The “Google Application Submission Guidelines” have some limitations.If your Android app contains any of the following, it will definitely be rejected:a) Content that shows the danger to children.b) Showing dangerous products inside the application.c) Content that is sexual in nature.d) Apps that promote gambling.e) Violence and terrorismf) Bullying and harassmentYour application may be in violation of user-created content guidelinesThe user-created content of the application is provided by the users in the application and is also visible to at least one section of other users.The developers of the application must ensure that no one uses the app to promote harassment and intimidation.If your application does not implement a strong moderation system, it may be considered inclusive by everyone, including minors, which could be a reason for your application being rejected.If you have sponsorship from another application or you have a partnership with another existing application, you must submit proof that the developer has not infringed the intellectual property rights of other applications.Your application will be banned from the Google Play Store if you show an incorrect affiliation with another application.If your app has a partnership with an existing brand and is authorized to use its IP in your e-commerce store or app, then you will need to provide written documentation to prove that your app is approved by the Play Store.The metadata of the application must be accurate and consistentWhen publishing your app, developers should follow a step-by-step process, making sure the Google Play Store gets as clear information about your app as possible.For this, you need to enter the metadata of your app, which includes details like your app description, developer name, app title, app category, icon, and some screenshots of the app interface.All information included in the metadata must be in accordance with the application.Follow the step-by-step procedure to write the metadata correctly.Follow the application’s entry guidelines for writing metadata.Lack of repetitive content and functionalityOne of the key factors required to accept an application in the Google Play Store is the uniqueness of the application.
It's a fantastic platform that helps you remain connected to your friends and family.Whether they are nearby or far away, you can connect with them with ease.On that note, you can always have your dearest ones and interact with new friends and followers each day.But it can bring pain that may make you want to delete the Facebook page.For some people, social media could be a curse.It's paramount to remain sane if social media has gone out of proportion.You can go on and delete it from existence.Choose the page you wish to delete and ensure to tap on it.
Research shows that almost 90% of mobile media time goes to mobile applications compared to the mobile web.Because so many different apps are doing things like this, it’s hard to get up above the noise and stand out from your app audience.Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention are two metrics that provide real insight into an app’s success.Less application is a recipe for engagement and retention failure, while high engagement and retention are the opposite.Engagement:This describes how active users are in the app.Retention:Localities define mobile app user retention as a user returning to at least 1x application within 30 days.The reality is that mobile app developers are up against the competitive market in which consumers have a lot of options.The following five strategies to increase app engagement and retention will help companies reduce the app’s prank rate and see the results they expect from investing in mobile app development and ROI.Create a trial versionOption to create a trial version with in-app purchases or subscribe to the premium version.The trial version reveals the value your application will bring.Demonstrate application as a solution to the problemPresent your application as a solution to the problem.Or show how your app can help you solve problems.When your customers know that their personal preferences take precedence over your marketing capabilities, they will want to fully communicate with your app.Use the message in the app to enhance customer engagementNotifications are usually displayed on the home screen if messages in the app pop up in the app.
The COVID-19 disrupted enterprises, but more importantly, it rendered global education partly, if not entirely defunct.The online classroom trend prevalent looks uncertain due to the ineffectiveness of the teachers to track the performance of every student remotely.In order to adapt, the system needs to learn to operate with limited staff and more productivity.This mobile app will have inbuilt capabilities for live stream, a whiteboard alternative of blackboards, functionality to record and view sessions, device compatibility, screen, sharing, a communication module, cloud capabilities, and other features.Here are a few ways in which such an education app will fuel the digitalization of the education industry:Promoting remote supplemental learning e-learning is a rapidly increasing digital technology solution in the education sector, institutes and colleges across the globe are embracing it at a fast pace.With classroom apps, students enjoy personalized education and ask questions about a topic, without hesitation.
Courier or parcel delivery business is not as easy as it seems.From managing the fleets to providing the best service to the end-users can all be quite stressful.But throw away all the worries by launching an on-demand courier delivery app.Developed by our Appdupe, this app will let you reap huge benefits in your business.So, without further ado, start contacting our team. 
The blog throws insights into how on-demand apps have been transformed businesses.Read on to know more, the reasons and the future of on-demand apps.
There is no doubt that the industry that will benefit the most from these changes will be the real estate industry.With new and improved capabilities, here are the days of online listings, e-signature, and virtual tours.People who lived before these changes are aware of the impact technology has had on the real estate industry.Facts and statistics about property management in real estateAccording to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 51% of people use the Internet to find their homes.Property lists on real estate websites are the reason why people choose these websites in the first place.Other than that, the real estate world has a tremendous workload and stress, which is too much for humans.So, having a property management app can be a great help in such cases.The Future of Asset Management in Real EstateThese days, many different apps/websites can help people in their search for rental properties.With the advancement of technology, AR and VR have entered the real estate application development industry.See the future of real estate applications using AR here.Some of the latest technologies in property management softwareWith the advent of technology, new technologies are emerging over time.Read more about List and search properties for sale and rental absolutely freeThese technologies help the real estate industry.Blockchain in real estate:Blockchain technology has impacted the real estate industry in a variety of ways, including providing new ways for buyers and sellers to connect with each other.Blockchain can be used to eliminate intermediaries from the real estate transaction process, thereby reducing costs.This technology also helps to codify the practice of partial ownership of the real estate.2.AR and VR in real estateThe main advantages of adopting AR and VR in real estate are:Cost-effectiveness: AR and VR replace and replace some traditional marketing practices — providing better ROI, while at the same time eliminating the cost of maintaining the property.Save time: With these technologies, you do not have to manage your schedule and travel to the property to see it; You can do a virtual tour at any hour of the day.Global Reach: Real estate professionals are no longer limited to local audiences, as users can actually view features from anywhere in the world.Improved customer experience: Unlike scheduled physical visits, AR & VR provide time to enjoy entertainment, personalization, and the home.In-depth analysis: These immersive technologies provide realtors with key insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to improve future interactions.3.The real estate sector has benefited significantly from the combination of real estate mobile apps and push notifications.They proved that client retention rates for realtors can almost double.
However, most companies are constantly bringing in new apps every day and as a new player, it is a lot of work for you to bring an app that effectively addresses the expectations of the target audience.Hiring the right mobile app developers in Dubai is a big headache these days.And, if you bet on them without thinking much about it, you’re probably making a mistake.Here are the top ten tips to help you identify the most suitable mobile app development company for your upcoming app project.Provided ten useful tips for taking the right mobile app development servicesHow much development your application needsSome application companies rely on templates to make applications quicker and cheaper.You can choose from many templates and some designs.However, if you need more advanced features or you want a company-level app, consider talking to mobile app companies that build compatibility.a cleaner code that runs smoothly, and an improved overall design and user interface.Look to create a team of developersHow to build a team of developers that will give you complete peace of mind?You need to focus on building such a team that understands your needs well and brings innovative solutions.Of course, you expect them to produce software that works better than expected, but a good mobile app developer is going to provide more ideas to make your app better for the customer or to earn revenue.Choose a provider of 360-degree solutionsThis is another key point to consider.
Well-established Mobile app developers from emerging startups are increasingly focusing on integrating real-time features into their applications to achieve a high level of digitization.This addition has led to an increase in demand for real-time features in a variety of industries, including healthcare, travel and transportation, media food, and more.Advantages of Real-Time Features in Mobile Apps:Real-time apps have the potential to gain greater user engagement while mimicking real-world behavior.Some examples of such real-time features are live locations, online messaging, following friends on social media platforms, and more.Allows app developers to focus on their core capabilities such as Interactive UX (User Experience), Innovative Inbuilt App Features, Improved UI (User Interface), and more.When it comes to adding real-time services, now developers do not even have to worry about ongoing operating costs and other additional investments, thanks to cloud delivery networks.Also Know: Everything You Need To Know About Developing ( B2B & B2C) Mobile AppTop-Real Time Features Must Have:1.It has also expanded its good results in the highly competitive e-commerce market.With the help of this real-time feature, users will be updated as soon as the content is published on the mobile app or platform.4.IoT Device Integration & ControlWith the growth of real-time technologies like COMET, WebSocket, BOSCH, there has been an increase in the integration of real-time features in mobile applications.The Internet of Things (IoT), an emerging technology, is another great example of some of the most popular real-time features.5.
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Snapchat has emerged as a game-changer in the world of applications.It soon achieved tremendous success in the industry.With a significant following, the app has 22 million downloads.How does Snapchat work?Snapchat is a photo-sharing social media that is best known for its automatic message-deleting feature.Additionally, Snapchat offers features such as live video chat, bitmoji (avatars), content finding, and more.Besides, its latest update allows users to create their AR filters, which adds to the uniqueness of the app.Snapchat featuresThe success of Snapchat depends entirely on the subtle features it offers.Before you Develop an app like Snapchat, you need to take an in-depth look at the features it offers.SnapsLensesAdding friendsStoriesFind outStickersVideo / audio callsTech StakImage Source: AppinventivHow Snapchat makes money?Advertising:The Discovery segment is a significant part of the revenue generated by Snapchat.
We have to accept the fact that our smartphones have become our best friend because it is the first and last thing we see after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep.Give a daily dose of goodiesWe all love free stuff.For example, if your app is related to e-commerce, you can help your customers with coupons and deals that they can not afford.2.Focus on micro sessionsSo, in terms of applications, you should allow the customer to do more in small doses.By adding micro-sessions, you give the user enough time to rejuvenate for the next one.Add some competitionMost mobile apps compete with the bot; Some allow you to compete with your friend and some apps allow you to challenge multiple people at the same time.Most apps keep reminding you of a high score, thereby, encouraging customers to stay competitive and it will automatically addict your app.Recommended:Everything You Need To Know About Developing ( B2B & B2C) Mobile App5.
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This has led to a growing demand for healthcare app development to help customers anytime and anywhere.According to surveys, medical solutions in mobile applications have grown exponentially over the past few years.These apps bring patients and doctors together on one platform for better communication.Do patients need on-demand health apps?If an idea solves the real-life problems of the customers it will be successful and become acceptable.Therefore the healthcare industry needs to provide simple solutions to their customers.These documents can be saved for record-keeping purposes.The benefits are not limited and the Android app development company updates & customizes apps promptly to provide a great incentive for health care services.With the on-demand app, you can get additional services including:Blood testsFlu shotsVirtual help for cold, & headacheFamily Health AssessmentBenefits of on-demand healthcare mobile applications for consumers1.
How iPhone App Development Empowers Your BusinessVidyasagarc UsJust now·4 min read Image Source: signitysolutionsAs mobile presence is key to business success, you can not imagine that you can achieve your goals if you do not have a dynamic strategy.The idea is to reach as many target customers as you can, which makes all the difference in development platform selection.As iPhones have a huge global audience and cater to the elite segment, it has emerged as one of the coolest platforms for company-class businesses.Not surprisingly, the demand for iPhone app development is growing rapidly.Whether it’s about user-facing apps or enterprise apps, iOS is the operating system you can trust to get the best results for your business.The goal of these applications is to streamline internal operations and provide a high level of productivity.You can take the Minimum Practical Product (MVP) approach to get started and gradually incorporate new features and functionality into them as your business grows and grows.6.
Businesses are increasing every way they can to help improve their competitiveness and streamline their business operations.Therefore, the Mobile app development market has been growing exponentially over the last decade.Businesses usually enlist the help of a Mobile app development company to create the applications they want and the demand for these companies has increased rapidly recently.These mobile apps are highly effective in utilizing the full potential of mobile hardware, so if you are looking for an app that offers features that require the use of mobile hardware such as GPS, camera, etc., native apps are the best choice.Generally, Native applications are selected for the following purposes:If the application requires high-end graphics (gaming, video streaming)If the application requires significant use of mobile hardware such as camera, GPS, keyboard support, network, etc.)Web-based applications: The uniqueness of web-based applications is that they are also available through a mobile web browser.However, these apps are also less effective at accessing device features at their full potential, unless coded separately.The properties of web-based applications can only go as far as the features of a mobile browser.These applications are usually selected for the following types of needs:Business does not want to spend a lot of money to create different variations of the same application (web-based applications are very popular among SMEs and startups)Businesses with limited cost or limited resources to maintain the application once it is launchedBusinesses that want a large audience to easily access their apps (social media apps)3.
Vidyasagarc UsJust now·4 min read Communications on the signal are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that only the people in the messages can see the content of those messages — not even the organization.The Signal Messenger app is based on existing Redphone and TextSecure applications and was launched in March 2015 by OpenWhisper Systems.Let’s review the Signal Messenger app in detail to answer these questions.The signal allows you to make encrypted calls from anywhere in the world; The same goes for signal text messages.Read on to learn more about this topic.Recommended:Build Chat Messenger Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram in 2021Messenger applications are so attractive that one will definitely become addicted to it in no time.The only way to read a message is on the sender’s or recipient’s device.Image Source: mlsdevThe Signal Private Messenger application relies on the following cryptographic protocols:Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman (X3DH)Double ratchet algorithm, curve 25519AES-256HMAC-SHA256Applied protocols ensure protection from MITM (man-to-man)After a specific signal update, all voice and video calls are protected by a single signal protocol, which is used to save only text messages.This protocol was developed by Open Whisper Systems in 2013 and was first implemented in text-secure applications, later developed by the Signal Messenger application.Seven criteria for assessing how secure a chat app is.
As per estimates, a whopping $935 billion to be earned in revenue through mobile apps by 2023, leading to a lot more mobile app developments taking place for enterprises and other sources. Here are the Things To Consider Before Building An App 1. Selection of The Platform  An important and initial step that allows you to begin the application building process. Research Around Your Idea  Before beginning with the development process, go through a proper analysis of all the requirements and having research around the competitors and current market structure of the idea that your app is based on. You should have proper analysis and marking out mistakes of your competitor, which you should not make and helps in better your application development process. Understand their problems and what solutions you can provide them with your application.
From sharing texts and comments to sharing photos and videos, social media has come a long way.What are the different types of social media apps?Image Source: MindsterCurrent social media trends:Here are the 2021 social media trends to take care of if you want to create a social media app:Image Source: MlsdevEnhanced reality and face filtersSnapchat and Instagram are the trendsetters here.People still enjoy funny face filters and they go nowhere.Artificial Intelligence and ChatbotsThese are not even new social media trends.Those who became popular in 2017 are still enjoying the demand.Live (Live Videos)The most popular social media apps already have this feature.This is explained because they lack time and visual information is easy to grasp.Ephemeral contentThis is the type of content that stays live for up to 24 hours and then disappears from your feed.Attracting customers is a good thing, isn’t it?Focus on Generation Z.Researchers say millennials can no longer influence audiences much.They will soon be pushed aside by the new Generation Z (people born after 1998).
With the rapid growth of mobile internet users, the day is fast approaching when mobile internet usage will finally surpass desktop internet usage.They recognized the need to have a mobile app in these rapidly growing marketing trends for the app, whether its major companies or small businesses.Outsourced or inhouse mobile app development?When you decide to go mobile for your business, the first question is whether to outsource your app development work to a few more developers or choose one at home.You need to put a lot of money and your time into home mobile development thinking while outsourcing is cheap and time-consuming.You can leave the creative, very experienced, and cheap mobile app developers on their shoulders.Being a busy entrepreneur, developing an app at home can save you valuable time, energy, and occasionally expensive.You need to do a little research before using any platform, Android app, or iPhone, or anything.