GoogleGoogle announced a huge wave of updates with practical new features and plans for its Android Auto car interface system, including the ultimate dystopian future-reality fear of your phone completely encompassing your car.At today s Google I/O conference, Android Auto got a few big updates as well as a chance to preview the future of the automotive interface in the form of a Qualcomm-modified Maserati Ghibli.The modified Maserati included a new vertical-layout 4K screen, pictured above like you d find in Tesla s offerings, with a digital readout running a specialized interface model called Android Auto N. Also synced up to the Android phone was an HD instrument panel screen, displaying instructions alongside speed directly in front of the driver.The best part is that the Qualcomm system would be open-source, so if you wanted to boot up Apple CarPlay instead and it had the functionality for it you d be able to.Before you had to own an Android Auto compatible car to plug your phone into and use the interface, but the updates fix that.The current system requires the phone to be physically plugged into the car, taking up that coveted charging port.
Vivo have released the long anticipated Vivo Xplay 5 earlier this year but what is going on with the next generation Vivo Xshot?It took 2 years for the Vivo Xplay 5 to launch, and its been around a similar amount of time since the original and excellent Vivo Xshot launched, so when will we see its successor?Well for the past few months I ve mentioned a few times I don t think the phone is going to ever see the light of day, and today new rumours have surfaced which could confirm this.According to sources the Vivo Xshot range will be replaced with a new model called the Vivo X7.Not only are we given a name for the new phone but above is even a first leaked image of the front of the new handset.As you can see the Vivo X7 has the usual Vivo white faceplate, but we now see an oval physical home buttons similar to the Oppo R9 and OnePlus 3 .Specs for the Vivo X7 aren t known at this stage, but it is believed that the new device will launch at the end of June.Watch this space.
This interesting new Kickstarter watch has a unique bubble or convex track around its face, a feature that will be familiar to folks who like De Bethune and may want something similar… but much, much cheaper.You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.PlayReplay with soundPlay withsound00:0000:00Kickstarteralert icon arrow-down icon arrow-left icon arrow-right icon arrow-thin-left icon arrow-thin-right icon arrow-up icon backer-badge icon bar-chart icon bell icon book icon brand-assets icon calendar icon cart icon chat icon check icon clipboard icon clock icon close icon closed-caption icon compose icon conversion icon direct-left icon direct-right icon direct-up icon download icon drop-down icon duplicate icon embed icon expand icon facebook-box icon facebook icon flag icon globe icon grid icon heart icon help icon image icon info icon instagram icon kickstarter-circle icon kickstarter icon leaf icon link icon location-pin icon lock icon mail icon mars-close icon mars-search icon menu icon move icon music icon pause icon pin icon pinterest icon play icon plus-circle icon plus icon report icon ribbon icon search icon share icon star icon stop icon stopwatch icon tag icon thumbs-up icon tools icon trash icon tumblr icon twitter icon unlink icon user icon video icon view-all icon vine icon volume-up icon volume icon write icon youtube iconThe watch comes in two styles – standard and with a lunar calendar – and runs a Ronda quartz movement.The current model, called the Firenze, is $175 for early birds.The moon phase is an homage to more complicated watches that were able to display the phases of the moon using a perpetual calendar complication with a delightfully complex set of gears and cogs.The pieces also have a complex, engraved guilloche dial and come in silver or gold and a leather strap in black or brown.
Antonio Villas-Boas/Tech Insider OnePlus currently has four smartphones tied to its name while others like Samsung have hundreds.Yet, the latest model, called the OnePlus 3, is one of the best Android phones we've ever tested and used.The OnePlus 3 is the latest Android smartphone from a small Chinese company called OnePlus, which started off by selling its phones using an invite-only system.That limited availability helped create huge demand for OnePlus phones, but its comparatively low price tag and high-end specs had a hand in fueling the fire of desire.To compare, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is 7.9mm thick, and the iPhone 6s is 7.1mm.If you've even skimmed this review, it should be obvious that the OnePlus 3 is one of the most worthwhile Android smartphones you can consider.
A mock-up showing what the iPhone 7 might look likeApple is expected to announce the new iPhone 7 at a media event in September.There's nothing wrong with the current iPhone's design, but as Samsung proved when it switched from the Galaxy S5 to S6, a major aesthetics change can work wonders.Mock-ups of what the iPhone 7 family might look like, including the SE and a new model called the ProThe similarities will continue here.Apple might up the resolution of both handsets, but the only reason would be to help with VR, which demands a far higher pixel count than regular phone use.
Specs leaked for HTC made 2016 Nexus smartphoneBarely a week after we heard about Google's upcoming smaller Nexus smartphone manufactured by HTC codenamed Sailfish, details about a bigger model called Marlin have surfaced through a leak.A quick comparison of the hardware features of Sailfish and Marlin suggests both are quite similar in most aspects, according to Android Police, which first shared the specs sheet of Sailfish, claiming it has got strong corroborating evidence for the tech specs.The latest disclosure suggests a quad-core processor by Qualcomm would power the HTC's bigger Nexus model, while paired with 4GB RAM.Information about the processor is scanty at the moment but speculation suggests it could be a revised version of Snapdragon 820 or the rumoured 821 or 823.The phone would sport a 5.5in QHD AMOLED screen with resolution at 2560 x 1440 pixels, as opposed to the 5in 1080p display of Sailfish.
For businesses, the most important benefit of the IoT will be the data generated by billions of new smart sensors and devices.The Internet of Everything — all of the people and things connected to the internet — will generate 507.5 zettabytes 1 zettabyte 1 trillion gigabytes of data by 2019, according to Cisco.But that data analysis will be essential if IoT initiatives are going to provide the insights to drive greater productivity and revenues.Right now, most of this data management and analysis is performed in the cloud or enterprise data centers.However, several IoT technology providers are promoting a different model called edge computing, or fog computing, for the IoT.In an edge computing model, sensors and connected devices transmit data to a nearby edge computing device, such as a gateway device a networking device like a switch or router that processes or analyzes the data, instead of sending it back to the cloud or a remote data center.A recent report from BI Intelligence looks at the market for edge computing solutions tied to the IoT and explains the specific benefits and challenges around using edge computing for enterprise IoT data storage and processing.
Samsung has now confirmed that the next Galaxy Note will be introduced during the company's Unpacked event on August 2. Electronics giant also confirmed that they skip the sixth grade in the naming, then the new model called the Galaxy Note 7 stylized Galaxy Note7. In a blog post explaining the Samsung they call unit Note 7 to the complement Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and to avoid confusion. Samsung Unpacked takes place 17:00 Swedish time of just under three weeks. First and foremost though, you might be curious as to why it's called Galaxy Note7 instead of Galaxy Note6. There are a couple Reasons Why.
BMW s Chinese division has introduced an entry-level model called 1 Series Sedan.Its name implies that it s a four-door version of the 1 Series hatchback sold in Europe, but there s more than a trunk lid and a few extra inches of sheet metal separating the two models.The only official image of the 1 Series Sedan confirms that it s essentially a toned-down version of the Concept Compact Sedan that debuted last year at the Guangzhou Auto Show.And while technical details haven t been announced yet, the entry-level Bimmer is widely expected to ride on the same front-wheel drive UKL platform as the MINI Hardtop and the second-generation X1, not on the 1 hatch s rear-wheel drive platform.Like other UKL-based models, the 1 Sedan is available with turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines borrowed from the BMW parts bin.A diesel most likely won t be offered because oil-burners are unpopular at best in China, and the 1 s transmission will be an eight-speed automatic unit.
Mock-ups of what the iPhone 7 family may look like, including the SE and a new model called the ProWith the first half of 2016 well and truly behind us, it's time to look ahead at what the next six months will bring to the smartphone market.Here, then, is a speculative look at what smartphones you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for in the second half of 2016.No look at the third and fourth quarters of the smartphone year is complete without a new iPhone.A big change is the removal of the audio jack, forcing users to ditch the classic style of ear or headphones and either buy some Bluetooth headphones or use a pair that connect via the phone's Lightning port.Bigger changes will be held back until 2017, when Apple will celebrate a decade since the first iPhone was launched.
Sustainability and sharing isn't just some 'silly, hippy thing,' says MuskSolar-panel roofs on cars, compact SUVs, and high-passenger-density urban transport are all part of Elon Musk's self-titled "master plan, part deux" for the world.The SpaceX and Tesla Motors supremo has just finished writing the second part of his blueprint for the future of humanity.The ultimate goal is sustainability, Musk explained in a blog post last night."By definition, we must at some point achieve a sustainable energy economy or we will run out of fossil fuels to burn and civilization will collapse.Given that we must get off fossil fuels anyway, and that virtually all scientists agree that dramatically increasing atmospheric and oceanic carbon levels is insane, the faster we achieve sustainability, the better," he wrote.
Said to be one of the earliest models that have ever been accessed. Here's something for Apple nostalgic. Auction site Charity Buzz has put up an extremely exclusive Apple-1 model for sale. The model, called Celebration is unique in that it comes supplied with a black circuit board, which did not exist in any of the Apple-1 models sold in its time. According to data, the model have been manufactured sometime during the summer of 1976, making it one of the earliest models that have been presented so far. Charity Buzz expects the auction will land at about 1 million dollars, equivalent to about 8.5 million.
Mock-ups of what the iPhone 7 family may look like, including the SE and a rumoured new model called the ProThe iPhone 7 will go on sale on 16 September, according to a prominent and well-connected smartphone leaker.This suggests the new Apple handset will likely be announced at a media event in California on 6 September.If these dates are accurate, then the press can expect to see invitations from Apple arrive in their inboxes around 30 August.These dates come almost exactly a year after the iPhone 6S was announced on 9 September 2015, and two years after the iPhone 6 was revealed on the same date in 2014.The iPhone 7 release date comes from Evan Blass, a high-profile smartphone leaker who is well-connected within the industry and has a strong track record for receiving information and even images of products before they are announced.
Ad tech company The Rubicon Project saw its stock drop more than 30% in trading on Wednesday as analyst downgrades spooked investors.The stock had opened at $9.50 but fell to a low of $9.00.The price was $9.23 at the time of writing.Rubicon Project reported its second quarter earnings on Tuesday.AdExchanger reported the company admitted it had been slow to adopt the new ad tech trend of header bidding, which had seen its desktop revenue decline 2% in the quarter and prompted the firm to lower its revenue guidance for the year.Header bidding essentially lets Google's ad tech rivals jump to the front of the line in the contest for ad tech slots.A report from BI Intelligence published earlier this year suggested almost 70% of publishers claim to have adopted header bidding technology, compared to almost zero two years ago.Many ad tech companies in recent months have credited header bidding for boosting their revenues.However, Rubicon's header bidding product — FastLane — only launched in October last year, months after other ad tech companies had rolled out their alternatives.Another challenge Rubicon Project came across in its second quarter was within its "intent marketing business," which it entered last year following the $122 million acquisition of Chango.Rubicon Project says Chango is now lowering its fees and focusing on a new model called "guaranteed audiences," as AdExchanger reported.Rubicon Project's revenue grew 34% to $65.1 million in the quarter, surpassing analysts' expectations of $63.5 million.
Do you dream of owning a Roomba but can t bring yourself to spend that much on a vacuum?iRobot has launched a new cheaper model called the Roomba 960; it starts at $699 USD the 980 model is $900, for comparison and is the second model in the 900 series product line.The Roomba 960 features 5x the air power of the Roomba 600 and 700 series AeroVac systems, and according to iRobot, it has many of the premium features you ll find in the higher-end Roomba 800 and 900 series products.The Roomba 960 features wireless support and works in conjunction with the iRobot HOME App.The vacuum is able to map one s home via what the company calls an intelligent visual navigation system; it also features the more premium features like no-tangle debris extractors, Recharge and Resume, and Direct Detect Series II.In addition to launching the Roomba 960, iRobot has announced that its HOME app is now compatible with the Braava jet, the company s mopping robot for hard floors.
DeepMind, an artificial intelligence firm that was acquired by Google in 2014 and is now under the Alphabet umbrella, has developed a computer than can refer to its own memory to learn facts and use that knowledge to answer questions.That s huge, because it means that future AI could respond to queries from humans without being taught every possible correct answer.DeepMind says its new AI model, called a differentiable neural computer DNC , can be fed with things like a family tree and a map of the London Underground network, and can answer complex questions about the relationships between items in those data structures.For example, you could get responses to questions like, Starting at Bond street, and taking the Central line in a direction one stop, the Circle line in a direction for four stops, and the Jubilee line in a direction for two stops, at what stop do you wind up?DeepMind says its DNC could also help you plan an efficient route from Moorgate to Piccadilly Circus.Similarly, it could understand and answer questions about the relationships between people from a large family, like, Who is Freya s maternal great uncle?
When societies are involved in long-term, intractable conflicts, individuals tend to develop highly polarized views about how to resolve them, which can make it even harder to reach agreements.A recent study published in PNAS showed that when people who hold extreme opinions are exposed to even more extreme opinions, they tend to moderate their views.The authors attempted to use a model called paradoxical thinking to change people s perspectives on this deeply entrenched conflict.The authors defined paradoxical thinking as an attempt to change attitudes by exposing subjects to beliefs similar to their own, but much more extreme.This approach was based on the classic debating technique of reduction ad absurdum, in which debaters carry their opponent s arguments to their most absurd and extreme conclusions in order to undermine them.A common example of this type of argument was made by people opposed to gay marriage: if you let two men marry each other, before you know it, people will be marrying their dogs.
Apple Has a new model in the pipeline?References to a non-unveiled model of the Apple Watch has been found on Apple's website.the Model, called the Victory, was discovered by the site's readers, and it is unclear what it really is all about.It may as well be a special model of the clock as a pure placebo-the text or an early name for the Apple Watch Nike .A closer look reveals that the name Nike Watch Victory replaces the Apple Watch Nike in some countries Apple websites, such as the United arab Emirates, which can be seen on the picture above.Victory rhymes well with Nike's brand when the clothing company uses the word in many of their own products.
BERLIN Reuters - Chinese automaker Geely will unveil the first model in its new global car brand, Lynk & Co, on Thursday, a compact SUV that it hopes will appeal to urban customers due to a feature that enables owners to rent it out to others when not in use.The brand is part of Geely's efforts to broaden its appeal by tackling the middle market.It will be rolled out across China from next year and will go on sale in Europe and the United States in 2018.The SUV model, called '01', will be the first vehicle based on the Complex Modular Architecture CMA platform developed by Geely and Volvo, which Geely acquired six years ago.The carmaker is targeting tech-savvy drivers.Registered owners will be able to rent out their car to others using the Lynk & Co app and a shareable digital key, said Alain Visser, a senior vice president at Lynk & Co.
An upgraded version of the OnePlus 3 is rumoured to hit the markets soonChinese smartphone maker OnePlus' rumoured model the OnePlus 3T is again in the news with another fresh leak claiming the phone exists and will be unveiled soon.Famed tipster Evan Blass tweeted saying an upgraded model of the OnePlus 3 will hit the market soon costing $80 more than the original.Rumours surrounding the upgraded model have been doing the rounds over the past few weeks.Reports from China claimed the company might halt the OnePlus 3 production due to shortage of AMOLED panels.It was thought a new model called the OnePlus 3 will come with LCD screen.