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It is a powerful product which is gaining worldwide mass recognition, where the use of these crops in China already produces Chinese medications and that also has a lengthy history.Thus, the Mexico medical cannabis market is expected to become a burgeoning industry over the next few years.Request Brochure – This report on the Mexico medical marijuana market identifies key drivers, possible opportunities, and challenges, if any, that the industry is likely to face in the coming years.The study encompasses various factors and key developments that are likely to create an impact on sales in the Mexico medical cannabis market over the mentioned period of forecast.Mexico Medical Cannabis Market: Notable DevelopmentsSome prominent developments that are likely to impact the Mexico medical cannabis market include:Health licenses for marijuana cultivation, harvesting and manufacturing are restricted to medicinal and research purposes in the nation.Marijuana laws are not so well-regulated in the country and are subject to a secondary regulation of the Federal Committee for Health Risk Protection.Combo is its flagship product which can make it easier for Amira Srl to decompose various goods simultaneously.The fresh development has enhanced the seller's market position.Aurora published in December 2018 a news release with a letter of intent to obtain a license holder.Aurora Cannabis was one of Canada's global enterprises that rushed into a letter of intent to obtain one of its first license holders, Farmacias Magistrales.Request COVID Analysis on Mexico Medical Cannabis Market – Some leading vendors in the Mexico medical cannabis market include Aurora Cannabis, HempMeds, Canopy Growth Corporation, CB Science, Inc., Isodiol International, Inc., and GW Pharmaceuticals, plc.Mexico Medical Cannabis Market: Growth DriversDense Patient Pool to Accentuate Mexico Medical Cannabis MarketIn specific, chronic and acute pain is more sensitive to the elderly population group and the demand for pain management medicines is increasing.
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 The global Feed Premix Market is expected to gain impetus from the rising demand for balanced feed products, including micronutrients and macronutrients.This information is published in a report by Fortune Business Insights, titled, “Feed Premix Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Type (Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Antibiotics), Livestock (Poultry, Ruminants, Swine, Aquatic Animals, and Others), and Regional Forecast, 2019-2026.” According to the report, the global Feed Premix Market is projected to reach USD 15.35 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.75% during the forecast period.The global market is also anticipated to exhibit immense growth due to evolving regulatory environment and technological advancement in feeding practices.It further contains in-depth data on prominent vendors, accurate predictions on change in buyer behavior and future trends.Vitamin Premix to Dominate Market Due to Rising Demand from Commercial Livestock FarmsIn terms of type, the global Feed Premix Market is categorized into antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.It is likely to occur due to a rise in the demand for vitamin-infused animal feed from the increasing number of commercial livestock farms.All these factors are expected to contribute to the growth of this segment in the coming years.Browse Related Report: Provimi Jordan Develops Technologically Advanced Animal Nutrition Premix Plant Cargill, a privately held global corporation, based in the U.S., announced that its animal nutrition business, Provimi Jordan inaugurated an advanced animal nutrition premix plant in Jordan in April 2019.
 The global spices and seasonings market size is projected to gain impetus from the increasing popularity of ethnic cuisines all across the world.Spices are derived from various natural sources such as the bark of trees, fruits, flowers, seeds, buds, leaves, roots, and others.As per this report, the market is expected to rise from USD 15.93 billion in 2018 to reach USD 22.87 billion by the end of 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.7% between 2019 to 2026.Drivers & Restraints-Natural Medicinal Properties of these Products to Aid in Expansion of Market The growing demand for organic spices is promoting the spices and seasonings market growth.Moreover, spices have medicinal properties, for instance, peppermint helps to reduce nausea feeling, sage can improve the function of the brain, cinnamon helps to lower the blood sugar and is used for anti-diabetic effect.Furthermore, the increasing popularity of organic spices is also expected to fuel the demand for spices and condiments in the coming years.On the contrary, spices and seasonings are highly prone to microbial contaminations and this affects their shelf time, thereby hampering the market.This, coupled with the adulteration of spices may cause hindrance to the overall market in the long run.Nevertheless, the rise in demand for these products as natural preservatives used in meat and poultry products and the increasing demand for natural products for health and wellness are likely to create lucrative growth opportunities for the market in the coming years.Browse Related Report: Segment-Pepper Segment likely to Earn 41% Share in Market with Worldwide TransportBased on type, the market was dominated by the pepper segment.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The Department of Justice said it has arrested a Russian-Swedish national who allegedly operated a long-running cryptocurrency laundering site. According to a news release from the DOJ, Roman Sterlingov ran Bitcoin Fog, a cryptocurrency tumbler or “mixer”— which hides a cryptocurrency’s source by mixing it with other funds. Bitcoin Fog gained “notoriety as a go-to money laundering service for criminals seeking to hide their illicit proceeds from law enforcement,” according to the DOJ. The department says over the course of 10 years, Bitcoin Fog moved more than 1.2 million bitcoin, valued at the time of the transactions at around $335 million. Bitcoin Fog has received a fair amount of coverage from cryptocurrency blogs and news sites... Continue reading…
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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU) has filed a formal objection to the results of a union election at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, alleging the e-commerce company threatened to lay off workers. The employees voted against unionizing in an April 9th vote, but the RWDSU is arguing that the results should be set aside because Amazon “created an atmosphere of confusion, coercion and/or fear of reprisals and thus interfered with the employees’ freedom of choice,” the union said in a news release. “Amazon has left no stone unturned in its efforts to gaslight its own employees,” RWDSU president Stuart Appelbaum said in a statement Monday. “We won’t let Amazon’s lies, deception and illegal activities go... Continue reading…
NASA’s Artemis program has a list of firsts that it plans to accomplish, including putting the first woman on the moon in 2024. NASA has now confirmed that the Artemis program will send the first person of color to the moon. The announcement came from acting NASA administrator Steve Jurczyk revealing the mission objective in a news release published Friday. … Continue reading
Image: Activision TiMi Studios, the Tencent-owned developer of huge mobile hits Call of Duty: Mobile and the MOBA Honor of Kings, earned a staggering $10 billion in revenue in 2020, according to an April 1st Reuters report. Reuters’ article says those earnings make TiMi the “world’s largest developer,” according to its sources. While it’s unclear exactly what metric that is defining, it’s a undoubtably a huge number. For comparison, Activision Blizzard (which publishes the Call of Duty franchise) posted 2020 revenues of $8.09 billion, nearly $2 billion less than TiMi’s reported $10 billion. TiMi’s games are some of the biggest in the world While TiMi might not be a household name, its games are some of the biggest in the world. Call of Duty: Mobile... Continue reading…
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Non-halogenated Flame Retardants Market for Polymer: IntroductionThe global non-halogenated flame retardants market for polymer was valued at ~US$ 2 Bn in 2018 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of ~8% from 2019 to 2027.The global non-halogenated flame retardants market for polymer is driven by growth in the building & construction industry.Flame retardants are popularly used as additives in polymers in order to increase the fire resistance during fire accidents or in case of ignition.The drive by fire safety regulations regarding risk of fire hazards in various end-use industries, including construction and electrical are also considered as one of another key growth factor for the global demand for non-halogenated flame retardants.Engineering Thermoplastic (ETP) retardant demand is expected to surge due to its estimated growth rate of 8% CAGR from 2019 to 2027, whereas, Polyolefins accounted for 26% share of the market in 2018 and is likely to grow at a moderate rate over the forecast period.More Trending Reports by Transparency Market Research - Concerns in Terms of Usage to Hamper MarketConcerns related to the safe usage of non-halogenated flame retardants materials in plastics, toxicity; and environmental compatibility are hampering the non-halogenated flame retardants market for polymer.Furthermore, certain issues in functional properties like loading levels and setbacks in cognitive operations of non-halogenated flame retardants are growth restraining factors expected to hinder the market growth in the coming years.
Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said in a news release Friday that cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase has paid $6.5 million to settle regulators’ claims that it reported misleading transaction data. According to the CFTC, between January 2015 and September 2018 “Coinbase recklessly delivered false, misleading, or inaccurate reports concerning transactions in digital assets.” The agency alleges that two trading programs operated by Coinbase generated orders that traded with each other, which could have misled traders about the trading volume on the exchange now called Coinbase Pro. The CFTC also fined Coinbase for what are known as “wash trades” in the Litecoin cryptocurrency and bitcoin that were conducted by a... Continue reading…
We're more than a year into the pandemic, and things are looking up. Vaccines are rapidly rolling out, states are dialing back restrictions, and a massive government stimulus is about to be distributed across the country. There is a hope, if not an expectation, that the economy will get on a roll this summer. Nothing can be taken for granted, but the outlook is bright. Numerous industries may experience rises in demand during the months ahead. This is a good time for companies serving those industries to be positioning themselves with smart growth strategies and ambitious marketing plans. With that in mind, here are some ideas and recommendations to springboard your B2B marketing into the summer months: Spring Ahead: 4 Tips to Drive Fast Marketing Growth #1. Let your raving fans guide you forward During the economic slowdown of the past year, it was common for organizations to look inward, immersing themselves in customer research and refocusing on relationships. Taking a curious approach to understanding your best customers, and what they value most in your product, can really pay off. In a recent writeup at The Next Web on surprising growth strategies for 2021, one suggestion from Andrea Hak is to tap into engaged and loyal users. She points to the example of SYLVAIN, a strategy and design consultancy hired by Spotify to help fend off an advance from Apple's streaming music platform. Hak shares this insight from SYLVAIN's Managing Director, Sherry (Sherzad) Rahmatian, who argues that a narrow focus on acquiring new users and expanding to new audience segments is misguided: “Power users and super fans often hold the secret sauce for a brand’s future growth. What we see is that smaller brands actually have an advantage in that they don’t have to dilute their marketing for the masses. Instead, they can focus on decoding what exactly makes people obsess over them, and use that to continuously iterate a better and better experience. This will naturally filter out to a wider audience, without losing what made it special.” Hak later notes that, "By the end of 2020, Spotify increased its number of premium subscribers by 29%, bringing it to a whopping 124 million." The size of your company and its customer base will dictate the extent you're able to lean into this strategy. But most marketing departments today have some method of gauging the loyalty and strength of their customer relationships. Identify and study those most avid fans. Center your marketing on that which drives their affinity. [bctt tweet="“Identify and study those most avid fans. Center your marketing on that which drives their affinity.” — Nick Nelson @NickNelsonMN" username="toprank"] #2. Strategize around trust, purpose and empathy It might be time to rethink your marketing messages of the past. More than ever, brands in the new era need to ensure they are aligning and resonating with their most valuable audiences, and developing connections that move beyond the traditional problem-solution framework. In a recent study from Iterable, 87% of brand marketers “said their company felt the need to change its marketing strategies to better build consumer trust” amidst the turmoil of 2020. Ninety-one percent indicated that they plan to stick with this altered approach in 2021. Trust is built, first and foremost, by demonstrating a keen understanding of your audience: circumstances, aspirations, pain points. It’s also strengthened by demonstrating that you share their values and priorities. This is where communicating a deeper purpose comes into play. “Even before the pandemic, 74% of B2B companies considered purpose to be relevant in business growth,” writes Norman Guadagno in an article at MarketingProfs. “In 2021, leading with purpose is even more important … Show customers what your brand's values are and how your company is living up to those values through its actions, whether by implementing institutional change within the company, supporting a social cause, or demonstrating an environmental commitment.” I’ve written here in the past about why and how today’s B2B brands should take bold stands while avoiding costly missteps. More recently, our Lane Ellis provided a look at the desired end result of these efforts, sharing 10 ways trust creates standout B2B marketing experiences. #3. Merge personalization and relevancy On the Customer Think blog, Uberflip CMO Randy Frisch recently argued that in B2B marketing, personalization and relevancy must be the same. He did a nice job of articulating a problematic disconnect in content marketing today: Too often, “personalization” is treated as plugging in a custom name via merge fields, or mentioning someone’s company or industry in a subject line. As Frisch writes, these things are fine but essentially the bare minimum. It’s all about connecting through acute relevancy. There are ways to do this at scale. I especially like the comparison Frisch draws here, given that large-scale live marketing events probably still won’t be a thing for a while: “Remember at events how marketers strove to offer specific content tracks from curated speakers in order to attract their audience and engage them? Think about mirroring that level of personalization (relevance) in the digital mix of content you’re now using. The variety of blogs, ebooks and videos being sent online should feel every bit as tailored to your audience as the breakout sessions and VIP talk tracks you would invite them to at an event.” [bctt tweet="“Remember at events how marketers strove to offer specific content tracks from curated speakers? Think about mirroring that level of personalization (relevance) in the digital mix of content.” — Randy Frisch @RandyFrisch" username="toprank"] #4. Engage through new video and audio channels  “Video and audio in recorded or live formats have emerged as a top preference for customer engagement,” wrote TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden in a blog post earlier this month. “Whether live-streaming on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or publishing podcasts and hosting rooms on breakout audio social network, Clubhouse, content marketers have a significant opportunity to create more engaging experiences to meet the evolving expectations of their customers in 2021.” You’ll find no bigger advocate than me for the enduring value and staying power of text-based content, but the rise of these immersive mediums is undeniable. Forced indoors, people started consuming more digital content than ever in 2020, and these newly formed habits will surely stick to some extent. Brands should seek to experiment with live-streaming, innovative audio platforms, virtual events, and interactive experiences. Clubhouse, which has been valued at a staggering $1 billion in its nascent startup state, represents an opportunity to get ahead of the curve. If you can get an invite. More Resources and Guidance to Drive You Forward Generally speaking, an empathetic content marketing approach that dabbles with emerging channels, leads with purpose, and is shaped by customer insight will put B2B brands in excellent position to score big in 2021. The time is now to invest and lean in. For more tips and advice on leveling up your marketing efforts this summer, here’s some addition reading to carry you forward: 5 B2C Content Marketing Techniques that B2B Marketers Should Steal (And 5 They Shouldn’t Touch), by Josh Nite Why Influencer Marketing Should Be a Priority 2021 Tactic for B2B Brands, by Lane Ellis 5 Ways B2B Marketers Sabotage Influencer Marketing Success, by Lee Odden 6 Eye-Opening B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2021, by me Supercharge Your 2021 B2B Marketing With High-Octane Online Courses, by Lane Ellis The post 4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Spring Forward And Grow Content Marketing Success appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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The global europe modular construction for healthcare market is expected to rise with an impressive CAGR and generate the highest revenue by 2026.The report is titled "Europe Modular Construction for Healthcare Market Size, Share & Covid-19 Impact Analysis, By Type (Permanent Modular Construction (PMC), and Relocatable Modular Construction), By Application (Surgery Room & Theatres, Laboratories, Emergency Rooms, Hospital Wards & Therapy Centers, Offices, Pharmacy, and Others) and Country Forecast, 2020-2027".It also offers an exclusive insight into various details such as revenues, market share, strategies, growth rate, product & their pricing by region/country for all major companies.View More Information: @ report provides a 360-degree overview of the market, listing various factors restricting, propelling, and obstructing the market in the forecast duration.The report is available for sale on the company website.List of Key Companies Covered in the Europe Modular Construction for Healthcare Market Report:Forta PRO (Riga, Latvia)Wernick Group (England, United Kingdom‎)Algeco (Modulaire Group) (London, United Kingdom)VINCI Construction Grands Projets (VINCI GROUP) (Brentford, United Kingdom)Bouygues Construction (Paris, France)Portakabin (England, United Kingdom‎)Swedish Modules AB (Emtunga, Sweden)KLEUSBERG GmbH & Co. KG (Wissen, Germany)Skanska (Stockholm, Sweden)LAING O'ROURKE (Dartford, United Kingdom)Elite Systems GB Limited (England, United Kingdom‎)Spacemaker Modular & Portable Buildings (England, United Kingdom‎)According to the report, the value of the market stood at USD 2,660.0 million in 2019.The report also offers the following:Holistic assessment of the factors driving and constraining the market;In-depth diagnosis of the performance of each & every Europe Modular Construction for Healthcare Market segment;Granular analysis of the regional dynamics and competitive environment of the market; andComprehensive projections of upcoming opportunities and trends in the Europe Modular Construction for Healthcare Market     .Driving FactorGrowing Utilization of Modular Construction Techniques in Europe to Benefit the MarketThe Europe modular construction for healthcare market growth is benefiting from the expanding deployment of modular building technologies by health facilities across Europe.The modular technique allowed the hospital to accommodate essential facilities within a confined space, with the construction getting completed in just four months.