Hiring an office moving service for your office may be one of the most significant decisions of your life.Not only that, this process will reduce the amount of time that you estimated to move, but also minimize the risks of handling the goods while transferring.A new location may increase your sales and your office productivity and functionality; even sometimes it is necessary to move to another office to increase the space available of your clients and employees.One of the biggest reasons and advantages of hiring office shifting service is that you can keep running your office work as long your office moving is done.You can do the office work while the other crew can move and handle all of the moving, packing, unloading, and all the stuff that you need so.With this, you always are there for your clients, and you did not lose any.These teams often have many team members, and it means you can reduce the time to pack and unload on a new location.Are you looking for Dhaka movers and packers?That helps you to move your new office location at a very affordable price.Well, you are in the right place, Dhaka movers and packers can have a wide range of services, which includes one of our most exceptional office moving services.
Planning to move your business in the most efficient way possible?Find the best office moving specialist company by collecting and comparing multiple moving quotes.
There have been many cases of fraudulent movers across the country. It is of utmost importance that offices and companies seeking to relocate hire a trusted commercial mover.Hiring an unrepeatable mover can be dangerous as there is a high risk of your valuables and belongings getting lost or damaged. Bad experiences with incompetent movers also include the loss of dollars during the moving process as movers hike up the moving costs and keep hidden costs from the clients. Here are a few characteristics that are important to look for in a reputable commercial moving company. Good reviews  Online review sites are a treasure trove of information that could lead to doing business with a reputable moving company. Customers should read the full reviews and make decisions accordingly. Ask friends, family members and colleagues about experiences they had with commercial movers. If you are working with a real estate agent, ask the agent for a referral.Fair and transparent prices A good moving company is the one that maintains the utmost transparency in its pricing procedures. Make sure that the price charged by a commercial moving company is fair and there are no hidden charges. Be sure to ask about what constitutes an extra fee, and if the company isn’t forthcoming with the information, move on to somebody else. Request at least three different companies to give you an in person estimate. With any industry, you get what you pay for. Accurate quotes To receive a correct estimate, representatives from ethical moving companies will visit the commercial space to assess the weight of the items to be shipped. If you receive a quote on the phone without an onsite assessment, an incorrect quote is likely to be presented. A moving company who attempts to force a customer to sign a blank estimate is a sign of an unethical company. Be sure of what you are signing. Read everything clearly and most importantly make sure there are no surplus charges.A licensed and insured company A trusted commercial moving company will always be licensed and insured. The best benefit of a licensed and insured commercial moving company is that they will provide insurance for the goods that are being moved. Moving office equipment can be risky and can lead to financial losses if items are damaged during the move.Dedicated crewHaving a dedicated crew is important as it shows the professionalism of the company. Quality commercial movers wear company uniforms. Honest movers will have good communication skills; they will be fully engaged with the customers on every step of the moving process. They will submit and follow a detailed action plan and lay out and follow important logistical information. Hire Fitzgerald Commercial MoversFitzmovers is a commercial moving company having years of experience and expertise in the Commercial moving industry. We are one of the most trusted Commercial moving companies in Washington DC. Our commercial movers have successfully completed countless moves and relocations. Refer to our website for reviews and recommendations. For your next office relocation/commercial move, hire our Fitzmovers and make this move a professional one. For more details contact us www.fitzmovers.com  
Your company has decided to relocate. Helping your business relocate is now a top item on your to-do list for the next few months. You know that the process is likely to affect your overall work environment, specific departments and employees at all levels. You need to consider the CEO or executive who is concerned with maintaining productivity and workflow; members of the relocation team who want to simplify the process; and employees who worry that the move will be stressful or unpleasant. After choosing where to relocate, perhaps the most important decision is which commercial moving company to use. Moving companies are not necessarily created equal, and picking the wrong one can be a big and costly problem. Here are helpful tips for finding a mover that will make your relocation a successThe PlanBefore you even start the budgeting process you’ll want to nail down the basics; when do you need to move out, what will be moved, what is the space like in your current and new locations and what will need to be installed in your new space. With this information in hand, you’re ready to outline a comprehensive set of moving costs. Prepare a “scope of work” that identifies what services you’ll need before, during and after the move. While you can select a vendor for each service area, it’s increasingly popular to opt for a “one-stop” relocation company that bundles a range of services into a single contract. This often reduces logistical complexities, moving stress and overall costs. Finally, any reputable mover will provide a free, no-obligation estimate for the project and do a walk-through to understand what the job entailsConsider the costs of :Packing your officeTrucks and transportationTemporary storageInsuranceComputer system installation/phone configurationSpace configurationDisposal of unwanted itemsCorporate relocation is a complicated process in which cost is not the only consideration. What two movers provide may look the same on paper, but how they work with you makes a world of difference.The packing process can seriously stress out your employees and affect their work. Ask movers how they will coordinate with your in-house project manager and what instructions they will provide for your employees. If your furniture or other equipment will need to be stored while the new space is being completed, find out about the mover’s warehousing facilities. What kind of security does it have? Will the conditions meet the requirements of your valuable assets? What about oversize items? If they don’t have their own warehouse, find out if they work with a reputable company that does.InsuranceCarefully determine the value of your property and the extent of liability you are prepare to assume. Prepare to have an extensive discussion with potential movers about levels of coverage, eligibility requirements, liability and methods of damage resolution they offer. Finally, ask the mover for a Certificate of Insurance, which provides you with important protection against property damage and/or workers’ compensation claims.Transparent ricingIt’s important to get a realistic quote so that you’re not bowled over by unexpected charges. Without a doubt, your first priorities are for the mover to lock in your move date, guarantee the maximum cost and provide options for payment terms. Then ask how the company sets pricing, such as by square footage or what assets are being moved. Beware of hidden charges, such as handling bulky items or moving on a weekend. Also find out about their cancellation and postponement policies. Each quote you receive should provide an objective, realistic range of fees. You can look at total costs, as well as a break-down of each element. If there’s anything that’s unclear, ask up front. Finally, as you compare the quotes you've received and don’t fall for pricing that is too good to be true.Action PlanRequire each mover you are considering to submit a detailed action plan along with their cost estimate. This will lay out important logistical information, a schedule of major milestones and other helpful guidelines for your internal relocation team. Find out what other types of support they provide, such as a project manager that will be your single point of contact. Most important, ask yourself if they can be trusted to do as they say and provide a high level of service quality. 
Having a cluttered office or workplace is a big NO-NO. Having a cluttered work place can significantly impact the productivity of the office and increase the stress level of the employees. clutter can really influence the way you work. if the office is too disorganized, it becomes tough for the employees to concentrate and give their best.In this blog we will discuss the tips for decluttering your office and make it organized. So let us begin!Start from the scratch if it is getting way too tough for you to declutter your workplace, you need to start from the scratch. Add the stuff you need little by little. it will be easy for you if you take everything off your stuff and put them in a box and go back to work. after a few days you will get to know what to keep and what to throw or sell making it easy to get rid of the unnecessary items lying around in the house.Organize priority wise After you have decided which items to keep and which items to get rid of, next is deciding where to put these items. If your desk has drawers, organize them in order of importance, keeping the importance things in the front and then the rest. this way, you will know what is kept where and you will easily find the things without creating any mess.Expand your working spaceIf you have a lot of important stuff, you may want to widen your work space or you can invest in extra storage space. You might be thinking that enlarging your work space will cost you a lot but there are a few cost-effective ways to do it rather than buying new furniture. Some of these ways include raising your monitor and mounting shelves to the wall, making use of every single inch of the desk. Working in office is more fun if everything is organized.Create hidden storage If you are a person who doesn’t care to use traditional shelves, you can use pegboards for hiding cables, routers and other wires which make a work place look messy and disorganized.You can hide such wires and other things on the back of your monitor by using clips and magnets to keep the wires hidden and organized.clean up your desk every evening No matter how much you try to keep your workplace clean, it is normal that it will get messy again at the end of the day. It is important to clean up your desk regularly otherwise your working space will become messier over time.to stay organized, clean your desk every evening at the end of the day every day. It will not even take much of your time and when you will come to the work place next day, you will also feel motivated.Don’t overdo it We all want a clean and organized work place and it’s important to keep it clean and organized but one must not overdo it. Becoming obsessive with maintaining a clean and organized office will take a lot of your time which you could have spent working. You must not spend all your time organizing the work place. If your office looks good enough, it’s the time to stop worrying about decluttering and get back to work.Decluttering before Moving Moving is a great time to declutter your office since there will be less items to move after decluttering. This will help you in organizing your office without any unwanted items. You will be able to invest your time in other things instead of moving junk that you don’t even need.Need some help? Hire our professional movers.If you have little time before moving or if you are not able to handle everything by your own, you can always get some help from a trusted home moving company such as Fiztmovers. As a trusted home and commercial moving company, our movers can also handle a number of other tasks to help you make the move as easy and stress-free as possible.You can count on us and our movers as they are professional and highly trained. Our movers will move your stuff safely and efficiently without giving any reason to complain.IF you have a move coming up and looking for a trusted home moving company, Fitzmovers  is just a call away. Get in touch with us for more details.
Are you planning an office move anytime soon? If yes, we are sure you must have had planned something. Well of course a lot of things have to be planned before initiating an office move. moving to a new place to accommodate business expansion is what every business owner dreams of. It comes however, with its own set of challenges.Here are top 5 challenges that you may come across while office move. let us discuss them.Productivity lossesOffice relocation is one of the most difficult move you will ever come across. You will need to pre-plan everything before finally making the move. No matter how big the move is, you will at least need two days to pack everything. It is impossible to not have productivity losses before, during and after the move. plan accordingly and accommodate productivity losses in your schedule.Another thing you can do is allow your employees to work from home while the office is being shifted. Although it might have its own challenges but at least the work will continue till the new office is ready.Injuries while moving The most important thing to take care of while moving is the safety. you must know how to properly lift and move objects. Ensure that proper tools are available such as gloves with grip, safety glasses etc.Also make sure to not lift heavy weight. The best you can do to avoid the injuries is hire an office moving company who will do the lifting part with utmost care. An office relocation company like Fiztmovers can be your prime choice for fulfilling all the office moving necessities.Coordination among the employees Let it be anything, if there’s no coordination, the task will not be completed with perfection. Another major challenge that you face while office relocation is the lack of coordination. Keeping everyone on the same page is difficult.Keep your employees well informed about the move. Give them proper instructions when to pack their desks and when and how to arrive at the new location. They should be informed about all the changes that happen while moving. The lack of coordination can be a big problem while office relocation. the best way to maintain the coordination is by keeping them well informed and involving them in the moving as much as possible.Going over budget Staying with a set budget can be tough while office moving. It’s tough to be able to prepare for the expenses that are unforeseeable. Planning is the key and you can even hire a planner that can set the budget and stick to it.Hiring trusted moving companies will be helpful in this matter as they provide a clear and transparent moving budget and do not keep any hidden costs. A trusted company like Fitzmovers can really pull the tension off your shoulders and provide an easy and tension-free move.Furnishing the new office You can either furnish your office with everything new like new to give it a new and fresh look or you can take everything from your old office to the new one. The choice is yours. If you can afford it, there is no harm in giving it an entirely new look but if you are already running short on budget, the wiser thing would be to use all the stuff from the old office as it will save a lot of amount. One more thing you can do is selling away some of the old furniture and buying new one with that amount. Just make sure to avoid the unnecessary expenses.Know that moving is a stressful task and equally expensive. Try to maintain the budget by avoiding the unnecessary expenses for a few months. You can then buy the new furniture after some time if you want to.Have an upcoming office move? Fitzmovers is just a call away!We are trusted office relocation company providing quality services effortlessly. We have a specialized team who have experience and are trained enough. Hire us for your next office relocation and get the best and tension-free moving experience without any tensions. We take utmost care of your belongings and deliver them safely.For more details, get in touch with us. 
When it comes to commercial move, the risks are double.People get so busy while moving that they forget to take proper rest and even skip meals.Broken hands, fingers and toesIt is yet very common hand, fingers or toes injury while commercial moving.Following these tips will help you prevent injuries on your hands, fingers and toes.Sharp objects can cause cuts or scrapes during the moving process.
Moving your office to Washington DC? Well first of all, congratulations! It’s a great place with a lot of opportunities. As we know how complicated a task moving is and equally time consuming and tiring too. It requires a lot of time and efforts and if you think you can do it by your own, we think that’s courageous as it is a very difficult thing. But for those who want to hire professional movers for their commercial move in Washington, your search ends at Fitzmovers which is a home and commercial moving company in Washington DC and has a team of experts who know Washington inside out and are efficient, hardworking and professional.Now you must be thinking what makes fitzmovers special, we have the answers to all your questions.Here are the services that we provide-Local and distant moving We excel in both local and long distance moving. We have experienced movers who have done both local and long distance moving and we can say that they are trained enough to carry on any move. your commercial belongings such as machinery and furniture will be delivered to you on time and with utmost care. We care for you and your belongings and make sure you have a pleasant moving experience with us.Reliable pricing option we offer different pricing method depending upon the client’s needs. We make sure that all your needs are covered. We offer different options such as if it’s a small move, we can provide services on hourly basis or we can provide a fixed price guarantee. Our goal is to maintain the transparency and provide fair and unbeatable home moving services.Highly secured storage services We provide storage services for your valuables. We take complete care of your valuable assets and make sure to keep an eye on your essentials. We provide 24-hour security and we have CCTV cameras set up in the warehouses so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff.We take care of your belongings We know when you choose us for your move, you trust us with your belongings and we make sure to satisfy your needs. We take care of your machinery and furniture as we know they are precious and important for your business. We keep them safe and secure and deliver them safely without any damage.Fast and reliable We do not believe in delaying the delivery unnecessary. We make sure to complete the move on the promised time as we know you want all your furniture and fixtures in your new office as soon as you move there. We try to complete the move as soon as possible so that you can start the office on time.Support teamWe offer great support to our clients. During the move, if you come across any issue or have any questions or queries, we are there to answer you and solve your issues. Our support team is super active and respond as soon as possible.Hire professional commercial movers from fitzmoversFiztmovers is a home and commercial moving company in Washington DC providing quality moving services for both local and long distance moves. We have highly professional and trained experts who have deep knowledge of the industry and have completed many successful moves in the past.Hire our professional movers for your next commercial move to Washington DC. We will make sure you have no stress as we will take care of everything from packing, moving to storage and finally delivering to your new workplace.If you are looking for most relevant, reliable, friendly, secured and cost-effective commercial moving services, Fitzmovers is just one call away!For any more details and assistance, write to us or just call us and we are there to assist you. Get in touch with us today.  
Well, you might be planning for an upcoming move and must be worried about it. It is quite natural to be worried about a move as there is a lot of planning and physical work required. You might be thinking when to move, which season will be right to move and what all to prepare and how to prepare. From fall to winter to spring to summers, each season has its benefits as well as limitations. Whether you are doing it yourself or thinking of hiring a professional moving company, be very sure about when you want to move. it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each season and then decide which season will be the most suitable for you. So in this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of move in different seasons so that you can decide which season will be most preferable for you. so let us begin.Fall/autumnThe fall lasts from September to November and the weather during these months are undoubtedly pleasant. With the temperatures cooling down, moving can be a pleasant experience as compared to the hot, humid conditions of the summer. The second benefit is that you will be settled in your new home before Christmas holidays and new year’s. On the other hand, moving in fall is quite difficult if you have school going students. Moving children during this time has its own set of challenges.WintersThe very first and basic benefit of moving in winter is that it is comparatively cheaper to move in winters. During the winters, there is less demand of moving companies and thus, the moving during winters will be comparatively cheaper. As the movers will not be busy, they will be more likely to meet your scheduling needs. Winters can get unbelievable cold and freezing which makes many drop the idea of moving in winters. During winters, ice and snow can result in dangerous driving conditions for movers and that might can be a trouble for your goods.SpringAs we all are fond of this season, moving during spring is pleasant. Apart from that, the months of March, April and May experience much less demand. This means moving companies will be cheaper and readily available to carry out the move. on the top of that, weather during these months will not be harsh. The weather is generally mind and pleasant. Again everything has a drawback and so does moving in Spring season. It will be a challenge for the school going students to move during the spring. With exams and all that pressure, it might not be an ideal time for the families to carry on the move. Summers The home-selling season is the summer season which means you will get a good deal if you sell your house in summer. The school going children also have their holidays in the summers which makes it easy for the families to move in this season. During summers the days are longer which is another reason why it is beneficial to move in summer. Well, the major reason why people hesitate or don’t move during summers is the high price tag and unavailability of the moving companies and movers due to high demand. Even if you hire movers for the long distance move, it may get longer to deliver your things. The biggest reason, the hot and humid weather of summer makes many drop the idea as moving during summers in such heat is not ideal for all. So, when is the best time to move?You and only you can decide that for yourself depending on your needs, budget and preferences. Also the school going students have to be kept in mind. For those who have a low budget can move in off season such as fall, winter or spring move. those for whom budget isn’t an issue, can go for summer move. No matter which season you choose, go for mid-week or mid-month date. It will save you a lot of bucks. Apart from that, every decision depends on you so choose wisely.Fitzmovers is a commercial moving company that helps you in moving your things in all the mentioned seasons. We will be there to guide you and help you in delivering all your stuff to your new place for both short and long distances. Hire our expert movers and get the benefit of safest, secure and efficient all-season moving.For any details, get in touch with us. Get a free quote from us.