You may know Pinterest as the virtual bulletin board where people pin up pictures of their dream outfits, weddings, or homes.But now, Pinterest could become known for something way more game-changing: a visual search tool that could change the way we shop online.If your eyes just glazed over a bit, you re not alone.So too, it seems, are Pinterest users themselves, who have visually searched over 130 million times every month, a Pinterest spokesperson tells Tech Insider.After clicking that, I got the results I was hoping for.Pinterest s search tool isn't flawless.Although it s easy to Google something, Pinterest cuts out the step of describing the exact product you want to buy, which could be invaluable if you didn t know the difference between, say, a pendant light and a chandelier.Aside from shopping, Pinterest hopes this tool could help people find recipes, vacation destinations, and more.Copyright 2016.More from Tech Insider:You can make quick, easy cakes in a coffee mug — here s howThe actor behind Jon Snow will be in one of the year's biggest video gamesHere's the Lenovo tablet that folds in half to become a smartphoneThe new 'Warcraft' movie is a major disappointment — and I'm a huge 'Warcraft' fanMore than 32 million Twitter accounts may have been hackedNOW WATCH: 2 simple shopping tricks the wealthy use to save moneyLoading video...
Before phones get modular, Otterbox wants to make our existing devices a little more functional with the Universe Case System.This iPhone case lets you snap in various modules to add extra features, one of which is Olloclip s popular 4-in-1 lens, and we got a peek of it at CE Week 2016.Olloclip s 4-in-1 lens features four varying lens types: Fisheye, wide-angle, a 10x macro, and a 15x macro.Snap it into the Otterbox Universe Case and you ve easily expanded the style in how you can take photographs with the iPhone — but note that the case only fits an iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and the 6S Plus.The clip also acts as a wearable pendant, if you wanted to carry it around rather than leaving it on your phone.Unfortunately, it s a bit pricey at $80 — and that s not even factoring the price of the Otterbox Universe Case, which is $50 for the regular-sized iPhones and $60 for the Plus variants.
The wearable devices are designed to mimic the breath of a lover and create subtle sensations.The Whisper toy changes temperature and blows air to mimic breath on your neckThe idea of erotic jewellery sounds slightly like it would involve a penis pendant or perhaps a nude figure but MA student Wan Tseng's latest project Wisp is designed to challenge traditional ideas of eroticism and sex toys with a new range of sensual wearable technology.The collection created for her final project for the Innovation Design Engineering course, run jointly by the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial, and the Royal College of Art, includes a range of accessories designed to focus on women's sexual desire as well as evoke conversation about female sexuality.The silicone wearables gently pulse to increase arousal.Each device is made from silicone and is created to emulate subtle familiar sensations including breath on your neck or another person's fingertips on your skin when applied to the arms, neck or wrists.
Bellabeat, the maker of a line of health trackers aimed at women, has sold over 400,000 units of its first health tracker known as the Leaf – a name given to the device because of its leaf-like shape which can be worn on the wrist, as a brooch, or pendant.The update gives the wearable a more modern feel, and arrives alongside a new mobile application that helps women track stress and resolve it through meditation exercises.The Leaf is one of a handful of wearables that tries to straddle the world between being a techie gadget and something women actually enjoy wearing because of its aesthetic appeal.The original Leaf had more of a nature look-and-feel, however, which wasn t to everyone s taste.The updated version tones down that design for a more edgy option.It s also smaller and lighter, and made with an eco wood composite, so it maintains the non-plasticy look that made the first device appealing.
To celebrate Hillary Clinton s historic nomination, her campaign unveiled the Forty-Five Pin Project—45 campaign buttons by notable, contemporary artists and graphic designers.The Clinton campaign invited designers to decorate 1- or 3-inch buttons with a design brief containing just one directive: Keep it simple.These buttons are for Hillary Clinton, not against Donald Trump or anybody else, says Scott Stowell of the New York design studio Open.Although campaign buttons date to the dawn of the Republic—George Washington supporters wore metal pendants bearing his initials—the pin-back button as you know it dates to the advent of mass-produced celluloid pins just before William McKinley s 1886 presidential campaign.That was a revolutionary period at the turn of the century, says Tony Lee, president of the Big Apple chapter of the American Political Item Collectors.Gold filigree frames and art deco geometries dominated as prissy Victorian design sentiments waned in favor of the Art Nouveau.
Fitbit has a wide range of trackers to suit many budgets and needs; so wide in fact that we have an article dedicated purely toBut while the devices themselves are many and varied that doesn't mean there aren't options to accessorise them and make them your own - after all, we all want something that feels a bit more personal, especially when we've spent so much money on them.Or perhaps you want something that gives you new ways to wear your Fitbit or that fixes common problems; whichever way you slice it we've had a good scout and these are five of the best Fitbit accessories we've found:Tory Burch Metal Fret PendantColors: Gold, Silver, Rose gold Official siteFitbits, like most fitness trackers, are typically worn on your wrist, but there's no reason why some, such as the Fitbit Flex, can't be worn around your neck in a pendant.
When designing the new $50 million Sandy Hook Elementary School to replace the building in which 20 children and six adults were killed in December 2012, architects Julia McFadden and Jay Brotman faced the challenge of creating a facility that would be both secure and nurturing.Many aspects of the school were designed with security in mind, from a perimeter fence to a garden that does double duty as landscaping and rampart, intended to funnel all visitors into one of the school s three entrances.Active shooter situations in the U.S. have surged, to an average of 19 such incidents annually since 2010, from fewer than nine annually in the prior decade.Still, few schools have the luxury of a complete security-focused redesign.The goal is to transform schools—as well as hospitals, offices, movie theaters and other public spaces—into hardened targets.In June, the Stanley Mechanical Solutions unit of Stanley Black & Decker Inc. SWK 0.19 % unveiled its Shelter system, designed to allow a teacher, security officer or administrator to lock the door to a classroom, or every room in a school, with the press of a button on a wireless pendant.
If you re going to talk to yourself, you might as well remember what you re saying.A new wearable wants to help you do just that.Meet the Senstone, a piece of jewelry that combines form and function, serving as a 21st century note-taking device.Because pen and paper are so last century.Measuring 29mm in diameter, the Senstone is a pendant that records voice memos, organizes them, and then translates them into text.Think of it as a hands-free digital notepad.
Kalevala Jewelry plans to expand the product offering in the country to digital products, told theTechnical"people don't have nowadays a lot of different activity wristbands, but they are not very beautiful.we Want to offer products, which are primarily beautiful but also functional," explains Kalevala Kory production director Terja Koskenoja t.according to the Managing Kalevala Jewelry aim älykor the product far, it has launched ydh älykor.Pendant knows its location and can send messages by pressing the jewelry in the button.
Planning a trip on the seas?Carnival s Princess Cruises will soon come with a high-tech wearable and companion app that will be your portal to everything — from checking in and opening doors to having your drink come to you wherever you are.It s all thanks to the Ocean Medallion, a device built in collaboration with engineering consulting firm Nytec that features an engraving of the passenger s name.The waterproof wearable goes wherever you want: around the neck as a pendant, on the wrist as a watch, or clipped to your clothes.It has a month-long battery life, so you don t need to worry about charging it, and it can even make payments.More: Welcome to London: Airbnb is using Twitter live 360 video to showcase travel spots
JERUSALEM – Researchers excavating the remains of one of the most notorious Nazi death camps have uncovered a pendant that appears identical to one belonging to Anne Frank, Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial said Sunday.Yad Vashem says it has ascertained the pendant belonged to Karoline Cohn — a Jewish girl who perished at Sobibor and may have been connected to the famous diarist.Both were born in Frankfurt in 1929, and historians have found no other pendants like theirs.The triangular piece found has the words "Mazal Tov" written in Hebrew on one side along with Cohn's date of birth.The other side has the Hebrew letter "heh," an initial for God, as well as three Stars of David.Researchers are now trying to reach out to any remaining relatives of the two to confirm whether they were related.
The diaphanous glow and delicate tentacles of these jellyfish-inspired lamps will fill your room with the calm of the sea.Made from velum-finish polyester mylar, the Medusae collection is available in four varieties, including the Polyp pendant lamp (centre).This stool flips the dynamic from discarding waste into the ocean to extracting sustainable materials from it.Dutch designer Nienke Hoogvliet collected discarded fish skins, then tanned them into a beautiful, strong leather.The manual technique uses no harmful chemicals and Hoogvliet is now working on scaling it up to larger projects.Resembling the aggressive angles of a destroyer's prow when viewed in side profile, this perfect isosceles triangle of a boat leaves space for two passengers at the wide rear.
Archaeologists have discovered a remarkable jade pendant fit for a king.Covered on one side with hieroglyphs, the buried jewelry belonged to a Mayan king who would have sported it on his chest ceremonially, the University of California, San Diego announced.Not only is the hieroglyph-filled item itself fascinating to experts, but so is the fact that it was found in a rainy, parrot-filled corner of Belize, at the periphery— and not the hub— of the ancient Mayan empire.There, archaeologists have excavated a Mayan palace and tomb.“We would expect something like it in one of the big cities of the Maya world,” Geoffrey Braswell, a professor of anthropology at UC San Diego, said in a statement about the discovery.“Instead, here it was, far from the center.”
Le pointeur laser 10000mw bleu est en fait un outil idéal pour brûler des étoffes, avec le focus laser réglé, le laser puissant peut mettre le feu sur les allumettes, papier ou autres objets imflammable comme un briquet peut faire mais avec le laser brûlant, vous serez Capable d'allumer les étoffes à une certaine distance sans se fermer.Avec d'innombrables rapports critised sur le risque pointeur laser de haute puissance pour les corps humains, je voudrais insister pour que tout ce qui peut brûler un incendie est dangereux au même degré, un briquet normal ou un couteau aussi nuire aux humains, mais ne signifient pas les gens Ne devrait pas utiliser ces outils, les outils de grande puissance apporte plus de danger, le bon fonctionnement est la chose la plus importante avant d'utiliser un outil de gravure.En fait, les pointeur laser astronomie de classe 3 ou 4 seulement être dangereux lorsque les lumières brillantes laser tirer ou réfléchir vers le corps humain, en particulier les yeux.La puissance plus élevée, le temps d'exposition pour causer des dommages sera plus court.Éviter le faisceau laser tout comme éviter le feu vous brûle, c'est assez pour vous garder en sécurité, un lunettes laser professionnel sera un plus pour garder vos yeux sûrs si vous avez besoin de regarder le laser brillant pendant une longue période.Briday pointeurs laser de classe 4 sont les choix idéaux à utiliser comme un outil de gravure.Comparé aux pointeurs laser verts ou rouges, le faisceau laser bleu est sombre, mais plus puissant pour obtenir les étoffes brûlées.Ce laser est facilement mis en place un feu en quelques secondes, il est très utile de réaliser pour le camping ou l'exploration en plein air, la lampe de poche laser à haute puissance pourrait être utilisé pour envoyer le signal sos, créat long rayon laser ou disperser les animaux, vous garder en sécurité En aveuglant les animaux sauvages.
Entire trips are formed, photographed and filmed using only a smartphone.Smartphones may have become the ultimate travel gadget years ago, but the travel industry is now beginning to embrace other connected devices that threaten to make travellers themselves part of the increasingly global Internet of Things.Unveiled in January by the world’s largest cruise company Carnival – owner of Princess Cruises among others – this tiny 50g disc acts as a “personal concierge” for guests.Worn as a pendant on a wristband, in a clip, or just put in a pocket, the wearer gets all kinds of unusual benefits that, on a cruise ship, could make a trip go much more smoothly.It uses the kind of technology embedded in smartphones, including chips that enable Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth, all designed to be invisible to the guest, who doesn’t need to switch it on or off, recharge it or interact with it in any way.Due to launch on Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess in November 2017, followed by Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess in 2018, it all works around a purpose-built Internet of Things network of intelligent sensors and devices, but a cruise ship is a closed, controlled and customised place.
The solution is simple and cheap, and you won't get tangled up in a bundle of wires.Summer’s already on the horizon and if you’re the outdoor type you may just be starting to sketch out plans for outdoor parties, whether in the yard, on a beach, or in some far-flung spot that you haven’t even thought of yet.Lighting such soirées can be a pain in the proverbials when the sun goes down, but an increasing number of reasonably priced solar-powered solutions have hit the market in recent years.IKEA’s Solvinden range, for example, has been around for a while now, with the company recently unveiling new designs set to go on sale later this month.The Swedish home furnishings giant offers a mix of floor, table, and pendant lamps, and also has more creative solutions such as decorative light chains and LED “rocks” that light up when dusk comes.Each of the devices incorporates a small solar panel that takes in sunlight during the day to power it at night, and with no wires to mess around with, you can place them anywhere you choose to create the right atmosphere.
This startup will let you carry your home on your finger, or at least, have a map of your home turned into a ring you can wear every day.Home may be where the heart is, but it can also be … on your finger.Thanks to a new Kickstarter project, you can take your favorite place and wear it, either as a ring or as a pendant, as a stunning geometric design.Dubbed “You Are Here,” this personal map jewelry lets you choose any place on the planet and turn its map into a unique accessory.You’ll serve as your own designer for this highly personalized piece — simply pay a visit to the online interactive map, enter any address or place, and zoom in and drag the map around to finalize the frame you’d like to capture.Your selected map will then be “further refined and embedded into your selected jewelry design at the studio,” the You Are Here team explains on its Kickstarter page.
Maintenant que nous avons notre dos et site web en cours d'exécution, muni de laser 20000mw portables de grande puissance la plus haute qualité et des pointeurs laser portables, il est temps de répondre à une question qui nous touche pendant un certain temps: combien de pointeurs laser puissants serait on a besoin de tuer un être humain?Avant de vous plonger en réponse à cette question morbide et à gauche, il faut souligner que nous ne sommes pas sur le point de donner un guide étape par étape sur la construction de la mort laser, et nous ne cautionnons en utilisant des lasers pour autre chose que leur destination.Sérieusement, ces choses ne sont pas des jouets.Bien que cela puisse être le bon sens pour beaucoup, nous avons juste besoin de se assurer que est clair: les pointeur laser 400mw ne sont pas des jouets et peuvent être extrêmement dangereux.Dans tous les cas, sachant que le laser peut endommager vos yeux, des ballons pop et des tonnes ensemble de choses différentes sur le feu, nous avons décidé de savoir combien laser il faudrait être mortel.Déterminer le nombre de lasers, il faudrait être mortelle cela dépend de plusieurs facteurs, le premier étant bien sûr à quel point des lasers puissants.Mais avant de pouvoir parler, nous faisons un pas en arrière et parler de ce qu'est exactement un laser est d'abord.Peut-être que vous avez la classe de physique au lycée et rappelez-vous que le mot « laser » est non seulement un mot, mais est aussi un acronyme qui signifie « amplification de la lumière par émission stimulée de rayonnement ».Je vais en tenir à utiliser l'acronyme pour l'instant, mais garder cette petite friandise dans sa poche et impressionner vos amis la prochaine fois que vous avez une série de bières.Ainsi, la lumière qui est amplifiée par émission stimulée de rayonnement, une émission laser d'alias, il est seulement une poignée de photons et un faisceau de lumière se déplacent tous dans la même direction.Vous pouvez pirater aéroglisseur, tirer des grenades à plasma, bécassines ennemis à distance car ils respawner et de parler sans cesse de claque prépubère, facilement irritables enfants en ligne, le tout sous assumer le manteau de l'anonymat, il est Xbox Live.
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