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Zombie slayer Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) will return to The Walking Dead, but in a movie that will debut in theaters instead of AMC's TV network.Fans were shown a new teaser trailer for The Walking Dead movie at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday during The Walking Dead panel.The short teaser trailer shows the helicopter that carried an almost-dead Grimes flying off to an unknown destination where there are very tall buildings.The teaser simply states, "Rick Grimes Returns: Only in theaters."The official AMC Twitter account confirmed that the untitled Walking Dead movie will be distributed by Universal Pictures.Additional cast information and a release date has yet to be revealed.
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Analysis American internet users are, seemingly, getting a quarter of the internet speed they are paying for.After compiling readings from over 380,000 individual users across the state, the results were even worse than expected: internet users are getting just 6.3 Mbps on average despite official US government statistics saying the figure was four times higher at 25Mbps.That is critical not just because it means people have to wait longer to download information from the internet but because the entire structure of oversight that is designed to make sure there is adequate broadband across the US is built around the 25Mbps figure.The survey went to some lengths to make sure its findings can't be undercut by cable industry lobbyists.For example, average speed in specific neighborhoods was calculated for every IP address where the latitude and longitude of the IP address was inside the neighborhood.That careful and in-depth approach to calculating internet speeds stands in stark contrast to the system and methods used by the cable companies and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which lawmakers, broadband advocates, smaller ISPs and even some FCC Commissioners have been complaining about for years.
Google is hunting official permission to keep supplying Android to Huawei, the Chinese phone-maker claims, as uncertainty around the US government’s blacklist on trade continues to overshadow its device roadmap.Huawei Hongmeng OS, reports earlier suggested, isn’t the Android alternative for phones that has previously been described.Instead, the platform is said to be focused on very different segments, such as Internet of Things devices and smart TVs.Instead it’s hoping Google gains permission from the US Department of Commerce to continue collaborating.Google has apparently applied for an export license with the US DoC, which would permit it to supply Android to Huawei despite the latter being on the so-called Entity List.That’s the trading blacklist which prevents any American company not explicitly licensed from doing business with a foreign firm.
If you're a fan of Parrot's Swing or Mambo toy mini drones, you might want to snag one while you still can.The French drone maker is reportedly pulling out of the mini drone market and will shutter all of its drone lines except for its flagship Anafi drones.Tech site Wirecutter on Thursday tweeted that it "got official confirmation" that Parrot was pulling out of the mini drone market.In an email Friday, a representative for Parrot said the Anafi drone is the future for the company.@wirecutter got official confirmation today that @Parrot is indeed pulling out of the mini drone market.Websites like Amazon have slowly been running out of stock.
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From the early leaked image, through to confirmation that the button-blasted cabin really was official, it’s been clear that it’s the accommodations which will be most controversial in the new mid-engined sports car.Chevy is particularly pleased about its cabin design.One aspect Chevrolet has focused on is the blend of physical and virtual controls, and it’s there where opinion is most clearly split.“You’ll notice the only knob on the audio system is the volume control, and that’s because it’s the most frequently used,” Phil Zak, executive design director for Chevrolet, pointed out during the big unveil.On the one hand there’s a new touchscreen in the center console, used to interact with the automaker’s newest infotainment system and things like the updated Performance Data Recorder that now doubles as a dashcam.The steering wheel gets the usual cruise control and multimedia shortcuts, but also a dedicated “Z” mode button which instantly summons your preconfigured perfect settings for things like the engine, transmission, suspension, and active exhaust.
This Saturday, July 20, the world celebrates 50 years since the Apollo 11 lunar module made its historic landing on the Moon.Across the country, there will be many celebrations and events to mark the anniversary.NASA is holding a range of free events via its official social media channels and on NASA TV.Here are some noteworthy ones taking place offline:Apollo 50: Go for the MoonThe Smithsonian is one of several major institutions marking the milestone.
We still haven’t heard a word of official information about the supposedly-upcoming Xiaomi Pocophone F2, the follow-up to last year’s bonafide hit, the Pocophone F1.Today though, we did get a piece of somewhat-related news: Jai Mani, the head of product at Poco, has left Xiaomi (via Android Central).Mani had been with Xiaomi for almost five years, starting with Xiaomi India in 2014.By 2018, he was leading the brand new sub-brand Poco, which launched the Pocophone F1 seemingly out of nowhere.The device took the smartphone industry by storm since it offered high-end specs for a crazy low price of $300.According to Mani, Poco was able to leverage the vast infrastructure of Xiaomi to keep the Pocophone F1’s price so low.
Time to bust out the eye glitter -- Netflix has snagged the rights to one of the world's longest-running live TV events, confirming that it will air the 2019 and 2020 Eurovision Song Contest broadcasts in the US.While Netflix will not air the competition live, it's a big win for US fans who were left without an official channel to watch the contest this year.It also marks an interesting shift into event television for the company, which has long stuck to movies, TV series and its own original produced content.While Netflix won't air the broadcasts live, picking up a live show that draws as many as 200 million viewers around the world could herald a bigger shift for the streaming company.Under the deal, Netflix picks up the US video-on-demand rights to the two Eurovision semifinals and the grand final.All three broadcasts from the 2019 contest will land on Netflix on Monday, July 22.
Frank Pearce, one of Blizzard Entertainment's three original founding staffers, announced his intention to leave the game-making company on Friday, effective immediately.Pearce's announcement came via a Friday blog post at Blizzard's official site, which was appended with a note from current Blizzard president J. Allen Brack.The combined blog post indicates that last year, Pearce "stepped into an advisory role to help with the transition," which seems to indicate that his departure has been some time coming.It's unclear whether this advisory-transition period began anywhere near the time another Blizzard co-founder, Mike Morhaime, left the company in October 2018.The departure of Pearce as chief development officer leaves only one of Blizzard Entertainment's original co-founders, Allen Adham, at the helm.Adham returned to Blizzard in 2016 after a ten-year game-development hiatus to become the company's senior vice president.
No one starts their hiring process by saying, “Today I’m going to make some biased hiring decisions.” But those decisions happen every day, and the advertising industry—despite some agencies’ best efforts—remains far too homogenous, with some groups significantly underrepresented.One reason bias is so pervasive is that it’s part of human nature.But in the workplace, bias is like a disease, and it’s only going to get worse unless companies take deliberate steps to address it.Here are three areas where unconscious bias has the biggest effect on hiring decisions and how agencies can fight back.This means that even if you have a great referral come in, you should still conduct comprehensive, formal job searches and openly post official job descriptions for available roles.Explain to employees that referrals should be considered a way to welcome underrepresented people into the industry.
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Somehow, 50 years ago a pair of human beings walked on the Moon for the first time in history as part of Apollo 11.I’m pretty sure that I’ll never get to follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.It is the result of a lot of planning and central leadership.But I also love the notion of unofficial cinematic universes like the USSPCU (or the United States Space Program Cinematic Universe) as flim critic Patrick Willems coined.The same sort of accidental canons happen in gaming — although it has less to do with stories and characters than it does with overlapping gameplay ideas.Gaming certainly has built up a canon of games that fit under the idea of space exploration, and you would probably get fewer strange looks if you referred to that as a “genre.” But I think the idea of a gaming universe can deliver a more narrow focus on a specific feeling.
At the 19th Privacy Enhancement Technology Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden, Boston University researchers announced a new vulnerability in the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication protocol.This could cause a large number of devices to leak user identity information.Apple and Microsoft systems are not safe but Android is.Specifically, this vulnerability exists in the identification extraction of the Bluetooth low energy protocol.Most Bluetooth devices generate a random MAC address when paired and automatically reconfigure periodically.However, with a specific algorithm, the Bluetooth connection can still be recognized even if the Bluetooth MAC address changes.
However, in some cases, those updates can still take a while to get to you, so you might be wondering how to update OnePlus software as soon as it lands.Usually, OnePlus posts an official announcement of a new update to Oxygen OS — its proprietary Android skin that appears on all its phones — and then incrementally rolls out that update.In other words, if you bought your OnePlus device from T-Mobile or another carrier instead of from OnePlus directly or another standard retailer, this guide won’t work for you.Secondly, this guide assumes you have a completely unmodified version of an unlocked OnePlus smartphone.Chances are very, very good that everything will go as expected if you follow the instructions below to the letter, but there’s always the chance that something could go wrong.How to update OnePlus software: The hard way
Technically, Wednesday night is "preview night"—there are events, but the big panels, where stars make appearances to talk about their movie or TV show, don't start until Thursday.But last night, before some convention-goers had even picked up their badges, Conan O'Brien took the stage at the Spreckels Theater in San Diego and introduced the A-list cast of It Chapter Two: Jessica Chastain, James McEvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, and Jay Ryan.The group, along with director Andy Muschietti, then held court, showing clips and sharing stories, for an hour and a half—longer than any single movie typically ever gets at Comic-Con.The event isn't an official Comic-Con event—fans snagged tickets online—and in a year when New Line parent company Warner Bros. somewhat famously bowed out of their big Hall H presentation slot on Saturday, it's says something about the state of the event.For years, Hollywood studios—Warner Bros., Marvel, Paramount—charged into San Diego in an attempt to get the crowds hyped for their comic-book adaptations and genre fare.Comic-Con has long been a necessary stop on the movie marketing circuit, as essential as splashy red-carpet premieres.
Almost every high-profile phone gets one form of teardown or another.Sometimes it’s for the sake of discovering what’s inside.Others, like iFixit and JerryRigEverything, try to test how easy or hard it will be to fix the device outside of official service centers.It can, however, also be a chance for some to advertise their product.That may be the case for Xiaomi’s latest video that shows the new Mi A3 being torn down, showing off its modular components at the same time.Xiaomi just recently announced the Mi A3, its unexpected third Android One phone.
Parrot announced the AR.Drone back at CES 2010, three years before DJI’s Phantom 1.It was a seemingly odd move by a company best known for making bluetooth speakers and headsets, but over the years it’s continued to release fairly novel takes on the growing category.Two years back, the French company announced its intentions to shift product away from consumer focused device.Since then, it’s been slowly scaling things back, this week confirming a Wirecutter report that it’s leaving the toys behind.@wirecutter got official confirmation today that @Parrot is indeed pulling out of the mini drone market.Websites like Amazon have slowly been running out of stock.