LONDON— ARM Holdings ARMH 3.16 % PLC, the England-based tech firm that designs most of the world s smartphone chips, said Wednesday that it completed a $350 million acquisition of a computer-vision company, in a bet that it can further ARM s goal of getting its technology into new markets such as automobiles, robots and everyday household items.For example, its technology can help a security camera distinguish between a human and cat.Founded in 2002, Apical employs 100 people.As the growth in global smartphone shipments slows—ARM expects an annual increase of 6% to 7% for the next five years—the company has diversified.It can automatically transmit live video to the homeowner whenever it detects motion, but that would take up a lot of power and bandwidth.Based in Cambridge, England, ARM is regarded as one of the U.K. s top tech firms.
Home Security Camera AmazonWireless home security cameras are great because you can place them anywhere in your home where there s a power outlet and they ll connect to your Wi-Fi network and transmit video to any computer, tablet or smartphone.By packing wireless charging support that lets you leave the camera on its dock or pick it up and place it anywhere in or around your home for up to 12 hours before it needs to be charged again.From the product page:PROTECT HOME: See Live HD Video Streaming of your home 24/7 and get instant Smart Alerts on your phone when something unexpected happensUSAGE: Watch over KIDS arriving home from school, talk to PETS home alone or check on HOME while on vacation– all from your phoneFREE CLOUD RECORDING & STORAGE: Replay, download or share recorded video for 24hrs from your private cloud– even if your camera is stolen your data is was so amazingly easy compared to all other webcams and IP cameras I ve ever used and I have owned and used over a dozen of them over the past 20 years .Connor- Amazon CustomerPERSONAL DAILY SUMMARY: The only camera with 30-second video summary of the last 24hrs.Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Security Camera with 2-way talk White : $199.99 with free Prime shippingLogitech Circle Wireless HD Video Security Camera with 2-way talk Black : $195.99 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the webThanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
You d have more control over the nutrients, with the same emotional benefits of sharing a meal with your pet that you d have with a human.The following infographic from Breeder Retriever shows some basic guidelines for using your slow cooker to make dog food, one layer at a time.But we have to urge you to use caution: this is a formula, not a recipe.Homemade food is a great option for many pets, but we recommend that owners avoid general recipes from books and the Internet and instead consult with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, said Jennifer Larsen, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis and lead author on the study.These specialists have advanced training in nutrition to help formulate customized and nutritionally appropriate recipes.So use this infographic as a guide click here to enlarge — and then show it to a veterinary nutritionist to get their thoughts about which ingredients are best for your pet.
A new batch of ominous warnings about job-killing robots just arrived from the usual suspects, very clever, credentialed, accomplished people mingling at a glamourous watering-hole: in this case, the Milken Institute's Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California.These warnings tend to follow a predictable script: sufficiently urgent to get attention, but fuzzy enough to stop short of alarming.Warnings about the impact of robotics on people s jobs almost always have a temporizing quality: for example, at this conference robots are capable of taking over low-skill document management or Wall Street spreadsheet jockeys specialized jobs, yet aren t at the point of actually eliminating broad job categories.It is old school, beginning as a one-way transfer of data from computer green screens via the terminal s memory.It s also often an interface of last resort for an old school problem, the challenges organizations face in linking legacy systems with new applications, including lack of legacy documentation, source code and lost skillsets.This use is what many people are referring to when they speak about swivel-chair automation.Related Article: Buying In the Cloud: How Cloud Technology is Revolutionizing the Retail IndustryRPA PerceptionBut moving to web-scraping technology still left RPA with two major limitations, both of which reinforced the perception this robotic technology could only play a limited role, with limited scope, in business process automation.Limited Role in Process AutomationWhile web-scraping is highly effective, it customarily takes place at the task level while employees typically operate at both the task and activity level.The answer would appear to be yes; according to the Everest Group, 78 percent of GICs have either implemented RPA or are actively planning pilots.Related Article: When Tech Meets Pets: How Technology Is Serving Man's Best FriendWhat About AI & Cognitive, etc.?But what of the exotic technologies so many thought leaders are waiting for: AI, cognitive, machine learning?The answer is that they re important and will broaden RPA s footprint in ways that are hard to fully envision.
Well, here s something you might not know: The indoor air you re breathing right now could be up to 8 times more polluted than outside air.Indoor pollution comes from several sources, Foobot says.Your habits, your activities, the products you use, outdoor pollution, your pets – everything can be a source.Keeping fresh air does not mean opening windows or buying an air purifier.The company continues, Receive notifications when crossing thresholds defined by the World Health Organization to warn you of pollution peak, on the fly or in a near future.Here are some more key details:Instant air quality reading on the deviceVOC with CO2 equivalent impact , PM2.5, temperature, humidityActionable advices to improve your indoor air qualityMulti-room monitoringMade for iOS 7 or later , Android 4 or later Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor: $199.00 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web
You already know it s good to keep your CPR chops up to date so you can help a human, but dogs and cats can benefit from CPR too.Pets don t commonly have the same type of cardiac arrest that humans do, so you re less likely to meet a dog who needs CPR than you are a person.Send someone to call an emergency vet clinic, and proceed.If they re not breathing, give 4-5 rescue breaths, watching the chest rise and fall.Check for a pulse using the artery on the inside of the dog s thigh.For a rule of thumb, the rhythm of Stayin Alive about 100 beats per minute is a good speed for dogs and cats as well as for humans.
When the Swedish reporter tested, he was shocked at how many people snooping. Dagens Nyheter writes about how they let a reporter install a webcam at home like many of all the popular IP cameras marketed to keep track of your baby, home, or maybe the pets. Do not miss: 8 gadgets for those who want to spy and snoop Due to a combination of bad update routines, briställig security software and low-password requirement is the connection to the network very risky. And there are many who have these cameras started - just in Sweden expect DN to 31,000 cameras are connected. Peeping on: Five simple tricks for the paranoid - so do the computer a good deal safer You can protect yourself against intrusion with a hefty dose of cyber hygiene: Always change the default password the first thing you are doing and use secure passwords! Read also: How to hackers hijack your computer's camera - see everything you do
Made for children, they say, and "playful adults", Gululu contains your water and encourages you to drink said water.If the water bottle stays within range of your smartphone, updates on the amount of water your child is drinking will come immediately.Of course she quickly figured out how to game the system by pouring water in and out of the bottle, but that's beside the point.Though we were unable to test this feature as we've got just one bottle at the moment, kids will be able to shake their Glululu bottles near one another to become friends in the Glululu app - their friends' Glululu pets will appear in their bottle, and they compare scores through the future.It's easy to forget to screw the cap of this bottle back on before shaking the bottle - wetness ensues.Most crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, have policies about what happens to your money if the project fails to deliver on its goals, but choosing to back a project is inevitably a risk.
The company s bottle, launching on Kickstarter today, is the newest, most high-tech weapon in the battle to get kids to imbibe enough liquids throughout the day.Cute, no?The water bottle has a small screen built in, and additional sensors mean that shaking two bottles in close proximity to each other make the pets friends, enabling them to interact.The company claims the Gulülu will stay juiced for four days before another recharge is required.Parents can also schedule sleep or school modes, during which the pets go to sleep and become unresponsive, so the pets don t become a distraction during sleeping or learning hours.The company estimates a shipping date of September, and the recommended retail price will be $129 once the products start making an appearance on shelves.
There s an article going around that claims Apple could be the next BlackBerry as it gets left behind in the AI arms race.If the tech giants were playing in Go, then Google would win by a mile.Predicts what you'll like in Music and News.Understands what you're saying with Siri and lets you interact with various apps.What if an earthquake destroys California?So, yes, Apple isn't the best at AI, but it provides everything users need one way or another, and that won't change anytime soon.Read the original article on Tech Insider.More from Tech Insider:You haven t seen Australia until you ve seen it from a drone's point of viewApple CEO Tim Cook looked at a 346-year-old painting and saw an iPhone AAPL The 20 safest airlines in the worldThe secretive electric car company taking on Tesla is moving forward on its factoryThis funeral home for pets gives the classiest farewell we've ever seenNOW WATCH: Neil deGrasse Tyson and YouTube star Marques Brownlee on the future of tech — and everything elseLoading video...
You may already know common plants, like oleander or holly, that are harmful to dogs and cats, but if you re thinking of buying a plant and aren t sure if it is safe for your pet, the ASPCA s searchable index can help.You can search the index for specific plants or filter the list by pet types dog, cat, etc .Click through to the plant s profile to learn what qualities make it toxic, which type of pets it is toxic to, and reactions your pet may have to the plant.For this index, toxic doesn t necessarily mean fatal, the plant could just cause problems in their digestive system, or cause them pain or some other distress.A quick search before you buy means you won t buy plants for your home or yard only to find out later that they may be harmful to your pets.
It has been nearly a year since Sony re-introduced The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda's long-suffering follow-up to PS2 classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.The preview details a new gameplay mechanic, in which the human boy character wields a mirrored shield.Back to The Last Guardian's biggest star, Trico is "one of the most striking video game presences in recent years," reads the article, but one who may be as "divisive" as Ico's Yorda, who "irritated as many players as she charmed."— Edge @edgeonline May 26, 2016Trico is described as a powerful creature, but one that's timid and nervous in its nature."One area a little later in the demo sees us emerge high up from the wall of a huge cave that holds an underground lake.Ueda says of Trico: "This creature isn't like the cute pets that exist in other games, or an ally that's really useful.
Symon Adeji, left, of Oakland, makes his sales pitch to Brent Duncan during a casting call for entrepreneurs wanting to make an appearance on the Shark Tank television show in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, May 26, 2016.For its Bay Area stop, "Shark Tank" partnered with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center to reach out to a broad group of founders, and to provide them with coaching before their formal pitches.Entrepreneurs selected must submit a video, send a sample product to the casting team, and submit to a background check.Pet lovers can use the technology to help their dogs lose weight or to make sure their cats are fed while they are away.Jensen and Kao, who met while working at EarthLink, said the company sprang from a shared love of pets -- Jensen's late Rottweiler-mix D.J., and Kao's cat Hera."We love to see passion," he said, "and we assume that the entrepreneurs at this point are experts at whatever sector they're in."
From Marketing Land:Survata offers first online surveys targeted at second- and third-party user segmentsMay 27, 2016 by Barry LevineThe questionnaires, which can include a pretesting of ads, are delivered to the same segments the ads will later target.Pew Research: 62 percent of US adults get news from social mediaMay 27, 2016 by Tamar WeinbergMore than half of US adults are consuming news via social media, but there are missed opportunities and surprising statistics that show some interesting data across the various networks.Columnist Rachel Lindteigen says that by looking at what didn t work, you can learn more about your customers and gain a better perspective for future content.Google wins its Java case against Oracle again , saves billions in fees — for nowMay 26, 2016 by Greg SterlingThe jury agreed that Google s use of Java APIs was Fair Use under copyright law.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsFeed Predictive Analytics a United Data Diet, www.cmswire.comBlogs & BloggingBusiness IssuesGoogle Photos: One year, 200 million users, and a whole lot of selfies, Official Google BlogThis is what the future of online publishing looks like, according to a Pirate Bay founder and Adblock Plus, qz.comContent Marketing7 Content Marketing Tools You Need To Be Successful, www.jeffbullas.comAsk a Content Guy: What Content Metrics Really Matter?, contently.comDo People Read Long Articles on Their Smartphones?, www.marketingprofs.comFacebook Users Prefer to Share Funny, Inspiring Content, www.adweek.comHow to Tell Your Brandâï¿ ï¿ s Story From the Inside Out, www.searchenginejournal.comMarketer s Guide to Helpful Content Optimization Tools, www.ducttapemarketing.comThe Power of Visual Storytelling, www.martechadvisor.comThe radical NoMQL movement in content marketing, chiefmartec.comConversion OptimizationHow to Research the Path to Customer Purchase, moz.comLanding Page Optimization Case Studies to Read Now, www.searchenginejournal.comCopywriting, Design & Usability5 Basics to Make a Website Accessible, www.practicalecommerce.comEasy Guide to Creating an Awesome About Us Page, www.wordstream.comE-CommerceGeneral Internet MarketingInternet Marketing IndustryActûrus Launches Brandvantage, a Breakthrough in Brand Equity, www.prweb.comVision Critical delivers Stories, making customer intelligence more valuable by placing it in context, www.visioncritical.comLiveRamp Extends Data Connectivity Partnership with Google, www.businesswire.comTapjoy and IronSource to offer monetization services to mobile game and app devs, venturebeat.comMarTechA Look At The Modern WordPress Server Stack, www.smashingmagazine.comLove Marketing Technology.8 Resources for Proximity-Based Marketing, www.aimclearblog.comHow Pets Create Winning Content for Brands on Instagram, www.newswhip.comHow to Drive B2B Pipeline with Social Ads, blog.adstage.ioInstagram Algorithm: How Marketers Should Alter Their Strategy, www.socialmediaexaminer.comInstant Articles: More Friend Than Foe For Publishers, adexchanger.comLess Engagement For Links On Facebook, www.newswhip.comTwitter tunes into Spotify to soundtrack its audio cards, techcrunch.comWhat Twitter Trolls Can Teach You About Your Brand, simplymeasured.comWhat s New on Facebook for Business this Month, www.facebook.comWhich Agency Should Manage a Brand s Social Media Programs?, adage.comVideo Some images used under license from
Dory seems excited for the released of "Finding Dory."Real-life blue tang probably not so much.Now that Disney knows the effect Finding Nemo had on clownfish, they should prepare for the effect Finding Dory will have on blue tang by doing their part to warn folks who see the movie," states an online petition that's gathered more than 60,000 signatures so far.The Saving Nemo Conservation Fund says more than 1 million clownfish are taken from reefs every year and sold as pets thanks to the popularity of Finding Nemo, according to the Hollywood Reporter.That means 100% of blue tang bought by and for Dory-loving children will come from the wild, and conservationists have no way of replacing them.I really think Disney would not intend for their films to harm the actual animals their characters are based off, and adding a PSA at the beginning of the movie would be such an easy way to help prevent that, Kelsey Bourgeois, who created the online petition, tells Fox News.
These expert tips will help you keep them away so you can keep your plants alive.It s only natural for your furry friends to try and interact with houseplants, but in the process they can make a huge mess, ruin the plant, or even hurt themselves.Inga Fricke, Director of Pet Retention Programs at the ASPCA, suggests a few tips at Apartment Therapy:Always keep plants on tables or shelves where pets can t reach them.Line the rim of the planter or the edge of the shelf with double-sided tape, another material cats hate to walk on.It s all about keeping your houseplants out of reach from dogs, and deterring your cats from wanting to interact with them.5 Pet-Safe Plants & How to Keep Your Furry Friends Away from Them, Anyway Apartment Therapy
The press release contained few details, saying only that those would come later.So for now, let your imagination run wild with the prospect of connected centipedes slithering through your garden or sensor-laden asteroids floating through the sky over your house.Or better yet, your very own smart Missile Command placed on your roof that you can control with an app on your iPhone to shoot down annoying drones.The legendary video game maker will develop the devices in partnership with Sigfox, a startup based in the south of France that is building a global communications network for IoT devices.By partnering together and using Sigfox s dedicated IoT connectivity, we are going to create amazing products with our brand, said Fred Chesnais, Atari s CEO, in a statement.Like a Dig Dug smart pressure sensor for inflating bicycle tires?The company is considered one of France s hottest startups at the moment.For now, Atari only said that this partnership will cover a wide range of new Atari products, from the very simple to the highly sophisticated, providing customers with an easy way to know at any time where the devices are and what their status is.The initial product line will include categories such as home, pets, lifestyle, and safety.Our network bridges the virtual and physical worlds simply, reliably, and inexpensively, and this collaboration will launch a new dimension to gaming, while supporting features that are limited only by the imagination.
It's important to drink enough water, but good luck convincing a child of that.Gululu can help though – it's a water bottle aimed at kids that adds an interactive element.As your child drinks water, the virtual pet grows, collects treasures and explores an underwater world of adventure known as the Gululu Universe.You can even shake two nearby Gululu bottles to make the pets make friends and start playing together.It's passed its $100,000 funding goal and still has 37 days to go.It'll ship in September.
Asus has unveiled the robot Zenbo which is a virtual assistant and a digital pet.unlike similar robots for home use, such as SoftBank Pepper, Zenbo relatively cheap with a price of 599 dollars.Zenbo has an animated face that appears on a screen.Those who do not want to communicate verbally with Zenbo can press on the screen to perform commands instead.What, then, can Zenbo do?The father around and can, for example, read up recipes, reading fairy tales for children, the reminder of calendar events, answer questions, take pictures, and communicate with and control connected devices in the home – in all cases according to Asus 11 minutes long, and at times somewhat embarrassing commercials.
GoBone is a "smart bone" for dogs PulsePetYou'd be mistaken in thinking the Internet of Things was exclusive to humans.There's also a manual mode that gives you control of the GoBone and lets you play various games with your dog, including a hide-and-seek like game and a fetch mode that works a bit like Wii Bowling, in which you can make the GoBone move using your smartphone as a controller.GoBone can be set to a manual or automatic mode PulsePetAs well as providing an innovative way of allowing owners to engage and bond with their pets, Santiago Gutierrez, CEO and founder of PulsePet, said the GoBone could be used to improve the lives of dogs in rescue centres.As an added boon, PulsePet believes its smart bone can help resource-stretched shelters provide each dog with sufficient exercise and mental stimulation without needing to hire more staff.Chris Watts, Dallas Animal Advisory Commissioner, said: "At shelters, a lot of the time you'll see that animals are recluse or deemed unadoptable because they lack interaction.This is a way to show their personality and bring out who they are and make them more adoptable."