Lenovo has announced a wide range of new tablets and hybrid hardware, all running either Android or Windows 8.1.Follow the links below for a detailed overview of Lenovo’s latest device announcements, all of which fall into its Yoga range of versatile hardware.The standout feature of Lenovo’s Yoga Ultrabooks has always been the clever hinge, which allows the screen to be folded over to create a tent-like stand, rotated around to keep the keyboard out of the way, or laid flat for a tablet-like experience.For the Yoga 3 Pro, Lenovo has redesigned the hinge, likening it to a metal watch band, and building it from 800 pieces of steel and aluminum.Storage is managed by a 256GB SSD, plus there is a 4-in-1 card reader on the 12.8mm chassis.It’s joined by two USB 3.0 sockets, and a Micro HDMI port.
Google offered a point-by-point list of all the new features coming to the next version of Android.Google offered more details about Android N during the I/O keynote Wednesday.It s become an annual tradition to show off a list of what s new during the on-stage presentation.Here s this year s list of updates:Seamless software updatesAndroid Beta ProgramData saverBundled notificationsCustomizable quick settingsHub improvementsQuick settings tile APISecurity hardeningEmergency informationUnicode 9 EmojiFile-based encryptionICU4J APIImproved number blockingLanguage supportJIT compilerLock screen wallpaper supportDirect bootMulti-windowFreeform modePicture-in-picture modeSplit-screen modeNotification controlsRenderscript reducedQuick Switch Display sizeDoze VideoTelephony job-schedulerVR modeSpeech speed improvementsNew languages supportedClear all in overview settingsNavigation drawerNew languages supportedImproved notificationsCamera memory footprint improvementsVisual voicemail improvementsScoped folder accessVulkan APIJava 8Sensor Settings suggestionsDirect replyQuick settings barImproved backup coverageAccessibility settings in setupProject SvelteBetter multitaskingAccessibility support for creating touch eventsAccessibility mono outputVariable text to speech speed improvementsFor comprehensive coverage of the Android ecosystem, visit Greenbot.com.
Sure, Samsung got there first with Touchwiz, and Apple s got it on iOS, but it s great that Google has finally caught up - and even overtaken Apple in some ways.The Recents button is also now called Overview, as you can now tap it to toggle between all your open apps.Now, Doze kicks in whenever the screen is switched off - not just when it s off and the phone is sat still, like it would be at night.A new data saver toggle reduces the amount of data your apps use, and can signal them to use less data wherever possible .You can add a splash of colour with 13 preset themes, but there s no colour palette to make your own choices.We won't know whether the big focus on virtual reality pays off until Daydream-ready phones start shipping, but otherwise it looks like Android fans are on to a winner when the update arrives for their phones.
Here s a handy table of contents to help navigate the post: Introduction: Let s figure out what an SEO audit is all about.How to Perform an SEO Audit Overview Structure of This Guide Technical Audit DNS Settings Server Errors Robots.txt validation 404 Handling and Errors Site Security HTTPs HTML Validation Indexation Structured Data XML Sitemap Malware Scan and Canonical Header Check Site Speed Mobile-Friendly Test On-page Audit Content Audit Main Navigation Footer Navigation URL Analysis NAP Presence HTML Sitemap Breadcrumbs Main Page Content Consistent and Continual Content Production Page-by-page Analysis Off-page Audit Incoming Search Traffic Site Penalties Domain Authority Page Authority Link Quantity Link Velocity Deep Link Ratio TLD Variety Link Trust and Authority Link Topic or Theme Anchor Text Analysis Redirect/Follow/No-follow Ratio Spammy Links Link Attrition Brand Mentions Finishing Touches I ll be the first one to admit it: SEO Audit sounds brain-numbingly boring.Sure, you might have to dive into some of the tech geekery of SEO, but the results that you produce are powerful, game-changing, revenue-impacting, and thoroughly actionable.Quick example: I conducted an SEO audit for a large manufacturing firm selling multi-million dollar processing equipment with a 12-24 month sales cycle.One tech audit, and one month later, they were receiving dozens of inquiries per month.A thorough audit answers questions, solves problems, and produces an array of benefits that you may have never anticipated.
Plenty of work has gone into making our flying robot dreams come true, but we haven t spent a lot of time refining the whole controlling thing.I always thought Jedis had a good thing going with the whole hand-waving approach and it looks like I m not the only one.As part of this year s NASA Space Apps Challenge, an enterprising team of four from Skopje, Macedonia decided to bring a Force-controlled drone future a little closer.By hacking a Sony SmartBand using a combination of home-made ingenuity and open source projects,the team was able to send commands to a drone via simple gestures.If you re up for a super-technical explanation of how it works, there s a post on Medium that provides exactly that.For a more general overview, you can hit up the project s page on NASA s Space Apps site.
Fairing separation: The artist's impression.Pic: ESA / Pierre CarrilEurope's home-grown Galileo satnav system will take another step towards a full constellation tomorrow when satellites 13 and 14 head heavenwards from Kourou in French Guiana.ESA recently fired up Galileos 11 and 12, and said of when we can expect to enjoy metre-accurate satnav: "Initial services will be made available by the end of 2016.Then as the constellation is built-up beyond that, new services will be tested and made available, with system completion scheduled for 2020."There's more on the system's current status in this Galileo 13/14 overview vid:This autumn, ESA will attempt to lift the next four Galileos in one hit using a customised Ariane 5 ES.Ultimately, there will be 24 operational satellites, with six in-orbit spares.
Currently, Comparably has tens of thousands of anonymous ratings for hundreds of companies.What makes Comparably s platform for employee reviews unique is the ability to sort reviews by things like race, gender and years worked at the company.If you take a look at Google, for example, you ll see that 92% of white people report the company having a positive work environment, compared to 88% of Asian people, 75% of black people, 75% of Hispanic people and a whopping zero percent of Native American people.It would be great if your gender or race didn t affect your experience at a company, but since it does, being able to see what it s like to work somewhere for someone of a certain race, gender, sexuality and disability status is important.I asked Jason Nazar, the founder of Comparably, if it s safe to call Comparably a direct Glassdoor competitor.Company pages give you an overview of the executive rating, quality of co-workers, future outlook, etc.
Overwatch's larger than life cast of characters BlizzardOverwatch is here and finally everyone can get a taste of Blizzard's first new IP in almost 20 years.Great for locking down compact areas on defence, but weak against Widowmaker and Roadhog.Great for securing objectives and absorbing damage, but limited kill potential.Overview: The resident archer in Overwatch, Hanzo can dish out massive damage to a single target providing you have a good aim.Overview: Pharah's jetpack and jump ability means that most of her time is spent off the ground, raining rockets down on foes.His speed is a downfall and missed hooks can spell disaster so he is quite a situational pick.
Oracle is suing Google for up to $9 billion.The two were back in court this week, with an all-star list of witnesses.At issue is Google's use of 37 application programming interfaces in its Android software that came from a programming language called Java that's owned by Oracle.The software industry is in a tizzy over this case because if Oracle wins and Google has to pay up, it could set off an explosion of lawsuits in the industry.The trial has been going on for years, across three phases.The jury is currently deliberating.No matter what the jury decides, the loser will likely file an appeal.In the meantime, many stars of the tech world were called to the stand and a lot of memorable things happened.Here's a look at some of those highlights, as well as an overview of what this case is about.View As: One PageSlides
Gabriel ScanuAustralia is the sixth-largest country in the world, a continent-sized island with 16,000 miles of coastline and some of the most striking terrain on the planet.Gabriel Scanu s Instagram offers a stunning overview of it all—literally.His Instagram teems with sheer cliffs, lunar deserts, and turquoise waves photographed from above with a drone.For me that s a really interesting concept and it allows you to view landscapes in a different light.He s flown it over Sydney, Melbourne, and other parts of Southern Australia, and he posted gorgeous photos of the Matterhorn and other European locales during a vacation there.He s fond of beaches, but you ll find shots of the desert, the mountains, and other gorgeous landscapes.
This is actually somewhat surprising considering that the Facebook-owned app actually has far fewer capabilities than its competition.This actually might work to its advantage, however, in developing markets such as Brazil, India, and Mexico, where data is expensive.The lack of more complex features in WhatsApp means that it is less likely to take up a significant portion of users' monthly data plans.On the other hand, WhatsApp's popularity could simply mean that users still want to use messenger apps simply to communicate.Facebook's other chat app, Messenger, placed second overall, as it was the most popular chat app on Android devices in 49 countries.The app is particularly popular in Eastern European nations such as the Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova, where it is reportedly installed on 65% of all Android devices.In the Ukraine, users on average spend at least 16 minutes per session on Viber.Will McKitterick, senior research analyst for BI Intelligence, has compiled a detailed report on messaging apps that takes a close look at the size of the messaging app market, how these apps are changing, and the types of opportunities for monetization that have emerged from the growing audience that uses messaging services daily.Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:Mobile messaging apps are massive.The first stage of the chat app revolution was focused on growth.That will change as messaging companies build out their services and provide more avenues for connecting brands, publishers, and advertisers with users.In full, this report:Gives a high-level overview of the messaging market in the US by comparing total monthly active users for the top chat apps.Examines the user behavior of chat app users, specifically what makes them so attractive to brands, publishers, and advertisers.Identifies what distinguishes chat apps in the West from their counterparts in the East.Discusses the potentially lucrative avenues companies are pursuing to monetize their services.Offers key insights and implications for marketers as they consider interacting with users through these new platforms.To get your copy of this invaluable guide, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.
According to the HP slides, the Omen brand targets the performance gamer with an emphasis on delivering maximum gaming performance per dollar.Based on a brief overview provided to Digital Trends by HP, this developer kit includes two USB Type-A ports, two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, one HDMI port, one audio combo jack, one DC output jack for headphone power, two battery DC input jacks, and one DC input jack for connecting the desktop to a wall outlet.The hardware is housed inside a rounded back chassis with a checkered triangular pattern on the side facing away from the user s back.Also note that Oculus VR actually recommends desktops with three USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 port, along with HDMI output, meaning Oculus Rift owners might not achieve the optimum experience when using the Omen X backpack PC.Given this model is indeed a developer kit, HP has no idea when a final product will be shipped to consumers.However, a representative told Digital Trends that the company will begin showing the VR backpack in demos within the next month.
Photographer: Jonas Ryberg Ericsson believes in VR as a driver for next generation mobile networks. Already more than ten years ago, the entrepreneur and researcher Trevor Blackwell until the robot Monty as he envisaged could be controlled remotely to perform different jobs. The operator who ruled Monty had ten interconnected computer screens to get a sufficient overview of the robot's surroundings. Monty was no product. It has, among others, Swedish Ericsson discovery. In recent years the company has cooperated with both Volvo Construction Equipment and ABB for the remote control of excavators and industrial robots in its stand on the large mobile Mobile World Congress.
According to Huawei, it is the only one of the three largest mobile phone manufacturers that has been able to maintain the pace of growth. Generally speaking, smartphone shipments were falling relative to last year's first quarter. a comprehensive overview of the business according to their own Huawei the first quarter, the company's deliveries increased by 44 percent compared to the same period last year. Research company GfK 15 countries in a comprehensive report, Huawei has increased its sales, especially in Central Europe and the Nordic countries. Huawei has strengthened its position in countries such as Finland, where the company's market share in smartphones in the first quarter was 21.5 per cent. Huawei in addition to voice telephony sales increased tuotekehitysyksikköään Finland.
According to Huawei, it is the only one of the three largest mobile phone manufacturers that has been able to maintain the pace of growth. Generally speaking, smartphone shipments were falling relative to last year's first quarter. a comprehensive overview of the business according to their own Huawei the first quarter, the company's deliveries increased by 44 percent compared to the same period last year. Research company GfK 15 countries in a comprehensive report, Huawei has increased its sales, especially in Central Europe and the Nordic countries. Huawei has strengthened its position in countries such as Finland, where the company's market share in smartphones in the first quarter was 21.5 per cent. Huawei in addition to voice telephony sales increased tuotekehitysyksikköään Finland.
This digital bootcamp includes 2 courses Ajax and XML and is currently discounted a whopping 80%, so you can sign up now for just $39.With over 34 hours of training, you'll add critical skills to your resume.Ajax opens the door to creating sophisticated web-based applications with much more of the logic and therefore code handled on the client.While Ajax allows for more dynamic and responsive applications, it changes the traditional role of JavaScript dramatically and forces developers to rethink how they write and manage JavaScript code.Study Ajax w/ about 24 hours of trainingUse Ajax to make your JavaScript coding more efficientUse any type of operating system Windows, Mac, Linux while taking the courseGet a short overview of the Node.js server features written in JavaScript Use Ajax to ensure web app pages are responsiveGain an essential front-end coding skillIn the XML Extensible Markup Language training class, you''ll learn essential XML skills from scratch.By creating tags, you'll be able to implement structure in a simplistic yet functional way.
Berlin s Brandnew IO has a new influencer marketing platform that helps brands chase people who have become big on social media.In an age when user acquisition costs are soaring, and the effectiveness of ads is in question, marketing to people with a lot of social influence is in.That frees the brands and agencies to focus on more important aspects, such as building influencer relationships and developing engaging concepts.Brandnew CEO Francis Trapp started the company in 2013, when the concept of influencer marketing was still fresh.Brandnew IO works with influencers in 60 countries and handles anyone from small targets to big celebrities.Using the Brandnew platform, brands and agencies can coordinate global or localized influencer marketing campaigns.Product features include a vetted influencer network across 60 markets, the ability to onboard existing influencers to the platform, automated profile tracking, influencer analytics on engagement and audience breakdown, simple campaign setup, and influencer communication.We particularly like that we can onboard influencers we already work with to the Brandnew platform to have an overview when planning new cooperation.
We are thrilled to partner with Hello Vino on this innovative mobile app program to help wine buyers find Root: 1, remarks Michael Friedrich, Director of Marketing at MundoVino.Since wines themselves have unique personalities, it is important for us to utilize an interactive tool like Hello Vino so that we can connect directly with the Root: 1 consumer.Programs conducted through Hello Vino s popular wine recommendation app and its installed base of more than 2 million users result in 29.4% of engaged consumers proceeding with the purchase of 2.4 bottles on average of the promoted brands.For an overview of the Hello Vino program with MundoVino, visit: http://hellovino.com/mundovino About Hello Vino: Hello Vino delivers wine recommendations to mobile devices, acting as a personal wine assistant to consumers looking to purchase wine for a meal, a specific occasion, or according to personal taste preferences.With a portfolio that comprises a comprehensive collection of wineries reflecting the very best of Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, and beyond, MundoVino represents some of the most iconic, family-owned properties in these areas, as well as a new generation of winemakers dedicated to innovation and quality.These producers craft vintages of true character that capture the unique essence of their terroirs, regions, and histories.
It takes a unique strategy to reach the different places on the totem pole.Click scrape at the bottom of the tool, and your results on the right side should look like they did for Alltop.There are some duplicates, and scraping BlogRank brought in the URLs for the RSS feeds as well which we don t want , so we need to clean this list up before we can manipulate and import it.A press kit should include the following:Company OverviewFounder PhotosLogo s Press MentionsProduct Screenshots or photographs The Grasswire press kit included another document we called the Grasswire Story, because the idea that I lived in my car for a few months to get it off the ground was quite compelling.Underwater Audio seals the iPod from the inside out using a proprietary process, and we have tested it at a depth of 200 feet though we don t recommend Underwater Audio for diving .I ve also gone back and forth with varying levels of personalization, a la I read your article about x and I really liked y or I m a huge fan of your work enough to make it clear that an email is really personalized, but the difference in results has been negligible, especially if you don t put in the research to understand writer or his publication.
The three drönarsystemen police bought from Saab has sensors for reconnaissance in daylight and at night and should be a help, among other things in a simple way to take pictures that give a good overview of a crime scene. - The possibility to use them for monitoring during operations and after the increase of the missing persons, I think we will use the most, says Isabel Thorén, police superintendent of the National Operational Department, Noah. On National forensic center, NFC, see the technologies forward to start using the new tool in the business. - There are many advantages to it. For example, we document a crime scene from above in a way that we have trouble doing today, says Peter Bergström, Head of Section, Information Technology Section of the NFC. Drone is also cheaper and more available, than using a helicopter for the same data.