the New offer on the basis of monsanto's value is $ 65 billion in debt including.Aspirin known German pharmaceutical company Bayer has raised its offer from a us plant breeder, Monsanto, writes the Wall Street Journal.Bayer is willing to pay for monsanto's shares to 127.5 dollars.the Previous offer was $ 125.the Original tajous was $ 122 per share, with a total value of $ 62 billion.monsanto's stock closed yesterday on the New York stock exchange a half per cent rise in 107,44 the dollar.
But, after cooking with it for years, the world-famous author and advocate for sustainable food says he realized that there was an important reason these delicate fruits and vegetables would probably never make it to the masses.“I was advocating for a system of agriculture that was untenable, for the 1 percent,” said Barber.Those relics of the past, he added, “just don’t perform well for the farmer.” Because they don’t have high yields, he adds, they’re not usually very profitable to grow, nor are they affordable to the average home cook.Today, Barber, chef at Blue Hill restaurants in New York City and upstate at Stone Barns, along with Cornell University plant breeder Michael Mazourek and upstate New York seed farmer Matthew Goldfarb, are launching Row 7 Seed Co., an attempt to overturn the conventional wisdom about seeds, food, and flavor.The seven different organic seeds the company rolls out today include a mild and sweet flame-colored beet, a heatless pepper with the flavors of a habanero, and a small potato with nutty, buttery qualities.They can all be grown nationwide, they all put flavor first, and they may offer a new path for farmers, chefs, and home cooks.