MS Flight 804 disappeared from radar last night in the Mediterranean Sea. The plane is registered symbol SU-GCC, and it was delivered to EgyptAir in November 2003. The machine has flown some 48 000 flight hours. Lost A320 is a twin-engine narrow-bodied aircraft, with capacity for 150 passengers. The first Airbus A320 was introduced in March 1988. By the end of April, the types of aircraft had flown more than 6,700 flights.
Cloud-based platforms are making it easier for firms to find the people they need from a global talent pool, and for freelancers to advertise their skills.She picks up around four to 10 jobs a month via 90 Seconds, a cloud-based video production platform with a network of over 5,000 freelancers in 70 countries."With millions of experts from all around the world, people can get help with their business within minutes of posting a project," says Matt Barrie, chief executive of Sydney-based, whose clients include also offers a Local Jobs service which it describes as "Uber for local jobs", allowing companies to find freelancers within a 30-mile 50km radius, and not just for the typical online work involved in the gig economy, but for location-based tasks, such as deliveries."You need to be thoughtful as to where and how you share high-risk data."Growing marketSuch concerns aside, the gig economy is clearly booming and set for rapid growth.
Verizon Communications Inc. and others are expected to bid around $2 billion to $3 billion in the auction for Yahoo Inc. s core business, less than what the troubled Internet pioneer was expected to fetch, according to people familiar with the matter.The telecom giant is considered the front-runner in a field that includes private-equity buyers, some of whom are expected to bid in the low end of that range, the people said.Bidders have lowered their expected prices following weeks of sale presentations by Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer at the company s Sunnyvale, Calif., headquarters and its disclosure of data that detailed the company s flagging prospects.Dan Gilbert, the Detroit investor and founder of Quicken Loans, is also in the mix and may be backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett.Youssef Squali, an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, last month estimated the business is worth between $4 billion and $5 billion.In meetings with potential suitors, Ms. Mayer has acknowledged that the company is still in the middle of a turnaround, according to one person who attended a meeting.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer faced credible threats in 2015 that caused the company to drastically boost its spending on security for her and her family.The Sunnyvale company spent $544,061 for security for Mayer last year, according to recent company filings, including one Monday.That compares with $26,891 in 2014.Mayer, who s been under fire from shareholders over the direction of one of Silicon Valley s iconic companies, in 2015 faced specific security threats that we believed were credible, the company said in its filings, without specifying the threats.Calling Mayer an embattled CEO might be understating it a bit; analysts, investors and the media have scrutinized her every move since the former Google executive took the helm of Yahoo in 2012 — after other CEOs before her failed to bring back the company s mojo amid the rise of mobile, Google, Facebook and Yahoo s own missteps.The company said in the filing that it provides security services for Mayer and her immediate family she has a husband and three kids in addition to the business-related security services it pays for, and that the reported amount of security expense is especially reasonable in light of the fact that Ms. Mayer does not ask the Company to reimburse her private aircraft costs for business travel.A Yahoo spokeswoman told SiliconBeat the company would have no additional comment.This latest figure comes on the heels of other reports based on recent Yahoo filings, including how much Mayer made last year $36 million, a 15 percent decline from the previous year , and how much she might make if the company is sold and she is fired.Under pressure from activist shareholders who recently grabbed seats on the board, the company is considering bids now, which are reportedly coming in lower than expected.Back to the security costs: The amount Yahoo spent wasn t unusual or outrageous compared with what other tech companies have spent on security for their top executives.For example, Pat May wrote last month about how much Facebook and Twitter shelled out in 2015 for security for Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey: $4.3 million, $1.2 million and $68,500, respectively.Photo: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer delivers the keynote address Feb. 18, 2016, at the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco.
The new figures, which come as Spotify s paying users reach 30 million, could raise questions about whether the subscription model, which accounts for a growing proportion of music industry revenues, is sustainable in its current form.€mSpotify is succeeding at encouraging more people to pay for its services, but its rapid global growth has also meant pay-outs to artists and publishers increased.Of Spotify s 89m users at the end of 2015, more than two thirds are on its advertising-supported free service, although ads accounted for just 10.1pc of revenue.The economics of the freemium tier remain challenging and every single freemium user is lossmaking on a gross margin basis, said Alice Enders of Enders Analysis.Ms Enders said Spotify still had to significantly grow its base of paying users to be near to profitability, and that it could adjust its model, for example by raising prices for customers.HistoryLaunched in 2008, it has grown to 30 million paying subscribers, the world's biggest streaming serviceSongsPrice£9.99 a month for unlimited streaming, or free, advert-funded option.
In March, Microsoft announced plans to bridge the gap between its Xbox One and PC platforms by establishing the Unified Windows Platform UWP — a program designed to help developers create games, apps and software that can work on Xbox consoles as well as multiple other Windows 10-based devices.Developed by Finebits OÜ, Torrex Pro comes with the ability to stream video and audio playback.According to MS Power User, its latest update will prep the software for its upcoming cross-platform compatibility and lay the foundation for "supporting background downloads of torrents on Windows 10 Mobile" that will be enabled with this summer's Anniversary Update."Microsoft allows developers to publish torrent clients on its Store since they are simply the apps to exchange data, which doesn't break any Store rules , so we are planning to release Torrex on all devices supported by UWP including Xbox One and Hololens."So far, developers have not been too keen about the idea of UWP saying any rules or restrictions set by the platform could interfere with game or software development."Open platforms encourage innovation," Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently said at the GamesBeat Summit.
Twitter Inc. is losing two senior executives, departures that come as the social-media company continues to try to keep key talent on board.Jana Messerschmidt, a veteran executive who was in charge of global business development, and Nathan Hubbard, who joined to run the commerce team but was most recently leading the global media team, are both planning to leave the company, according to a person familiar with the matter.Their positions will be consolidated and taken over by Ali Jafari, the head of revenue in business development, this person said.Chief Executive Jack Dorsey has sought to retain top talent while at the same time reorganizing the company to streamline priorities and fix product issues.Besides employee departures, stalled user growth and slowing advertising growth have continued to beset Twitter since Mr. Dorsey began as CEO in October.Ms. Messerschmidt has been with the company for more than six years, making her one of the few remaining executives who had worked there since before its initial public offering in 2013.
GIF Image: YouTubeDonald Trump s army of supporters are lots of things: violent, racist, musical.I ll tell you.Here is every original composition supercuts don t count called Trump Train I could find on YouTube, ranked.Best line:Debt keeps growing bigger, no one seems to careHoles in the border, danger everywhereBest line:So if you re Cruz-in for a bruisin And you don t like RubioJust come on board the Trump trainThat s the only way to goBest line:USA is in our creedTrump for America is what we needBest line:Election year in USA the Game of Thrones begunThe donkey fights the elephant both going for the crownBest line:The libs will be a little tightIt s okay, they ll surviveOur country will discover many jobs againOur borders will not let the illegals inWhen Donald Trump takes the reigns of America in 2017Best line:Now Donald s going to bring jobs back from ChinaHave Mexico pay for the wallWill hang a big ol sign says Keep out all you terrorists We ll let em know Ms. Liberty s still standing tallBest line:They call him an angry American millions want to hireWe can t wait to see they re face when he gets to say You re fired Best line:Let s make America great againTrump trainWhoo-wooGet on boardTrump trainWhoo-woooBest line:The criminals must not have their waySo stand and fight the Donald wayFamily values and true libertyThat s all he wants for you and meArtist: theronniebuss Best line:Let s all vote for this man to run this nationCause if it s liberals, I feel sorry—sorry for youBest line:Our country needs a leaderAnd Trump will unifyHe s gonna close that borderAnd build that wall so highBest line:The locomotive s moving down the trackCome on let s take America backAlso:Trump Trump TrumpTrump Trump TrumpTrump Trump TrumpTrump Trump TrumpBest line:Some people say he s cockyBut that s alright with meWas not a politician as you can plainly seeHe won t put up with bullcrap, and talkin all PCLike Hillary and BernieHe s got them on the runBest line:Come and join us feel the powerIt s a movement renovationBest line:Mitt Romney s a jokeLil Marco chokesTed Cruz?Don t get me startedAnd Democrats?Best line:That Rubio s a jokeCruz is a liarThat Mexico wall just got ten feet higherLet me hear you say Trump, Trump, Trump trainHe ain t no chump, chump, chump changeShe can hide BenghaziBut she can t hide her mailWhen Trump becomes presidentHe ll throw her in jailBest line:We re going forwardWith the American dreamWe have a fighter yes!
Psychologists and computer-science researchers from five universities in the U.S., U.K. and Australia teamed up to analyze the language of more than 15,000 Facebook users in an effort to compare behavior on the social network with previous psychological studies.Power differentials tend to be weaker among friends, which could result in more assertive language, according to Ms. Kern.The researchers found all users were more assertive when talking about social topics using words such as party, dance, club and wanna —and women talked about these topics more frequently than men.Researchers analyzed two years worth of Facebook posts from more than 15,000 users starting in 2009.Users agreed to give the researchers access to this data in a Facebook app about personality tests that collected information from more than four million people.Ultimately, this research method could be applied to other online forums, such as Instagram, Twitter and blogs, to study the dynamics of different subcultures, Ms. Kern said.
That s the argument made by Clara Shih, chief executive and co-founder of Hearsay Social Inc., a maker of digital marketing software founded in 2009, and a director of Starbucks Corp. SBUX -0.25 % Ms. Shih—who has written a new book on the subject called The Social Business Imperative —argues that every company needs to accept the fact that it, too, must become a technology company.Is it fair to say you re a digital ambassador to the company?It really has become everyone s job, whether you re a CEO, chief marketing officer, front-line salesperson, customer support.I think having Kevin Johnson—having been an executive of Microsoft and Juniper JNPR 0.61 % —appeals to Starbucks in that this is a technology executive who really infuses that DNA into Starbucks.They realized that all the actuarial tables show that the more active you are, the longer you ll live, the healthier you ll be.They said, instead of being this passive assessor of risk, what if we became an active coach?
Image caption Successive terror attacks in Europe underlined the need to tackle online extremism and hate speech, said the CommissionMicrosoft, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have pledged to remove hate speech within 24 hours, in support of a code of conduct drafted by the EU.It requires the firms to act quickly when told about hate speech and to do more to help combat illegal and xenophobic content.'Counter narratives'The agreement of the four web firms was an "important step forward" in making sure the net stayed a place where free expression was possible, Ms Jourova said.The tech giants have also agreed to work more closely with groups that monitor and flag violent and hateful content.The code also requires the four firms to overhaul their notification systems to ensure people can quickly report inflammatory content when they find it.Other work involves research to help ISPs assess information posted online and produce tools that can counter intolerance.
Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube have agreed to a new code of conduct drafted by the EU that commits to combating online hate speech.The European Commission announced that the code, which it created alongside the technology giants, includes a pledge by the companies to review all reports of abuse within 24 hours, as well as do more to clamp down on illegal and xenophobic content.View photosMore Lauren Hurley/PA The recent terror attacks in Belgium were cited as a key reason a clampdown has become more urgent as a means of combating extremism.Vera Jourova, the EU commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality, said: The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech.I welcome the commitment of worldwide IT companies to review the majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech in less than 24 hours and remove or disable access to such content, if necessary, added Ms Jourova.We remain committed to letting the tweets flow.
Xiaomi and Microsoft have announced a partnership today which will see Microsoft apps preinstalled on Xiaomi phones in the future.Xiaomi and Microsoft have worked on projects in the past which saw Windows 10 make its way on to the Xiaomi Mi4 and Mi Pad 2, but this new deal will affect all upcoming Xiaomi smartphones.The deal means that both companies will share patents which one another, which patents we don t know at this time, but what has been confirmed is MS apps will make their way on new Xiaomi phones from September 2016.Expect apps like Microsoft Office, Skype ETC to turn up on new phones, and possibly be made available in updates on your current Xiaomi devices.
There is no cure for MS, though treatments exists to manage symptoms and help speed recovery from attacks called remissions .Eventually, most people with this form of the disease will move on to a secondary progressive phase of MS in which symptoms begin a steady march and become increasingly severe.M signifies individuals with the mutation; black circles represent individuals with MS and age of disease onset; gray circles or squares denote individuals with the mutation whose health is unknown.In the two families studied, two-thirds of the patients with the mutation developed the progressive form of the disease.Some evidence even suggests that Vitamin D and smoking plays an important role.Lastly, this research could offer clues about the more common relapsing-remitting form of the disease, while also pointing to the possibility of using personalized medicine to treat MS. As Michelle Apperson from the University of California, Davis, pointed out, In the future, we may be able to look at a patient s genetic profile or other biomarkers and choose a medication that best fits that individual.
The company has revealed that several smartphones and tablets from Xiaomi will soon ship with MS Office and Skype preloaded.Microsoft announced that as it expands its global partnership with Xiaomi, the firm s productivity suite of apps - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Skype - will come preinstalled on a number of devices from the Chinese manufacturer, including the Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, Redmi Note 3, and Redmi 3, starting this September.Some reports say Xaiomi purchased the 1500 patents from Microsoft, while others claim it was a traditional licensing agreement.Xiang Wang, senior vice president at Xiaomi, said they represent an important step forwards to support Xiaomi s expansion internationally.""As demonstrated by this agreement with Microsoft, Xiaomi is looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships with global technology leaders, with the ultimate goal of bringing the best user experience to our Mi fans."Despite a recent IDC report that showed Xiaomi has been pushed off the top five biggest smartphone makers list, the company still holds a huge share of the worldwide market, mostly because of its popularity in China.
RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif.—International Business Machines Inc. won t be breaking out financial results for its Watson artificial intelligence unit any time soon, even as it boasts of strong growth, said Chief Executive Virginia Rometty.The Watson business is still growing and could come to encompass new services, Ms. Rometty said at the Code Conference here Wednesday.There would be no value in making that disclosure.The Watson software grew to prominence after successfully taking on human competitors on the quiz show Jeopardy!Ms. Rometty also dismissed the idea of making a consumer device to compete with Inc. s Echo virtual assistant or the forthcoming Alphabet Inc. Google Home.She said the company is focused on being a back-end software provider, allowing other companies, such as Berkshire Hathaway Inc. s Geico, to use Watson for their services so they can keep their own data.
Xiaomi and Microsoft have just announced that they have signed a cross-licensing deal that will see Microsoft's Android apps, particularly the mobile Office ones, pre-installed on Xiaomi's more recent handsets.What the announcement didn't mention, which Wall Street Journal reported, is that Xiaomi is also purchasing a whopping 1,500 patents from Microsoft for an undisclosed sum.It is believed that one of the reasons why Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi are slow to move into the US market is because of worries of patent lawsuit.Perhaps in exchange for that, or in addition to it, Xiaomi has agreed to ship some of Microsoft's mobile apps on its smartphones.These will be pre-installed on Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3 smartphones starting September this year.As it practically has no more smartphones of its own, Microsoft will have to rely on such partnerships to bring its Office apps to the mobile space.
Peter did what he did on his own, not as a Facebook board member, Ms. Sandberg said at the Code Conference.Mr. Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and a venture capitalist, sparked debate in media and tech circles last week when he confirmed that he had provided about $10 million to back an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Gawker by Terry Bollea, who uses the professional wrestling name Hulk Hogan.During an onstage interview at the conference, Ms. Sandberg said Gawker is among a handful of publishers that Facebook is paying to stream live video.Until now, Facebook has remained quiet on Mr. Thiel s move.Last month, the debate had prompted Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to invite several prominent conservatives, including Mr. Thiel, to Facebook s headquarters to discuss the issue.On another subject, Ms. Sandberg was asked whether she is interested in being the next chief executive of Walt Disney Co., or in serving in public office.
Having different perspectives on your team is always incredibly important, but it is one criteria of many that we took into account, said Fitbit Chief Executive and co-founder James Park.There are two venture capitalists representing firms that invested in Fitbit: Jonathan Callaghan of True Ventures and Steven Murray of SoftBank Capital.William-Sonoma,Chief Executive Laura Alber attending a conference in 2014.More recently, tech firms including image-discovery site Pinterest Inc. have proactively named female board members.As financial chief of Whole Foods, Ms. Flanagan helped expand the supermarket chain from six stores in the late 1980s to 450 stores.Fitbit s latest launches—priced below the $299 entry price for the Apple Watch—have sold well, but the company has spent heavily to drive growth and future product launches.
A new Azure service that supports databases of up to 60TB, versions 250GB to 1TB for Azure SQL, but optimized for data warehousing with massively parallel processing for queries but a more limited subset of T-SQL available.For example, a sales person might only be allowed to see their own sales records, despite other records existing in the same tables.Dynamic Data Masking is another new feature.A simple concept, but one that enables easy monitoring and troubleshooting of performance issues.Entire tables can be migrated to Azure, or if a table has a mix of current and historical data, you can create a function to determine whether a row will be migrated.The ScaleR library, developed by Revolution Analytics, includes algorithms for data import; sorting, merging, and splitting; statistical functions and cross tabulation; data visualization; modeling algorithms and decision trees.