The C.Scope CS1MX is an analog motion metal detector which is ideal for starting a treasure hunt.Simple operation, light weight and a relatively large search depth make the CS1MX the ideal entry-level device for the hobby treasure hunt.The C.Scope brand has been offering reliable, top quality metal detectors for 40 years.The C.Scope CS1MX is set using two operating switches.The sensitivity and object discrimination can be adjusted here.Thanks to its 17kHz operating frequency, the CS1MX recognizes the smallest objects and nuggets and offers the possibility of discriminating against unwanted objects such as metal nails, crown caps or similar in order to exclude them from the search.
The Minelab Gold Monster is a professional metal detector designed specifically for the search for gold.The Gold Monster 1000 finds even the smallest gold nuggets, coins, silver, copper and antiquity in extreme depths.Its high sensitivity to small parts makes the Gold Monster 1000 the ideal metal detector for any treasure, raw gold and relic prospector.The Gold Monster 1000 impresses with its exceptional ease of use and extreme search depth, even in difficult soil conditions.These properties make it the preferred device for raw gold hunting in countries with large gold deposits.
  Spagnolo Metal Detector MD3028 Professionale,Impermeabile per Mettalli,Tesori,Pala Regolabile,Cuffie METAL DETECTOR può trovare diverse varietà di oro, argento, e altri tesori preziosi grazie al Rilevatore di Metalli che consente un Rilevamento Dual Mode: All Metal e Disc, per l'identificazione di vari metalli e rifiutare quelli indesiderati. Il Cerca Tesori è uno strumento semplice ed intuitivo da utilizzare sia dagli Adulti che dai Bambini, sarà sufficiente aprirlo e tenere premuto il pulsante per andare alla Ricerca del tesoro. ------ #AQUISTA_ORA Clicca il link__ Metal Detector ------