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Truvalast  defect and another had a herniated disc in her lower back.Most of the women experienced daily feelings of sexual arousal lasting minutes to hours, while others had orgasms lasting for days or even years.All of the women tried masturbation to relieve their symptoms, but it did nothing to alleviate their pain.Another similarity is the women all suffered from pain in their pelvic area, buttocks or legs.Though PGAD leads to a feeling of being physically aroused, patients do not actually feel any sexual desire, a Michigan woman who has the disorder explained.“I wish the name was different.
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Stumped by the disorder for years, doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital finally found a link between PGAD and damaged nerves in the spine that cause the sensation of arousal in human bodies, states the study published Thursday in PAIN Reports.Doctors conducted the research — which is the first of its kind — on 10 women who developed PGAD symptoms between the ages of 11 and 70 years old.Four women were found to have nerve-root cysts, two showed signs of sensory nerve damage, one was born with a spinal cord defect and another had a herniated disc in her lower back.Another experienced short-lived constant arousal after she abruptly stopped taking an antidepressant.Most of the women experienced daily feelings of sexual arousal lasting minutes to hours, while others had orgasms lasting for days or even years.All of the women tried masturbation to relieve their symptoms, but it did nothing to alleviate their pain.
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