Terry O'Neill/Getty ImagesLast year, an editor at Del Rey, the sci-fi/fantasy imprint that publishes many of the Star Wars books, called up the writer Claudia Gray.This being Star Wars, there s really only one possibility who she means: Senator Leia Organa, onetime heiress of the royal house of Alderan—and a linchpin of George Lucas saga.New Canon FodderWhile Leia had become a general by the events of The Force Awakens, it s politics that are central to Gray s book, Bloodline, which came out earlier this month.The man Leia s with, a political opponent-turned-collaborator named Ransolm Casterfo, expects her to panic as they re pursued through an underground cavern by yellow-green aliens.Not only did she orchestrate key missions and save the boys countless times, but she also—in what Gray says must have been a legend throughout the cosmos—strangled Jabba with his own chain.It didn t matter that the Alien movies made money, or that Terminator 2 made money.
View photosMoreLetters spell the word "Alphabet" as they are seen on a computer screen with a Google search page in this photo illustration taken in Paris, France, August 11, 2015.REUTERS/Pascal RossignolSAN FRANCISCO Reuters - Oracle Corp filed a multibillion-dollar copyright lawsuit against Google because Oracle failed in its own attempts to enter the smartphone market, a Google attorney said in closing arguments on Monday.A trial in 2012 ended in a deadlocked jury, and if the current jury rules against Google on fair use, then it would consider Oracle's request for about $9 billion in damages.But Oracle was never able to build a smartphone of its own, Van Nest said, so it decided to accuse Google of unfair copying instead.Bicks presented internal Google documents, in which company executives contemplated being "out of business in 10 years" if they did not quickly enter the mobile market."They knew they were breaking the rules, they knew they were taking short cuts, and they knew it was wrong," Bicks said.
Automaker Toyota today announced that it s investing an unspecified amount of money in app-enabled alternative cab service Uber — through Toyota Financial Services and Mirai Creation Investment Limited Partnership — and also partnering with the startup around ridesharing.The companies have entered into a memorandum of understanding MOU to explore collaboration, starting with trials, in the world of ridesharing in countries where ridesharing is expanding, taking various factors into account such as regulations, business conditions, and customer needs, Toyota said in a statement.According to the statement, there will be new ways to lease Toyotas and then earn money to cover their monthly payments by driving for Uber, and Uber will buy new Toyotas and Lexuses.But also, the two companies will be sharing knowledge and accelerating their respective research efforts.The two companies are very different but have some overlap.Uber, which currently relies on human drivers to take passengers around, is working on an autonomous vehicle, while Toyota has begun artificial intelligence AI research in collaboration with MIT and Stanford University for helping humans drive more safely.Elsewhere, earlier this month Google said it s working with Fiat Chrysler to deliver self-driving minivans.Tesla, meanwhile, is reported to be working with South Korean company to Mando to extend its self-driving capability.GM has acquired the technology and assets of onetime Uber competitor Sidecar, and it has also acquired Cruise Automation.And most important of all, GM has sunk $500 million into Lyft.Earlier today it was announced that VW has invested $300 million in smaller Uber competitor Gett.We are proud to partner with Toyota in a variety of ways, including the expansion of our vehicle financing program, an Uber spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email.San Francisco-based Uber is believed to be the most valuable privately held company in the world.
A July disclosure through the Federal Election Commission offered voters a close look at Donald Trump's onetime stock portfolio, which he liquidated by January 2014 in preparation for his bid for the presidency.These 10 stocks were his biggest winners.For more, read When The Donald Dabbled In Stocks.Note purchase and sale prices are averages.Sources: FEC, FactSet, Forbes research
Inc. s quarterly revenue exceeded analysts estimates, a glimmer of success for Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer and her efforts to bring in advertising dollars as investors await the conclusion of the web portal s sale process.While sales fell less than analysts projected, investors remain preoccupied with the potential sale of Yahoo s web businesses -- a process that could soon reach its finale, with bids due Monday.Suitors so far have included Verizon Communications Inc., AT Inc. and private equity firms -- and earlier offers have ranged in price from about $3.75 billion to $6 billion, depending on what assets are part of the bid.While Mayer s four-year attempt to revive the onetime web leader has faltered, the company has touted its massive user base and progressive advertising services as assets a buyer could leverage.
It s hard to know how to protect your personal security online with data breaches happening at businesses and institutions all the time.But one thing you may have heard, includingon Slate, is that enabling two-factor authentication also called multi-factor authentication or two-step verification is a relatively easy way to secure your digital accounts.
One of the most powerful men at Oracle, Thomas Kurian, has been tasked with a big job.As the president who heads engineering and product development and reports to executive chairman Larry Ellison, he needs to to turn Oracle into a major player in the cloud-computing market — pronto.The always competitive Ellison has set a big, hairy goal for Oracle: He wants the company to race ahead of longtime rival Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce and Ellison's onetime protégé, and hit $10 billion in cloud revenue before Salesforce does.Salesforce is on track to do $8.3 billion in revenue in its current 2016 fiscal year, it says, and analysts expect it to hit $10 billion next year.Oracle will need to more than triple revenue in a matter of months to do that.In its last fiscal year, announced in June, it hit total loud revenues of just under $3 billion.So there's no time to waste.Kurian and his team are shopping for cloud companies to boost revenue, including its $9 billion purchase of NetSuite, a company mostly owned by Ellison, announced last week.And Kurian is spending $2 billion a year building data centers for Oracle and a cloud network to be able to grow its own cloud business fast, Kurian told The New York Times.Respect and profanityKurian, who has been at Oracle for 20 years, has won Ellison's respect in a couple of ways, people who have worked with him have told Business Insider.The Times reports that as a manager, Kurian is known to be both soft-spoken and tough.For instance, he's demanding in meetings, wanting to people to cut to the chase on their slides to get to the part where they discuss problems.If there are no problems, he's been known to cancel the meeting.There are no self-congratulatory, all-is-well meetings with him.And if there are too many problems?
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is not happy at the thought that hisMike Pence, might soon be a key player in the nation's next White House administration, he told an audience at the Disrupt tech conference in San Francisco on"One of the things that's very important to us at Salesforce isBut he warned that the bigger battle over equality isn't over
But a series of random events led the biochemistry major from New Mexico to where he is today — partner and chief informationHe also breaks the mold of a typical Wall Street executive. onetime tech startup founder, he is part of a small group of senior Latino executives at Goldman; just 3.5% of the firm's senior officials and managers identify as Hispanic or Latino.
NEW YORK Reuters - John Thaler, the tech, media and telecom stock specialist who shut down his hedge fund firm JAT Capital Management LP in 2015, is considering a return to managing other people's money, including launching a new hedge fund, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.One of the people briefed on his potential plans said no decision is imminent and Thaler, 41, is weighing a range of career options.He might remain a private investor through his family office, JAT Capital Partners, invest in a new asset class outside of stocks, or focus on something besides finance entirely, such as philanthropy, the person said.Thaler declined to comment through an external spokeswoman.The two sources were not authorized to speak publicly.Thaler launched Greenwich, Connecticut-based JAT in 2007 after working at Chris Shumway's hedge fund firm Shumway Capital.
Financial opinions around Tesla are once again lurching wildly.This always seems to happen when there's a moment to reassess the electric-car maker's stock.On Sunday, Tesla announced that it had greatly exceeded delivery expectations for the third quarter, with 24,500 vehicles officially sold to customers.That news didn't send the stock on a run.After a modest 5% bump, Tesla shares slipped back to around $210.Then they fell off a cliff on Thursday, when Goldman Sachs downgraded its Tesla rating to "neutral" and dropped its target price to $185 from $240.This follows a much more substantial downgrade by Morgan Stanley's reliable Tesla bull, Adam Jonas, who had earlier pulled back his target price to $245 from a lofty $465.For many analysts, Tesla has nowhere to go but down, given that the company has probably achieved as much rapid growth as was possible and now has all its value effectively "priced in."That situation offers a $30 billion market cap and a return of over 1,000% for the earliest Tesla investors — those who got in back in 2010, when shares were $17.But for the past year, it's been slowly dawning on Tesla analysts that this onetime high-tech, high-growth company out of Silicon Valley isn't the Amazon of automobiles.Rather, it's a maturing carmaker, a new entrant in one of the most capital-intensive businesses yet devised by humans.Burn, baby, burnPutting aside worries about Tesla's other business lines — the $2.6 billion SolarCity acquisition, the emerging energy-storage enterprise, the $6 billion battery factory in Nevada — all attention has now shifted to near certainty that Tesla will once again need to sell shares to raise money, several billion in all likelihood.Market observers have griped that there's a deep conflict of interest between banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs grabbing Tesla's stock issuances at the same time they're making calls on its share price, but at the moment, those banks look as though they're trimming their expectations for Tesla as an investment.Tesla isn't going to get a free pass on its capital burn forever.
The Pokémon phenomenon is showing no signs of stopping.Nintendo reports that its latest series sequels, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, are now the fastest-selling video games in Nintendo of America s history, breaking the company s previous regional sales records by a significant margin.Since launching earlier this month, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon have sold a combined total of 3.7 million units in the Americas, surpassing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y s previous launch-window regional sales record by 85 percent.More: Pokémon Sun, Moon could be making their way to Nintendo SwitchOriginally appearing on Nintendo s monochrome Game Boy handheld console, the Pokémon series recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, leading to a resurgence in popularity.Nintendo commemorated the anniversary by launching 3DS Virtual Console versions of the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue games in February, welcoming onetime fans back into its monster-collecting digital realm.
Pebble's Time 2 will be its swan song.Pebble, the onetime darling of Kickstarter backers everywhere, has had a rough year.Despite the launch of the Pebble 2 this fall, the company had to lay off 25 percent of its workforce in March.And late last week, news broke that it would be selling to fitness wearable company FitBit for somewhere between $34 and $40 million.That paltry sum is about half of the $70 million that Intel allegedly offered for the company in early 2016, and it's just a fraction of the $740 million that Citizen reportedly offered in 2015.It's also a little less than the roughly $43 million that the company has cumulatively raised across its $10.2 million, $20.3 million, and $12.8 million Kickstarter pledge drives since April 2012.
When a fight becomes more personal, it s less about the technical aspects and more about the visual violence and drama, and the desire for inciting pain and injury to your sworn enemy.Jason Bourne has never been a man to take anything put in front of him lightly.And in Jason Bourne, out today from Universal on 4K UltraHD Blu-ray and other formats, the onetime elite officer played to the hilt of intensity by Matt Damon is involved in some of the most brutal and visceral fight scenes in the entire film series, many of them thanks to the efforts of fight coordinator and martial arts master Roger Yuan Skyfall, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon .Roger Yuan: chuckles Well, you know, Matt s always been a very, very hard worker and a very astute student, whether it s when he s with his own boxing coach or when he s with us while we re doing the fight sequences.both chuckle So you also have to take into account that, because Jason Bourne is a little bit older, it s less about the amount of techniques used but more about the condensation of skill and how more effectively and more efficiently an older Bourne would hit, when he would hit, and how he chooses to fight.The film s end fight sequence is between Bourne and the Treadstone Asset who was before him.
At first glance the answer is nothing of course.However, when you peel back the layers it becomes more apparent that there is one thing connecting them all: The Internet of Things IoT .We are just one month into the new year and one thing has become crystal clear -- businesses have made IoT a top priority for 2017.According to Gartner, there will be 20.8 billion connected devices by 2020.But the impetus behind these investments isn t solely about creating the next ground-breaking, life-altering product or service.It s about driving unprecedented levels of customer loyalty by making people s lives better, safer, healthier and more convenient and then tapping into reoccurring revenue streams that have eluded many businesses for years.
CTIL in cooperation with O2 have been awarded a contract to provide a free WiFi network to businesses, visitors, and residents within London’s Square Mile.The City of London Corporation has announced that O2 will be begin offering a free access public WiFi network within the confines of the Square Mile.The 15 year contract to roll out this new network has been awarded to Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure (CTIL) who will working with O2 to provide free WiFi to businesses, residents, and visitors.The network is expected to be fully operational by Autumn of 2017 and will be more advanced than those used in other areas, such as New York.The high bandwidth of the new network will allow for video streaming following a onetime sign up.Mark Boleat, Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Policy and Resources Committee said: “Free, reliable, high-speed wireless internet is a must for any modern, competitive financial centre.
Mike Huckabee on Monday launched into a lengthy Twitter tirade aimed at the cable provider Comcast.A onetime 2016 Republican presidential hopeful and top surrogate for President Donald Trump, Huckabee tweeted that Comcast's service was so bad, he'd "rather have Obama back as president than have Comcast.""Mafia better service than Comcast," Huckabee tweeted."Sure they shoot you, but it's over with and they don't charge you for the bullet."A representative from Comcast tweeted back at Huckabee, saying they were "happy to assist with your account concerns" and to direct message them his address or phone number.A Comcast representative did not immediately return a request for comment from Business Insider.Here's Huckabee's full tweetstorm: Is @comcast the United AL version of cable/internet/phone?Has anyone else had DEPLORABLE dealings with @comcast?Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) April 17, [email protected] is now operated by the N. Korean missile launch team.
Pinchas Gutter has returned to Majdanek at least a dozen times, but this trip is his final one to the onetime Nazi concentration camp.As he rides up to the shuttered camp in the backseat of a chauffeured sedan, he talks about why he’s told his story so many times.Without that living, breathing reminder, the Holocaust becomes easy to forget—or even deny.That’s why his trip to Majdanek, and the horrific experiences he recounts in the camp’s barracks and crematorium, are being preserved with virtual reality—thanks to the USC Shoah Foundation.The Last Goodbye, which is debuting at this week’s Tribeca Film Festival, is a 17-minute VR experience that the Holocaust remembrance foundation produced expressly to add to its archive of survivor testimonies.Just last week White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, referencing Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s use of sarin gas, said that Adolf Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” The misstep led human-rights nonprofit Anne Frank Center to call on President Trump to fire Spicer.
Nokia Corp., once the world’s undisputed cellphone superpower, is attempting a consumer-electronics comeback.Its strategy: sell $100 bathroom scales.The company stopped selling personal devices in 2014, when it sold its slumping mobile-phone division to Microsoft Corp.Instead, it focused on making equipment for cellular towers and other infrastructure that enables modern communication.Believing its consumer brand still...
Onetime Sun CEO Scott McNealy sees some of the legendary company's vision coming to fruition in an IoT "data bus" from a small Silicon Valley outfit called Real-Time Innovations.On Tuesday, McNealy became the first member of RTI's Advisory Board.RTI's data bus is middleware for delivering the right information at the right time to all the people and systems that need it.Large industrial IoT environments like power plants and hospitals use databases to store information that's already been collected, but they also need a data bus for the new bits that are constantly emerging, RTI President and CEO Stan Schneider said.In modern IoT architectures, that data has to be sent to many different systems for automated operations.The data bus makes sure that exactly 100 times per second, a report is sent from each turbine so management systems can know about and respond to any problems.