But some may retain vestiges.Philip Cassir writes in with a non-obvious problem:I have two older printers, an Epson Stylus Photo 960 and an HP OfficeJet 800 Wireless printer, as well as an old CanoScan flatbed scanner I would like to get rid of securely, but I need to know whether these consumer products store any print or scanning jobs as I have scanned receipts and personal documents.If these devices do have internal storage , how can I find the modules and remove or destroy them?But my knee stopped spasming almost immediately, because it s these sorts of assumptions that come back to bite users and manufacturers later, and even inexpensive printers have become more computer-like starting several years ago.While corporate-scale multi-function printers MFPs and copier/printers may have internal flash or even hard disk storage, depending on what kinds of tasks they carry out, no consumer device I m aware of has non-volatile storage for documents and scans.
Either way you slice it, it's worth it to learn to code.If you have good developers at your disposal friends, teammates , they can do the complex programming, but by understanding code yourself you'll be 1 more clear about requirements when you give them instructions/specs, 2 you'll understand what it actually takes for them to build stuff and 3 you'll be able to review their code to understand what they actually built in case you need to modify it, expose it in an API or explain it to somebody else.If you don't work with great developers or engineering resources are scarce , then you'll need to learn to code to get stuff done, period.Learn a web development framework that a abstracts away a lot of your database communication and middleware/URL routing and b has a good developer community so you can integrate 3rd party modules rather than write new code yourself.Personally I prefer Django Python framework , but I've also worked with node.js Express .Ignoring my personal preferences and how I learned for a second, a node framework like Meteor or Derby or MEAN -- not really a framework is probably the best way to build something relatively quickly starting from scratch, while also learning javascript that you can apply to front-end user experience and also potentially package into a mobile prototype via Phone.js or PhoneGap.
Snap in a set of speakers, a fresh battery, or boost your camera with this modular-friendly case.This system consists of various accessory modulars that you can attach to your iPhone via its protective case.The effort by OtterBox is one of the most comprehensive initiatives to try and make finding and attaching modules to your iPhone a seamless process.Derek Walter This isn t your father s Otterbox case that was built to be worn on a belt clip.I found it took me from 20 percent to 83 percent with a full battery charge.Results varied under different circumstances, but in all it s a pretty reliable way to bring your iPhone back to life if it s teetering on the edge.
If more people have been bumping into you while gazing at their smartphones lately, blame the new mobile game Pokémon Go.This augmented-reality app has players roaming streets, parks and other public spaces, using their smartphone s camera to view the real world through a tiny screen.The app overlays that live image with virtual creatures, which players try to capture by launching the Poké Balls they acquire by visiting Poké Stops.Here are 12 telltale signs that you re playing too much.After walking into your 47th lamppost, you no longer notice the shooting pain in your leg.You ve started calculating distances in kilometers instead of miles.
Drupal is calling on its users to patch a dangerous remote code execution hole that can let attackers easily hijack sites.The content management system has some 15 million downloads, compared to WordPress on 140 million and Joomla with 30 million, but is used on big ticket and business sites including nine percent of the world's 10,000 most popular sites.The remote code execution hole lies in Drupal modules used by about 14,000 websites."The modules contains a remote code execution which could allow an attacker to completely take over the site using some specially crafted requests," say Drupal security wonks."The weakness could be exploited to take a variety of actions on the site, potentially including completely taking over the site and server."Any site visitor could exploit the vulnerability."
The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to execute rogue PHP code on web serversThe security team of the popular Drupal content management system worked with the maintainers of three third-party modules to fix critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to take over websites.The flaws allow attackers to execute rogue PHP code web servers that host Drupal websites with the RESTWS, Coder or Webform Multiple File Upload modules installed.These modules are not part of Drupal's core, but are used by thousands of websites.The RESTWS module is a popular tool for creating Rest application programming interfaces APIs and is currently installed on over 5,800 websites.Unauthenticated attackers can exploit the remote code execution vulnerability in its page callback functionality by sending specially crafted requests to the website.
Even three decades after Tron hit cinemas, its influence on futuristic design shows no signs of slowing down.The Cyclotron bicycle borrows both look and name from the science-fiction film, with a design that s unmistakably based on the Light Cycle, namely its two illuminated, spokeless wheels.Besides being visually striking, the wheel halos turn themselves on in low-light conditions, serving as an additional safety measure by increasing visibility, and can last for eight hours on battery alone.The wheels themselves are hubless, enabling what the designers are calling USMs, or Utility Slot Modules, which are storage containers made to fit inside the wheel where the spokes would be in the traditional wheel.While a great concept, we re eager to find out how the added mass in the wheel will affect the gyroscopic effect.The base Cyclotron is a manual 12-speed, but the top-of-the-line model offers far more intrigue with an electronic gearbox that can shift in under a fifth of a second, even while at a standstill.
As a free-to-play mobile game, "Pokémon GO" is a good deal less insidious than its Clash of Angry Birds vs. Zombies brethren in its use of in-game purchases.You can exchange real money for gold coins that can then be used to buy Pokéballs, egg incubators, incense and lure modules.
The aim of CareKit, according to Apple, is to create a software framework that developers can use to help people "to actively manage their own medical conditions".While both are health-focused, HealthKit is as much about good health as ill health, whereas CareKit's focus is more on the how to manage longer-term illnesses and other events that can affect health on an ongoing basis, such as pregnancy or surgery.Apple has released four 'modules' as part of CareKit, which developers can use to build care apps: Care Card, a tool that allows patients to track if they're taking their medical or completing other therapies as scheduled; Symptom and Measurement Tracker, for patients to keep tabs on the physical and mental effects of their illness and treatment; Insight Dashboard, which compares the two datasets to see how treatments are working; and Connect, which patients can use to share their data with friends, family, or medical professionals."There is this middle area between ResearchKit and CareKit that's so important -- which is around routine, day-to-day, clinical decisions.That's what the impetus behind CareKit," Thomas Goetz, CEO of Iodine, told ZDNet.App users complete a PHQ9 questionnaire to monitor their mood every couple of days, and can use the data to see if a change in treatment has brought a corresponding change in symptoms, or not.
Lazy password reusers are at even higher risk of having accounts compromised following the publication of a proof-of-concept tool that can quickly test credentials against a host of sites.The work is the penmanship of Netsuite security bod Philip O'Keefe who uploaded his tool dubbed Shard to GitHub.Shard tests shared passwords against Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.O'Keefe writes that users can easily cook their own modules to test other sites.Attackers could wreak maximum damage by feeding into Shard any of the more than 600 million credentials leaked this year alone.Even dusty dumps repackaged and rebranded as unique breaches would be helpful to the password plunderer.
In an age of uniform technology, high-quality customizable tech is an act of revolution in both style and function.The BLOCKS Smartwatch has broken into an entirely new frontier of smartwatch construction, allowing you to add various features to your wristpiece for incredible functionality and individual flare.At 21% off from TNW Deals, your leap into custom-tech convenience just got a whole lot more affordable.BLOCKS is the world s first modular smartwatch.Winning the Red Dot Award for Best Design Concept in 2015, this remarkably versatile and flat-out gorgeous smartwatch has raised over $1.6 million on Kickstarter for a very good reason: there s nothing like it on the market.Customize your BLOCKS to your specific tastes and needs with a wide range of add-on modules.
Enterprising teen thugs have used a feature in the virally-popular Pokemon Go mobile game to lure and rob gamers.The mobile app, released last week, uses augmented reality to overlay Pokemon around the real world, requiring players to walk around to collect the famed characters.Police at the US State of Missouri's O Fallon Police Department issued a statement warning that four individuals were arrested in a Black BMW with a handgun after they were reported lurking at locations where Pokemon were likely to appear."Using the geolocation feature of the Pokemon Go app the robbers were able to anticipate the location and level of seclusion of unwitting victims," Sergeant Bill Stringer says in the statement PDF ."Further investigation revealed that there have been similar armed robberies in St. Louis City, County, and St. Charles County MO over the last couple of days with a similar vehicle being described by other victims."The robbers may have dropped so called Lure Modules which can be dropped at a location to increase the likelihood that Pokemon will appear for 30 minutes at a fixed location.
One of the most surprising things about the Apollo 11 guidance computer source code isn t just the sheer size of it, but rather the amount of in-jokes that scientists included with it.While the code for the command and lunar modules has been available online since 2003 tech researcher Ron Burkey transcribed every line of code by hand from the original transcripts , the code was put up on GitHub this week.Former NASA intern Chris Garry uploaded the files on Thursday and it has become a popular place for coders and space buffs to joke along with the scientists from the 1960s.The jokes aren t just for programmers either.One that immediately stood out was BURN BABY BURN—MASTER IGNITION ROUTINE.s, which contains some handy reference notes.Further down in the code is one polite and welcoming programmer:
Apple s 2016 iPhone, which we still call iPhone 7 for lack of a better name, will have the same overall design introduced by the iPhone 6 in 2014 — and that s enough for many people to label it a boring upgrade.But that s hardly going to be the case, as the handset will receive various upgrades under the hood and certain new design choices that will foreshadow the massive radical iPhone redesign coming next year.One of the things Apple is supposedly doing differently in iPhone 7, compared to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, concerns the cameras, which are likely to receive a number of intriguing upgrades.Now a new leak from right inside Foxconn, one of the main companies that builds iPhones for Apple, shows us the purported camera modules from at least one of the upcoming 2016 iPhones.MUST READ: iPhone 7: Seriously, this phone sounds boring to you?Posted on Twitter by @the malignant, the first photo in the set below shows what looks to be a food tray featuring Foxconn logos to prove that the source originates from within the company.
That's one of the big questions we still have about the iPhone 7 and a new leak points strongly towards a single-lens camera.The leak in question is an image of a batch of camera modules from @the malignant via playfuldroid, which appear to just be single-lens ones.Other than adding further evidence that the iPhone 7 will have a single-lens camera they don't tell us much, though the source also claims that mass production of the phone has started at Foxconn, which doesn't come as much of a surprise, with the likely launch just months away.There are a couple of things to note though.First off the image doesn't look obviously doctored, though really it could be of cameras for anything.An accompanying image which appears to show a Foxconn cafeteria is meant to be evidence that they were taken there, but as it's a completely separate photo it's only really evidence that some Foxconn employees are messy eaters.
Going green can be hard.But operating under the assumption that team work makes the dream work, one very innovative couple is hoping that by way of collaboration, we can reduce our carbon footprint.Marcin Jakubowski and Catarina Mota are the great minds behind the Open Building Institute.Think of it as the Github for green housing — it s described as an open source eco-building toolkit to make the construction of ecological housing easier, cheaper, and faster , and available to just about anyone.And now, it s on Kickstarter.Completely free to use and modify, the OBI toolkit promises to enable its users to design a house and/or greenhouse — that respects the planet and can be expanded as your needs and family grow — using a library of modules that fit together like building blocks.
News You wonder why not Microsoft already has collected financial functions, customer relationship management and other administrative functions of a cloud service. This fall, it shall be done with Dynamics 365th The service to be launched in the autumn will contain financial functions, management of field service, sales support, marketing functions, project management, customer service and customer care. The different modules can be used separately, you should therefore not have to pay for more than you want. Decision support functions from the Power BI and the digital assistant Cortana will come to use in the different modules. An example of its use is to predict what will be the next order from a customer.
News You wonder why not Microsoft already has collected financial functions, customer relationship management and other administrative functions of a cloud service. This fall, it shall be done with Dynamics 365th The service to be launched in the autumn will contain financial functions, management of field service, sales support, marketing functions, project management, customer service and customer care. The different modules can be used separately, you should therefore not have to pay for more than you want. Decision support functions from the Power BI and the digital assistant Cortana will come to use in the different modules. An example of its use is to predict what will be the next order from a customer.
Being first to market with complex technology doesn t usually make for a simple sales proposition.UK-based Post Quantum, aka PQ, which was founded all the way back in 2009, has been bootstrapping and toiling up this hill for years, having developed an encryption system designed to be proofed against cracking by quantum computers.So while PQ s co-founders are no longer being laughed out of pitch meetings on account of their NP-hard, semantically secure McEliese cryptosystem, they are still finding it hard to convince investors to bite.A spot of good news for them today, though: they ve closed an £8 million Series A, topping up the £800,000 in seed funding they had previously raised, including funding taken in via the Barclays TechStars accelerator program which they went through last year.Cheng concedes it s still too early for PQ s post-quantum encryption to blaze a broad adoption trail on its own merits.So the team has been concentrating efforts on lowering the sales ramp to what it dubs its defence-grade level of protection by offering a suite of security products it calls them modules that aim to fix a range of nearer term pain-points for the target customers.
That company was Light, and the product was the L16 camera, which put 16 small lens and sensor modules into one device, combining the power of each through computational photography to create DSLR quality images.First up, as detailed by PetaPixel, the planned 35-150mm full frame equivalent lens has been extended on the wide end to 28mm.In a blog post, Light says this move was in response to feedback from pre-order customers.The company says the new, wider lens will make for more dramatic landscapes, more interesting street and architectural photos, and a more versatile camera overall.Second, Light has doubled the already respectable 128GB of internal memory.The company says it was able to secure early access to a limited supply of a 256GB internal memory parts and will provide the upgrade at no additional charge to current pre-order customers.