It has a certain Portland, Oregon, quality I don't love.But the Spicy Curry — an electric pedal-assist cargo bike and the creation of a small California company called Yuba — is an excellent thing with excellent potential.What's a cargo bike?Basically, it's the bicycle equivalent of a pickup truck.It's a surprisingly utilitarian creation that provides an alternative, though not a replacement, for a car.An aluminum frame behind the seat allows for a variety of attachments: A wide bed for groceries or equipment, two child seats, saddlebags, or anything else you can tie to it.The Spicy Curry is also an e-bike.A battery and generous pedal-assist motor provide extra boost to whatever power the rider is already producing.There are four torque settings to dial in your preferred level of, well, spiciness.The battery will recharge fully in four to six hours, and it provides a range of up to 45 miles, depending on load, road conditions, and the torque setting.Benjamin Sarrazin, Yuba's CEO and founder, told Business Insider the name is a play on the company's partnership with motor manufacturer Currie Technologies.Yuba makes a variety of cargo bikes, some with electric motors and some without.The Spicy Curry is its top-of-the-range model and costs $4,200.That may sound like a lot for a bicycle, but if the Spicy Curry is used to its full potential — as a daily errand runner — there's an argument for spending that much dough for something that's well built, comfortable, and very, very versatile.And the Yuba Spicy Curry is all of those things.
The unit, which strongly resembles a three-foot version of one of those quartz pyramids you'd find in your local rock shop, offers an unusual aesthetic for anyone seeking to make a splash at their next BBQ, birthday celebration, or gathering of friends.In the interests of getting the speaker working quickly and efficiently, I didn t obsess about the fit and finish of my installation, but it's something you could definitely put some time into when seeking the best possible results.It's even more of a challenge to provide the 'surround sound' that the XOUNTS UP advertises using a pair of speaker panels and a subwoofer, regardless of how they are mounted.I got the best quality output when lining in directly using the provided 3.5 mm audio cable, but when I connected to the provided Bluetooth dongle, the music I streamed from my Nexus 5X felt crushed, especially the higher frequencies, and I experienced unusual tonal drop-outs where the connection was maintained but certain layers of the music were cut from the mix.I'd recommend the XOUNTS UP most to people who need to position a fairly loud speaker in an unusual space, because with its available battery pack and nine hours of life you could set it up in a field, on a patio, or in the back of a pickup truck and get your party on with both light and sound without having to fuss with wires or extension cords.Currently, the company's fully-funded Kickstarter campaign allows you to pledge for XOUNTS UP from $269, which makes it a relatively affordable pathway to amped-up ambiance at your next shindig.
While the Chevy's bed is constructed from roll-formed, high-strength-steel, the F-150's bed is made from stamped aluminum.Though aluminum is lightweight, which aides in the Ford's fuel efficiency, it's also less resilient than steel.In spite of this, Ford has claimed its military-grade aluminum bed met or exceeded durability testing.In both laboratory testing and 26 real-world and demonstrations, Chevy quite literally punched holes in Ford's resiliency claims.Stepping the tests up a notch, Chevy dropped 55 landscaping blocks from a height of five feet into the trucks.At this point, I am sure there are Ford employees having aneurisms somewhere in Dearborn, Michigan.
GIFThis horrifying metal octopus is The Only Seven Person Tricycle, and its human victims are being slowly devoured by bad decision-making.Some of the catalog s most popular products include a generic Roomba, a film negative-to-digital converter it s cordless!, and some very comfortable sheepskin slippers.There are a few trike-themed Facebook groups, but they re mostly aimed at racing the motorized variety.And even if you could move it, there s no way you won t spend the entire ride smashing your knees into the ridiculous basket-shaped handlebars or the other riders.Although here are a few other ways to get that same experience:Walking in a groupJogging in a groupDriving together in a carBeing near one another in a subwayRiding bikes alongside your friendsSitting on a couch in the back of a pickup truckRiding bikes in a long stupid line and just shoutingIs everyone in this short commercial some sort of sociopath?
He posted his paper on arXiv, a pre-peer review site, in January.This month, the paper was finally published in the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review Letters.Hawking's assertion that it is, in fact, possible to escape a black hole will not only transform our definition of them, it will also solve a longstanding riddle about what happens to the information that these mysterious space beasts devour.Hawking radiationA black hole is a monstrous warping of the fabric of space and time.It s a region where matter is almost infinitely compacted, and anything that gets too close is indiscriminately devoured.And for a while, we believed that nothing – not even light – could escape its intense gravity.In the 1970s, Stephen Hawking proposed that some things actually do wiggle free from the grasp of a black hole."The Universe, like a kind of supercomputer, is supposed to be able to keep track of whether one car was a green pickup truck and the other was a red Porsche, or whether one was made of matter and the other antimatter, the New York Times reports.But Hawking says that black holes might actually be surrounded by halos of soft hair,' Science Alert reports."NOW WATCH: Stephen Hawking just announced a radical $100 million project for interstellar travel using lasersLoading video...
I've been driving trucks since I was a teenager, learning the joys of parking a battleship in an urban environment after my transition from country mouse to city mouse for college.This forced it to do battle with a gang of bruisers from Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, and Ram that were engaged in a relentless game of one-upmanship that left the Japanese interloper in the dust.Rather than follow established segment norms, the Titan XD rides on a platform that splits the difference between the half-ton trucks that are so popular as daily drivers and the heavy-duty models that are typically aimed at commercial buyers or individuals who are deeply committed to tow ratings and torque curves that could be expressed on the Richter scale.Currently, the Titan XD is shipping exclusively in four-door crew cab form with a 6.5-foot box, and until more configurations become available, you'll be tasked with parking this automotive Gulliver's nearly 20-foot footprint in a world that suddenly feels Lilliputian.This was surprising to me, given how the most recent Nissan Maxima sedan features a cabin that could shame a Lexus.I can definitely see the appeal to towing enthusiasts looking to hitch up big boats and hefty gooseneck trailers a factory gooseneck hitch is on the options sheet , and the diesel crowd has already cheered the arrival of another stump-puller to the party, but will bread-and-butter truck buyers - or premium pickup shoppers, for that matter - cotton to the Titan XD's unusual mix of attributes?
This horrifying metal octopus is The Only Seven Person Tricycle , and its human victims are being slowly devoured by bad decision-making., and some very comfortable sheepskin slippers.There are a few trike-themed Facebook groups, but they re mostly aimed at racing the motorised variety.And even if you could move it, there s no way you won t spend the entire ride smashing your knees into the ridiculous basket-shaped handlebars or the other riders.You d better believe it does, buddo!Although here are a few other ways to get that same experience:Walking in a groupJogging in a groupDriving together in a carBeing near one another in a train carriageRiding bikes alongside your friendsSitting on a sofa in the back of a pickup truckRiding bikes in a long stupid line and just shoutingIs everyone in this short commercial some sort of sociopath?
Adaptive cruise control not only maintains a set speed, but also accelerates and brakes a car to follow the flow of traffic.It s the kind of feature you d expect to find on a luxury car or a well-equipped mainstream model, but what about a heavy duty pickup truck?The 2017 Ford Super Duty has adaptive cruise control that works even when the truck is towing a 31,500-pound trailer.It s one of numerous driver assistance and tech features Ford piled on in its recent redesign of the Super Duty, and part of a trend toward higher-tech trucks.The Super Duty s adaptive cruise control system uses radar to track vehicles ahead, and works at speeds above 20 mph whether the truck is driving solo or towing a trailer.On models equipped with the 6.7-liter diesel V8, the system works with the integrated engine brake to help slow the truck while saving wear on the mechanical brakes.
As promised earlier today, Elon Musk has posted about Tesla s master plan part 2 .If you re unfamiliar with the first part of that master plan, check it out here.Musk explains the rationale behind the original master plan, pointing out that it was largely shaped by the limitations of the funding behind it at the start.The automaker has proven successful since then, though, and with that success comes an evolution of its goals.In the second iteration of his Master Plan, Musk zeroes in a handful of new plans including solar energy, vehicle sharing, and autonomous driving.First things first, the second part of the Tesla Master Plan is the use of a solar roof to charge a battery solution, and that goal necessitates tapping SolarCity.
Elon Musk, a man not known for subtlety or lack of ambition, has a plan to dominate the transportation sector.The plan, which Musk posted to the Tesla Motors blog on Wednesday afternoon, comes a decade after Part One, which essentially laid out the company s plan to make boatloads of money with the Model S so it could produce the more affordable Model 3.Even as the company scrambles to produce the Model 3 sedan that Musk remains convinced will bring EVs to the masses, Tesla Motors, according to the Master Plan, Part Deux, sees itself creating a compact SUV and a new kind of pickup truck.We believe the Tesla Semi will deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate.They can use fixed summon buttons at existing bus stops, which will otherwise be redundant.You d be hard-pressed to find an automaker that isn t following Google in the race to autonomous cars, Daimler recently unveiled an autonomous big-rig, and a Tesla co-founder has developed a pretty sweet electric garbage truck.
Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA 1.38 % is planning to roll out a pickup truck, small sport-utility, large over-the-road truck and bus-type vehicle over the next several years, according to a strategy plan released Wednesday by Chief Executive Elon Musk.That they are separate at all, despite similar origins and pursuit of the same overarching goal of sustainable energy, is largely an accident of history.The time has come to bring them together.Mr. Musk s proposed combination of the two companies—both of which count him as the largest shareholder—was first presented to investors in late June, but has been overshadowed by the disclosure of a traffic fatality connected to the Autopilot feature in Tesla s Model S sedan.Regulators are investigating the crash amid scrutiny of Tesla s marketing of the self-driving features.Tesla is proposing to pay $26.50 to $28.50 a share to acquire SolarCity, a premium of as much as 30% based on its June 21 stock price.
Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk delivered part 2 of his master plan today, and two big parts of it are new vehicles, but not consumer models: Tesla is working on both a heavy-duty semi truck and a high passenger-density urban transport that would operate in cities and fit the role of a bus in city settings.In the post describing this next stage to the now-famous master plan, Musk talked about additional consumer vehicles, including both a compact SUV separate from the Model X, and a new kind of pickup truck, both of which he s alluded to before.But he said that besides their consumer offerings, two other kinds of electric vehicles are needed : the semi truck, and the so-called urban transport, both of which are going to be ready to show to the public as early as next year according to Musk.The reason the Tesla Semi as Musk refers to the truck is necessary is because it should help drastically reduce cargo transportation costs fuel represents a significant portion of trucking costs, and that s passed on to the consumer .It s also key because a Tesla transport would increase safety, Musk says, as well as making it really fun for vehicle operators.Featured Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
File photo: Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivers a speech in Paris last year.Musk, under pressure after a fatal crash involving one of his electric cars, went on Twitter Sunday, July 10, 2016, to say he's working on another "Top Secret Tesla Master plan."PALO ALTO -- Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday detailed an ambitious new vision to fill the highways with electric pickup trucks, tractor-trailers and buses, flawless self-driving systems and a robust ride-sharing network.Tesla has also failed to meet vehicle-delivery goals.Musk acknowledged the company has so far reached only a small segment of the population with its luxury vehicles.Musk announced the company will add a compact SUV and pickup truck to its product lines.
Elon Musk revealed the second part of the so-called "Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan" on Wednesday night, which the company is calling "Master Plan, Part Deux."These include a compact SUV and a "new kind of pickup truck" as well as the already-unveiled Model 3 sedan.Musk turned his attention to autonomy, saying it would be "morally reprehensible to delay" the technology and disable Autopilot, even in the face of recent crashes involving the system.He also emphasized that, in the future, every one of the vehicles his company builds will include hardware "necessary to be fully self-driving with fail-operational capability."Once Tesla has mastered autonomous driving, Musk wants to go after Uber and Lyft.Musk envisions privately owned autonomous cars — in this case, Teslas — driving around on their own and essentially serving as autonomous taxis, making the owner money when it might otherwise sit idle.
Earlier this month, Elon Musk announced that he would soon reveal the second part of Tesla s Top Secret Masterplan, the first part - revealed in August 2006 - being the mass production of the Tesla S and Tesla 3.Now, he s finally shown off his company s ambitious plans for the future.There are four main parts to Musk s "Masterplan, part Deux," as he calls it.The first, as suspected, is related to Tesla s controversial bid for solar panel installer SolarCity, for which Musk is both chairman and its largest shareholder.The CEO wants to merge the two companies to create a single solar-roof-with-battery-product that can cleanly power people s homes, with any excess energy going into a Tesla vehicle s battery.Right now it s limited to premium sedans and SUVs, but it intends to move beyond this small market with the introduction of a pickup truck, compact SUV, and the Model 3.
Tesla wants to build electric buses, trucks and pickups, before turning your car into an autonomous taxiElon Musk has big plans for Tesla's next 10 yearsTesla boss Elon Musk has revealed part two of his Master Plan for the electric car company.A decade after part one was published to outline plans for the Model S, X and 3, part two involves producing electric articulated lorries, a pickup truck, and increasing autonomy tenfold until Tesla cars can act as autonomous taxis while their owners are at work or on holiday.Published as a blog post on the Tesla website, Master Plan, Part Deux is a look at what Musk hopes Tesla will achieve in the coming years.Although no timeline is mentioned, it is expected to take at least a decade for all of the plan to become reality.
That has been apparent for quite some time, but it wasn t until now and the unveiling of his Master Plan, Part Deux that we truly understood the scale and breadth of what Musk has been working towards for the future of Tesla, and indeed the car industry.Turning Your Home Into A Power StationWell the first part is beautifully simple.Musk wants to turn your home into its very own power station that can generate, and then store electricity.To do this he wants to combine Tesla with SolarCity - a solar energy company that was largely created from Musk s own brain.As part of one company he hopes to create a single defining product:
On July 20, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla s Master Plan, Part Deux, a follow-up to the original strategy that brought us the Roadster, the Model S, the Model 3, and, to some extent, Tesla Energy.The executive covered a lot of ground in his 1,500-word blog post, but one of the most interesting tidbits previewed Tesla s exploration of new automotive segments.If the Model 3 hits the streets in late 2017 as planned, the brand will set its sights on another compact SUV and a new kind of pickup truck.Musk didn t spill any specifics in his write-up, but given his company s reputation for progressive features and eye-catching designs, it s sure to be a unique interpretation of the word truck.He s clearly been mulling the project for some time, as he said the following at a Business Insider conference back in 2013.If you re trying to replace the most gasoline miles driven, you have to look at what people are buying, he said.
Well, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk just told us when that will change — at least when it comes to car ownership.Musk's "Master Plan, Part Deux," posted Wednesday on Tesla's website, was panned by some for not being bold enough.True, there's nothing too crazy about electric semis, autonomous vehicles and car sharing — a host of other car makers and tech companies are developing those same technologies as well.But ask Google or pretty much any other company about its plans for the future of self-driving cars, and you'll get a vague answer.Let's forget, for a moment, about the electric pickup though I am interested in what, exactly Musk means by "new kind of pickup truck" and the semi, and about SolarCity/Tesla's solar roof product I wonder when that goes global .A long time ago, I read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad — a popular book that explains the very basics of business and finance in simple terms — and one concept stuck with me.
Elon Musk promises trucks, buses and programs for shared cars. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has unveiled an ambitious plan for how the company will expand its business, which includes several new types of electric vehicles. In a blog post entitled Master Plan, Part Deux Musk paint a scenario for an integrated enterprise free from fossil fuels that can offer a variety of vehicles, products and services beyond electric cars and batteries, which is what Tesla made so far. The latest additions to the company's strategy also includes plans to develop shared car program, which is an area where several companies already have a head start still receive Tesla, writes Reuters. The new Tesla vehicles then extends from a commercial truck, called the Tesla Semi, a bus for public transport, a new kind of pickup truck and a compact SUV. The vehicles will be presented in more detail next year along with Tesla's growing fleet of electric cars.