It's developed a unique form of beer packaging that's not only sturdy enough to hold its weighty cans, but is can also be safely consumed by animals should it find its way to their habitats:The Edible Six Pack Rings are completely biodegradable, and are made of waste materials created during the brewing process.Barley and wheat remnants have no ill side effects for sealife.It's good PR too – Saltwater positions itself as the go-to beer for surfers and beach lovers, who naturally will have an interest in maintaining the quality of oceans.It's a great idea a little undermined by the OTT, obviously-paid talking head "members of the public" in the clip , and one that could have a really positive impact if adopted en masse by the industry.Using recycled waste materials should theoretically keep the cost down too, which could increase adoption of the practice.Here's hoping manufacturers of similar packaging take note.
Images courtesy Calorie Brands via InstagramIgnorance is bliss, and no where is that more applicable than when it comes to the food we eat.It s no surprise that many guilty pleasures are far from ideal when it comes to your health, and if packaging listed the total calories of the food inside, you d think twice about finishing off an entire bag of gummi bears in one sitting.Image courtesy Calorie Brands via InstagramAs Instagram s Calorie Brands reveals, an entire bag of Oreos contains all of the daily recommended calories for an average adult, plus more fat than anyone really needs to consume in a 24-hour period.Image courtesy Calorie Brands via InstagramAnd a bottle of Ketchup?But jars of peanut butter and Nutella weighing in at 4,704 and 4,520 calories, respectively?That s just heart-breaking, because who doesn t eat Nutella straight from the jar until it s somehow all disappeared.
The next time you empty a plastic milk or water jug, rather than recycle it, transform it into a reusable to-go container for sandwiches, wraps, salads, and snacks.You only need a few household supplies and a few minutes.Once you clean your empty water or milk jug and you should definitely clean them first , cut a half moon on three sides.On the side of the jug opposite the handle, cut all the way up to the top to make the lid of the container.The bottom of the jug will be the bottom of the container and the sides of the jug will fold down as flaps to cover your food.If the flaps won t fold down, cut slits in each corner of the container to make the flaps longer and more flexible.
A potential revolution in the packaging industry is perhaps on the way, one that might see today's masses of slightly unnecessary plastic that covers every food we buy replaced by a safer, natural alternative that's even edible.The development has been claimed by the US Department of Agriculture, which says that it's managed to create a usable form of plastic replacement using a protein usually found in milk.And not only is it degradable and edible, it's less porous than plastic, meaning the things it wraps might be kept fresher for longer.Wrap yourself in it before bed to live forever.Laetitia Bonnaillie, co-author of the discovery's paper, said: "The coatings applications for this product are endless.We are currently testing applications such as single-serve, edible food wrappers.
A potential revolution in the packaging industry is perhaps on the way, one that might see today's masses of slightly unnecessary plastic that covers every food we buy replaced by a safer, natural alternative that's even edible.The development has been claimed by the US Department of Agriculture, which says that it's managed to create a usable form of plastic replacement using a protein usually found in milk.And not only is it degradable and edible, it's less porous than plastic, meaning the things it wraps might be kept fresher for longer.Wrap yourself in it before bed to live forever.Laetitia Bonnaillie, co-author of the discovery's paper, said: "The coatings applications for this product are endless.We are currently testing applications such as single-serve, edible food wrappers.
Design blogs these days are full of images of gorgeous packaging.In fact, they hold paper samples—240 swatches, to be exact.Dried fruit: After toothbrushes and pretzels, it s what every kid hopes to not get when trick-or-treating.But for Sovolou, a Greek packaged foods company, design studio Mousegraphics put a more mythical spin on dried figs: Figs are described in ancient Greek literature by the likes of Homer, Plutarch, and Theophrastus.They are celebrated in Greek folk songs along with local fauna and flora, reads the Cyprus-based studio s project page.The startup sells subscriptions to premium dog food, and can even create custom recipes for customers dogs.
SHANGHAI Reuters - Chinese packaging makers are bracing themselves for Singles' Day on Friday, stocking up on cardboard and taking on staff ahead of an online shopping bonanza that shifts more goods than Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States combined.Sun Jingyun, owner of Kunshan Jiaze Packaging in eastern Jiangsu, has added a third extra staff since early October to meet a threefold jump in demand ahead of a day of discounts led by internet retailer Alibaba Group Holding Ltd .Yet the packaging business gets slightly less lucrative with every Nov. 11."It seems everyone is now making express delivery boxes, and price competition is pretty fierce," said Sun, who entered the market for delivery boxes early last year.The trend is reflected throughout the e-commerce industry as players such as sellers and couriers settle for tiny profit margins in a massive online market that is redrawing the retail landscape to the detriment of physical stores.But the attraction is clear: In packaging, China used 9.9 billion cardboard cartons and 17 billion meters of adhesive tape last year, each almost 50 percent more than a year earlier, showed a report last month from China's State Post Bureau.
It s like the saying goes: You never get a second chance to make a first impression - which is why presentation means everything in retail.Those moments of excitement and anticipation of opening a new product is now being captured and shared on social media.Consumers are increasingly serving as brand ambassadors, generating an average 95 million Instagram posts per day — many of which focus on their favorite purchases.Unboxing offers a tremendous impact to brands across industries, demonstrating the real-time benefits of share-worthy packaging, curated goods and the unprecedented value User-Generated Content UGC , or Earned Content, provides.Taking a leaf from Casper, brands should keep design top-of-mind when creating new products, as innovative presentations are apt to spur social engagement.Through unboxing videos and other bits of earned content, potential customers can see how clothing, accessories and beauty products look on shoppers of other shapes, ages and skin tones.
When we were launching Challky we knew that in order for us to grow organically without spending a fortune on advertisement we needed to exceed our customer expectations.The logic is simple — if you can manage to exceed customer expectations they will tell their friends about your company and your sales will increase.That s an ideal situation and that s what we wanted to achieve.Before we go any further, try to remember when was the last time you were truly impressed with the packaging design of the product you ve purchased online?Most likely it was a long time ago if at all , since most companies today use a standard craft box to send products to their customers.There s nothing inherently wrong with it, but I think that we can all agree that in today s highly competitive world little details can make a huge difference for the success of the company or a startup.
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No amount of website design, creative marketing, and friendly personnel will matter to your customer if that customer s order shows up mangled and broken.Taking the time and investing the money to properly pack an order before handing it over to a carrier like FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service can save your business money in the form of returns and refunds and encourage loyal customers.As a general rule, your package — the bag or box you re sending to your customer — should be able to survive a four-foot drop.Imagine holding your box about four feet above a hard concrete floor and letting it go.If you ve ever seen the maze of conveyor belts and the army of human package handlers at just about any carrier s sorting facility, you can understand how the occasional box will take a tumble.Corrugated boxes often have burst and crush ratings.
Like bananas, avocados come direct from nature wrapped in their own durable protective packaging.So why is a California-based avocado grower and distributor selling the savory fruits pre-peeled, pre-halved, sealed in plastic, and then wrapped in a cardboard box?Is cutting an avocado in half, and then scooping out the flesh with a spoon, really such a daunting task that it s hurting avocado sales?Nearly every restaurant in the country will now put avocado on nearly any dish, so sales of the fruit must be booming.And before you dismiss this packaging as a prank, faked in Photoshop to enrage the internet, Calavo s Avocado Halves are already popping up in grocery stores across the country, as Junk Food Guy s Eric Huang discovered earlier today.According to the stores who are selling Calavo s new pre-halved avocados, the elaborate packaging, which prevents the fruit from going brown, is designed to make it easier for shoppers who aren t familiar with how to tell when avocados are ripe, or may not know how to properly prepare them.
Rather than discard your new phone's packaging, Google envisions a better use for it as a VR headset.Google’s made no secret of its ambitions to carve out a slice of the virtual reality market.It’s shipped more than 10 million of its low-cost Cardboard devices for smartphones and launched its high-end Daydream platform in 2016.A new patent from the search giant, though, envisions a far more scalable solution: device packaging that can double as a VR viewer.The patent in question, “Integrated mobile device packaging and virtual reality headset,” was originally filed in February 2016 and describes a box that folds along perforated lines into a headset.It’s constructed from cardboard and heavy paper stock, held together with a combination of glue and tape, and packs a pair of lenses — one for each eye.
Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, has established a non-profit foundation in Beijing with several leading logistics companies to promote environmentally-friendly transport services amid concerns over packaging waste.The Cainiao Green Alliance Foundation will tackle the growing amount of packaging waste related to the country’s e-commerce boom.The bulk of packaging waste often ends up in landfills without being recycled, as the process is often deemed overly expensive.The newly-established foundation will invest 300 million yuan (US$43.45 million) into research to foster environmentally-friendly practices throughout the logistics supply chain.It will also focus on innovations in packaging, the adoption of clean energy by delivery vehicles and using big data to optimise resources.“Cainiao Network and Alibaba Group have a responsibility to take the lead in promoting environmental protection and green logistics,” said Judy Tong, chairwoman of Cainiao Network and Alibaba’s chief people officer.
Norwegian tech firm Thinfilm figured out a way to print tiny electronics chips on plastic surfaces, creating tiny smart labels to put on the Internet of things, or smart and connected everyday objects.While others are making extremely powerful chips, Thinfilm is going wide.It is adding a little bit of intelligence to a lot of things.When I last caught up with Thinfilm’s people (whose formal name is Thin Film Electronics, traded on the Norwegian Stock Exchange), they were working on a different product.You can scan the label with your smartphone just by moving the phone close to the label.“I think it is an important platform that allows companies of all types to innovate on in the Internet of Everything,” said Tim Bajarin, analyst at Creative Strategies, referring to the idea that everything will be connected to the Internet in the future.
Today’s e-commerce trends mean small businesses can compete with the big brands.E-commerce has quadrupled in the past decade and direct-to-consumer has become a key sales channel for brands.I had a chance to sit down with Jesse Genet, the founder of Lumi, on The Art of Manufacturing podcast to hear her insights into new e-commerce trends that make your packaging more important than ever before.Jesse started her first business in Detroit when she was 15, and in the process of growing her manufacturing company, Inkodye, she was amazed how easy it was to start a business on the digital side.Lumi aims to be the platform to handle the physical logistics of running a product businesses.They handle packaging and fulfillment and work with brands to reduce costs, make their supply chains more nimble, and delight customers.
Survey helps brand marketers decode the path to purchaseAs anyone who has ever walked into a supermarket to buy a gallon of milk and left with a cart full of impulse purchases knows all too well, grocery shopping can be a complicated process.To help brand marketers decode consumers’ path to purchase, Food Network Magazine partnered with research firm Open Mind Strategy to survey nearly 2,000 people (half of which were magazine subscribers) about their grocery shopping experiences, behaviors and attitudes.“It’s difficult to categorize consumers as one type of shopper or eater—they want it how they want it and when they want it,” said Food Network Magazine vp, publisher and CRO Vicki Wellington.“They’re also more attuned than ever to ingredients and packaging: Less is more in regard to ingredients, and clear or transparent packaging suggests wholesomeness and ‘better for you.’” And while the study found that ecommerce is growing, brick-and-mortar retailers need not despair just yet.“The majority of people still want to smell, see and choose their own products, particularly fruits and vegetables,” explained Wellington.
Long story short I send out stickers in white No10 envelopes.Each sale nets me $7 at minimum.I have the margin to up the anti on envelopes, I was thinking of going for a darkish red metalluc envelope to catch people's attention.My shipping is already dirt cheap, so I could increase the shipping cost to customers by $0.25 and they'd be fine with it.My question is, would it help in getting more sales or leaving an impression on customers?
The marketing video for Ooho edible water bubbles does its job admirably.They look like a lot of fun and a great way to stick it to those ubiquitous plastic water bottles that so often end up in landfills instead of being recycled.The Ooho bubble is made from seaweed and is edible and biodegradeable.Current alternatives to plastic water bottles include reusable water bottles and boxed water sold in a milk-carton-like container.Skipping Rocks Lab says its unusual packaging costs less than plastic and can be used for other beverages besides water, including soft drinks and liquor.If you thought Jell-O shots were cool, just wait until you get springy margarita bubbles.
Tiger Beer has launched a packaging refresh with a new look rolling out to cans, bottles and multipacks.Singapore-based Jones Knolwes Ritchie (jkr) handled the redesign, striving to consolidate the brand’s position as ‘Asia’s beer’ through a more heroic and premium identity.“Tiger is a brand with real energy and bite.The brand promise of ‘uncaging your courage’ reflects its character”, said Mie-Leng Wong, global brand director of Tiger Beer at Heineken.“It was important that the ‘uncage’ message was integral to our identity as well as our communications,” she added.“The redesign literally uncages the Tiger from its orange roundel and allows it to ‘prowl’ freely across the Tiger word-mark,” said Katie Ewer, strategy director at jkr.