If you really want to take advantage of frequent launches and quick launches, automated testing is very very important.But you need some of the best mobile testing tools or systems onboard to help you build tests before you enjoy the benefits of automated mobile testing.Lets start discussing top three of them Test CompleteTestComplete is a SmartBear-designed Automated UI Evaluation Framework.It allows for web, desktop and mobile UI tests to be created, managed and executed.This tool is flexible and easy to use, offering both scripted and scriptless test generation options.What are the features Supports multi platform mobile testingFacilitates the manual composition of test in Code EditorSupports Html, Python, VBScript, Jscript, C# and C+ +Has a feature of record and replay with out you writing a sigle line of code Converts all documented GUI tests and keyword-driven test scripts into supported scripting languages KobitonKobiton is a mobile app testing platform that allows users to create perfect mobile experiences and deliver them.It includes features such as actual system monitoring, device lab administration, development of appium scripts, and health checking appps.Users can do all of the motions, such as pressing, clicking, and scrolling, on a cloud app.Kobiton provides real-time monitoring of devices based on detailed reports, including videos, images, movements, and data on the system, such as battery efficiency and memory.
Booking.com is a platform that allows you to book hotels at your fingertips in any place you like, based on your preferences.It is owned and run and is based in Amsterdam by Booking Holdings.Booking.com has a smooth and user-friendly interface that makes it a nice experience to book through this application.Begun in 1996, Booking.com currently supports 43 languages.Booking.com's key offerings are hotel bookings according to our guidelines (destination, date, star ratings, price).On both the Android and iOS platforms, Booking.com is open.You dont have to go searching for the hotel rooms or roam around for the hotel room Every thing will be a click away in this appThe smooth and user-friendly interface makes it stand out, even though there are other applications.
Top platforms for cross platform app developmentYou can select one of two innovation strategies, depends on the objectives of the potential mobile application: create two or more native apps or one cross-platform app that is appropriate for multiple platforms at the same time.When you have great potential, short period and a low budget, a cross-platform app is a perfect option for MVP (Minimum Viable Product).For solving a certain problem, each of them is fine.Can develop apps for both Android and Ios , Developed by FaceBook Native in 2015 and its own community is continuously improving.It is based on React and doesn't use the technology of WebView and HTML.Main Advantages Build applications for various Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP platforms.It is open-source and free because, if there are any problems, it has a wide community to help and develop it.React Native focuses on UI and enables the development of a highly responsive interface by app developers.
How to patent the mobile apps ?Developing the mobile apps takes too long and then you find out that the app that you have made is one of the kind and you feel that lot of the guys have peeped in through your development process and if you feel your ideas might get stolen it is always better to patent your app,but patents are something that is lot to work for There is a high competition for sure if some one duplicates your app and uploads it in the playstore before you ,the chances are high of the duplicated app making high profit  How to patent the ideas?what will it take to patent the app idea?The App idea should be patented because for the reasoning of making sure that there is no chances of a duplicate getting released before you app is out or immediately after your app is out Patenting your App What does that mean?The code of the app falls under the law covered of copyrights so you cannot copyright the code of a appThe app falls under a different category which can be patented and the category is called the “method or a procedure” which can be patented along with machines,articles of manufacture and composition of matter and on the other hand the Titles,logos,Titles and others are copyrighted  Is your app eligible for patent?In general all apps are not eligible for patents There are several factors to checks round look into someone else has a patent on your idea or a app It is recommended to perform  a patent search weather your app idea is already patented or not Even if your app is patented make sure that you patents are not your patent is not violating any other patents So you should be very careful while patenting your ad For patenting your app you should make sure your app and features should be very very unique from all the other inventions  For your app to qualify you app has to also qualify as “nonobvious” which is a hardest patent norms or restrictions to satisfy and is a major source of frustration for developers  How much does it cost to patent an app?The Patent will cost between $900 to $10,000, a patent form that would cost around $65 and a proper legal channels include $5000 so cost of the patent is not too bearable but also can make upto millions if you find a major infringement with your patent What is the process of patenting the App?Filling a Patent ApplicationFiling the regular patent application every yearSpecification for you patentClaimsDrawings Filing an App Patent ConclusionFiling the patent is not a easy step you should have a idea and a proper team to file the patent We are Brillmindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai who have made the apps with unique ideas and have patented them and have also listed the steps above
Want to develop loan lending mobile app?Explore the brief about Loan Lending App Development Cost, Key Features, Tech Stack and Required Team Structure.
This has led to a growing demand for healthcare app development to help customers anytime and anywhere.According to surveys, medical solutions in mobile applications have grown exponentially over the past few years.These apps bring patients and doctors together on one platform for better communication.Do patients need on-demand health apps?If an idea solves the real-life problems of the customers it will be successful and become acceptable.Therefore the healthcare industry needs to provide simple solutions to their customers.These documents can be saved for record-keeping purposes.The benefits are not limited and the Android app development company updates & customizes apps promptly to provide a great incentive for health care services.With the on-demand app, you can get additional services including:Blood testsFlu shotsVirtual help for cold, & headacheFamily Health AssessmentBenefits of on-demand healthcare mobile applications for consumers1.
How iPhone App Development Empowers Your BusinessVidyasagarc UsJust now·4 min read Image Source: signitysolutionsAs mobile presence is key to business success, you can not imagine that you can achieve your goals if you do not have a dynamic strategy.The idea is to reach as many target customers as you can, which makes all the difference in development platform selection.As iPhones have a huge global audience and cater to the elite segment, it has emerged as one of the coolest platforms for company-class businesses.Not surprisingly, the demand for iPhone app development is growing rapidly.Whether it’s about user-facing apps or enterprise apps, iOS is the operating system you can trust to get the best results for your business.The goal of these applications is to streamline internal operations and provide a high level of productivity.You can take the Minimum Practical Product (MVP) approach to get started and gradually incorporate new features and functionality into them as your business grows and grows.6.
Grepix is one of the top iPhone mobile app development company in India.Our expert iPhone developers build iOS apps, hire iPhone development India & USA that has a team of professional app developers for high-performance iPhone development.Our full-stack iPhone app developers are prompt in building Apple iPad apps for healthcare, e-commerce, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, technology, travel, etc. 
Businesses are increasing every way they can to help improve their competitiveness and streamline their business operations.Therefore, the Mobile app development market has been growing exponentially over the last decade.Businesses usually enlist the help of a Mobile app development company to create the applications they want and the demand for these companies has increased rapidly recently.These mobile apps are highly effective in utilizing the full potential of mobile hardware, so if you are looking for an app that offers features that require the use of mobile hardware such as GPS, camera, etc., native apps are the best choice.Generally, Native applications are selected for the following purposes:If the application requires high-end graphics (gaming, video streaming)If the application requires significant use of mobile hardware such as camera, GPS, keyboard support, network, etc.)Web-based applications: The uniqueness of web-based applications is that they are also available through a mobile web browser.However, these apps are also less effective at accessing device features at their full potential, unless coded separately.The properties of web-based applications can only go as far as the features of a mobile browser.These applications are usually selected for the following types of needs:Business does not want to spend a lot of money to create different variations of the same application (web-based applications are very popular among SMEs and startups)Businesses with limited cost or limited resources to maintain the application once it is launchedBusinesses that want a large audience to easily access their apps (social media apps)3.
Especially during the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, this carries much importance as it involves a contactless process.Regardless of the vehicle driver, the money is deducted from the Salik holder account at all the trips.Salik must be obtained online via www.salik.gov.ae and it will be sent to the buyer’s address.According to the RTA, a person is only exempted from toll fees if the vehicle is registered as a military or police vehicle or is an ambulance, school, college, or RTA public bus.Smart Salik App:RTA has launched a Smartphone application (Smart SALIK) that lets its users manage their SALIK account and accomplish top-ups, check balance, look at the trips, etc.Smart Salik app makes operations with the Salik account smoother and more convenient.It is a very useful app that records every move and payment operations.Along with the presence of existing features such as checking the balance, recharging the account user can add or remove the vehicles, verify their trips and violations, update or edit the profile and also access general Salik information.
Arka Softwares offers Microsoft SQL Server Development services.We provides MS SQL database development, maintenance, auditing, and optimization services.
Mobile App Development Bangalore is wonderfully made.The picture that a wiseley hand-held tool is able to deal with your multi-task demands of interaction, discussion, Net browsing, on the internet buying and so much more.You will certainly consent to the fact that if there's something that's been terribly effective in this modern technology era, it is definitely a smartphone.https://surajmurali-webi7.medium.com/how-to-make-the-best-of-mobile-app-development-service-2021-bb37f3785f39
Mobile App Development Bangalore is wonderfully made.The picture that a wiseley hand-held tool is able to deal with your multi-task demands of interaction, discussion, Net browsing, on the internet buying and so much more.You will certainly consent to the fact that if there's something that's been terribly effective in this modern technology era, it is definitely a smartphone.https://surajwebi7.blogspot.com/2021/01/how-to-make-best-of-mobile-app.html
 When a mobile app fails there are many factors that play a role when they go wrong they go wrong in several steps be it during the designing stage or during the development stage we brillmindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai are listing out some of the factors that are considered to be reason for the failure of a app and recommend to avoid during building the apps  Including excess of informationWhen You are developing a app you are doing it either for the commercial purpose or for the business use in both the case make sure what type of users will be using the app and make sure what is the main use of the app and always try to avoid the information that is not related to app or which takes the interest off from the app  Too Many stepsSince the mobile apps have come up the users use it for fast and the easy usage ,it is very important for the developers or the designers of the app to have minimum steps that allows  to enter into the actual app.Too many steps for using the app itself makes the users irritated and might leave the app Clumpsy NavigationThe navigation of the app should be very easy as such that a layman should also be using the app easily without any direction with in the app or with help of any other persons If you have achieved that then the success of  the app is almost guaranteed  Not easy to use interface Make sure the user interface is attractive and usable for every one and the factor that is least considered is that all the elements you design in the app should hold good for all type of finger or the finger sizes if that is taken care off along with the good user experience then the app i almost a success  Too Many Features When a app is built the features that  should be included shop be crisp and to the point and minimal including too many features some times makes the app too weak and out of context so making sure that the app has the minimum feature will work No proper testing Once the app is comletely done then the app has to be tested  when  the testing is done make sure you are not lacking one anything ir you or not feeling that few things are too much this make sure that the app is working flawlessly this is the final stage that makes the app a success ConclusionWhen ever the app is created these are the factors which might lead to the failure if not taken care of We BrillMindz one of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai makes sure that each app that we make is a success with our expert team 
Zealous System developed a robust Ex Communicator mobile app a communication system that works as completely developed for those couples who are separated or divorced and requires a platform to communicate with each other.Get Full detail about this portfolio @ http://bit.ly/2LjI6Kl
Top Work from home apps for increase in productivityThese are the times where the working from home is more suitable than working in office There are many factors that supports the success of work from home practice It is equally important to be engaged in your work with interactiveness with coworker that makes you to feel in office  We BrillMindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai are listing you out the mobile apps that are must have for work from home  Dinggo It is Very important to have  some fun while you work in means of some live streaming dinggo is the app that you can go for at any point of time This is the one stop for all the streaming providers streamers where you can search what content is provided by which online streaming platforms   Dinggo is similar to netflix It is accessible in both ios and the android platforms Lot of users get bored browsing the menues on the app locating their shows dinggo helps you making the list of your favourite shows from different platforms and you can swipe them left or right any time  Challenge Me A fitness App it is very important to give your body a flex when most of the time you work in front of systems for that reason it is very important to have a app like Challenge meChallenge me App is that sends the fitness challenges or the workout challenges to your friends throught the app you can also challenge your friends through your workout It also has a leader board and  In this app you can also track various influencers to know which activities are trending  Microsoft teamsMicrosoft teams is more important because to stay connect either with the colleagues or with friends or for some important meeting with the client There are several softwares like gotomeeting,zoom,skype meeting the same needs But microsoft teams looks to be more organized  Discord AppThere must be some time dedicated for play between work to stay active through out the day of work from home since every one knows that work from home is hectic Discord enables anyone to set up a private or public server and add users via an invitation link.You will send out general messages in Discord and set up team-specific chat rooms depending on the teams and classes.In a more structured atmosphere, it is easier to speak to your peers through their drive to speak feature.ConclusionIt is very important to have these kind of apps between or during work from home sessions we BrillMindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai have listed them above and are capable of creating one of these apps with our expert team
Grow your business with us.We offer excellent services like website Development, website design, mobile apps development, ecommerce solutions & much more.DigitalSeoWeb is a full Internet marketing services provides company offering innovative web marketing solutions to mid to large size firms across the globe.As a leader in SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), web design, website development, eCommerce solutions, website conversion, and Digital marketing, we pride ourselves on boost user traffic, converting visitors, and measuring effectiveness to ultimately deliver real results for our clients.
With the rapid growth of mobile internet users, the day is fast approaching when mobile internet usage will finally surpass desktop internet usage.They recognized the need to have a mobile app in these rapidly growing marketing trends for the app, whether its major companies or small businesses.Outsourced or inhouse mobile app development?When you decide to go mobile for your business, the first question is whether to outsource your app development work to a few more developers or choose one at home.You need to put a lot of money and your time into home mobile development thinking while outsourcing is cheap and time-consuming.You can leave the creative, very experienced, and cheap mobile app developers on their shoulders.Being a busy entrepreneur, developing an app at home can save you valuable time, energy, and occasionally expensive.You need to do a little research before using any platform, Android app, or iPhone, or anything.
The mobile apps on each smart phones have gradually increased and the active apps out of the downloaded apps have the greater share and this makes BrillMindz one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai makes more innovative apps and trending apps  The Business that has the mobile app has more engagement  with the customers Some of the surveys have also proved that ,reason rising demand of mobile app development and the developers developing the apps should be updated with the different coding language through which the apps can be developed  We are listing out the coding languages that makes the mobile app development easy  Kotlin Kotlin was released by google for making the process of android app development easy ,this worked on all platforms and on all environment which was delight for the developers koltin is based on java  and goes a little further with programming making the coding easy with kotlin Koltin is the simplest coding language  with the clean coding for building the apps it has one of the simplest documentation which is simple and understandable and one of the main advantages of the kotlin programming language is that if have already coded some parts of the app in java then you can easily continue the rest of the project in kotlin with out impacting the previously done coding  Flutter Flutter is another wonder by google which is a sdk ,Flutter comes with rich libraries and the option to develop the cross platform apps , Flutter is a framework through which you can build the highly interactive apps Flutter enables the simple and the fast coding for the developers You can build the the rich interactive apps with the flutters large widgets for ui but it also helps to configure the widgets  which make the flutter more enjoyable to use  SwiftAn Apple product that has got the immense raise in popularity with loads of apps uploaded in app stores there by achieving what was intended Swift the the powerful programming language with the any one can code initiative  Swift is the single programming language for ios which is easy to learn and code This is a programming language that eliminates the errors and keeps the code safe swift is also great because it has the variety of in built resources and which makes the app creation easy Conclusion These are the programming languages that have made the mobile app development process easy and also there are other traditional programming languages that the apps are built even today we as one of the best mobile app development companies in dubai are expert in developing the apps with all the programming languages be it traditional or be it  with new ones 
Today we live in a fast-moving world where people have a lot of stress in life, do not have time to enjoy, or have some quality time.Even if people take some time off from their busy schedule to watch TV or play games on mobile, these things may give you a little rest but not give you complete inner peace or relax your body.“Meditation” is an extreme form of concentration.It allows your mind to focus on one thing and separates you from all worldly things.Meditation and Yoga Industries have been transformed to reach more customers by implementing Mobile app development services in it.The mobile app is customized according to the mood and emotions of the users, which increases the focus to manage stress and get the best out of stress and illness.Reducing Anxiety: This feature provides 20 minutes of guided and structured video with 20 minutes of pleasant music to reduce anxiety.Managing Stress: The development cost of a meditation app includes features that determine the level of stress and manages to reduce it by providing meditation tools such as pictures and music.Deep Sleep: A meditation app like Calmness provides relaxing sounds and blends with the melodies of nature, helping users experience a calming, sleep-inducing calm.Focus and Concentration: Meditation mobile apps allow the user to keep the world away from distracting applications, calls, and texts that allow them to focus and concentrate while working.Relationships: Advanced features in the meditation app allow users to connect and maintain healthy relationships that are comfortable.Breaking Habits: The app helps users to break habits that have a powerful tool to track their habits and realize their goals.The tool includes customizable reminders, notifications, and more.Pleasure: The meditation app includes natural sounds, guided meditation sessions, and a step-by-step process to stay calm, which helps the mind to relax and be happy.Self-esteem: Meditation app development services to boost self-esteem pop up in headphones to boost self-esteem and focus more on the positive aspects.Mindfulness: Application features provide guided daily com sessions that encourage you to relax and focus your understanding, including plans for intermediate and high-end users.How much does it Cost to develop a meditation and yoga mobile app?It usually costs you $ 9000 + to develop an app.