards us. - A defined task increasingly shifting towards monitoring employee performance through measurement tools that are directly linked to how much they produce and customer evaluations, says Gartner analyst Frances Karamouzis to Computerworld. But humanity is not fully calculated - yet. A cold analysts, and a warm human being - or bad cop, good cop, if you want to see it that way. - Human managers will work together with smart machines in a way that allows them to use the machine's abilities and strengths, but for at least the next five years, smart machines rather take care of tactical and quantifiable management tasks than on people, says Frances Karamouzis .
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Wearables can track can track all kinds of health a fitness data these days, but here's one that focuses on something different: how much alcohol you drink.Called BACTrack Skyn, the wristband acts like a wearable breathalyzer, even though you don't technically breathe into it.Instead, it measures blood alcohol levels through you skin using fuel cell technology similar to what law enforcement relies on.One intended purpose is for the band to help doctors and researchers get an accurate measurement of someone's alcohol use.The Skyn connects with a smartphone app over Bluetooth, so it offers features that you'd expect, like warn the wearer that they've been drinking too much if it detects they're driving.While the device that took part in the NIH's competition was a prototype, and BACTrack hasn't submitted anything to the FDA for testing or approval yet, the company says it's offering pre-orders for a limited release of bands this fall.
Amid all the conversation about shifts in television viewing and how that s affecting TV advertising, there s been a lot of talk about networks trying to woo back viewers with fewer and perhaps more compelling ads.Reduce the ad loads, the theory has been, and fans will be more likely to watch shows when they re broadcast instead of hours or days later, on a different distribution platform that may not carry ads or makes it easy to skip them.We also removed from the numbers any promotions of their own network s programming.Among the broadcast networks, the CW cut its ad load noticeably, about 6 percent.Those big events might have been an opportunity to reduce ads to help keep audiences coming back for other programming, but we didn t see that reflected in the overall numbers.Among the cable properties, what movement we saw was largely towards more ad time.But it was also one of the few to cut ad loads quarter over quarter, though it remained above 16 minutes per hour.Just behind Fox with the highest loads were four Viacom-owned channels: Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, and BET.Again, it too raised prime-time ad loads in the first quarter, though it just presented its first cross-network unified pitch at this year s upfronts while proclaiming TV s enduring power compared to online competition.Overall, for the 31 biggest broadcast and cable outlets, the numbers are telling: Seven networks dropped prime-time ad loads, seven more were flat, and 17 rose.Lower ad loads may be coming, but they haven t arrived yet.Sean Muller is CEO and founder of, a real-time TV advertising measurement company.
Video: Jonas Askergren For two Mars years, NASA's Curiosity lander examined conditions on the red planet. Just as the Earth tilts slightly in March, and thus has four seasons. The great thing is that the atmosphere is thinner. Another is that Mars suffered by many meteorite impacts that eroded its atmosphere, so-called impact erosion. Another finding from Curiosity show increased amounts of methane into the atmosphere, a phenomenon that only occurs once during the measurement. But Ella Carlsson Sjoberg see other important reasons, such as how the technology development that takes place within the space program gives spin-offs in the form of technology that everyone can benefit from the Earth.
A new study of more than 1 million websites found that news sites that rely heavily on online advertising are sprinkling the most digital markers on their visitors.Since the advent of the Web, digital advertisers have been in a cat-and-mouse game with users over tracking their movements, even deliberately circumventing privacy settings.This study, purportedly the largest and most detailed measurement of online tracking to date, offers more detail of which sites are most aggressively targeting users and new methods of tracking users.When it comes to following visitors around the Web, news, arts and sports sites lead the pack, even more than pornography sites, the Princeton researchers found.Sites such as non-profits and universities track visitors much less.The researchers speculate why news sites are tracking more:The top five most common tracking tools are owned by Google, such as Google Analytics and Doubleclick, MIT Technology Review points out.Visitors who don t want to be tracked have two main methods for throwing off their digital scent, the cookie-blocker in one s browser and privacy extensions.But do they work?The researchers found that Firefox s blocking was effective.Add-on extension Ghostery was also effective at limiting cookies.What s trickier are new techniques used by small companies that work on how browsers process audio.Dubbed fingerprinting, the tracker attaches an audio signal that then follows a device around the Web.Since Google and Facebook control most of the common trackers, there may be hope of creating standards and controls in this space.One of the researchers, Arvind Narayanan, told the MIT Technology Review:Photo: The Google logo.AP/Mark Lennihan Tags: cookies, facebook, Google, Google Analytics, news sites, tracking
Many companies have been working on the problem, including Google, which introduced store visits tracking two years ago.However, the current methodology isn t accurate enough for small locations; there are challenges of scale and location precision.Accordingly, Google is considering ways to augment Store Visits with beacons, which will help verify that a user is actually present inside a store location.During its keynote this morning, Google presented several case studies to illustrate how, once the connection between search ads and incremental offline visits is revealed, ROI dramatically increases.Target, Nissan UK and Seven & i Holdings in Japan were brand examples used to show the value of capturing offline store visits.This caused the company to boost mobile search spending.
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BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy FensSens is a wireless distance sensor which helps you park without hitting nearby objects like walls and other carsOne of my favourite features of the Tesla Model S is how it tells you exactly how far, in inches, you are from objects when parking.It's a much better system than the usual beeps you get from other cars – and now, a Washington State-based startup has created the same system by using an iPhone.This measures the distance between itself and nearby objects like walls and parked cars, then send the data to your iPhone or Android smartphone.The apps uses a similar red-yellow-green distance graphic as the parking systems of most cars, plus a distance measurement like that used in the Tesla.The sensor has a battery life of five months and takes two hours to fully rechargeFensSens doesn't yet have a release date, but anyone who subscribed now for updates will receive a $50 discount on the regular price of $149 £100, €131 .Until parking sensors become standard on cars of all prices, this looks like the perfect solution to avoid dented bumpers.
With its youthful audience and authentic content, Snapchat offers marketers several benefits; however, its limited metrics can leave them wondering whether the channel is worth their while.A survey of 6,500 U.S. teens conducted by investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray Companies also found that 28% of respondents consider Snapchat the most important social network, as reported by Business Insider.But in terms of more granular user behavior or ROI metrics, Snapchat comes up short.The absence of any good metrics in Snapchat and a proper API is the number one problem for marketers, says Jan Rezab, founder and executive chairman of Socialbakers—a social media marketing and analytics provider.Some brands have already been able to crack the Snapchat code and leverage the channel successfully to drive awareness.This allowed the brand to correlate their Snapchat activities with sales lifts for particular product lines at certain locations.
So, finding the right PR firm to match your expectations, fit your culture and, most importantly, accomplish the PR objectives that will move your business forward, can be quite a task.In an industry characterized by large retainer fees and less-than-scientific outcome measurement and subjectivity, be careful and cautious: Here are five things to look for when assessing which PR agency to hire:1.Just as with any business transaction, customers should know what they are getting for their money.Some PR firms have three- or six-month discovery processes -- which is absolutely absurd.Customer centricityDon t forget, the PR company works for you, not the other way round, so at the very least you should expect to be heard!A good PR company is worth its weight in gold, so it pays dividends to do your due diligence when it comes time to bring one on board.
Ever since giant squid were discovered, there has been considerable speculation as to how large they can get.More from LiveScience:Still, prior studies estimated that hundreds of thousands of giant squid may live in the ocean, which would suggest that there are plenty of chances for giant squid to grow larger than previously suggested, said Charles Paxton, a fisheries ecologist and statistician at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.This new study extrapolated the maximum sizes this species might reach by both examining a variety of categories of data and examining as much data taken directly from specimens of the creature as was available."I've been interested in the last few years about investigating the hard science behind sea monsters," Paxton said.He found that beak size could help predict mantle length, confirming previous studies.As to why giant squid might grow as large as they do, "perhaps it makes them less likely to be eaten by sperm whales," Paxton said.
The term 'biometrics' in its broadest sense refers to the measurement and analysis of human characteristics that are unique to particular individuals.Factors of authentication can essentially be summed up as something you know, such as a password, something you have, such as a dongle or smartphone, and something you 'are'.Biometrics are becoming increasingly feasible to use in a range of applications.For example, Heathrow now uses cameras at the e-Passport gates to perform facial recognition on people coming through.In February MasterCard rolled out an app which allows users to verify online payments with a selfie photo or a fingerprint.The touch screen or a dedicated pad in the case of the iPhone can be used to carry out fingerprint analysis, as is used to authenticate payments with Apple Pay.
For marketers, there are few skills more important than a deep understanding ofGoogle Analytics and its conversion measurement capabilities.After all, this is the tool that tells you whether your efforts are actually translating into results.Unfortunately, mastering Google Analytics can be challenging, even for experienced marketers.To help you out, I ve put together a list of seven custom and standard reports you can use right away to get better insight into your marketing performance.Read the full article on Search Engine Land.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.