Shooting 360-degree panoramas may seem like a complex photographic endeavor, but with the Google Street View app on your smartphone, it’s incredibly fun and easy for anyone to accomplish.You don’t need expensive cameras, a complicated rig, or any special photographic expertise to produce a glorious spherical pano.While Google Street View is one of many 360-degree camera apps capable of creating and uploading panos, it is one of the most popular, and offers the potential to give your images worldwide exposure on Google Maps directly from the app.Google Street View encourages you to explore the great outdoors, including world landmarks and natural wonders, and even indoor venues like museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses.The app facilitates your own creation of 360-degree imagery of your neighborhood or anywhere you visit using your smartphone camera or a certified Street View-ready camera to add locations to Google Maps.Google Street View features five categories that let you view, shoot, and post pano collections to the service.
Searching for the right company to get an easily customizable Gojek clone for your multiservice business?Your search for the best Gojek clone app development ends with AppDupe, a leading app development company.AppDupe’s Gojek clone is an ensemble of 52 services which provides services under three main categories,When a user needs a ride, they can select the ride button and it offers them with several transit options such as taxi, car rental, Boat, Moto, Packers & Movers and so on.With the Delivery service, users can avail several delivery services.The Other Services option comprises of several on-demand services such as Babysitting, Plumber, Beauty service and so on.
A little over a year after discontinuing its Mac desktop app, Twitter says that it’s bringing the program back after Apple unveiled Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina.It explained why it decided to drop the app last year.Twitter made the announcement during Apple’s WWDC conference last week, saying that the app would launch with Catalina this fall, and that this new version will have a variety of features like dark mode, keyboard shortcuts, multiple windows, and notifications.In February 2018, Twitter pulled the application from Apple’s App Store after a history of sporadic updates, and recommended that people simply use the web version.In its post yesterday, it also provides a bit more of an explanation for why the original Mac app was discontinued: while it originated with the iPhone app, the Mac app “diverged as Twitter increasingly focused on its mobile apps,” and the company simply couldn’t maintain the two.Twitter says that with Project Catalyst, they’ll be able to use their existing iOS codebase and will add on features for desktops “while keeping our maintenance efficient as we continue to improve this shared codebase in the years to come.”
While there are several ways to change up the look and feel of your phone, switching wallpapers is one of the easiest.So we decided to ask you, are you using the wallpapers preinstalled on your phone or do you download them from somewhere else?A majority of the 1,700 voters in this week’s poll state that they get their wallpapers from a third-party app.This result was closely followed up by nearly a quarter of the participants stating that they get their images from somewhere on the internet.Most interesting to me is the fact that only 13 percent of the voters use their photos as wallpapers.Almost everyone has a camera with them at any given moment, but the images that they capture are hardly used as a phone’s background.
Here are the big headlines from the last week:Huawei is preparing an app store in case the U.S. ban never lifts.The company sent a bunch of emails out to developers to encourage them to publish their apps in Huawei’s store.Plenty of third party app stores email developers for the same reason.It’s a pragmatic move from Huawei and a half decent contingency plan.Google quietly changed the wording of the Play Store’s refund policy this week.
With Lightroom CC, photo editing fits right in the palm of your hands — but a keyboard (with its many shortcuts) doesn’t.While Lightroom CC on a mobile device may be missing keyboard shortcuts, the editing app still has several shortcuts built in.The gesture-based controls are often hidden, requiring a happy accident or a tutorial to find them.Just like mastering the keyboard shortcuts on the desktop version of Lightroom lets you work faster, learning Lightroom’s gesture shortcuts on an iPad or phone will make you more efficient.From here, swipe up or down on the left side of the photo to increase or decrease the rating, or on the right side of the photo to add or a remove a flag.Swiping side-to-side still scrolls to the next or previous image in the catalog.
Apple released a new iPod Touch for 2019 just a few weeks back.If you already own an iPhone past the iPhone 5, there's no reason to even consider buying the iPod Touch.If however you've never owned an iOS device or have in the past and want back in, at $200 the iPod Touch is now the cheapest entry point.In his review of the iPod Touch 2019, my colleague, Patrick Holland very clearly lays out why, despite its appeal to certain consumers, most will want to skip the iPod Touch.I've been a stubborn supporter of iOS and more specifically the Apple App Store for nearly 11 years, since I bought the iPhone 3G in 2008.There are two simple reasons for that:
Originally, a Facebook engineer built React as an internal project to manage its ads.If you've ever liked a status on Facebook, tweeted from your phone, checked off an item on your to-do list on Asana, or pinned a photo on Pinterest, then you've crossed paths with React.It's built on JavaScript, the most popular programming language according to the mega-popular code hosting site GitHub, which keeps tabs on such things.Users can reuse components that have already been built, such as buttons.It's still used by Facebook, but it's picked up a large, passionate community, which hosts scores of meetups, plenty of conference talks, and an innumerable number of blog posts devoted solely to React.Carl Bergenhem, product manager at software consultancy Progress, says that using React is like building a house with Lego — if someone else had already made the tricky parts like the roof for you ahead of time.
But when it does finally decide to take a stab at something, it attempts to do it better than everyone else.That’s the message Apple tried to get across when it announced its new Sign In with Apple feature this month at WWDC.During the keynote address at Apple’s annual developer conference, the company flashed onto the screen the standard login buttons from Facebook and Google—the same buttons you can use to sign into apps or websites today.They’re often presented as the simpler solution for logging into a new app; instead of going through the process of entering an email address and crafting a new password, you just use your name and password from a service you already trust.It’s true that some developers had been looking to Apple for a more private authentication option for apps—particularly as an alternative to Facebook Login, which came under intense scrutiny last fall after a massive security breach involving Login compromised as many as 90 million Facebook accounts.Some are skeptical that Sign In with Apple will offer a solution dramatically different from what’s already available through Facebook or Google.
Some of the best real-time insights into Tesla and its global fleet of electric vehicles — outside the confines of its Silicon Valley headquarters — might be through the lens of TezLab, a tiny upstart in Brooklyn.Now, a little more than two years after its founding, TezLab is on the verge of hitting what its founders believe is a tipping point of users, a milestone that could finally trigger a path to monetization.One of these features, which crowdsources data like Waze to give insights and ratings on Tesla Supercharger stations, is rolling out now.The Waze for supercharger feature is considered “phase one” of the company’s plans to broaden its crowdsourcing and social community.The six-person team behind TezLab was born out of HappyFunCorp, a software engineering shop that builds apps for mobile, web, wearables and Internet of Things devices for clients that include Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, as well as an array of startups.HFC’s engineers, including co-founders Ben Schippers and William Schenk, were attracted to Tesla largely because of its techcentric approach and one important detail: the Tesla API endpoints are accessible to outsiders.
The company announced earlier this month that it has raised $62 million, which it plans to use toexpand in the US and triple its user base in the country.Depop CEO Maria Raga told Business Insider that its data shows that US teens are more entrepreneurially minded that their UK equivalents.There are plenty of things keeping Depop CEO Maria Rega up at night, but recruiting US teens to use the shopping app isn't one of them.This is because data shows that the 5 million or so teens that are already using the app in the US are actually more business-minded than their UK counterparts.Raga told Business Insider in a recent conversation that, on average, US teens are listing more items to sell and are referring more people than their UK equivalents.But this is particularly relevant as Depop begins its quest to triple its user base in the US after raising $62 million in a recent round of funding.
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Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff.We’re all used to typing emoji on our smartphones and tablets, but not so much on our PCs.I certainly don’t know of any desktop or laptop keyboards with an emoji button.But shouldn’t we be able to be as expressive on our primary computers?It used to be that you had to access emoji via a virtual keyboard, download a third party app, or copy and paste them from the web.Thankfully, in 2017, Microsoft added an emoji picker accessible via a simple keyboard shortcut: Win + .
Lyft is deploying a new electric scooter model that is built for sharing.The new scooters have arrived in Denver, bringing with them hot pink wheels and a high-contrast Lyft logo.Riders will enjoy a number of improvements to the design, including a wider base, improved durability, and longer-lasting batteries.This is the first time Lyft scooters have featured pink wheels, making them easier to spot.Lyft, as with a number of other companies, has deployed electric scooters in multiple big cities as an on-demand alternative to cars and buses.Riders can find and rent one of these scooters using the company’s mobile app, providing them with a faster-than-walking way to go a couple blocks at a fairly inexpensive rate.
You can easily make a GIF on an iPhone by converting a live photo in your Photos app.Third-party apps like Giphy also allow you to turn a live photo into a GIF with multiple customization options, and the ability to share it with others.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.When Apple first launched its live photo feature, it didn't take advantage of the many possibilities inherent in a camera that captures a few seconds around a central image.Some third-party apps, such as GIPHY, still allow you to create GIFs from live photos and with more options.But the iPhone itself now allows you to turn live photos into moving GIFs in just a few short steps, without having to download any apps.
Mattel is introducing Hot Wheels id, which lets kids race their NFC-enabled Hot Wheels on its Smart Track, and scan their collections into a free iOS app.In the app, which acts as a virtual garage, kids can track speed and laps via infrared sensors in the Hot Wheels Race Portal, which scans in your cars and connects to classic Hot Wheels tracks.It sounds great for kids who are into obsessively tracking details, and using cold, hard, data to back up claims on whose car is faster.Companies have tried to find ways to keep classic brands alive by bolting on digital components, but sometimes in ways that felt too forced.Anki Drive, another toy that launched as an Apple exclusive, was a smartphone-controlled racing game with a similar focus on stats, but the company ultimately folded, having never really found an audience, and Hot Wheels itself has toyed around (sorry) with incorporating technology into its classic lineup of race cars, from a disappointing augmented reality game that only worked on certain devices, to remote-controlled cars.But robotics companies like Anki and Sphero have opened up an interest for toys that mix the physical and digital, and it feels like traditional toy companies are now finding their footing.