You can save money by making them at home, too.Make baked soda by spreading ordinary baking soda on a foil-lined sheet pan and baking at 250 F for about an hour.This transforms it into the ingredient that gives ramen noodles their color and springiness: alkaline salt.Mix in the flour and knead it until you have a soft, springy noodle dough.Cut the noodles and then cook them for a tasty meal worth all your hard work.For the full recipe and step-by-step, hit the link below.
From a hummus soup with the texture of miso to hummus-stuffed falafel and a hummus potato salad, Brothers Green Eats offers up five different ways to incorporate hummus into amazing dishes you may never have thought of—assuming any hummus is left in your fridge after opening it.We already gave away three of these, but the bottom line was that Sabra—who obviously have a vested interest in making sure you buy hummus even though it s super easy to make your own, and barring that, you can improve the store bought stuff —invited the guys out to an event, and asked them to come up with some innovative ways to use hummus in recipes.They start off with a flatbread topped with hummus as a base for a simple greek-style salad on top, made from a little lettuce, some olives, feta, and a little olive oil, which looks fantastic for an appetizer or any time of the day.Then they move on to the hummus potato salad, which is really just some seasoned and boiled potatoes, celery, and golden raisins totally optional, I think tossed up with a little spiked hummus hummus with some sour cream, a hit of parsely, some lemon, and some curry powder for an amazing side dish.They move on to the hummus stuffed falafel, made from some soaked chickpeas and spices they put through the food processor and stuffed with hummus before cooking, and a hummus-based noodle soup that you ll have to watch to really understand.They close the whole affair with some barbecue hummus chicken kebabs, which look amazing, and are as simple as you might think: hummus and barbecue sauce in equal parts, and marinade some cubed chicken with it for a few hours or overnight—then toss it right on the grill they use their broiler, and prop the skewers up on a baking dish.
Here is a look at the major initiatives and forces shaping this trend:WeChat was created by Chinese holding company Tencent three years ago.Yes, on WeChat you can chat, but you can also conduct a myriad of shopping-related activities:You get the point.Nike s social media presence on WeChat.WeChat combines a chat-based interface with a vast library of add-on features such as a mobile wallet, chat-based transactions, and chat-based media and interactive widgets, and exposes it all to businesses through a powerful API that enables businesses from mom and pop noodle shops to powerhouses such as Nike and Burberry to friend their customers and market to them in never before imaginable ways.You can order flowers from 1–800-Flowers, browse and buy the latest fashions from Spring, and order an Uber, all from within a Messenger chat.You can now order an Uber by selecting the Request a Ride option within Facebook Messenger.Shopping for fashion with Spring s bot on Facebook Messenger.The Facebook Messenger API enables rich interactive UI elements to be included as a part of chats, which I think points to a future of conversational UIs that are not limited to text chats or voice commands but that weave together maps, product photos, comparison tools, and other interactive elements cards?The company has expanded on this concept and launched an external API enabling developers to build bots for Slack, accessible via Slack s app directory.Ordering with TacoBot on Slack.One of the more talked about integrations has been Taco Bell s announcement that it is working on a Slackbot appropriately named Tacobot that will not only take your Gordita Supreme order but will do it with the same witty personality you d expect from Taco Bell.However, adding wallet functionality and payment methods to the app does lay the groundwork for Snapchat to delve into commerce.Although far behind Amazon s Echo in terms of breadth of functionality, Apple will no doubt expand Siri s integration into AppleTV, and it s likely that the company will introduce a new version of AppleTV that more directly competes with the Echo, perhaps with a voice remote control that is always listening for commands.While AppleTV s commerce capabilities are currently limited to purchasing media from iTunes, it seems likely that Siri s capabilities would be extended to tvOS apps so app developers will be able to support voice commands from AppleTV directly within their apps.
Kids grow out of even the most beloved toys.Before you know it, yesterday s prized possessions are gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the garage.Repurpose skateboard decks as sturdy, stylish shelves for your treasures, gadgets, and books.Repurpose skateboard decks as sturdy, stylish shelves for your treasures, gadgets, and books.Add cool texture to a houseplant by using a retired Slinky for the pot.Add cool texture to a houseplant by using a retired Slinky for the pot.
You can t beat fresh pasta, but it s not a bad idea to keep a few boxes of the dried stuff around for a quick weeknight meal.Fettuccine makes for a substantial, comforting supper, and Cook s Illustrated has found the best box for you buck.Spoiler alert: all brands tested were pretty good!According to Cook s Illustrated, the ideal fettuccine noodle showcases a clean flavor and a hint of springy chew.Four major brands were tested, and the competitors were boiled until perfectly al dente, then prepared two different ways for tasting: tossed with canola oil and tossed with butter and parm.All four brands fared well click the link below to see the full results but the best brand was Garofalo Fettucce, which was prized for its wide, thick noodles that were bouncy and springy, with just the right amount of chew.
Pasta always makes for a great meal, but there s more to crafting a complete dish than mixing some noodles with some sauce.This simple formula will make your pasta meals something delicious and memorable every time.In addition to a decent sauce, a perfect pasta dish should have some vegetables and protein too.If you re not sure where to start, Sara Jenkins at Food52 suggests using whatever is in season and going from there:So the idea is to take what s in season—peas or corn or brussels sprouts, tomatoes or leeks, even grated pumpkin or fall squash—and toss it with pasta, adding about 3 to 5 ounces of meat cured pork, bacon or sausage—I have even been known to dice salami and use it the same way per half pound.Jenkins also suggests you add some herbs that are fitting for your ingredients.
While Nintendo's Pokémon Company subsidiary has enjoyed most of the company's good-news headlines in the past two weeks, the company at large has more changes in the horizon, and another "real-world" initiative—teased back in May—is now coming to fruition: an official Nintendo restaurant.Say hello to the Kirby Café.The Japan-only for now restaurant chain was teased last month, but its existence received a full, formal unveiling Wednesday morning in its home country, all revolving around the company's 26-year-old puffball character.The café's first location will open in Osaka on August 5, with another location to follow in Tokyo "soon."Fans will be able to purchase pastries, drinks, and a mix of noodle and teriyaki menu items.Some of those merely have a character from the game stuck onto the plate as a sticker, while others are shaped to resemble characters and other game content, including Kirby-shaped custard cakes, a cup of soup that looks just like the Maxim Tomato item, and the Whispy Woods tree's face apparently being made out of bread, meat, and beans.
Nature Video/Matthew F. Glasser, David C. Van EssenDespite the advances of modern medicine, the wrinkled, twisted expanse of the human noodle has been mostly an uncharted frontier, with sparse territories and regions staked off so far.In the past, scientists have merely cordoned off sections based on a single type of brain feature, such as cell structures, brain topography, or identified functions.But now, in a comprehensive analysis of 210 healthy brains published Wednesday in Nature, researchers have merged such data sets and drawn an inclusive map of the mind's provinces.The newly inked atlas, hatched from the National Institutes of Health s Human Connectome Project, more than doubles the identified realms of the human brain s outer shell, the cerebral cortex.This is the dominant part of the human brain, responsible for our minds higher functions, such as language, consciousness, information processing, and problem solving.
On a recent day, a white robot wearing a flowered kerchief rolled across Mr. Wang s Together Restaurant, a plate of pork-and-water-chestnut dumplings upon its built-in tray.Young people like to pursue what s new, and robots are a fashionable, modern style of service, said Mr. Wang, who owns the Together Restaurant in central Beijing.Robots—or jiqiren, machine-people, in Chinese—are cropping up at banks, where models with high-pitched feminine voices engage customers in basic dialogue and urge people to wait in line.Numerous robot-themed restaurants have sprung up, with machine-people serving as chatty maître d s, working as waiters or slicing noodles in the kitchen.Some robot staff are also programmed to dance and sing.On a recent day, a pair of women lunching at Mr. Wang s restaurant smiled expectantly as a robot rolled in their direction, a claypot dish upon its tray.
By now you may have grown tired of hearing about zucchini noodles aka zoodles but I m here to break up your veggie noodle boredom with eggplant noodles.You don t even need a spiralizer.The beauty of this veggie noodle is two-fold: they cook super fast and—since they are made of spongy eggplant—they absorb flavorful sauces like whoa.To make them, peel an eggplant and julienne it into thin noodles, using a sharp knife or a mandoline if you have one, but true to the headline, you don t need one to do this.Saute them in hot oil The Kitchn recommends 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon sesame until soft and slightly browned, about 3-5 minutes.Top with whatever sauce, meat, or veggies you see fit, or use The Kitchn s spicy recipe linked below.
Have some extra pool noodles around?This video is chock-full of great pool noodle tricks, including a way to spiral-cut them into padding you can wrap around almost anything.If you have some patio chairs that could use comfier arm rests, or want to keep your little ones from bumping into the sharp edges of your furniture, this video from the Shake the Future YouTube channel will show you how to do it on the cheap.All you need to do is cut a few pool noodles with a safety blade so it becomes a springy spiral.In the video, he creates a simple tool out of moldable thermoplastic to cut the noodle, but you can also do it by hand if you re careful.Once you have it cut, wrap it around whatever needs a little extra padding.
Our brains are apparently really good at divvying up heavy mental loads.Yet despite documenting this delegation, scientists still aren t sure exactly how slices of our noodle get earmarked for specific functions.Are they preordained based entirely on anatomy, or are they assigned as wiring gets laid down during our development?Specifically, researchers at MIT scanned the brains of kids before and after they learned to read and found that they could pinpoint how the area responsible for that task would develop based on connectivity patterns.In other words, the neural circuitry and hookups laid down prior to reading determined where and how the brain region responsible for reading, the visual word form area, or VWFA, formed.The finding squares with researchers hunch that connectivity is key, plus previous findings from studies done on ferrets.
Spiralisers turn vegetables into noodles to eat as a substitute for carb-heavy pasta.WIRED asked Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, author of Cook Yourself Young, to test the latest models in her kitchen.Each processed carrots and courgettes and was assessed on form, versatility, blade quality, durability and ease of use.Elizabeth Peyton-Jones found this compact unit simple to assemble and adjust the three blades that are neatly housed in its body.Other footstuffs including daikon and sweet potato produced similarly pleasing results.This stylish design comes in a green or black finish.
When it comes to broccoli, the florets get all the glory, with the stems being unfairly maligned as woody and tough.Being a contrarian weirdo, I actually prefer the stems, but even I hadn t thought to spiralize them into tasty faux noodles.The stem s tough physique is what makes it such a great candidate for spiralizing.In fact, the thicker the stems, the better the broccoli noodle.Use a vegetable peeler to remove and little pieces sticking out, then insert the stem into the spiralizer, thicker end first.Once they re all noodle-y and ready for action, throw them toss them with a protein and tasty sauce like this beef and broccoli recipe from Skinnytaste or use them as the base for hearty salad.
Every once in a while a video comes along that changes the way you think about yourself, about the world, and about everything you thought you believed.Such was the case with this video of the band Dancing Noodle making electronic dance music using just rubber chickens, a table, and a paper cup.Were this track on iTunes I d be 99p poorer right now, but my life would be so immeasurably richer.
Noodle Partners Inc., a new education venture from the founder of The Princeton Review and 2U Inc., John Katzman, has raised $4 million in venture funding to help colleges and universities deliver high-quality certificate and degree programs online.Philadelphia-based Osage Venture Partners led the investment in Noodle Partners and was joined by New Markets Venture Partners, 500 Startups and others.Katzman tells TechCrunch that the challenge in delivering online education at the college and university level has changed dramatically over the last decade, and not just because of the rise of smartphones.In 2008, when he co-founded 2U Inc. with Chip Paucek and Jeremy Johnson, Katzman says: People did not believe that higher ed could be as good online as a campus-based program.The new challenge is building and offering programs that are great, but also lower the cost of higher education.
I honestly could have played around with this topic for months, but lines must be drawn, so I settled on three recipes.To choose which vegetables and sides would go with which proteins, I used ChefSteps Sous Vide Time and Temperature Guide as a template.Lesson 1: Use Fruit Instead of Vegetables When Cooking Lower Temperature ProteinsI love a sous vide pork chop, but I like mine cooked to the medium-rare temperature of 144 degrees Fahrenheit yes, it s a little pink, but the USDA says that s a-okay , making it a poor candidate for pairing with tougher, more fibrous vegetables.Sous Vide Pork Chop with Corn, Bell Peppers, and Cherry Tomatoes1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger
Over the past few days, I have noticed there is a buzz on social media around a video featuring Noodle from the Gorillaz and Jaguar Land Rover, which encourages young women to get involved in STEM science, technology, engineering, and math through its Race to Innovate campaign.Corporates are making an increased effort to inspire girls to get into male-dominated industries.Tech companies and accelerators already do a great job at this; there is a constant attempt to close the gender gap in the tech industry.It is exciting to see that large companies are trying to bring more girls to STEM industries.Having worked in two male-dominated industries, banking and tech, I know how difficult it can be as the female minority.Female role models, like Noodle, are pivotal in the career choice decisions of many young women.
If your city doesn t have bike lanes, it s up to every car that passes you on your bike to determine how much space to give you.They often suck at it.Toronto cyclist Warren Huska solved this by strapping a pool noodle to his bike.The noodle, as you can see above, sticks out a couple feet to the side of the bike to give drivers a visual indicator of how far away they should stay.This concept isn t entirely new.In Europe, reflective spacers are common and cheap.
Frozen soup is a lifesaver when you don t have time, energy, or groceries to cook dinner, but not all of them freeze well.Here s why you should stay away from freezing soups with pasta in them.Soups that contain pasta, like chicken noodle or minestrone, won t hold up to the freezer.The pasta gets overcooked and mushy when reheated, and can make the whole dish a bit of a mess.If you have extra soup with pasta, try to either strain out the pasta first, or know what you re getting into before tossing it in the freezer.If you re cooking soup specifically to freeze, just hold the pasta.