Sadiq Khan has won the London mayoralty for Labour despite a late Tory surge in the capital.Khan clinched a second term at City Hall after winning 45% to challenger Shaun Bailey’s 35%.He won a total of 1,206,034 (55.2%) votes to Bailey’s 977,601 (44.8%), on a turnout of 42%.The London mayor’s win followed more comprehensive metro mayoral victories for Andy Burnham in greater Manchester and Steve Rotheram in Liverpool.  Labour also triumphed in the Welsh parliament.Khan’s win, plus other victories for Labour in the West of England and Cambridgeshire mayoral races, provided much needed relief for Keir Starmer after heavy defeats to the Tories in the Hartlepool by-election and other parts of England.Every opinion poll for months had given Khan a lead of 15 points. One poll put him on a massive 50%, nearly winning on first preferences, but the actual London result was much tighter.Several Labour activists reported difficulty in motivating the party’s inner city working class vote, while the Conservatives mobilised their forces in outer London.In the end, Khan held off the Tory surge and Labour performed even better in London Assembly seats.Khan’s vote dipped by 4.2% on his 2016 result, while Bailey narrowly increased the Tory share from Zac Goldsmith’s performance that year.Green party candidate Siân Berry polled 7.8%, up 2% on five years ago, while the Lib Dems’ Luisa Porritt managed 4.4%, down slightly.Among the minority party candidates, YouTuber independent Niko Omilana (49,628 votes) came in 5th place, beating the Reclaim Party’s Laurence Fox (47,634).Joke candidate Count Binface came in 9th place beating Jeremy Corbyn’s conspiracy theorist brother Piers, who came 11th.In his victory speech, Khan called for unity. “The scars of Brexit remain, a crude culture war is pushing us further apart. We must use this moment of national recovery to heal those divisions.“Coronavirus doesn’t care if you are a Brexiteer, a Remainer or woke.”Thank you London. It’s the absolute honour of my life to serve the city I love for another three years. I’ll leave no stone unturned to get our city back on its feet. A brighter future is possible, and we’ll deliver it together.— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) May 8, 2021However, Starmer’s troubles in the north continued as his party lost control of Durham County Council for the first time in a century, after the Tories took 14 seats and Labour lost 21.In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon was reinstalled as first minister as the SNP fell just short of an overall majority in the Holyrood parliament.After her party’s fourth successive victory in the Scottish parliament elections, Sturgeon said her win was a mandate for a new independence referendum. Boris Johnson received yet another boost when Tory Andy Street retained the West Midlands metro mayoralty with an increased share of the vote.Related...Angela Rayner Sacked As Party Chair And Campaigns Chief By Keir StarmerWhat Next For Sir Keir Starmer After His Knightmare On Brexit Street?Grenfell-Style Cladding Is STILL On More Than 100 High-Rise Buildings
57% of all voters said they do not believe Trump succeeded in his campaign goal to "Make America great again," according to a Morning Consult poll.
Trump's approval with Republicans has plummeted 17 percentage points since August, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.
Of the 1,059 respondents, 55% said the trial should happen before Trump's term ends, though they differed on the timing of a conviction vote.
Less than one-fifth of Americans say President Donald Trump is blameless for the riot at the Capitol, according to a new Insider poll.
Of nearly 1,060 respondents, those who think the president's allegations of voter fraud are credible were much more likely to justify the assault.
The baseless far-right conspiracy theory claims President Donald Trump is secretly fighting a "deep state" cabal of satanic pedophiles and cannibals.
Do you still consider virtual reality as something futuristic?If yes, you should know that this technology is much closer to you than you can even imagine.Nielsen analytical agency gave the world new interesting data.It's opinion poll shows that for today 51% of respondents know what VR or AR means.One year ago only 28% respondents could answer this question.It means that awareness of people about virtual reality has almost doubled during one year.
The new ABC News/Ipsos poll results come as lawmakers once again debate impeaching Trump, this time on a charge of "incitement of an insurrection."
Denise LeGree, 58, says she was "shocked, really shocked" at the voter turnout for this year's historic Georgia runoff elections.
Americans are split on whether Trump should be forcibly removed from office ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, according to a survey.
15% of respondents responded that President Donald Trump was to blame, according to the poll by progressive think tank Data for Progress.
Insider polling shows elected officials rank just above inmates, people who've already had the virus, and the general population under the age of 65.
An NPR/Ipsos poll has revealed that 39% of Americans -and a majority of Republicans - believe a deep state is working against President Donald Trump.
Half of respondents in a new Insider poll said they expect to get a vaccine by the end of March, but experts predict the summertime is more likely.
Only 33% of Trump-voting respondents were in agreement with President Trump's proposal for a stimulus check of $2,000 or more.
76% of respondents told Insider they were adjusting their holiday plans for the 2020 winter holiday season.
By Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds A live, one-question poll at the IAB Brand Disruption Summit in November, 2020, brought to light an issue that has been front and center for most marketers. Over 75 percent of the 130 poll respondents acknowledged that advertising to consumers before they make their first purchase with the […] The post Advertising automation is an underserviced category of marketing appeared first on Digiday.
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Hockey and football fans are the most evenly split, while NASCAR fans heavily back Trump and basketball fans lean the most toward Biden.