Tesla has slashed prices for many of its vehicle offerings while discontinuing some standard versions.The company said the move would help improve affordability and simplify its lineup.Wall Street analysts remain concerned that demand may be softening for Tesla's cars.Shares of Tesla sank as much as 2% following the shake-up.In the United States, the standard Model 3 now begins at $38,990, according to Tesla's website, down about $1,000 from $39,900 last month.The long-range and performance versions of the car now cost $47,990 and $54,990, down from $49,900 and $59,900 last month.
OPPO officially announced that it will launch OPPO Reno 10x zoom Barcelona custom version.According to a recent poster, this smartphone will arrive tomorrow, the 17th of July.The company also did a short video clip showcasing the OPPO Reno 10x zoom Barcelona custom version.As can be seen from the video, this smartphone would come in Barcelona colours.Barcelona’s home jersey is red and blue and that is probably the colour mix of this smartphone.It would most-likely come wth the Barcelona logo on the rear.
Huawei has long been effectively been frozen out of the US telecoms market due to fears that its equipment is a national security risk, allegations that it has continually denied.Last month, US firms were ordered to stop doing business with the company, a decision which means future handsets may no longer receive updates for Google's Android operating system or access its popular applications.The US government’s actions also make it significantly harder for Huawei to source components for its devices.Everything you need to knowHowever, Huawei is a key supplier of radio equipment to all four major UK operators.America is pressuring allies to follow its lead, despite the absence of any evidence to suggest any wrongdoing from Huawei, and the UK is carrying it out its own assessment.
Market Deeping Model Railway Club is still in the process of getting toy cranes to pull broken miniature carriages from smashed replica railway sidings as men make quiet and sad chuffing noises to themselves, but there is at least some good news coming from local police – four of those "youths" we hear so much about have been charged with the grim assault on the hobbyists' work.Due to the ages of those involved – three 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old – they're being saved from a national shaming and are not being named by authorities, so if you want to know who they are best get down to Market Deeping and make inquiries in the local pub or outside the school gates.Also, the youngsters are only being hauled up in front of Lincoln Youth Court this August to answer for their crimes, so will probably evade jail and may only end up maybe having their smartphone use limited for a fortnight or some other modern form of punishment, like being made to watch a documentary or the news.And although it's not much help to the modern railway enthusiasts who had decades' worth of modelling work destroyed, the crowd-funding campaign to cover repairs and rebuilds eventually hit a staggering total of £107,947, money that the MDMRC will use to ensure that the fictional stop of Woodcroft and its surrounding infrastructure shall rise again.And it plans to spend some of the cash on local engagement meets, teaching the youth that nice little hobbies are nothing to be scared of and that maybe one day they'll be old too and will want an excuse to get out and away from the telly.
When you notice that your PC has started to slow down, crashes quite often, pop-ups appear randomly in your browser, or you can see random unusual messages or programs start automatically, you need to know that your computer might be infected with malware. In such a condition, what is the first step you would take? Boot your PC into Safe Mode You need to convert your PC into Safe mode as it makes it harder for malware to load itself and execute as soon as windows starts. To Enter safe mode, restart your machine and press the f8 key, keep pressing until window loads with safe mode. Police Your Online Behavior One should be aware of the content that you are surfing on the internet. You need to clear the cookies from your browser, and it is better not to open any website that looks suspicious or might be blocked by your antivirus software.
A man suspected of killing a 17-year-old girl in Utica, New York, on Sunday posted photos of her bloody body to Instagram, Discord and other sites, the latest example of the challenge social networks face in combating violence on their platforms.Facebook-owned Instagram said it pulled down a photo on Sunday that was posted to the account @yesjuliet, which appears to belong to suspect Brandon Andrew Clark who was charged Monday with second-degree murder.The photo showed what police identified as the body of the victim, Bianca Devins.In March, a gunman who killed 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, livestreamed part of the murders on Facebook Live.In 2013, a South Florida man dubbed the "Facebook killer," shot and killed his wife and posted a photo of her corpse on Facebook.Instagram appears to have curtailed the spread of the Utica photo on the social network, though it's still available on some fringe messaging boards.
Crowdsourced navigation app Waze is getting a potentially valuable new feature -- toll prices.The Google-owned app will now offer to estimate route costs including toll pricing to help drivers plan their travels in advance -- the app won't just offer toll alerts en route.The new feature rolls out across iOS and Android apps in the US and Canada starting today.According to an official statement from Waze, the additional functionality necessitated the creation of an entirely new tool, a project that began earlier this year.The feature required creating a new database into which Waze editors "input a large amount of data, from the pricing for different types of toll road passes to the entrance and exit points for toll roads," said John, a map editor cited in an official Waze email.That said, this data is crowdsourced, like other Waze alerts for accidents, police and so on -- it does not rely on data furnished by toll road authorities.
A neo-Nazi group in northern Italy had sent members to fight alongside Russia-backed separatists in the Donbass region of Ukraine.Apparently, the group brought some things back from their adventures—including a French-made air-to-air missile that somehow found its way from Qatar into the home of a neo-fascist extremist.The missile and an assortment of other weapons were discovered in the latest of a series of raids by Italian federal police from the General Investigations and Special Operations Division (DIGOS).The raids are part of an ongoing investigation into the Forza Nuova political party and Rebel Firm extremist groups that had fought in the Donbass region.Other raids had turned up pro-Nazi and pro-fascist propaganda and relics alongside caches of knives and other illegal weapons—including brass knuckles, and a baseball bat inscribed with the words "Dux Mussolini" (Leader Mussolini) and a portrait of Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.The groups were also being investigated under Italy's anti-fascist laws, following pro-fascist comments by Forza Nuova's leader in Turin, Luigi Cortese.
Police in India have rescued three people, including two cryptocurrency traders, that were held to ransom for two weeks to the sum of 80 Bitcoin BTC ($840,000).At 2.30am on Sunday, a man with a pistol was spotted outside Shankara Residency in Bhankrota.The man was apprehended and told authorities about his accomplices, which prompted a 13-hour operation to rescue the trio.Authorities arrested a gang of seven that were holding the captives.The gang is also thought to be involved in various kidnapping, extortion, loot, and robbery cases, the Hindustan Times reports.Jaipur police named the three rescued people as 19-year-old Luftan Shaikh, 44-year-old Malang Shah, and 36-year-old Mohammad Shazad.
Australian police say DNA testing on three bones found last month in the New South Wales state match missing French tourist Erwan Ferrieux.Ferrieux, 21, and 20-year-old Englishman Hugo Palmer disappeared in February and items belonging to the pair were found at Shelly Beach, near Port Macquarie, police said.An air, sea and land search was conducted at the time but failed to find the pair.HuffPost is part of Oath.Oath and our partners need your consent to access your device and use your data (including location) to understand your interests, and provide and measure personalised ads.Oath will also provide you with personalised ads on partner products.
Almost 20 commoners confirmed dead after a Sunni- Militant group allegedly suicide Bomb Blast in a fruit market this Friday on the Western Capital of Balochistan this Friday.The target of the bombing was the City’s Hazarganji’s district which is home to a lot of Shia Muslim community from Hazara.In a news conference, Ziaullah Langove, home minister for Balochistan, confirmed the attack and counted the death toll, the attack was claimed suicidal.Additionally, Langove confirmed that almost around 48 persons were injured in the attack.“The attack was done by us, we claim ourselves responsible of attack” exclaims Qari Saifullah, the leader of the militant group, “The premises of the attack was only the Hazara Shia community” He further added.“We will not bow down before terrorists anymore” Balochistan’s chief minister, Jam Kamal, said in a statement soon after the bombing took place in the province’s capital.
Sri Lanka and its citizens are heavily heartbroken due to the recent attacks in churches and hotels this Easter, people were enjoying the Easter celebrations and were busy in holy rituals and bombings caught down on their joys, killing around 290 people from all ages and making almost a 500 injured.The bombings are believed to be done by a terrorist based Islamic organization known as The week Jammat, a local terrorist militant group that claims to do Jihad and possesses a terrorist mindset and low morals.Almost 7 members of these were involved in bombings and Police caught almost 13 persons with the suspect of being involved either in bombings or in connection with the groups which carried out the attack, Sri Lanka attacks.“These attacks appear to be quite different and look as if they came right out of the ISIS, Al Qaeda, global militant jihadist playbook, as these are attacks fomenting religious hatred by attacking multiple churches on a high religious holiday,”Anne Speckhard, the director of the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism, told the Times.US Embassy Warns Of Other Attacks Likely To Happen:
Welcome back to another Moonday Morning, Hard Fork’s wrap-up of the weekend’s top cryptocurrency and blockchain headlines that you can’t afford to miss.Leaders in US congress have drafted a bill that would prevent big tech companies from offering financial products and services like cryptocurrencies and digital assets, The Block reports.The bill comes ahead of Facebook’s congressional hearing later this week.But I think we should kill Libra!Something’s up at Bitpoint, the Japanese exchange hacked for $32 million worth of cryptocurrency last week.Some reports out today/last night are stating that the exchange has located $2.3 million (250 million Yen) of the stolen cryptocurrency.
A rogue bitcoin mining operation in Zhenjiang, a city located in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, has been shut down by the police after stealing electricity worth nearly RMB 20 million (around $3 million), according to state-run media Xinhua (in Chinese).Why it matters: According to the Zhenjiang police, the case is by far the largest cracked in the province by amount of electricity stolen.A large percentage of the world’s cryptocurrency mining activities take place in China in part due to cheap electricity sources.Crackdowns on large-scale mining farms could potentially cause volatility in Bitcoin prices.Details: The Zhenjiang police confiscated around 4,000 mining machines found in nine factories and arrested 22 suspects who reportedly ran the operation using altered electricity cables.The Zhenjiang power supply company notified the police in March after observing a spike in electricity usage that began last year.
Prime Day is nearly upon us, and Amazon has already pushed out a bunch of deals on its own devices.Like Prime Days past, Amazon has discounted most of its devices and services in the hopes that more people will take the plunge and try Echo speakers or other Alexa-enabled devices, Kindle e-readers, Fire TV devices, and more.Speaking of Fire TVs, Amazon has heavily discounted many of those streaming devices, including the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Stick 4K.Otherwise, both streaming sticks have 8GB of RAM, 802.11ac dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi, and Alexa voice command support via the included remote.It also has a 10-hour battery life and is Alexa-enabled, so it can work similarly to an Echo Show in a slimmer, more portable, and more versatile package.For example, one current bundle pairs an Echo (2nd gen) with a free six-month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited for $49.99.
Microsoft recently hit a particularly notable milestone: its Android edition of Microsoft Word has passed the 1 billion mark for installs, according to the Google Play Store (via Android Police).The company’s other Office apps are also doing pretty well.Spreadsheet app Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive each have more than 500 million installs, while email client Outlook for Android has more than 100 million installs.Android Police points out that these figures aren’t necessarily downloads from Google’s Play Store, noting that Microsoft has some agreements with some manufacturers to preinstall its apps on various devices.The milestone is also a bit ironic.Last month, Bill Gates noted in an interview that his “greatest mistake ever” was missing out on the mobile OS world, noting that there’s only space for one competitor for iOS, and that it should have been “a natural thing for Microsoft to win.” But, while Microsoft’s mobile efforts have never reached the success of its competitors, its mobile versions of Microsoft Office still enjoy a significant amount of market penetration, much like their desktop counterparts.
“Point Blank,” a new Netflix original film, stars Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie as a criminal and a nurse thrown together by circumstances — Abe (played by Grillo) is struck by a car while fleeing a murder scene, and he’s brought to the hospital where Paul (Mackie) works.Soon, Paul finds himself coerced into to breaking Abe out of the hospital.Despite the presence of two Marvel stars (Grillo had a brief-but-memorable run in the Captain America movies as Brock Rumlow, while Mackie’s Falcon is about to become the new Captain America), “Point Blank” is a decidedly modest affair, focusing on these two men as they drive through the streets of Cincinnati, on the run from both the police and criminals.There’s nothing wrong with trying to deliver a straightforward crime movie, but as we discuss in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, we found ourselves underwhelmed by the results, largely because the film was so by-the-numbers.Yes, there are moments when “Point Blank” tries to surprise the audience, but most viewers will see the twists coming a mile away.And while the movie (based on a French film of the same name) seems to owe a debt to buddy cop movies like “48 Hours” and “Lethal Weapon,” it lacks the finesse needed to balance its jokes with high-stakes violence.
A YouTube star and presenter was killed after a crash between an electric scooter and a truck in London.Emily Hartridge made videos about fitness and mental health, and her most popular video had 24 million views.Police said that a woman in her 30s was killed in the crash, and multiple UK news outlets identified Hartridge as the victim while YouTubers and TV presenters paid tribute.An announcement on Emily Hartridge's official Instagram account on Saturday said that Hartridge "was involved in an accident yesterday and passed away."She has touched so many lives it's hard to imagine things without her," the post said.London's Metropolitan Police said that a woman in her 30s died at the scene after a crash between an electric scooter and a truck on Friday.
AlphaStar is coming out to play: AlphaStar, the StarCraft II-playing bot built by DeepMind researchers, will be facing human players in a series of 1v1 games online.StarCraft II players can enter the open competition league set up by Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the popular battle strategy game, and opt-in to play against AlphaStar.Characters in the StarCraft II are from three species: Terran, Zerg or Protoss.DeepMind want to see how its agent fares against other players for research purposes, and is expected to post the results in a research paper in the future.Yikes, this facial recog meeting got out of hand: A police commissioner was thrown out and arrested during a facial recognition hearing held by the Board of Police Commissioners in Detroit this week.Brown then proceeded to talk and Carter ordered officers to remove him from the meeting.
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