The app is released only to Apple TV, and Bittorrent promises lag free live broadcasts using the file-sharing technology. That's the idea behind Bittorrent Live, a new streaming service from the company behind the bittorrent technology. Because it is based on users helps to transmit the program the image quality becomes better the more people watching the channel. There will also be a cheap alternative for small companies that do not have to invest in giant data centers and huge bandwidth to live to a large audience. Upon release there are 13 free channels that you probably never heard of the app, a range that waft technology demo rather than full-fledged streaming service. But Bittorrent saying that more channels are in the pipeline, both in pay television, advertising-financed free TV and pay-per-view.
This new mode gives VR apps exclusive access to the device s processor cores when they are in the foreground.Combined with an improved sensor pipeline and the work Google did on bringing support for the Vulkan graphics API to Android, the company claims the VR mode can bring latency on the Nexus 6P down to about 20 milliseconds, which is pretty much the gold standard for mobile VR at the moment i.e.Indeed, even expensive tethered headsets like those from Oculus, HTC and Sony are still roughly in this ballpark though they have much more intensive graphics needs.If your phone doesn t have a low persistence display, though, all of this work is likely for naught because you end up with lots of motion blur as pixels can t change their colors fast enough.While the focus here is clearly on performance, the team also built other functionality into this mode.This includes the VR mode, as well as hardware certification and support for headsets and controllers.
The creator of the BitTorrent protocol would like to remind the world once again that its main reason for existing isn't so you can steal all the Batmans and most of the pornography off the internet -- it has proper, serious, real-world applications too.To wit, it has revealed BitTorrent Live, a method of allowing everyone to leverage the distributed sharing method to live-stream whatever video game they're playing or whichever patch of fresh paint is drying, using a P2P solution the developer says might lessen some of the lag that interrupts other live video streaming options.The announcement has details of a free tier of programming that includes such delights as Clubbing TV and Filmbox Arthouse, with plenty of premium options also in the pipeline.The makers say that "subscription based, ad supported, and Pay Per View premium tiers" should also appear at some point in the future, should people notice its existence in such a quantity to make it all worthwhile for the content makers of the world to bother setting up the relevant torrents.BitTorrent Live via Ars Want more updates from Gizmodo UK?Make sure to check out our @GizmodoUK Twitter feed, and our Facebook page.
Many tech companies in Silicon Valley like to blame the lack of diversity on what they call the pipeline.Of the people graduating from top engineering programs, 9 percent are black and Latino, but representation at tech firms typically falls around 5 percent, according to the EEOC s recent analysis of the 2014 EEO-1 data the agency collected.Orrick Partner Erin M. Connell at the EEOC teleconference in San Francisco.However, only five percent of the large tech firm employees are from one of these groups.This presents the unlikely scenarios that either major employers in the field are unable to attract four out of nine under-represented minority graduates from top schools or almost half of the minority graduates of top schools do not qualify for the positions for which they were educated.Among leading tech firms in Silicon Valley, 57 percent of executive employees were white, 36 percent were Asian American, 1.6 percent were Hispanic and less than 1 percent were black, according to the EEOC s 2014 data analysis.Although the meeting took place in Washington, D.C., I was able to sit in at the teleconference at the EEOC s San Francisco district office, where Connell participated via the livestream.
Yet that s exactly what s in the pipeline thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that kicks off on Friday.You might think that drinking on your own at home was something you d want to keep to yourself, but Bottle Opener X – or BOx – will automatically send a message to your friend the moment you crack open a beer.The idea of BOx is to let a group of friends who live in different countries around the world to virtually share a beer with each other.It s fitted with a smart chip so it connects with your phone via Wi-Fi, and the moment you open a bottle it is shared with your friends over Slack and Facebook Messenger.Once you ve created a group of friends, BOx automatically shares a Cheers message with them when you open a bottle.There s a leaderboard for BOx users too – and opening more bottles unlocks new reward levels , which should be just the encouragement you need to carry on drinking when you know deep down you ve had enough.
A new Project Ara developer phone will be available the end of this year, the company announced at Google I/O today, followed by a consumer model later on in 2017.Google teased the kind of things owners will be able to do with an Ara phone, showing off different modules in everyday situations.The phone works using a series of removable modules on the back that have specific functionality — as Google demonstrated in the video below, you could swap in a high-quality microphone module for recording audio, a battery module for spare juice, fitness modules for tracking your activity, and more.These modules now fit together nicely, and they re presented in all sorts of colors, the arrangement of which can be used to create a multi-color phone, and to shake things up whenever you feel like it.The models Google showed off are still visual oddities — you ll definitely catch someone s attention if you pulled this out in public — but there s nothing unattractive about it.Multiple partners are in the pipeline to develop their own modules, and Google teased some interesting ones, such as the presumably low-power e-ink modules the would add a small secondary display to the rear of the handset reducing battery usage .
If you think that Google is too complicated to use when searching for the answer to a question you can Google Assistant Googling until it for you. Among the smart phone manufacturers to build Daydream-compatible phones are Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi and Huawei. The first handsets expected to appear first in the autumn. Google is closely tied to Android 7.0, which is also in the pipeline. The new version of the operating system gets faster 3D graphics, better security and better multitasking. The most interesting - and expected - improvement is support for High Dynamic Range, which means brighter the light, the darker the dark and above all more shades of everything in between.
Government Digital Service GDS says Gov.UK Verify has passed digital by default tests and is ready for wider rolloutThe Government Digital Service GDS has confirmed the delayed Gov.UK verify service will go live next week after passing the Digital by Default Service Standard assessment to prove its suitability and security for the public sector.Read More: Digital Will Change Way Citizens Interact With Government By 2030Gov.UK verifyStephen Foreshew-Cain GDS 2The service was due to come out of beta testing at the end of last month, but its launch was delayed because of the complexity of the project.We ve got a lot of services in our pipeline preparing to start using GOV.UK Verify over the next year it will be a gradual, careful, ongoing process, not a big bang switchover .Yes, for privacy and performanceYes, for privacyYes, for performanceGDS plansEight certified companies are now available for carrying out identity checks, including the Post Office, and more data sources, such as mobile phone contracts and bank accounts, have been added to aid authentication.In 2012 it launched Gov.UK as a central hub for the government s online resources and there are more than 800 services online.Stephen Foreshew-Cain, head of GDS, says digital has the potential to transform the civil service to the point that some parts of Whitehall won t exist by 2030.
Software as a Service has become an essential component of any businesses operations.It has allowed them to reduce overheads and move much more quickly than they could with legacy software.SalesforceSalesforce has utilised the cloud to be an integral part of businesses.Salesforce works as a contact and pipeline manager that allows sales reps to function more efficiently whether working remotely or in the office.The German company is increasingly being seen as an integral component of operations inside a business.With well over 2.3 million paying subscribers to its Creative Cloud and more than two-thirds of Fortune 50 companies using its Marketing Cloud, the company is paving the way to SaaS success.
Amit Singal One of the biggest and most interesting challenges that an entrepreneur has to face is when is the best time to raise money and if at all it is necessary .Which one is the best, depends on various factors – personal funds that the entrepreneur is willing to invest, what is the stage of his startup, what kind of product he is selling and how much investor intervention he is ready to accept.Personally, my belief is to refrain from raising the capital at the idea generation or concept stage.When you have given it your all, you are aligned with the risks of the business, and value it more.Do you desperately need capital?If your startup is in a desperate need of a capital infusion, the chances are you have left it too late to raise money.I am not saying it is wrong to raise at the beginning, but it is something which I have never believed in.As founders, we are very much answerable to the people we work with and people with whom we work for.Our transport/fleet management system is gaining acceptance and we are glad to see that positive response to our efforts.Our roadmap is clear as we gain acceptance from this wonderful market, we will join hands with like minded investors who believe in the vision we are working towards.There are no short cuts to success and we are happy to be the tortoise in the race.As the line from movie CREED; there is only one competition YOU Against YOU and we are ready.The article Raise VC funding when you do NOT need money first appeared on e27.Amit Singal has more than 17 years of experience in IT Operations and Strategy, Program and Product Management, across IT indifferent domains like Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing, HR, IT and ITES.
It s Spatial Workstation will now be known as Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation, and many of its tools will be free:Starting today, our pipeline for cinematic VR and 360 video, including the authoring tools, encoder and rendering engine are available for free via download below.We re excited to be able to continue developing great tools for a larger number of people across the world.3Dception for Games will no longer be a separate product but we will be working with the Oculus team to combine our expertise and create best in class VR audio.Existing Pro customers will continue to receive support in accordance with your current agreement for the next 12 months.We re excited to announce that we re joining Facebook and making many of our products free!— Two Big Ears @TwoBig Ears May 23, 2016Facebook may own Two Big Ears, but the company says via an FAQ section for the acquisition news that it will continue to be platform and device agnostic.
During its keynote, the company today announced a number of new products and updates, all of which focus on making life a little bit easier and collaborative for developers.Atlassian recently consolidated all of its Git services under the Bitbucket brand and with the launch of the beta version of Pipelines, it now offers a continuous delivery service that s built right into the Atlassian-hosted Bitbucket Cloud service.Thanks to this, developers can easily automate their workflow of building and deploying their code every time they push an update to their Bitbucket repositories.Today, however, the company is launching its first native apps for the Confluence team collaboration service and JIRA Software, the company s project management service for software teams.Atlassian also today announced that it is joining the Open API Initiative, a consortium that includes Apiary, Apigee, Google, IBM, Mashape, Microsoft, PayPal and others and that aims to build a common way for describing APIs.Other updates include the launch of Connect for JIRA Service Desk, which now allows third-party developer to build embeddable add-ons for that services, and the open-sourcing of RADAR, Atlassian s internal tool for generating API documentation, which unsurprisingly follows the Open API Initiative s specs.
It seems like everyone loves a night mode at the moment: iOS has just added one, Android's engineers are thinking about adding one, and now Twitter is playing with the idea in the very early alpha builds of its official app on Android.9to5Google reports that the feature automatically activates itself based on the time of day wherever you happen to be.There's also a Material Design overhaul in the pipeline for Twitter which should roll out to everyone in the coming months.All right for the nightWe've seen a night mode get added to and then dropped from the various Android N developer previews that have appeared so far.How long it will take for the feature to reach the masses remains to be seen.The complete guide to how to use TwitterDoom's back - here are 5 ways it goes back to its roots:
With this acquisition, Facebook will expand its virtual reality business and will integrate the technology being developed by Two Big Ears into its own VR projects.The financial terms of the acquisition have not yet been disclosed.Two Big Ears has been working with video game developers to incorporate spatial audio into video games.Spatial audio is a concept which uses a combination of speakers, amplifiers and sound processing technologies, which together create sound which should closely match natural sound that our ears can pick up.The startup company said that it will scale up its technology and operations after this acquisition and will speed up the process of providing immersive audio experience.In its blog post, Two Big Ears said: "Starting today, our pipeline for cinematic VR and 360 video, including the authoring tools, encoder and rendering engine are available for free via download below.
The Retail Innovation Pitch initiative recognizes the growing pipeline of domestic and international retail technology startups looking to penetrate the U.S. market.CART looks at hundreds of new companies every year, said Sterling Hawkins, Operations and Venture Relations, CART.Retailers and brands are struggling to keep pace with industry transformations as basic as eCommerce and as complex as virtual reality, 3D printing, robotics, IoT and other emerging technologies.Through the Retail Innovation Pitch Event, we will recognize top startups and help retailers and brands bring those technologies to market.The online event gives up-and-coming solution providers the opportunity to pitch key retail, wholesale and brand decision makers from companies such as C, Albertsons, Lowes Foods, Unified Grocers and more, who will serve as panelists representing over 12,000 stores.CART has unparalleled insight into what s next in retail and shares this information regularly through multiple channels.
It s really how we executed our strategy, says Dave, With the modernization of the brand, we really focused on our purpose and values and obviously, our entire go-to-market strategy, which was oriented towards personas.Dave says what the brand needed to do – from a marketing technology and strategic perspective – was to scale its pipeline and leads against those personas.Marketing technology investments without the supporting people and process investments will drive negative ROI.Rishi Dave: Sure, my focus as CMO is running global marketing here at Dun and Bradstreet.Secondly, I have an organization that s focused on demand generation.It was a great challenge to work with all those groups, understand what kind of experience they want to architect for their customer type, vertical department, etc., and then how to make that come alive on the web, leveraging technology so that we don t serve up a big, multi-million dollar enterprise message to a small business for example.
SAN BRUNO -- In the wake of a deadly pipeline blast that leveled a San Bruno neighborhood, a batch of 100,000 emails from state regulators has raised fresh questions about the integrity of the Public Utilities Commission and how it oversees big power companies, a consumer advocacy group said Tuesday."Picker talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk, and Picker would rather get a limo ride to an exclusive meeting with a dozen Wall Street analysts," said Liza Tucker, an official with Consumer Watchdog.Six months after those meetings, Picker was appointed president of the PUC, succeeding former President Michael Peevey."A clear understanding of California's policy goals helps investors to better understand the utility and our policies that the utilities must follow," said Terrie Prosper, a PUC spokeswoman."This knowledge leads to investors charging utilities less, which leads to consumers paying less.Therefore, it behooves the CPUC to answer investor questions as long as it is not a violation of any rules.""These relationships come with a price tag," Tucker said.
You can update to the latest version now using the browser s built-in silent updater, or download it directly from is arguably more than a browser: With over 1 billion users, it s a major platform that web developers have to consider.In short, the new API allows developers to use Chrome s credential managers more extensively than just for storing a saved password.Users can sign in with one tap and automatically sign back in when returning to the site.Next up, the Intersection Observer API allows sites to detect element intersections as an asynchronous event.Chrome no longer runs the rendering pipeline or requestAnimationFrame callbacks for cross-origin frames that are offscreen.This essentially means that embedded content like videos, social widgets, and ads no longer create overhead that slow down the page.Other developer features in this release include:Chrome 51 also includes 42 security fixes, of which Google chose to highlight the following:If you add all those up, you ll see Google spent a massive $65,500 in bug bounties.Chrome 52 will arrive in early July.
The app AmpMe isn't strictly new - it's been around since last fall - but it's just gotten YouTube integration and therefore has become a monster.If you were looking for a reason not to toss your old smartphone from 6 years ago in the garbage for whatever reason , here it is - every smartphone in the room can become one speaker system wirelessly, without hassle.The first device does this - using music on your device MP3 files, for example , or through SoundCloud or YouTube.Both devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work, but once the second taps into the first, they play the same music without lag in any way, shape, or form."We ve overwhelmingly positive about the future of AmpMe and our investors share our enthusiasm in wanting to help AmpMe become the most portable sound system in the world," said CEO Marin-Luc Archambault."Now, our mission is to listen to our users and continue to build in features like YouTube integration with many more music and technical innovations in the pipeline.
While it may not come with the same level of fanfare its predecessor enjoyed the 50th release is a pretty significant milestone , it does include a number of bug fixes and general improvements which are always welcomed.Perhaps the biggest new feature in Chrome 51 is support for the Credential Manager API which enables developers to store and retrieve password credentials and federated credentials.In layman s terms, it simply makes it easier for users to sign into the sites they visit or sign back in when a session expires.As VentureBeat notes, another major change is the fact that Chrome no longer runs the rendering pipeline or requestAnimationFrame callbacks for cross-origin frames that are offscreen.Chrome 51 includes 42 security fixes which, for some, may be reason enough to update.Google has highlighted on its Chrome blog the fixes that were contributed by external security researchers and how much they were paid there are several $7,500 entries .